Senate Declares War On Assange

An angry Julian Assange slammed efforts to officially classify his whistleblowing organization as a "non-state hostile intelligence service", decrying it as an attempt to put the "Pompeo Doctrine" into law. In its annual "intelligence authorization", the Senate Intelligence Committee proposed to effectively declare WikiLeaks a terrorist media organization.

“It is the sense of Congress that WikiLeaks and the senior leadership of WikiLeaks resemble a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such a service by the United States,” the bill states. Published on Friday, the Senate committee passed the bill late last month on a 14-1 vote, with only Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon voting against the measure, citing “legal, constitutional and policy implications” that the WikiLeaks provision may entail.

In response, Assange tweeted a statement slamming the “absurd” decision to brand a media organizations in such a way.

“It is equivalent to suggesting that the CIA is a media organization. Publishers publish what they obtain. Intelligence agencies do not.”

Realizing the gravity of the situation of becoming a persona non grata to the US government (and CIA), Assange then siad that “it is an interesting thought experiment to consider where other media outlets lay on this spectrum. It is clear that if the 'Pompeo doctrine' applies to WikiLeaks then it applies equally if not more so to other serious outlets."

Assange became one of the most visible targets of the liberal media and Democrats, following the DNC hacking (which led to Debbis Wasserman Schultz' resgination after it emerged that the DNC had rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders), and the leak of John Podesta's emails, which were then sent to WikiLeaks for publication. According to the subsequent narrative, Assange was nothing but a Russian agent, intent on destroying Hillary's candidacy and making Trump president. Which is ironic because after praising Assange during his campaign, Trump has since abandoned the controversial Australian to his fate.

In April, CIA Director Mike Pompeo branded WikiLeaks a "hostile non-state intelligence agency" which should not be afforded the protections of the First Amendment under the constitution.

Assange made even more friends at Langley in March, when WikiLeaks began publishing a series of leaks titled ‘Vault 7’ which revealed the spy agency’s arsenal of hacking tools. Putin has yet to be blamed for hacking the CIA.


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  "following the DNC hacking” This is getting tiresome. There was no DNC “hacking”. It has been forensically proven that the WikiLeaks data was copied at high speed directly on their network. In my opinion…. His name was Seth Rich. And… The Democrats are dirtier than (and resemble) monkey crap. 

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Everybody in Washington and the Media know beyond any doubt that Russia had fuck all to do with fucking anything.Russia for some reason has to be the enemy.  Somebody in 'the know' should have briefed Trump on this the moment he mentioned Russia or Putin in his campaign. Then none of this Russia shit would have appeared.Sometimes it is good to keep your beliefs and intentions to yourself.

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  I had a thought… It could be that Seth Rich (who was in position) did the copy of the DNC server at the behest of an alphabet agency and handed it off to them thinking he was doing a good thing. They could have run it through Umbrage to put Russian fingerprints on it and then routed to WikiLeaks so that the US had a Russian bogeyman. Draw your own conclusion but it is not far-fetched to think that a certain intelligence agency would not want him around to connect any dots for anyone. ...just a thought 

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I hope that J. Assange gets an opportunity to read this ZH forum, or if anyone is in direct contact then let him know of it.For there is overwhelming support for him here.However there are a few things I would call attention to for discussion. If I may address Julian directly, and call to other ZH-ers for comment.Firstly I would refrain from using the term 'Pompeo Doctrine' as this gives a measure of gravitas to what is clearly a logical fallacy, and can and will be used aginst you in further argument and public discussion.Might I suggest using the term 'Pompeo Fallacy' as often as possible as this reveals the true motivations behind both Pompeo's grandstanding and the Senate's vote, and puts both M. Pompeo and the Senate on the back foot.Then let's examine the M. Pompeo fallacy of presumption in his own words:“It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: a nonstate hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia,” (as reported NYT April 13, 2017)A 'call out' is a challenge to justify actions or statements. In his statement D. Pompeo by using the phrase "really is" is setting up the proposition that Wikileaks has been acting under pretence. Has Wikileaks made an about turn from its original stated  purpose that it "...specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption"? As far as can be ascertained there has been no change in this purpose since foundation in 2006. The quantity and relevance of the material analysed and published has increased dramatically but the objectives have remained static.Non-state It is a fact that Wikileaks is non-state. So are many other organisations. Not being under state direction and control on its own does not imply hostility, association with terrorism or a threat to peoples or governments. Not all non-state actors are benign (Halliday, F.) but the same can be said that not all state actors are benign either. Being non-state is a condition of being neither postive or negative. C. del Arenal has discusssed the dynamics of non-state interdependence, globalization, and the weakening of territoriality as elements of power for non-state actors. Is D.Pompeo, the CIA and the government genuinely afraid of the power inherent in the independence of Wikileaks?HostileIn this context the inference D. Pompeo is asserting is that Wikileaks is a quasi-military enemy with malevolent intent. It's a long stretch to suggest that an unarmed loose association of writers and publishers is a global non-state army to be challenged. And even by other definitions of the term, opposition or dislke, it is the very foundation of free speech and reasoned debate. In a Westminster style of government you have an opposition who by their very nature are hostile to the government of the day, challenge the status quo and expend great effort to release information that will embarass, shame or reveal corrupt or illegal government and agency activities. Wikileaks could be said to be in perpetual 'opposition' to bad, incompetent and corrupt government. And drawing on J. Assange's antipodean homeland the D. Chipp aim "To keep the bastards honest" is a sound expression of'hostility'. Could we too then infer that D. Pompeo by his 'hostile' inference in this phrase is opposed to truthful revelation and is more inclined to damn by association?Intelligence serviceA careful choice of words as one would expect. If Wikileaks was a government body it would be an agency. But a service, "...abetted by state actors like Russia" is patently incorrect. It is not a 'service', answering to a 'client'. It provides a 'service' funded by the general public to publish 'intelligence' material but this does not make it an 'intelligence service' that being an expression used as an alternative to "intelligence agency". It is disingenuous of D. Pompeo and the US Senate to link the terms and argue that Wikileaks is an agency, when it is clearly not the case.Abetted by RussiaMr. Pompeo said, “Russian military intelligence, the G.R.U., had used WikiLeaks to release data of U.S. victims that the G.R.U. had obtained through cyberoperations against the Democratic National Committee.” This has been proven false in the last months.“No one has the right to engage in the theft of secrets from America,” Mr. Pompeo said.Wikileaks does not engage in the theft of 'secrets' but does publish and maintain a library of information or 'intelligence' it receives from multiple sources. The content may be 'secret' being unknown to others or 'classified' having governmental restrictions on distribution and publication. However not all secrets are 'classified' and not all material 'classified' by government necessarily contains secrets. Wikileaks is no different from any other media publisher in the world in that their published content may be 'secret' or 'classified' in one or more countries and not in others.Like Mr. Agee,leakers “choose to see themselves in a romantic light,” Mr. Pompeo said.“They cling to this fiction, even though their disclosures often inflict irreparable harm.” If content is genuinely capable of putting lives at risk, such as is the case with revealing the names of field operatives, then it is the ethical duty of the publisher to confer with the original creator and redact such content as requested, and this has been the case for example with the E. Snowden material. Irreparable harm to officials, military, and politician's careers as a result of corruption, illegal or dangerous activity being published is no more than justice being served.Ad hominem attackCalling the WikiLeaks founder a “narcissist” and “a fraud — a coward hiding behind a screen.” “In Kansas, we know something about false wizards,” added Mr. Pompeo, who represented a congressional district in the state until he was tapped by President Trump to run the C.I.A. The pot calling the kettle black I would suggest as the slur can be directed equally to the accuser.Conclusion“It is the sense of Congress that WikiLeaks and the senior leadership of WikiLeaks resemble a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such a service by the United States,” the bill states.My assessment of this statement is that the Senate has simply confirmed that Wikileaks is no different from any other non-profit publishers and libraries of whom some are non-state, often hostile and with the ability to provide the service of publishing 'intelligence' of any source and type, and therefore should receive equal rights and treatment under common law and the Constitution. But I have real concerns about the use of 'weasel' words in the statement. What does it mean in the mind of the Senate to have a "sense" of what is and is not? And how does something "resemble" a catchprase of loose definition riddled with logical fallacies and open to interpretation of convenience.I am non-state. I am frequently hostile. I do my level best to gather and make use of my intelligence. I come to you as a service.What further non-"sense" will the Congress come to resemble I wonder.J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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Re: I hope someone gets this to Assange ...A+ on this rebuttal to that asinine "it is the sense of the senate" vote. You took apart every word and phrase. These idiots are starting to scare me more every day. It was also their "sense" (see 435-5 sanctions vote) that Russia hacked an entire U.S. election, a charge that the world's few remaining critical thinkers know is laughable. FWIW,It is the "sense" of this poster that the U.S. Senate has absolutely no sense. They are the danger.

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Re: Only possible with liars in charge ...The fact the Establishment - including almost every Congressional representative in the House and Senate, plus the president, plus the AG, plus all of the heads of all the "intelligence agencies," plus the Dept. of State, plus probably the EPA and IRS - have declared Assange Public Enemy No. 1 should tell us a lot. Why do they fear him and his organization so much? Obvious answer: They fear the truth being revealed. Stated differently, they know how important it is that their lies continue to be accepted as gospel.If sanity still existed anywhere beneath the ozone layer, the American public would fear its government and all its status-quo protecting operatives and perpetrators of fraud writ large. This same public would celebrate and defend people such as Assange as vital and courageous heroes.

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"Everybody in Washington and the Media know beyond any doubt that Russia had fuck all to do with fucking anything."

That is crap and you know it. Russia hacks everything they possibly can and spies on the USA incessantly. BUT, the USA spies on Russia, and hacks everything we can right back. Not to mention it would appear that the Ci Iye Ay has taken to k!ll!ng Russian d!pl0mats recently!

The problem is that our mass media is an organ of the Deep State who is preparing for the final chapters of collapsing our economy and inciting mass-multi-level cultural chaos so they can swoop in and save us with the Global EU government that we will never accept willingly. Just about outlet is either certifiably insane like Hollywood or MSNBC, CNN, Huffpo, Politico, etc. OR they are now ostensibly "controlled opposition" like Drudge, InfoWars and ZH, who know that there are limits to how much of the puzzle they can reveal without having a heart attack at 43 while out walking. Or end up (accidentally) randomly sh0t while jogging in the park.

Now is not the time to fail to see the actual battle front that the average debt serf faces. Don't get caught up in any of the myriad of artificial "us vs. them" memes that the media presents to distract us.

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Re: Scared of the rope that awaits them ...Everyone please note how the members of the mainstream press haven't exactly rallied around Assange's cause.I think his statement makes a not-so-veiled reference to those in the alleged "truth telling" business who now specialize in concealing the truth (a courtesy/favor/habit greatly appreciated by Big Brother).

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Thing is it doesnt matter. They know they can continue to do as they wish offering any semi plausible explanation and nothing happens until it finally does.....and nothing has happened yet. So why not continue?It wont stop until we bring unspeakable violence to them. It is past time for the pitchforks. Real consequences. Right now they consider themselves on a freeroll. The natives arent concerned enough to fight back so why should they be concerned enough to not proceed?I am sure they have pushed things they never thought would fly, but did. Now they just keep pushing because they think fuck it why not what are they gonna do?America is gone. It is in under the control of enemy forces and will remain there until it is taken back forcefully. 

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Overbet, Well stated! I've been trying to make the same point with different words. I usually say, something like: "they" (lie, rig markets, fabricate data) because they feel they MUST do this, but also simply because they know they CAN do these things.They have become more blatant and brazen. Undoubtedly because they have learned that things they expected "push back on" produced no push back at all.Either the sheriff has travelled 3,000 miles away and won't be back maybe ever, or, more likely, they got to pick their own sheriff (and judge, and "investigative reporters" and newspaper publishers, etc.)As the situation has grown more desperate, their lies and techniques had to become more over-the-top. But it is the "sense of this poster" that these people are as relaxed and unstressed out about their activities and responses as they have ever been. Such peace of mind comes from doing a superb job of covering all their bases.

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"they have pushed things they never thought would fly"Like 9/11.And if I had been part of that state(s) sponsored conspiracy, and I had the evidence to shine a light in dark places and blow their cover, who would I trust to advise?Wikileaks, of course!Does Assange have the evidence that would blow the US apart?

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This is potentially dangerous for the establishment.  To deliberately label an organisation that has known, widespread public support as 'terrorist' will change the way people think about terrorism itself and even make them think that it's 'not a bad thing'.  It's human nature to consider your own position to be the 'right' one and establishment underhand methods to attempt to change your point of view have only ever strengthened opposition.They are opening an even bigger can of worms if they do this.

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Re: Assange will be found hanging in his closet ...I have posted that the man does need to have a sense of urgency about any possible revelations that may be in the on-deck circle. My advice: Fish where the big bass swim. The Fed, BIS, Treasury, Plunge Protection Teams, COMEX, JPM inner sanctums, GS bunkers, CIA, etc. My working theory: Some operations fund all the other operations. Some operations are more vital than others to preserving the so-called Status Quo. Start at this core and then start peeling away the layers of the onion ...If we ARE going to change the faces on Mt. Rushmore, I volunteer putting the face of the man or woman who comes forward and blows up the entire rotten operation. (And pay them $50 million USD - before the fiat printing press is shut down ... or, if they prefer, a trunk full of gold bars, delivered with the affection of a grateful nation). Would-be whistleblowers, a nation turns its hopeful, desperate? pleading? eyes to you ...

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George Webb says it was the Chopras, in Chicago, via their high-speed link.Also, Seth Rich is probably not dead. Sean Lucas is the one they killed, the disappearance of Rich is part of an elaborate coverup story.How Assange's concern for Seth Rich fits into all that isn't clear, but otherwise the evidence is good on the Chopras, and at least consistent on Sean Lucas being killed, but id'd as Seth Rich. Not clear why the parents went along with it, but they could well be inside the plot as well.Webb and his informants are exposing the Deep State, who seem to be getting desperate and sloppy in the false flags and media insanity.Trump is winning, if he wants to.  The Awan Brothers spy ring in Congress is part of the unraveling, Webb and team are knocking that story out of the park, legacy media is months behind.

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Senate Declares War On AssangeMy response: The SENATE is TRULY CORRUPT. Assange must really have the GOODs on them as well as the shadow government power brokers. This maybe a GLOBAL, ONE WORLD ORDER directive from places like the Vatican and the elite.Below is a CHRISTIAN video from Vaughn Shatzer that will be shocking if you have never been exposed to this information. It discusses the UN and US Government in some detail from a Biblical perspective.New World Disorder - Part I (53 Minutes in Length) by Vaughn Shatzer World Disorder - Part II  (43 Minutes in Length) by Vaughn Shatzer

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