Ron Paul Urges America "Oppose Fascism Of The Right & The Left"

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Following the recent clashes between the alt-right and the group antifa, some libertarians have debated which group they should support. The answer is simple: neither. The alt-right and its leftist opponents are two sides of the same authoritarian coin.

The alt-right elevates racial identity over individual identity. The obsession with race leads them to support massive government interference in the economy in order to benefit members of the favored race. They also favor massive welfare and entitlement spending, as long as it functions as a racial spoils system. Some prominent alt-right leaders even support abortion as a way of limiting the minority population. No one who sincerely supports individual liberty, property rights, or the right to life can have any sympathy for this type of racial collectivism.

Antifa, like all Marxists, elevates class identity over individual identity. Antifa supporters believe government must run the economy because otherwise workers will be exploited by greedy capitalists. This faith in central planning ignores economic reality, as well as the reality that in a free market employers and workers voluntarily work together for their mutual benefit. It is only when government intervenes in the economy that crony capitalists have the opportunity to exploit workers, consumers, and taxpayers. Sadly, many on the left confuse the results of the “mixed economy” with free markets.

Ironically, the failure of the Keynesian model of economic authoritarianism, promoted by establishment economists like Paul Krugman, is responsible for the rise of the alt-right and antifa. Despite a recent (and likely short-lived) upturn in some sectors of the economy, many Americans continue to struggle with unemployment and a Federal Reserve-caused eroding standard of living. History shows that economic hardship causes many to follow demagogues offering easy solutions and convenient scapegoats.

Left-wing demagogues scapegoat businesses and the “one percent,” ignoring the distinction between those who made their fortunes serving consumers and those who enriched themselves by manipulating the political process.


Right-wing demagogues scapegoat immigrants and minorities, ignoring how these groups suffer under the current system and how they are disproportionally impacted by policies like the war on drugs and police militarization.

As the Keynesian-Krugman empire of big government and fiat currency collapses, more people will be attracted to authoritarianism, leading to an increase in violence. The only way to ensure the current system is not replaced with something even worse is for those of us who know the truth to work harder to spread the ideas of liberty.

While we should be willing to form coalitions with individuals of good will across the political spectrum, we must never align with anyone promoting violence as a solution to social and economic problems. We must also oppose any attempts to use the violence committed by extremists as a justification for expanding the police state or infringing on free speech. Laws against hate speech set a dangerous precedent for censorship of speech unpopular with the ruling elite and the deep state.

Libertarians have several advantages in the ideological battle over what we will replace the Keynesian welfare model with. First, we do not need to resort to scapegoating and demagoguing, as we have the truth about the welfare-warfare state and the Federal Reserve on our side. We also offer a realistic way to restore prosperity. But our greatest advantage is that, while authoritarianism divides people by race, class, religion, or other differences, the cause of liberty unites all who seek peace and prosperity.


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Funny thing. I know NPR, NYT, etc. talk constantly about the people in white sheets lurking under every bed and in every closet, but I look around, and I just don't see very many people in white sheets. On the other hand, I sure do see a lot of people in black. Oddly, the guys in the white sheets bother me more. Maybe because I expect more from them? The black sheets, well, we're talking Maxine Waters, right? Can't say I expect much at all from them.

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Yes, Ron Paul is illogical in equating Antifa to the alt-Right.  Yes, there must be some limitations to state power, which Paul has made a career of stating, but the alt-Right is largely composed of those who agree.BTW - Although I appreciate his constant denouncement of The Fed, I've always suspected him of being controlled opposition.  It is an abrasive thing to say, but never fully trust a man who claims to be against statism yet chose a career looking up pussy and was funded by the state - he was a gynecologist that served in the Air Force.

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Well said. THATS THE FUCKING POINT. Extremism in all forms will always eventually resort to violence. The radical left is just as bad as the radical right. I don't think either side wants PEACE and UNITY. They want SUPERIORITY. MANY Black Lies Matters members have admittted so much in recent weeks. See the viral video on YouTube of that BLM "all whites are racist" fat bitch. THAT is where the hate comes from.FUCK all the racist human filth, ON BOTH SIDES.

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5/1/17 EDIT

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Well WHO runs 95% of the media in this country one might ask?

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Good post except one thing, a shameless use of the 'NAZI' label. Do what you preach. Read the history of the pre-WW1 and after period, preferably David Irving and try to understand what happened to the German Nation and the (((tribal))) role in it. And than think twice before doing what the (((tribe))) has been doing for decades.

More appropriate label would be 'Bolsheviks' instead. Read the pre-Russian Revolution and after period, preferably Solzhenitsyn. You will find out who the bolsheviks really were, because they were not Russians and the Russian Revolution was a foreign invasion and not a civil war.

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Yap, he nailed the White Race to the cross. It was always about race identity hidden behind false-economics, false-democracy, false-welfare and such. The Whites got too damn stupid to see the (((tribe))) consolidating its power. This is a race war and Ron Paul is just another controlled opposition. Tell me when did he ever explicitly talk about the JQ?

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This is off the topic: Hey Taylor, How, the f*k, difficult do you think it is to setup the https protocol for this site you f*n moron? You shove the ads into our faces as if there was no tomorrow and yet you are unable to implement this very basic privacy/security measure. Do you, f*n retard, know what happens when your readers log into your account? Probably not, you stupid shit. F*k you and your web site.

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I must disagree. Immigrants, minorities, the 1% and corporate america are at the root cause of most of the problems discussed here at Zero Hedge. Ron Paul may be correct about the money system and interventionism, but in other areas seems to accept propaganda assumptions like many of us do. also, Paul never really seemed to tryvery hard to grab the reins... Easier to bitch and get praise for the occasional editorial or newsletter essay. total 'egghead' in a 1950s derogatory way, but had two good points to speak of...

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Keynesian model doesnt mean to print money for finance and big parasite corporations. What you have in america has nothing to do with keynes anymore. With a libertarian model, in the best case, you will get the same result with your sold corrupt political class.Ron Paul is just playing with political ideologies. I bet my soul on the fact that switching to a libertarian model things in america will worsen for the common citizen, i will go to hell if i am wrong. Libertarian = Darwinian. The strong win everything, the weak die. Are you the strongest individual in america?The country should print money to build and maintain infrastructures like roads and water pipelines. Your country should spend money on education, building hospitals, healthcare, parks etc. Spend money for the ppl, not on lobbies.Giving more and more money to bankster to play finance and steal every american idiot of their pants what the fuck has to do with keynes?Now you have corrupt politicians moving the threads fostering the will of finance and big parasite corporations. How could things go better giving power directly to the same ppl who buy your corrupt politicians? Do you like deflation? In my country it's several years that i am living with deflation and it's fucking shit. The wealthy become more and more wealthy, the poor become more and more poor.Delete from existence all your sold politicians (deep state or how you call it) if you want to fix your country.America is shit today because the ppl didnt care at all of the mess your sold political class did. You americans didnt gave a shit about your country, you prefered to eat hamburger, watch TV and fart all the time while they kept fucking your ass.

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