This Is What Americans Think Civil War 2.0 Would Look Like

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

The division in America has become so dramatic over the past year that many people can only foresee it heading one place: Civil War.

There’s a pronounced uptick in violence and protests (often going hand in hand.) Free speech is being crushed by the opposition with the mere threat of violent responses. Statues and memorials are being vandalized or defended. Protesters show up armed and armored, ready for battle. The media throws gasoline on these flames with reports solely laying the blame on one side. Some groups are openly planning sedition and no one is trying to stop them.

Our country has reached a point of such division that it’s hard to imagine how we could once again become united.

The events are snowballing.

The United Nations has issued an “early warning” about civil conflict in America. Many people believe these extremist “sides” are made up of professional provocateurs and do not reflect the true feelings of Americans. (Brandon Smith makes an incredibly compelling case for this.) California wants to secede and a lot of folks would be happy to see them go. Some black people want outrageous “reparations” from white people while others call them out for being easily manipulated.

It seems like no one wants peace in America except us average folks, who are happy to get along with our neighbors, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual proclivities. But at the rate things are escalating, our wishes could be irrelevant.

Historian and strategist Gregory Copley wrote:

Yes, there is a civil war looming in the United States.


But it will not look like the orderly pattern of descent which characterized the conflict of 1861-65. It will appear more like the Yugoslavia break-up, or the Russian and Chinese civil wars of the 20th Century.


It will appear as an evolving chaos…


…It is significant that the gathering crisis in the United States was not precipitated by the November 7, 2016, election of Pres. Donald Trump, and neither was the growing polarization of the United Kingdom’s society caused by the Brexit vote of 2016.


In both instances, the election of Mr Trump and the decision by UK voters for Britain to exit the European Union were late reactions — perhaps too late — by the regional populations of both countries to what they perceived as the destruction of their nation-states by “urban super-oligarchies”.


The last-ditch reactions by those who voted in the US for Donald Trump and those who voted in the UK for Brexit were against an urban-based globalism which has been building for some seven decades, with the deliberate or accidental intent of destroying nations and nationalism. It is now crystallizing into this: urban globalism sees nations and nationalism as the enemy, and vice-versa.


The battle lines have been drawn. (source)

And this makes sense if you consider that the majority of Clinton voters were from heavily populated urban areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. As well, Mr. Copley points out, the urban globalists control the greater part of the media.

Urban globalists control most of the means of communications [is this new “means of production”; the 21st Century marxian dialectic?] and therefore control “information” and the perception of events.


“Nationalists”, then, are operating instinctively, and in darkness. (source)

He’s certainly not wrong.

Oh – and before someone chimes in and starts hysterically talking about “white nationalists” – Mr. Copley isn’t referring to the KKK. He’s referring to people who put national interests ahead of global interests.

Some folks believe that Civil War 2.0 is already happening.

It’s interesting to get a perspective from a spectator outside the United States. Russian political commentator Dmitry Kosyrev says that the war has been raging in America for the last few years.

“Democrats are doing wild, suicidal things because they are not just on the defensive, but on the verge of collapse, as the Trump administration breaking down their ‘evil empire’… Their goal is not the destruction of Russia, but the salvation of their own project,” Kosyrev pointed out, referring to the ongoing scandal over alleged “Russian interference” in the US 2016 presidential election.


“Democrats do not have a majority in Congress or their own army, but the war they have been waging is a hybrid one,” the commentator wrote.


“Therefore, in the media zone, they are advancing with a wild, schizophrenic rage. However, they haven’t yet fully monopolized this sphere,” Kosyrev noted, adding that their outrage against the very existence of the Russian English-language TV channel Russia Today is also a “military phenomenon.”


“The essence of what is happening is that the Republicans are now advancing,” he explained, “It simply happens in dozens of small, internal episodes.”


“As one could see, the Democrats have a lot to lose in this war,” the commentator said, adding that the ongoing civil war still has no end in sight. (source)

Unsettling when viewed from a distance, right?

So, what would a second Civil War look like?

I asked you, the readers, for your opinions on what a Civil War would look like if it erupted in American.

With the incendiary situation going on across the country, there’s been a great deal of talk about the potential of civil war erupting in America.

IF such a terrible thing would occur, how do you think it would happen? How do you believe we’d all be affected? What would you foresee?

This is all speculation, of course, but share your thoughts in the comments below.

Of course, this is all speculative, but there are some pretty interesting answers. Here’s what you all had to say:

1.) Laura…

…the cities would be hit hard, outlying areas will become balkanized…and as far as ‘it’ happening, it started with ‘the resistance’…just hasn’t gone hot yet. And PS it won’t be a civil war, when it goes hot it will be along the lines of race and economics, nothing like the Civil War which was a federal vs state issue (control).

Note: Balkanization is defined as the “fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.” (source)

2.) Jeriann…

I see it starting in the streets of the South. Then the National Guard gets sent in, then local militias build to fight the National Guard. Civil unrest runs amuck. People flee the Southern states, going north and west. Seeds of hate growing in their hearts against the government for allowing this to happen. Groups are gathering in homes to discuss the next step. Hoarding of food and gas begins. Desperation sets in. Peopllosese faith in government both local, state, and federal. The reality sets in we are vulnerable to Russia, China, Isis, fear and despair over take the people. They cry out in the streets, camps are set up for our protection and to provide for us.

3.) Chris…

I wonder what it would be fought over….where would the lines be drawn? Racial? Political? Economics? Who will be fighting who? I think flat-out every man for himself anarchy is a more likely scenario than what we would consider a civil war.

4.) Koi…

This is what the government wants to happen so they can have Martial law, and throw the Constitution in the trash.

5.) Ryan…

It’ll be based on race, the easiest distinguisher for low information people with anger and a desire to fight. I’m not sure how white people on the left would distinguish themselves as allies though, they’ll probably get caught up in the carnage. The real question I have is: how long will TPTB allow the bloodshed before they implement the next phase of police state

6.) Andrea…

If it really took off, if you don’t live in a major city, I think the main effect you’d feel is a shortage of goods. Truckloads of deliveries not being able to get safely to certain destinations would eventually just stop coming.

7.) Tony…

If this did go down I think it will be short lived. The government would turn off the communication systems and money supply to the country. The stock market will crash and the one-percenters will load up on shares and make billions once order is restored and the market rebounds.

8.) Lyle…

A civil war totally manufactured by the media.

9.) Joshua…

There is nothing left to hold civil society together. No shared values. No shared history. No shared worldview. In many places, not even a shared language. What we see now is the Balkanization of America. In essence, we as a people have already seceded from each other.

10.) Marvin…

Here are the options

1. Nothing’s gonna happen, well, except ALL statues will be removed, confederate, union, MLK, presidents, baseball players, even poor ole Elvis.
2. A lot more protests and more deaths.
3. North Korea drops an EMP and we thin the herd.

11.) Sherri…

In a way I think it’s already been going on for sometime. Internet trolling, hackers, some laws aren’t really enforced.

12.) Brian…

The UN will get called in. One World Order implementation.

13.) Liz…

I think a financial crisis of sorts , most likely causing serious uproar. An outside source of the United States coming in to try to look like helpers , I think they get a lot of people to follow them then off more than half, I think they want the very young. Madness, looting, complete anarchy until people begin to fight back.

14.) Scott…

It’s not just America, the civil divide is being pushed toward civil war in Europe and UK too!

The economic crash will be global as will the response…

this is the endgame that has been coming a long time.

Expect microchipping of the population through FEMA camps for starving and preppers being shot for hoarding food.

Make sure your food is not all in one place, have multiple caches so if one or two are discovered it doesn’t leave you with all the others queuing up for a loaf of bread and swiping your new microchip.

15.) Tim…

…Someone in our government will get the idea, if they haven’t already, that the best way to bring us back together as a nation is to give us a common enemy. Then with the help of the Media, they will demonize this enemy to the point where we as Americans can no longer just sit idly by. All the sudden, all the other issues disappear and the US government is back in control of the hearts and minds of its people.

16.) Pat…

I think the polarization is so extreme and so deep-seated that the very best thing for the majority of people would be for the USA to split into 3 or 4 separate countries. I don’t think we will have peace until this happens (if it ever happens). The alternative is likely to be extreme control by the government to a degree that none of us ever want to see or experience.

17.) Ivar…

What will begin as a somewhat ideological war (Antifa versus the Alt-Right) will sooner or later devolve into an outright race war. At that time, Antifa will cease to exist (split up in ethnic gangs). The Whites in Antifa will be on their own, and not last very long… The Alt-Right will continue to exist, although it might adopt a different name.

Since Whites own most of the land and ammunition, and are better trained and prepped, they will most likely win this race war.

I do not think it is likely that the race war will end soon. I’m afraid it will continue until America is all-White. Once faced with an existential threat, people can do crazy things to make sure it can never ever happen again.

This could have as a consequence that not only North America becomes all-White, but South America too.

A similar process will happen in Europe. It is quite likely that the Europeans will not only drive Islam from their continent, but remove it from the globe completely and repopulate the entire Middle-East.

These Antifa provocateurs and Islamic terrorists are taking a terrible gamble. Their tactics either succeed (and the entire world turns Communist or Islamic), or it will be the eradication of all the people they represent.

18. Renny…

I foresee a lot of guerrilla-type warfare. If Martial Law was instituted, I could easily imagine the Antifa types committing acts of vandalism, bombing things, holding up supply trucks. Sneak attacks with huge shocking impacts, like attacking children at a school or something. It would become dangerous for people to be in certain areas based on their race.

This could result in extreme violence against innocent non-combatants. Schools would shut down, public gathering areas like malls and markets could be targeted. Businesses would be unable to continue due to repeated vandalism. This would, in turn, affect the supply chain, which would increase theft as desperate hungry people did what they had to so they could feed their families.

19. Kendall…

This will be a race war, flames fanned by the likes of George Soros in order to destabilize the country. It’s a Marxist agenda that separates black vs. white and causes problems where there were none before. Paid protesters, activist groups funded by billionaires, and the crushing of free speech through violent protests will all boil over into more division.

Confusion will occur because this won’t be a clear-cut, North vs. South issue. The “enemy” would be hard to identify and easy to be mistaken for. How can you tell if someone is right-leaning or left-leaning?

United we stand…divided, billionaires make lots of money off our pain. Just like every other war, it all boils down to money and control.

20.) A…

I think we’re already seeing civil war, courtesy of Bush, Obama, Trump and now people who want to further ‘fundamentally change America’. The ‘war’ is between those who think the American dream is so-called equality for all, free stuff like healthcare, maternity leave and cell phones (coz that’s what our Founding Fathers intended – NOT!) and those of us who want to retain Her glory, where Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is all that matters. We won’t see the death toll of the 1860’s, but we’ll see even more hatred, fear and division, combined with occasional attacks like Charlottesville. A nation divided cannot stand...


We won’t see the death toll of the 1860’s, but we’ll see even more hatred, fear and division, combined with occasional attacks like Charlottesville. A nation divided cannot stand and sooner or later, whether it’s a natural disaster, an external attack, financial crippling or just plain consequences of our action, there will be chaos, with FEAR being the biggest killer!

People keep talking about this one event…


I think it’ll be more of a slow and painful process, with serious consequences for our children’s children worldwide! The Beacon on the Hill WILL go out, and the world will be plunged into darkness

Some ugly and terrifying pictures painted there…

Read more here...


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A little fear porn maybe?

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I think law enforcement across the country are fully red-pilled.  They get mad, go to a #BlueLivesMatter site, and before they know it, they are browsing /pol/.In the chaos, they will turn into serial killers.  People will never be quite certain if the collapse is so far gone that you can already kill police.Also, the racism is asymmetrical, and you only see the tiniest tip of the iceberg from white people.  Rip this mask away and these same people will be capable of the worst kinds of mass murder, fully convinced the people they fight are evil monsters.  Antifa have tattooed themselves with their logos in their comfortable virtue signaling frenzy and will resort to using campfire rocks to singe off their tattoos when they tire of being second-class rape victims and punching bags in their own camps.  Some antifa may even just snap to the point of going all Dylan Roof on everybody.How will the casualties play out?  My best guess is like the Rhodesian Bush War.

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Want to avoid blood in the streets in the near future? Two simple quick fixes (not long term solutions, but good first steps):1. Arrest, try and execute Soros, confiscating his and his family's wealth in the process. Commie cocksucker groups like Antifa and BLM will dry up and blow away without funds to pay protestors.2. Ban ALL opinion TV/talk radio shows, and require that ALL 'news' sources be able to verify their stories with two credible sources. Failure on any count, for any story, requires the arrest and trial of ALL involved reporters/writers, their immediate supervisors and producers, ALL senior management and the CEO of the company.Then we can talk about removing tribal influences from educational institutions, media, and politics.

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Mr 9x19 Ms. Erable Fri, 08/25/2017 - 05:24 Permalink

you don't get a shit about now.we are already in civil war. when you have 2 clans protesting  pro and con history of a country, you have a division, a mental ideology fight.remove police from cities, nigers loot in the fucking minute, remove police in charlote, black will beat the shit out of whites.IT IS a civil war, the collapse is here, it is now, it is a long process, it is not hollywood wake up a day then at lunch shtfthe system is dying for years. opportunities of this actual era of techs to make money is another trap, a mutation of the system to let the mass accepting the self slave state, for now almost every one acknowledge they have no other choice but to stay in the system. why people live in cities instead of have days working in the crops... for a fully free 1900' typical years...your opinions do not belong to you, you way of life, is not your, it is not a choice you made, it is a convention of norms of makes you think you have the control of your life. you decide nothing. the moment you put a fucking step out of the line, you get arrested. make 2 steps, you get that just enough proof to show you control nothing ? all people want disorder, disruption, riots, crime, it is inner violent genetics that are removed by social relationship controled by the laws and dogma of unicorn such gay nigger incapacited jew have same place than valid white solid can't live together, you don't think the same, you are forced to live together, your primal violent instinct cannot express itself. so you turn on tv and get  walking dead fullscreen. to have mental satisfaction of what is forbidden. why 90% of video game  are about kill, destroy, it is not a game, it is not fun, it is a way to evacuate violence you cannot naturally express outside. you let lion in cage. never open it, lion dies. have the misery of let the door open for a second  in your life, i swear on all the magnificient things humanity have not discovered yet you gonna have one hell of a problem. when you have barcelona attack and see all the fucking bitches lighting candles, dressed in white, drawing on the roads love symbols, recovering the place with flowers, and saying " you will not have my hate ".....there is not really room for any functionnal, logic brains. we are done. nowhere in animal reign you have a prey being sorry for getting eaten by its predator and keep staying along it as if all was  just do not exist.  

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It's foreshadowing as to where the anachists, media, and their elite masters are taking us. The preemptive assault by attacking Civil War 1.0 monuments is a scramble for high ground by a bunch of cry baby losers who won't get to rule the world; over Sharia-style fascist slaves they so desperately desire.

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Oh come on.  He was a puppet and friend of the Bushes and Clintons.   They are all the same. MIC, Deep State, Necons, zios and banksters are all just as bad.  Soros broke up the Ukraine with  Nudelman, zios, McCain, State Dept, CIA and others plus they looted the Ukraine.  Trump's son in law is buddies with Soros.  Soros is a major factor in formenting BLM and the rest. One of the people in the list above said we wiould be vulnerable to China, Russia, others and ISIS.  LOL!  ISIS - the CIA and Israel creation. They mentioned it would happen in  the south first. I knew people in South Carolina who said small towns are better armed than many small countries.   Not a bunch of AR 15s but .dfar more serious shit.Someone mentioned the National Guard will be called out.;  Good luck with that.   They might try to bring in UN troops who would died by about Day #2.They would crash the markets, try to starve people, shut off power and water.Yugoslavia is probably the model but the USA is huge in size.   If we arrested about 5,000 elite people then the USacould be saved but will have a hard reboot. 

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political_proxy (not verified) Freddie Thu, 08/24/2017 - 23:06 Permalink

Logistics. Not many understand what happenes when the trasportation of goods, mainly food & Rx (most need to survive), stops.Venezuela is not quite what things will look like in the US when the goods stop. Stop power, ugh. People will go bonkers within 2 days - not simply because they cannot charge their cell phones.

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Iskiab space junk Fri, 08/25/2017 - 00:13 Permalink

Civil war? All part of the plan, divide and conquer and create some unrest so a form of fascism can take over. How to take a country over? Well, forced control doesn't work, better to take something out of the CIAs playbook and turn the country into a shithole so they ask you to come in and fix it. All it would take is the threat of boomers losing their pensions and they'll support anything.

Before you say it can never happen, that's what people said about trump winning and brexit.

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lasvegaspersona Jim in MN Thu, 08/24/2017 - 22:09 Permalink

The dollar is completely dependent upon the support it gets from those who hold our trillions in debt. If confidence in the dollar goes...the dollar itself will go.Unable to borrow the government will just print to hyperinflation and will then be unable to buy anthing including stooges, oil ...or make payment (in meaningful terms ) to all those who depend uopn it.Then it get kinda ugly.

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LindseyNarrate… (not verified) HelluvaEngineer Thu, 08/24/2017 - 21:39 Permalink


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This Is What Americans Think Civil War 2.0 Would Look LikeMy response: Since the 2016 POTUS election, my view of America changed radically. I am one of those who believe that a "STEELING THE MIND" civil war is underway. We see it with MSM, GOOGLE, APPLE and others. It appears the attacking army on the American Republic appears to be made up of technology companies and MSM entities. This 2nd CIVIL WAR is a war of worldviews. Below is a document that lists foundational beliefs implicit in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence of the republic today. While everyone may NOT agree with the list, I am convinced that the MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL worldview would be opposed to most points on the list. What do you think?--- American Declaration of Values ---1. To secure the sanctity of human life by affirming the dignity of and right to life for the disabled, the ill, the aged, the poor, the disadvantaged, and for the unborn from the moment of conception. Every person is made in the image of God, and it is the responsibility and duty of all individuals and communities of faith to extend the hand of loving compassion to care forthose in poverty and distress.2. To secure our national interest in the institution of marriage and family by embracing the union of one man and one woman as the sole form of legitimate marriage and the proper basis of family.3. To secure the fundamental rights of parents to the care, custody, and control of their children regarding their upbringing and education.4. To secure the free exercise of religion for all people, including the freedom to acknowledge God through our public institutions and other modes of public expression and the freedom of religious conscience without coercion by penalty or force of law.5. To secure the moral dignity of each person, acknowledging that obscenity, pornography, and indecency debase our communities, harm our families, and undermine morality and respect. Therefore, we promote enactment and enforcement of laws to protect decency and morality.6. To secure the right to own, possess and manage private property without arbitrary interference from government, while acknowledging the necessity of maintaining a proper and balanced care and stewardship of the environment and natural resources for the health and safety of our families.7. To secure the individual right to own, possess, and use firearms as central to the preservation of peace and liberty.8. To secure a system of checks and balances between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches within both state and federal governments, so that no one branch – particularly the judiciary – usurps the authority of the other two, and to maintain the constitutional principles of federalism which divide power between the state and federal governments.9. To secure our national sovereignty and domestic tranquility by maintaining a strong military; establishing and maintaining secure national borders; participating in international and diplomatic affairs without ceding authority to foreign powers that diminish or interfere with our unalienable rights; and being mindful of our history as a nation of immigrants, promoting immigration policies that observe the rule of law and are just, fair, swift, and foster national unity.10. To secure a system of fair taxes that are not punitive against the institution of marriage or family and are not progressive in nature, and within a limited government framework, to encourage economic opportunity, free enterprise, and free market competition. 

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Marxism is vehemently against all  ten of your points.The Soviets started killing the US empire in the 60's, they took the long path to kill [subvert] the US. They died well before they could see the full realization of the US becoming a soviet nation, withch always leads to communism.

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They didn't "die" - they morphed - as they always do - they changed their identity. Now they are more commonly known as Zionists and their useful idiots.

It's also worth noting that before and during WWII, the "Soviets" were known as "Jewish Bolsheviks" - the most murderous people the world has ever known. They have never stopped working on their ultimate plan of world domination - to include destroying the US and her people.

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Anything like this happens, it will be clamped down before you can say Robert E Lee.Bunch of paranoid nonsense trying to scare you into buying prepper supplies. Tards.

wisehiney order66 Thu, 08/24/2017 - 21:36 Permalink

Clamped down by who?Financial and supply chain collapse as a result of any small uprising by any number of groups.Or all of them at the same time.The entire law enforcement and military including reserves is less than 3% of the population.And they will have their own families to worry about.But you will not have to worry about it for long.Most everyone will be gone in a short time.

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Freddie wisehiney Thu, 08/24/2017 - 23:23 Permalink

Them cops and firemen probably have some valuable shit in the driveway like boats and other crap due to golden pensions.  Also they will have families those almost every cop or fireman I ever knew was divorced from adultery.They will be at home protecting their shit and families.  The national guard?  They will be protecting the armory or will be theirlooting it. 

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Dormouse order66 Thu, 08/24/2017 - 21:39 Permalink

You're nuts. We are in a civil war right now and have been for over a year. The people claiming the moral high ground have already drawn blood countless times and the citizens with the actual moral high ground have yet to fire a shot because it will be devastating when we finally do. Wake up asshole.

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Was in the desert last weekend doing some shooting with a couple of spec-ops friends (who just came back from "we-can't-talk-aboutit-astan"). When I mentioned Antifa, they both bristled a bit and one said, "Man, I can't wait to start shooting those motherf*&^ers.." and the other replied "Hell yeah - that's gonna be fun ... and way overdue"

So, when Antifa and their masters finally pull the violence genie all the way out of the bottle (encouraged by .gov, "elites", academics, and MSM) I don't think it's going back in until one side or the other is pretty much annihilated. I know who *I'm* betting on...

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