15 Stunning Videos Showing Hurricane Harvey Unleash Hell Upon The Gulf Coast

In a matter of days, Hurricane Harvey evolved from a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico into a Category 4 storm, making landfall on Friday night near Rockford, Texas with sustained winds of 130 mph. After making landfall, Harvey immediately stalled, pummeling the same area for hours, before inching slowly north and dropping in intensity.
Several local communities could be left underwater for days.

The flooding threat is projected to intensify over the next couple of days for much of the region as the storm continues to spin over the Texas coast.

Catastrophic rainfall amounts are estimated to be as high as 40 inches in some areas through the week, affecting major cities including Houston and San Antonio.

The latest computer models are not sure where the storm will go next.

The Anti Media's Aaron Nelson compiled the most intense videos of the night showing the level of destruction Hurricane Harvey unleashed upon the Gulf Coast: