Video Emerges Showing Clashes Between Indian, Chinese Soldiers

Late last week, we reported that in the first documented clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers who have been piling up across the border between the two nations over the latest territorial dispute, "Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in an altercation" in the western Himalayas on Tuesday, "further raising tensions between the two countries which are already locked in a two-month standoff in another part of the disputed border." A Reuters source in New Delhi who was briefed on the military situation on the border, said Indian soldiers "foiled a bid by a group of Chinese troops to enter Indian territory in Ladakh, near the Pangong lake." He added that some of the Chinese soldiers carried iron rods and stones, and in the melee there were minor injuries on both sides.

"There was an altercation near the Pangong lake," said a police officer in Srinagar, the capital of India's Jammu and Kashmir state, under which the area falls. An army source in Srinagar, quoted by Reuters, spoke of an altercation following what he called a Chinese army "incursion in Pangong lake area". This fresh standoff at Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh comes in the backdrop of tensions between Indian and Chinese troops over Doklam plateau in Sikkim sector with the PLA skipping the ceremonial border meetings on Independence Day.

What is notable about this concerning breakout of violence, is how silent both India and China have been, with neither side issuing an official statement confirming or denying last week's events.

Overnight, thanks to India's NDTV, five days after the "unconfirmed" scuffle in Ladakh, a video of the clash has surfaced. The video, which has been widely circulated on social media, shows many soldiers from the two countries punching and kicking each other and throwing stones.

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"We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides,"  PRESIDENT TRUMP 

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I don't think this is a good cause for war yet, but I find India's decision to cross the agreed upon border and disrupt Chinese road work incomprehensibly irrational. It sort of resembles India's blunder in late 1950s and early 1960s - moving troops into disputed areas without any justification other than whims of a nationalistic leader Nehru trying to exert influence over India's periphery. It's worth noting that India's annexation of Sikkim (a former independent small Himalayan country) was arguably illegal. Equally dubious is India's attempt to dominate Bhutan, a landlocked Buddhist nation with close demographic links to Nepal. Modi, a showy but mediocre leader, is under fire due to India's rapidly worsening economy. Modi might have been trying to divert Indians' growing ire at his incompetent government by crossing the Sino-Indian border and reviving a rivalry after Indian military's summary defeat in 1962.

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In 1962, India moved because China invaded Tibet. It seems the Chinese propaganda machine using the communist neoliberal media system has brainwashed you to eliminate the most important part of the equation, the invasion and subjugation of Tibet.

China is using the 1890 British border document which Bhutan wasn't even a party to. Bhutan is asking India for protection.

Are you a Chinese student or in another country working for China? It sure looks like it.

Tibet is not a free and independent nation. Is it? Why, because China invaded it, just like they're mobilizing on the entire Indian northern border.

Bhutan has no ties to Nepal. Nepal illegal immigration is a huge problem for Bhutan. This is why Bhutan closed it's borders and is a closed society. Easy pickings for China.

China plans on conquering eastern India on the eastern side of Bangladesh. China wants Assam oil and gas fields.

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Quote: "India moved because China invaded Tibet." LOL. You are "dead meat" right there already!! You are the one who has been brainwashed by propaganda and misinformation.  I don't think a long discussion here will do any good. There are plenty of neutral online resources on this. Don't arbitrarily accuse others of being brainwashed whenever they disagree with you. You are NOT that knowledgeable. Not even close. You didn't even get the timeline right. (American historian Dr Webster Tarpley has written some articles and posted a few videos on Youtube about Tibet.) READ and WATCH.

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Another region… napper Aug 21, 2017 1:35 PM Permalink

Agreed upon? Do you have sources for that 'agreed upon' border? As for 1950s and 1960s' actions in 'disputed areas', read up about the history of the skirmishes between india and china from independant sources, not chinese and  not even indian either. And stop talking about modi or any indian leader of any other party, you dont know squat about them.  Stick to what you know.

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Einstein stole it from the German mathematician Hilbert. Read the letters published 20 years after the death of Einstein's daughter. I read it three time, and wondered if others could see. People started writing about it and what did the Jews do. They started a campaign to make Einstein the icon of Jewish superiority again.

See, America had quotas on Jewish immigration because they were considered the ancient snake people from Khazaria. America was an agrarian culture, after the bomb was accredited to Einstein, the Einstein picture was pumped into the mind of the nation. Jewish immigration took off, until a critical mass controlled all aspects of our lives. A side note, when Einstein came to Yale, he didn't do one thing, most of his work is that of Hilbert and the other work at Yale is useless. It takes years of study to find this out but the TV will not tell you the truth.

Most all these people calling themselves Jews are Eastern Europeans originating from Khazaria. A Turkic and Gypsy people. The Gypsy controlled the Silk road and the Turkic controlled the Caliphate. Hebrew traders operating from Greek colonies on the Black sea gave them books in the 700 AD period and after that they created the Jewish race and religion. The Mongolians came down the Silk road and pushed them into Europe.

We are programmed to obey and don't let facts get in the way for our perception of reality, don't let the divide and conquer form of rule get in the way of out perception of reality, because they will arrange a huge global war to send millions of young people to die. But this time is different, too many Americans know what's going on. I worked hard for over ten years, back then no American knew the term Zionism and over 90% supported the state of Israel. Today, over 50% do not support Israel and know what Zionism means and know what I have written above. We don't obey anymore and believe the news and media controlled by NYC Jews is fake news. There have been too many false flag operations conducted by Israel Mossad and too many are awake.

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War plan of the Chinese Central Military Commission

China is mobilizing across the entire Indian China border. The 1962 India China war was a one sided event in which China was battle tested in the Korean war. China captured a large section of the border region. This time, China is using the border conflict as an excuse to seize the Assam oil and gas fields. There is going to be war, this fighting is an officially sanctioned distraction from the main event. It is designed to prepare the Chinese people for war. It was used by the Chinese propaganda machine to incite patriotic nationalism.

China is making a calculated gamble to replace Middle Eastern oil shipments through the Indian ocean for the Indian Assam oil and gas fields. The recent oil and gas discoveries in Assam are significant for India. The dependence on Middle Eastern oil and gas supplies will no longer be an economic cost to the Indian economy. China can't allow this to happen, India has always been a traditional Chinese enemy. The new energy supply would power the Indian economy. The Chinese believe the Middle Eastern oil supply is unreliable. The Chinese war machine must have a guaranteed oil supply, thus Chinese leadership has planned the Assam invasion.

The question is will Pakistan, China's ally invade Kashmir as a strategic diversion. Another question is will India resort to the use of nuclear weapons. India has tactical nuclear weapons, strategic thermonuclear weapons and tactical neutron weapons.

Chinese air power is no match for the Indian air force. An air war would expose China's strategic air power weakness. This is not 1962, the tough talk coming out of China, stating China will teach India another lesson could end badly for China. Especially when India closes the Indian ocean trade routes to China. Over two trillion dollars in China export trade uses the Indian ocean trade route.

China stockpiled crude oil in preparation for war. This provided an artificial demand for OPEC oil, when China finished stockpiling oil the OPEC price regime collapsed. The Chinese are over confident they will be able to win against India. This miscalculation would destroy the Chinese mercantile export economy dependent on Middle East oil. A war lasting over three months would require oil for the Chinese economy. An embargo on Chinese use of Indian ocean trade routes would impact debt owed to western banks. US and European bond markets, banks and economies would take a hit.

General Dunsford was in China to discuss the North Korea issue with the Chinese high command, the most important issue of Chinese aggression against India wasn't discussed because we must never offend the Chinese. This has been programmed into the American mindset through the use of Chinese propaganda in the communist neoliberal US media system. China is clearly the aggressor in this conflict. China trade sanctions on North Korea of raw materials didn't hurt China because of over capacity in the Chinese economy. Chinese trade with North Korea continues. The Chinese want North Korea to keep the Americans busy while Chinese propaganda works to make India the aggressor.

General Dunsford is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. He made the statement, “The Russians can hurt us, so we have to put troops on Russia's border” This was at the end of Defense Secretary Carters, recall he went to Europe trying to rally NATO against Russia to no avail. Now we must be the beast of burden for the Zionist neocon planned war with Russia. Recall Trump went to Poland and made the freedom speech. The Poles want to payback Russia and have a history of war with Russia. While the US is busy with a fools errands, the Chinese are given a free hand to make a calculated strategic gamble. Remember the South China sea strategic move is for oil and gas. It was challenged by the Americans. Now the Chinese plan a war with India to take control of Assam. Strategically India is cut off from the Assam region because of geographic limitations. Once Chinese army groups invade Assam, India would have a difficult strategic counter strike in this geographically isolated region.

What will the Americans do? Considering the news media is calling for a mental evaluation of Trump, a Russian collusion distraction, a soft or hard coup by Zionist neocons and communist neoliberals, Trump and the Republican controlled congress haven't accomplished much of anything of importance for the voters. The American communist neoliberals are calling for a Purple Revolution to the point of open armed conflict, this is what China perceives as a weak America, not willing or able to use political power to bring world attention to advert the Chinese invasion of a vital strategic oil and gas region. The Chinese know the economic impact to America will cause the equity markets to crash, the bond bubble to pop, and the financial system to lock up. Could the Chinese be preparing to unload over a trillion dollars in US treasuries? Are the Assam oil and gas fields, the weakening of India and the crippling of the American economy worth the Chinese economic carnage?

Goy Bye

(to use the Huffington Post statement on Bannon's resignation, it was because Bannon was perceived of being anti-Israel the same as General McMasters, but the joke is on the Jews, when China crashes the US economy, expect a civil war caused by food riots within 72 hours by 150 million Americans. This is the Chinese plan. I predict 50 million American dead and the tribe, well Zionism is a dead man walking and they don't even know it's coming, so who's the joke on)

It will be the end of the Deep State.

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It is difficult to understand the global geopolitical reality. Especially if we depend on television to teach us. Even reading the data for the purpose of creating a model is difficult because of propaganda and politically controlled media. In your case, the neural pathways of your brain have been grown to force you to see only one way. This is a symptom of the television mind.

Mind control through the use of hypnotic hallucinogen only occurred from 6 to 12 years of age. Since then, I had my IQ measured in a research project at UT Austin. The researchers were stunned and it scared me, because deep in my subconscious I worried someone would find out about MK ULTRA. This was shortly after I finished a CIA mission using the army in the mid 70's and later at UT in the early 80's. Off and on, I spent 9.5 years in the university because the IQ test indicated the CIA modified brain was extremely powerful, thus the hardware was a powerful processor, therefore I needed the software to use it.

For over 40 years I conducted operations for you and now you forsake me. The intelligence assessment is extremely accurate. There is a high probability you will choke your guts out in a ditch. It is not payback, it is mission criteria. There is a target species I must remove from the planet. It is my CIA orders I must fulfill for me to be whole.

An aerospace company owner has recently spent over ten million dollars trying to track down what he believes are aliens from another planet. They're not from another planet, they're an ancient species of man. They are called the “Ancient Snake People”. A human particularly modern white, black and Asian can not see their eyes. Their eyes are reptile eyes.

The brain produces an electromagnetic radio wave called brain waves. It is the neurons clicking at high speed through chemical electrical process which produces enough electricity to generate brain waves. When a human faces the snake people, the snake people can generate a higher amplification of brain waves which penetrate the human skull to stun the human's neurons, thus the human can not see the snake people's reptile eyes.

Some humans have seen the reptile eyes, they try to explain it by adding on to it to rationalize what they saw. Thus, we get the aliens from another planet theory. In other words, the human was able to spray brain waves dampening the amplification of the snaker's brain waves.

I tracked them to their origin in southern India. In Asia there is an ancient story, all Asia knows it, it is called the meeting of the four tribes, the Chinese were called the fish people, the Koreans the bird people, the Mongolians the dog people and the Indians were called the snake people. At the meeting of the four tribes, fish, bird and dog people told the snake tribe, either join us, leave or we will kill you.

The Snake people moved from ancient India closer and closer to Asia, not across the mountains, but the vast flat plain toward Mongolia. In the 1200's, the dog tribe began the march against the snake people. They killed entire civilizations of snake people all the way down into India. They maintained occupation armies all the way down into India, just like the Americans maintain occupation armies today.

There are not many ancient snake people today. They're not many ancient snake people in India today. But India has always been a traditional Chinese enemy because of this ancient reason.

I have researched this for over 50 years. This is one of my programmed duties from my early childhood CIA programming. They knew something was wrong, and they were trying to figure it out.

Once at the university, I had to drive some students home. One was left in the back seat and I wanted to question him because he was from India. I had not seen his face when the students entered the car. I explained all of the knowledge I had gathered from years of reading ancient texts, on the ground experiments, observations and mind warfare. I told him of the history of the ancient snake people, tribal structure, cannibalism, where they went and who they ruled. Each time the graduate student agreed it was correct. I told him of the ancient rivers in India where an ancient Aryan civilization lived with the first science, physics and mathematics began. Those rivers from the ice age glaciers are now dried up and the ancient cities are covered over. This is from ancient text and illustrations. Only in the last decade have ground penetrating satellite radar discovered this ancient civilization, the origin and foundation of our logic, science, physics and mathematics. Side note, the Greeks came in contact with this data and disseminated it to the west.

There is a mountain range across the middle of India, the snake king cannibal tribes ate every human south of the mountains and would come over the mountains for new slaves to be eaten later. The snake people ate the Aryans. They moved north in to Iran-Aryan and ate those people. This is from ancient Babylonian script. A French archeologist wrote about it, so did a 13th century Muslim cleric who translated the ancient language of the snake kings. As the ice age receded, the ancient snake people moved north into the vast green plains of the north eating Slavic peoples. Ancient Roman text documents the snake people and the worship of the snake god.

A name from history describing the snake people is Khazars, this was one of the snake tribes. Returning to the Indian graduate student, he said during the questioning, he was an Aryan. I had not seen his face. When he got out to come to the driver door to thank me, I jumped back, if I was in a chair, I would have fallen out of the chair. I said, you really are an Aryan, he was white as white could be, eyes as green as could be, and his facial features were Aryan. I said, how many are left, he said not many.

Many of these people we call Jews are the ancient snake people. 40% of the Jews are inbred per Israeli scientist, and a 1908 Swiss professors research. The data is in Indian text, Babylonian text, Roman text, Greek text and in French, English, German, and Russian text and in Chinese text. But you've been brainwashed to be an apologist for these people called the Jews. They programmed the west from all dimensions. Your gods are all Jewish, you worship the money god, no need for real God, the money god will take care of you, the science god will explain everything, there is so much fake meal ticket science today, it takes faith in the science god to believe. They foist icons of fake everything on the people, call us cattle to be fed upon in their book, call themselves Khazars in their books and so on.

These people who control your mind are the ancient snake people. I can't deprogram you because they grew neural pathways in your mind to control you, like bars to a prison cell, a mind cell, a mind prison. You will violently oppose the real reality you live. It's not just television, it is all aspects of your culture controlled and programmed by the ancient snake people. This is why they are censoring information in the media, web sites and comment boards and call what we think and write fake news, they use armies of programmed mind controlled robotic thinking people to do their bidding. It is the same pattern all through history. They have divided us to rule and conquer us, they program our people and divide us on every conceivable issue. And if we figure it out, they will push us into a global war for a kill off of the cattle so they can again rule us.

I am a CIA mind warfare weapon. I am a CIA General and I will do my duty. This is why you're in my killing field, not their killing field, my killing field will remove them from the planet.

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and while this happening corruption will go on as usual in lndianepotism will go on as usual in lndiamurder of poor will go on as usual in lndiaReligious intolerance will go on as usual in lndiaAttacks on underprivilaged will on as usual in lndiaGirls will be raped by mighty & powerful as usual in lndiainfants will die in hospitals as usual in lndiaPpl will pay 28% gst tax as ususal in India(plus 30+% income tax; total more than earlier muslim rulers)The end customers will always pay huge tax  as usual in lndiaHumans will be killed to protect animals(cows) as usual in lndiaand govt public sector will make huge black money as usual in lndiagovt will import huge arms as usual in lndia& some ppl will make kickbaks in arms purchases as usual in lndiaSoldiers will be live as prisoners and eat prisoner like food as usual in lndia(If any prisoner[aka soldiers] complains about food, he will be thrown out of service as usual in lndia)Armymen will be used as slaves shining boots of officers as usual in lndiaMilitary ppl's wives will be used & abused sexually by seniors as usual in lndiaUnmarried military ppl will be sodomized by seniors as usual in lndiaTanks will be without Airconditioners as usual in lndiaMilitary officers will be leaving service voluntarily[unsatisfied] as usual in lndiagovt will create border issues to deflect public attentionAS USUAL IN INDIADont worry Life is as usual ALL HAIL TO DICTATOR JETLEYthe unopposed unelected defence minister & Fin.MinisterSinister, makeing fool of publicThe end of democracy=================Huge corruption is going on in lndiainspite of rosy pictures painted by politicians(social engineering, Hah ha, fool the ppl,  to win elections )(1)Any person in any ministry can make a phone call to itspublic sector company of that ministry and employ as many ppl as they wantthey have thousands such plus more on money basis(2) The relatives of ministers receive great gifts and then give contractsfreely to anyone28 61 20 62 61 6c 64 20 68 65 61 64 65 64 20 6d 69 6e 69 73 74 65 72 20 6e 6f 77 4c 75 63 6b 20 3b 29(3)  The administrators make huge money by making a condition thatthe defence imports wll always accompany giving contracts to lndian IT companiesby the foriegn arms supplier, they give contracts to the cos. of relatives of mighty & powerfulThese lndian cos. even if they write a=b+c in their software, they make huge money(another form of kickbacks)(4) Govt funded projects end up 4-5 times more than originalwhere the money is going?anybody's guess 

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I sense a business opportunity:  Sell each side some of those Vietnamese 'Fighting Pajamas' that they wore.  You know, fight for a while, sleep for a while, fight, sleep....

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This never would've happened if the Argentinians just let the British have the Falkland Islands.

Stef1304 Aug 20, 2017 7:20 PM Permalink

As new JackT said, as long at this old school, and no one is very badly injured or killed, it's fine.Actually, they should organize a tournament, once in a while, so that those lively young men can let the steam off... By tournament, i mean any kind of individual or/and collective competition from martial arts to rugby... That would be much more meaningful, and even fun. ;-)Example: vs Russia (armor are made after real one, and weapon are not made to kill )A new medieval game, becoming trendy in France in the last few years

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What officer in either military sent his platoon out with out weapons to fight another force?Really, you don't need guns or knives, guys. Only pussies go out on patrol with guns....really just get out there and be a man about it. Something really does not add up about the whole story. 

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Was everybody Kung Foo fighter? Were those cats fast as lightning?

It is probably another production by the folks that did the gay ISIS dance troupe videos. Look for the sneakers!

Peak Finance Aug 20, 2017 6:04 PM Permalink

LOLZ!So, The number one country that the globalists sent our jobs toIs about to go to warwith the number two country globalists sent our jobs to.Is there a downside here?We gonna just sit back and watch, right?