US Navy Halts Pacific Fleet Operations As Historical Path Of Collided Warship Emerges

Following the second collision of US warships in two months, the US Navy's Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) has calling for a comprehensive review of recent incidents in the Pacific in the wake of the USS John McCain collision with an oil tanker early Monday morning. In a video, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson called for an "operational pause" with commands and leaders across the fleet, and a deeper look into the training and certification of forces operating in  the Navy's 7th Fleet - those in and around Japan.

"I have directed fleet commanders to immediately conduct an operational pause with commands and leaders across the fleet, to ensure we are taking all appropriate immediate measures to enhance the Navy's safe and effective operation around the world.... This is the second major collision in the last three months, and is the latest in a series of major incidents, particularly in the Pacific theater," said Richardson. "This trend demands more forceful action."

That review "will examine the process by which we train and certify our forward deployed forces in Japan to be ready for operations and war," according to Richardson. "This will include, but not be limited to, trends in operational tempo, performance, maintenance, equipment and personnel. It will also focus on surface warfare training and career development, including tactical and navigational proficiency."

According to CBS, the investigative team will be diverse, including people from across the Navy (both officer and enlisted), and experts from outside the Navy and the private sector.

As shown earlier, the USS John S. McCain suffered extensive hull damage after colliding with the oil/chemical tanker called the Alnic MC. Five sailors were injured and another 10 remain missing.

Richardson noted that the review, led by Adm. Phil Davidson, Commander of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, will be on a "tight timeline" in order to address the problems and "quickly make corrective actions."

Earlier at a briefing in Amman, Jordan, Defense Secretary James Mattis offered his thoughts and prayers to the sailors and families of those on board the USS John McCain, saying an investigation is currently underway to determine what exactly happened and caused the crash.  Mattis added the CNO's broader investigation will put together an inquiry into all related accidents incidents at sea to address all existing factors, including the USS Fitzgerald.

“He has put together a broader inquiry to look into these incidents and to determine any of the causal factors to determine what’s going on,” Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters while traveling in Amman, Jordan.

Meanwhile, courtesy of Bloomberg, the historical movement of both the USS John S. McCain and the Alnic MC tanker was revealed, swowing both the path of both ships as they ultimately collided just east of Singapore.


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  I just realized that the USS John S. McCain wasn’t just struck – it was IMPALED by the Bulbous Bow of the oil tanker. The USS McCain must’ve been dragged for miles before the two ships came to a full stop. The McCain must’ve looked like a Chihuahua dangling from a Rottweiler’s dick.   ;-) Looney

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According to CBS, the investigative team will be diverse, including people from across the Navy (both officer and enlisted), and experts from outside the Navy and the private sector. What??? No (fill in your supposedly oppressed minority group here)? at least this definition of diverse is sensible. 

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In the Al Jazeera vid above they say they believe there was a loss of steering on the McStain before the collision. If so it's not just GPS spoofing. Maybe the captain of the Fitzgerald who was injured and then relieved of command is feeling a bit vindicated.Does CNO Admiral Richardson look like he has a drinking problem? Look at the crimson color of that beak he's sporting. The eyes look bad too. Get off the sauce Admiral. Quit the Navy and get some decent work instead. Being a top level Globslist go-for must be weary on the psyche. Mad Dog has the same boozed up, burnt out look.

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UmbilicalMosqu… Kotzbomber747 (not verified) Mon, 08/21/2017 - 14:57 Permalink

Don't laugh! In 1967, I discovered and repaired a deliberately disabled radar unit on a USAF C-141 in Japan. The safety-wire was cut, a wrench was placed between the unit and its connector,  and a connector inside the upper tail-section was unpgged! The crew apparently wanted some unscheduled R&R, and created a red-X situation that temporarily grounded the aircraft. It was a ten-minute fix and check, once found.Another time in Japan, which really pissed me off, was when a dumb fucking pilot red-exed a C-141 Medevac flight because of a failed piece of nav equipment! ALL wounded personnel were off-loaded! There were three backup systems, so the plane should never have been delayed, let alone grounded! It only took me 15 minutes to fix the problem( removed and replaced the bad unit) , but the offload was already well underway! That cocksucker skated!

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UmbilicalMosqu… risk-reward Mon, 08/21/2017 - 20:12 Permalink

   Thanks. My electronics maintenance group were the tops! As crack trouble-shooters, we were TDY'd all over SEA. I was very highly-trained, and proud of my work, and loved the Air Force (still do). I specialized in gyros and navigation systems, and worked on everything from C-130s to KC-135 photo-mapping aircraft (Tachikawa and Yokota AFB, Japan, Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Clark AFB, PI, Topeka AFB, Kansas, Charleston AFB, SC, Dover AFB, Delaware).  I even worked on a few Navy aircraft (OP-2Es) that needed immediate assistance. Back in 1968, I was offered pro-pay, an increase in rank, and $10,00.00 dollars to re-up. I was then working on KC-135 photo-mapping aircraft at that time...big gyroscopes! I was also trained on the RF-4C photo-mapping systems (Korat, Thailand). Unlike the Navy F-4C version that had an ECM/weapons operator in the rear seat, the Air Force RF-4C had a gyro there. After the war, I cross-trained into a medevac group. After that, I then did nav maintenance for the Air Guard.    However, one event in 1967 really surprised me. The C-141 had an inertial guidance system (among other navigation systems) that fed into an analog/digital nav computer called the ASN-24. A new navigator asked me for a bit of assistance on the system. I showed him a few intricacies about it that he was unfamiliar with. The pilot (a Brigadier General, who was probably clocking-in a bit of flight time) turned around and said to him, and I quote..."Get the fuck off of my airplane. You aren't flying with me."  Oops!Thanks for your service and professionalism, Sir!

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Ditto Umbilical, saw it in the Air Force in the late 80's early 90's. But, I have seen it in aircraft contracting since 9/11. Aircraft contracting is a dog eat dog business. Someone will cut a wire you have installed to get you fired so they can retain their job when lay-offs are coming, or, because they are disgruntled in general. I've even been on programs, where, management wanted the project to fail to milk more money.

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HardAssets UmbilicalMosqu… Tue, 08/22/2017 - 09:43 Permalink

Today, without the draft, most Americans have no first hand experience being in the military. Americans get their image of the military from t.v. and movies. This is unlike previous generations, a large percentage of which had some actual in service time. - - There is an unhealthy worship of all things military by the American citizenry today. They don't know that conditions SNAFU and FUBAR are common. They don't know about the kind of careerism that some flag & general officers have which endangers their men's lives.

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No. After the first 2, every captain and bridge crew in the Navy knows their careers are on the line if it happens to them. Information about the real reasons are relayed to every Captain.  After the 3rd, and careers being sacrified to cover the real reasons, still not told to the public, nobody sleeps if they are on duty, nobody screws off.  The Captain will have been real serious about all this.Then it happens the 4th time.  And everyone knows the Black Sea Aegis ship being shut down by the Russian plane, repeatedly.And info must have been passed around about the fate of those 63 or so cruise missiles fired into Syria, I hear rumours their fate was not entirely on target.It would explain Trump's hyperbolic threats against little countries, the sanctions against everyone. We got nothing else. The US won't be starting any wars any time soon, I think.And the military and MIC have huge black eyes.Trump is winning.

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Something is up for sure. Here is what I have run across so far just for this year in this area:  January 31: USS Antietam, Ticonderoga class (Aegis) cruiser, runs aground. In dry dock for repairs to propellers and more. Supposedly drug anchor and hit shoals when under power. May 9: USS Lake Champlain, Ticonderoga class (Aegis) cruiser, is in a collision with a fishing vessel.June 17: USS Fitzgerald, Arleigh Burke class (Aegis) destroyer, is in a collision with a container ship. Being brought back to CONUS for repairs.August 21: USS John S McCain, Arleigh Burke class (Aegis) destroyer, is in a collision with a tanker ship. Needs major repairs.  If we aren't being told the whole story about these, then I can see an escalation throughout the year of someone sending a message and/or testing out some new capabilities. Don't forget a whole carrier group sailed in the wrong direction for several days and with the USS John S McCain out of action I was reading the "missile defense shield" for that area is now "weakened". Additionally, they decided to send the Fitz back to the states because they would basically run out of dry docks for these repairs and regular maintenance. There are, of course, more than 4 ships in the theater, but like someone else has mentioned, we are losing some hulls rather fast. 3 out of action in 7 months. 

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Funny you mention that.  McCain-Soros is still up to full zio con shit in the Ukraine.  the USSA Inc is still pushing bases and ZATO membership for the disgustingly corrupt Ukraine.The Russians think it is a total pathetic clown show but the Ukie have murdered thousands of innocent ethnc Russians in Donbas and Lughask areas since the phony Nudelman Z-State Dept Coup. The Ukraine also is totally involved in the Awan brothers and CLinton Foundation rat line corruption shit.Ukie hit squad also murdered Donbas heroes Motorola and Givi.   The Russians think McCain et al are pathetic but also know they are evil.My sympathises to the poor American kids on the USS McLame who were probably killed or injured.  Note to young people - Uncle Scam aka MIC does not give a shit about your life and it has been that way since the Rothschild Civil War-genocide 1861

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Looking at the pictures of the damage, the McCain must have been dead in the water (just like the Donald Cook).  The hole is perfectly symetrical and shows no shearing (as was evident on the Fitzgerald) - the McCain was not under power when that happened.  This was a major shipping lane, I bet there were plenty of sailors on watch but all they could do was guess how long it was until they were going to be rammed.

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the other interesting observation is the freighter was empty. the ball would not be riding that high in the water if it as full. also, the course of the freighter is set in stone. it does not deviate. the destroyer should have already known they were sitting dead in the path of freighter traffic. the freighter would have known the destroyer was there, too. they probably couldn't, or didn't think they needed to, do anything.

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