New Climate Study Throws Wrench In Global Warming Debate: "Our New Technical Paper... Will Likely Be Ignored"

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It’s not surprising that so many people believe the idea that global warming is being caused almost entirely by human activity, given the fact that most scientists seem to believe the same thing. But scientists should probably ask themselves why there is still such a large cohort of “deniers” as they like to call them, who are adamant that anthropogenic climate change is a scam.

The reason why is that the scientific community has been caught many times tampering with climate data and making outlandish claims. The celebrities and politicians who promote this cause have also been caught on many occasions, living in palatial mansions, flying across the world in private jets, and generally just living lives of excess that produce so much more carbon that the average person. Given these facts, how could anyone take the global warming arguments seriously?

What also doesn’t help their cause, is when reputable scientists question climate change dogma. Recently, two Australian scientists published a paper that explains why the shifts in global temperature that we see today, are likely entirely natural.

Jennifer Marohasy, a scientist with a rather long list of impressive credentials, which includes the founding of The Climate Modeling Laboratory, opens her startling climate report with a dose of reality.


“Our new technical paper … will likely be ignored,” she writes at The Spectator Australia.


She goes on to explain why, “Because after applying the latest big data technique to six 2,000 year-long proxy-temperature series we cannot confirm that recent warming is anything but natural – what might have occurred anyway, even if there was no industrial revolution.”

At the crux of their argument, is the fact that global temperatures were actually warmer during the middle ages, which used to be considered common knowledge for years, and is often denied by many climate change proponents today. These researchers confirmed that the world was indeed warmer before the industrial revolution. And that of course suggests that human activity doesn’t have nearly as much of an impact on the climate as most environmentalists claim.

Typical of most such temperature series, it zigzags up and down while showing two rising trends: the first peaks about 1200 AD and corresponds with a period known as the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), while the second peaks in 1980 and then shows decline...


There are, however, multiple lines of evidence indicating it was about a degree warmer across Europe during the MWP – corresponding with the 1200 AD rise in our Northern Hemisphere composite. In fact, there are oodles of published technical papers based on proxy records that provide a relatively warm temperature profile for this period.

Bottom line, don’t ever let anyone tell you that the climate change debate is over, and that the science on the matter is settled. Don’t let them fool you into thinking that there’s a strict consensus among scientists regarding global warming (and even if there was a 100% consensus, just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t mean it’s true).

The people promoting the theory of man-made global warming have been caught lying too many times for us to blindly follow them.


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I would take the whole global warming threat more seriously, if the same people that are trying to convince me that it’s a real threat, weren’t the same people that think it’s perfectly OK to try to pick a fight with the one country on Earth that can turn us into radioactive dust. Chance of humanity dying out because of global warming: <.01% Chance of humanity dying out if we totally piss-off the Russians: 100% I’ll take my chances with global warming, and instead of paying for carbon credit bullshit, pay the Russians many rubles for all their nice cheap oil and natural resources. Ask yourself, who do I want to get my oil from: a bunch of lunatics who would rather behead us than look at us; or a mostly Christian country that shares most of our values?  

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Humans aren't rational they are emotional, Climate Change as promoted, is an avoidable disaster, if you pay your 'Carbon Tax' the 'Climate Scientists' will reverse the effects of Human activity and save the World for future generations, it is the least you can do for the children, surely you don't want to condem the children to suffer for your sins? Do you?AGW is Religion, a modern religion which offers everyperson the chance to be a Savior just willingly pay your taxes and know you are doing your part for the, as yet, unborn.Modern people recognize that Money is the most powerfull thing in the Universe with enough Money you can make anything happen. Changing the Climate unto what it 'should' be wont be a problem if only we can give the 'Scientists' enough money!

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Humans aren't rational they are emotional, Climate Change as promoted, is an avoidable disaster, if you pay your 'Carbon Tax' the 'Climate Scientists' will reverse the effects of Human activity and save the World for future generations, it is the least you can do for the children, surely you don't want to condem the children to suffer for your sins? Do you?AGW is Religion, a modern religion which offers everyperson the chance to be a Savior just willingly pay your taxes and know you are doing your part for the, as yet, unborn.Modern people recognize that Money is the most powerfull thing in the Universe with enough Money you can make anything happen. Changing the Climate unto what it 'should' be wont be a problem if only we can give the 'Scientists' enough money!

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It's not rocket surgery.Have humans fucked up the planet?  Yes...fucking duh, unless you were born yesterday it's fucking obvious.Is the political bullshit called global warming a fucking scam designed to pad some folks pockets and control the rest of us?Yes, fucking duh, unless you were born yesterday it's fucking obvious.

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The USDA use to have a paper up on its site that magically disappeared.  It estimated the tons of fertilizers that would be saved if CO2 levels rose even slightly.  It also discussed how by reducing fertilizers in the Mississippi drainage basin would help shrink the "dead zone' at the mouth of the river that is about the size of Connecticut.   But reports like these fly in the face of the narrative so they must be banned. Australian scientists have papers estimating the growth in global food production with even a slight increase in CO2 - you never hear about that report either.   Once again, it flies in the face of the narrative.Solar cycle cooling phase?  Nope - rarely in the news.   Doesn't fit the narrative. Gamma rays influence on clould formation? - Nope.Nasa's Hanson's letter to Obama about Carbon tax for wealth redistribution?  Nope.Nasa's Hanson tampering with the historical data?  Nope.Water vapor's role in moderating temps?  Nope. The failure of all the IPCC models to model? - NopeFailure of the IPCC models to model cloud's role in moderating climate? - NopeMichael Mann's FRAUD?  NopeThe HADCRU email dump that exposed the rampant fraud - Nope.Anything that does not fit the narrative gets buried by the FAKE  NEWS MEDIA! 

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We don't have proof that the global warming is caused by humans. We don't have proof that the global warming isn't caused by humans. Let the people believe what they want.

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But there is lots of proof the "Climate scientists" have lied, commited numerous acts of blatant fraud and controlled the whole peer review process to keep countervailing evidence from seeing the light of day.Kyoto was a step toward global gubamint - it gave the UN both regulatory and taxing authority over the world.  The corrupt shit hole called the UN. Nasa's Hanson wrote Obama to sing the praises of Carbon Taxes as a means of wealth transfer.   Why the fuck is a Nasa scientist fucking around Marxist politics?   And why has so much of the historical data fucked around with by this Marxist shithead?  

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A watm planet is a happy planet.

(Sorry, I had to do that)Not at all. in a warm planet strong thermoclines form which prevent nutrients from the bottom mixing with the sunlight rich waters above. Those crystal clear tropical waters that you admire? They are ocean deserts. During an Ice age the oceans are cold enough that even the tropial waters are fecund,Further, a land mass larger than africa is exposed in tropical,(very productive) areas. Even the Sahara becomes prime real estate.But it's not going to happen is it? Well done, you hairless hominid. 

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Just think, your "desert" gin clear tropical waters are also the locus of the development of carbonate reefs around the world within a band of about 20° north and south of the equator.  That "desert" is the playground of many of the most desirable big game fish to be found on the planet, tuna, wahoo, dorado, jacks, cobia, tarpon and mackerel, among others.  Predatory sharks patrol the environs onshore (shallow marine, not terrestrial) and offshore.  Whole carbonate platforms, with exposed island archipeligos and atolls are created in this "desert" and they teem with life as well as being created naturally by marine life "force".  That clear water permits the sunlight to penetrate to greater depths so that new reef growth may occur at higher latitudes with cyclic natural global warming.  The island you stand on is a product of marine life.  It is a natural carbonate factory.

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The Carbon Tax is by far the greatest scam in human history, it is a coup of monumental proportions,  taking the two most life essential atoms, Carbon and Oxygen, and convincing the masses that these two elements are toxic poisons that need to be taxed.What is the recipe for Carbon Dioxide ? CO2 is 1 Carbon atom + 2 Oxygen atoms - by weight CO2 is 72% Oxygen and 27% Carbon.And what is that to you ?Wikipedia - "The Composition of the human body" is:  Oxygen: 65.0%   Carbon: 18.5%  Hydrogen: 9.5%So the human body is 75% water and 18.5% Carbon, easy to understand why Carbon is called the Building Block of Life.Google: Carbon Wonder ElementGoogle: Plants Breathe CO2The Climate Change narrative is really only about the global "Carbon TAX".  And since each Carbon atom you put in the air needs to be attached to 2 Oxygen atoms and because CO2 is the end product of the "Oxygen Cycle", this really should be called the OXYGEN TAX. But if it were called the OXYGEN TAX, the ULTIMATE tax if you think about it, the sheeple might just wake up.

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I would much rather breath dirty air than clean air. People trying to make a case for cleaner air are only self-interested shills for the environmental lobby, which by the way, dwarfs the oil & gas lobby. Poor oil & gas lobby - when will the people realise that they just want what's best for us all?

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as much as this climate change bullshit is just that...a bullshit scam...there really isn't any doubt that humans have fucked up this world...shitting in our own beds as it were.  Even fucking animals know better than to shit where they eat and that pretty much makes fucking morons like you dumber than a fucking rock ape.   Keep your fucking big cities...and stay the fuck in them.  

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Probably they lie because nobody give a single fuck about environment and ecosystem we are part of and care only about profit. Think of it 99% of profits goes to 1% either way. We are royally fucked no matter where we live and what we do maybe it's time to think in ecological terms rather than economical terms.

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The disinformation force is strong with this one. UV radiation is 1,000% higher than is being reported: temperatures spiraling out of control: videos total about four minutes.  If you have the attention span and capacity to understand simple scientific data rather than media disinformation with absolutely no links at all to credible data or evidence of any kind whatsoever (click the link, "likely completely natural" - fucking dailywire article, really?), then watch this hour long documentary: [Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb]The way you distinguish between fact and bullshit is by looking for evidence backing up claims.  All of these "planet warming is a hoax" claims ignore things like these record-shattering deadly heat waves:…Just because fraud surrounds global warming, doesn't mean all data pointing to a dying planet is false.  Are carbon credits a scam?  Yes.  Is Al Gore a cocksucker? Most definitely.  WE ARE IN THE SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION EVENT IN EARTH'S HISTORY.  PERIOD.  Look it up, I'm not giving you anymore links. That's not up for debate.  It's for certain now. 200 species extinct each day and rising.  IF you think that's normal, you're part of the problem.  Geoengineering is shredding the Ozone layer and poisoning all life.  The oceans are dying from UV radiation and Fukushima.  If you buy into this calming, dumbing down, lulling to sleep bullshit, you're the reason it continues.  Wake the fuck up.  

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There is hardly anyone who denies that the climate is changing. Anyone over the age 40 has experienced the change over the last 20 years or so. The core question is, what is the cause of the climate change? There are 3 possibilities;
1) natural cycle
2) stellar or solar change
3) man made through the use of fossil fuels and pollution
The fraud lies in the fact that no one has provided concrete evidence for any of the above. The environmentalists and politicians have chosen option 3 and manipulated the data to conform to that theory.

The real fraud is that they have no over all plan to address option 3 nor any evidence that the sketchy plan they have will have any effect. All it will do is put trillions more tax revenue in the government coffers.

You can say, wake the fuck up, but according to your understanding, what is the solution?

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As far as anyone should be concerned this debate should have been over when Christiana Figueres admitted that the goal of the UN was to destroy capitalism, the carbon taxes are a way of redistributing the wealth of the first world to the third world.  If the left wants to continue this fraud the least they could do is agree that zero carbon taxes go to the United Nations and zero monies be redistributed to poor nations.  Ever notice that the same people arguing the politics of egalitarianism are the same people arguing the "science" of global warming? At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.'s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism. "This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,"   Martin Armstrong's take on it:'s a fact that the world's population is exploding in the poor nations with no way for those people to feed themselves, we've got to move out of the way and tax ourselves to support them, otherwise they'll scream "racism", they are overrunning Europe right now, those that don't go to Europe, or are brought to the United States, must be supported in Africa with our carbon taxes distributed by the United Nations.   

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Actually it's really quite simple ...Most people are Morons, that believe everything is real on TV, like The Bachelorette and Monster Jam.At every opportunity on every show, there's a chance to get just a one liner in.A one liner doesn't require proof or justification, it's just a remark. Now if every News, Weather broadcast does that, it must be true because everybody is saying it.If it sounds like, I have to keep repeating myself to catapult the propaganda, well that's exactly what it is. And every TV Network, Radio Station, Newspaper are all in on it, because they are all OWNED by the same people. 

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The BIG thing right now is hate, and hate is racist and racist is hate.And then there Nazi's .... , But it's Okay to hate Nazi'sUsually the first person to call out Nazi, are the Racists.Why is Okay to hate one group of people, but to hate another group, then it's Racist.Nope, sorry. No, I can’t retain that. I tried, it’s just not going in.

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Element Aug 25, 2017 1:08 AM Permalink

Looks like Flakmeister croaked on a lump of clean anthracite. Unsettled science is honest observational reality ... 'settled-science' is a water-mellon political confabulation doing the hokey-pokey as it spins around. And that's what it's all about.

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MMGW is certainly a scam, and the only reason it exists is to frighten enough people (like some of the commenters on this page) badly enough to support a global tax regimen. The people who want this global tax are, of course, globalists. The global tax empowers and establishes global government; the math is real simple here. This boils down to a fight between those who support global government, and those who prefer natural and cultural borders in the form of nation-states.The biggest lie from the MMGW crowd is that taking these revenues will actually make a difference in the climate. It won't; it can't: not even if MMGW is factual. The truth is, ONE major volcanic eruption can (and did) erase ALL of the efforts to reduce greenhouse gases EVER implemented.  The truth is, if technology is allowed to progress at it's current (exponential!) growth rate, there will be no major producers of 'greenhouse gases' left in a generation. This will happen if we do NOTHING but avoid WW III and keep on pretty much as we are. NOTHING the global taxers have conceived of and made public can do the job any faster or more efficiently. So, FUCK them, and their global tax. We should be focused on avoiding a nuclear catastrophe, or any other wars, for that matter. 

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As a descendant of Prussians I can hardly be accused of being a globalist. An arrogant prick, I will grant you, but not a globalist.If I had my druthers we would gather together the tattered remains of the tribe and decamp to the Le Grange points and leave you lesser mortals to fight over whatever remains of this planet.But until that happens you are stuck with me. And I say that I care not one wit whether the weather is a man made catastrophe or not. I will be stalking the land in High Dungeon if my breakfast is not on time and up to standard.And I shall show little mercy to anyone who knowingly added to the travails of the planet.

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Global Warming is a hoax by greedy bastards preying on the ignorance of the people. 

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Bottom line, is the earth is warming, natural/manmade who knows for sure?It isn't all doom and gloom, it's happened before, and man did what he does, he adapted.The sweet spot on the earth, the latitudes where the climate works best for man, is heading towards the poles.So places like Canada and Russia will prosper, but so will places like Mexico, where the tropics will grow from increased rain.If you look up on the ancient Egyptian empire, you will see it's rise and fall was due to climate change.And the beat goes on