Macron Approval Rating Crashes Twice As Fast As Trump's

It appears that Trump is no longer the president with the fastest plunge in his approval rating: that honor has now fallen to France's Emanuel Macron, who since his dramatic victory in the May 7 presidential election, has seen his popularity plummet, and according to a a new poll conducted by Ifop for Le Journal du Dimanche, most French voters are now dissatisfied with Emmanuel Macron’s performance, a dramatic decline for the president who basked in a landslide election victory less than four months ago.

The poll showed Macron’s “dissatisfaction rating” soaring to 57%, from 43% in July. At the same time, those satisfied with Macron tumbled from 54% in July (and 62% at election) to just 40% in August, a stunning 22% drop over three months...  which is twice as fast as Donald Trump's fall from grace. According to Gallup, on Inauguration Day, 45% of Americans said they approved of Trump and since then, the number has declined by 11% to 34%, which again is only half as bad as Macron popularity plunge. The Ifop poll also showed the cumulative drop in Macron’s popularity ratings since May was far bigger than that of previous Socialist president Francois Hollande over the same period, who is best known for achieving the lowest approval record of any recent French president on record. As such, one wonders how Macron's approval rating in a few short years can even be positive.

Quoted by Reuters, French government spokesman Christophe Castaner said the ruling party was going through a "tricky time", but added that displeasing some people was a price worth paying if the government wanted to push through reforms. The only problem is the government will most likely not be able to push through reforms, even as Macron's approval continues its sharp descent. Cartaner also told BFM TV that “yes, we are encountering difficulties, but you cannot just spend your time only looking at polls when you’re in government. We are there to transform the country. Our country needs us to take risks, and we are taking risks." Spoken like a true megalomaniac.

As for Macron -  who is currently midway through a schedule of official visits to various European capitals and who most recently got into a violent feud with Poland when he criticized the Warsaw government for its "non-European ideals" to which Polish PM Beata Syzdlo slammed "arrogant" Macron saying "you won't rule Europe" - has suffered a number of setbacks since being elected, including tough debates in parliament over labor reform, a standoff with the military and cuts to housing assistance. Then, just last week, Macron became the target of social media scorn and humor, while political opponents criticized the president when it emerged he spent €26,000 ($31,000) on makeup during his first 100 days in office and his office also backed down on plans to give his wife a formal, paid role after a public backlash.

In any case, the latest polling is terrible news for the young new president who was expected to inspire his country with hope and confidence yet appears to be doing just the opposite: Bernard Sananes, head of French polling company Elabe, said the latest survey could encourage Macron’s political opponents, after his party won a commanding majority in parliament.

“It could mean, for the government, that the opposition mobilizes itself again,” Sananes told BFM TV.

It wasn't just Macron: the poll also showed a steep drop in approval for Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, with 47% expressing satisfaction with him - down 9% from last month.

As Reuters adds, Macron - France's youngest leader since Napoleon - faces a big test next month when the far-left CGT trade union leads a rally to protest against plans to deregulate the jobs market. "Now is the key time, with the labor executive orders to be presented," said Francois Savary, chief investment officer at Geneva-based investment firm Prime Partners, who has an "underweight" position on French equities.


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it is not unusual for a Rothschild to watch the empty hull of a once precious asset to officially plummet to zero once it has fulfilled its purpose. The purpose of the Rothschild's investment in the asset "Macron" was to maintain the continuity of the european chapter's operation within the framework of the globalist world order for another term. This goal has been achieved. No need to lose money with "tulip bulb" Macron on his way to the politician's morgue for beta wolf millenials.

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Bring back ZHer's with a modicum of education and knowledge beyond the KardashainNsIf you want to be taken seriously in discussions like this, you need to learn to spell names correctly.  Dunnuld Drumpt is not president of the Younighted Staytes.  Meech Mickkohnnel is not the Cennit Mahjohngerity Leeduh.  Anjuluh Miracle is not the Chansuler of Jermunee.You, however, are an ignorant fuckwit.  Le Pen was never there, so you can't bring him or her back.

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A Marine would have been better. Marine LePenn. Stupid French asses! Almost all of your decisions over the past two hundred years have been wrong. You enabled the financing of both sides of Waterloo. You enabled The Fed via Mayer. Then said Ce La Vie. Help us! Idiots!
Your revolution was a farce. If not for you the scourge of Central Banking would not exist!
Edit: Thanks for the statue. We have had to shut it down a few times due to it being a target, especially for all those radicalized French Muslims that hate us because we helped you assholes, like the Vietnamese hate us, except in those publications that say we're all good now.

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Me think if he is still in office in a couple of years approval rate will be around 10% like hollande, could be worst if the muslims that he loves  throw a bomb in the tube during rush hours, he will problably blame the Poles...not sure it will work

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Speaking as a person who lives in Europe and work with different european nationals, THE FRENCH ARE A HOPELESS CASE.  They're good in preaching to others but not good in practicing what they preach (especially applies to the term NIMBY).  They're good in having meetings for the sake of arranging the next meeting without taking decisions.  They like to talk just to hear themselves talk.  Just look at France in general and it shows.I'd rather work with Germans, Austrians, or Dutch......clear decisions, business oriented, time conscious.

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reality is way more simple, why marine do not go up to 50% ? simply coz the 50% of population is already niggers and beneton... france is lost, counting 3 generation from the actual birth rate and last result show there are more than 50% niggers/sand niggers in france. what do you expect,  to say themselves " ok it is not our homes we do not deserves to live with you here, we go away ? lol !!!! weak people. look at history... france... lol...

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There are about 200,000 French living in Switzerland.  Most of them are still French, so while they live and work there, they remain French citizens.  "More and more"?  Last year (the latest year for which there are statistics unless you want to make them up like everyone else here?) another 4244 French moved to Switzerland.  That is out of a total population of 67 million.  So a whopping 0.006% of the French population has fled to Switzerland.  This, of course, does not address the reason why they moved.  Mostly it was for high paying jobs that were transfered out of London.Compare this to about 5400 Americans not only leaving but giving up their citizenship, something which French rarely do.The US has about 9 million citizens living abroad.  That represents 2.7% of the total US population.  In France this number is only 2.4%.So, I guess the US is more fucked than France since more Americans seem to be fleeing than French.

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Reality is pretty tricky so let's make shit up instead.For example, your little sister got syphillis from your father but you caught it from your cousin Bill.  The dog is fine because he can't catch herpes from banging your mom.  50% of your extended family are drug dealers or in prison.  38% of your neighbors are illiterate.Oh, wait, sorry, I forgot we were supposed to making shit up.Um, you are smart and handsome.  There. one will belive that shit!

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The French in my view  have taken surprisingly little time to realise they have been hoodwinked yet again by the elites and that this guy is yet another a scumbag actor for the Rothschilds and that they continue to be overrun with Islamists which is apparently the Bilderberger plan for the destruction of Europe as we know it. They are nuts!

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From the country which gave, and gives, the world so much...... but also the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre, the Grand Orient de France, the Jacobins, the Terror and an unhealthy desire to submit to German domination.  

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"unhealthy desire to submit to German domination." - It could be possible to understand the reluctance of the French generals to stand and fight the Nazi invasion in WWII, knowing that 60% of the young French men were casualties in WWI. But French generals in WWII were not so much reluctant as they were incompetent. They were willing to fight the Nazis, but they had a horribly bad plan. They wanted to fight the war in Belgium rather than on French soil, so moved most of the French army there in 1940 -- and got themselves cut off from France by German panzers. It is the air superiority (over 1,000 Stuka bombers knocked out the troops defending Sedan) and the intelligent use of the German panzers that broke the defenses. Since WW2, air superiority is the winning key of all wars … - Contrary to what has often been said, and is a result of the Nazi propaganda of that time, the German advance (Blitzkrieg) encountered serious resistance from the French troops. In just a month and a half of fighting the French army counted 84,000 dead in its ranks - this is 4 times more than the losses of the American army in three months of battles in Normandy (21000). - The sacrifice of the soldiers of the French Army of the North subsequently allowed the English to save their army at Dunkirk. - Struggling one against five, the French fighter planes weakened the Luftvaffe (defeating two German planes for one loss) and this also helped the RAF to save England from invasion. - At the same period (June 1940) Italy attacked France and the Italians were repulsed.Yes, the Germans gave the French a terrible beating. But it took the combined strength of the United States, Great Britain, Soviet Russia, Canada, etc., to beat the Germans. In fact, the Germans would have walked straight over the British or American armies if any of these places would have been directly adjacent to France. France has faced 100% of the Hitler’s army in 1940, while for the duration of the war Anglo American allies have never faced more than 15% of the Wehrmacht (80% remaining were in the East).The Resistance - Lot of French didn’t ceased the fight: The LVF (Legion Volontaire Francaise), the French volunteer army that the Germans tried to organize, was a gigantic flop: Only a division was supplied to the German army, whereas the Netherlands (with a 4 times less important population) supplied 2 divisions. British and American sources always noted how loyal and effective had been the French Underground in organizing the rescue of allied airmen shot in France, and in providing priceless intelligence, this at the risk of death, torture, deportation, etc The internal French Resistance had 20,000 killed and 20,000 more died in deportation.The Jews In all occupied countries, the Jews have been quite completely exterminated during WW2. In occupied France, “only” (if we may say) 25% of the Jews have been deported. Most of the Jews succeeded to survive thanks to the active and passive resistance of a large part of the population. Consequently, France is now, by far, the country in Europe with the largest Jewish community (more than 600 000).The Free French Troops - Lot of French didn’t ceased the fight: - 58,000 Free French troops have been killed fighting the Axis, not including the internal French Resistance - 100,000 French troops participated with success (under General Juin) to the 1943 Italian campaign. - 6 Free French divisions did contribute hugely and effectively to the Provence landing (under General De Lattre de Tassigny). They held their ground in Alsace during the battle of the Bulge, disobeying Eisenhower’s orders to retreat. - At that time, the Allied Forces on the west front consisted in: US: 45 divisions - UK: 12 divisions - France: 9 divisions - Poland Free Forces: 1 division.In total, it wasn’t a lot compared with the Soviet forces on the east side. That's the true History ... (not Hollywood)  

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Don't invade his xenophobic safe space.  'Muricans never lose wars!  I mean, look at all the recent wars they have been in.  They won Vietnam, Afhganistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Cambodia, Korea...and so on.Oh, wait, I forgot Grenada and Panama. Looks to me like the USA has a penchant for losing wars to fucked-up 3rd World countries.  So, France lost to Germany, one of the great industrial, political, and intellectual powerhouses of the 20th Century. When you think about it, America barely beat itself in the Civil War.  Of course, the only upside of that fight was that Americans would win no matter which side came out on top!

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You have been posting your impassioned soliloquies for quite a while. We have all read them in different jumbles of words making the same point, time after time. But one thing I realize is that you have never given us your personal view as to why it's so important to YOU. Tell us Bob. I'm serious. Many here truly want to know why you are so impassioned about this...or are you a bot, as many have said?

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 Doesn`t fuckin` matter what the stupid-ass leftist idiot french are thinking about this cuck Macaroni, they have been fucked again in the ass :)) Clearly Macaroni is just an elitist globalist puppet shill, and a high treasonous traitor too, for which he will hang, and not just him. No matter how the stupid french now slice it and dice it, the civil war is coming all over Franceistan, actually all over the entire Western Europeistan. The invader scum muzzie and sandnigger army are already in, their numbers just grow week by week, they don`t want to work, they came there to kill you, and they will do it soon. O-ho-ho, and this stupid-ass motherfucker leftist and feminist traitors know all of this, they are scared shitless, like all of those morons are who we`re at that rally a few days ago in Barcelona, they are already dead too, all those stupid motherfuckers who we`re on that rally was like saying to the muzzies: Just spare me, you can kill somebody else, just not me, I`m a so precoius little snowflake, I have so much stupid idiot things to do :)) Ha ha ha, indigenous idiot monkeys, they will cut you down like you cut a bush :)) And be sure about that the retarded stupid-ass germans will reelect Merkel-Hitler, the whole Germanistan is already like a big open insane asylum, where the lunatics are running it, they are the most fucked in the whole Western Europeistan. So, it doesn`t matter what the fuck you want to do about Macaroni and Merkel, the end is near, the western civilization will end as we know it, and after that is Game On, stupid boys and girls from over there, the whole Eastern Europe will just watch how you all will be killed, it is not a matter of if, just a matter of when the SHTF will start. The only clever ones are those who are already out of this corrupt rigged system, the real preppers will have a chance, but remember, after the war starts it doesn`t matter anymore who are you now, you are already just serfs to the globalist elite, what the fuck you think you will be for them if they survive after the SHTF? Nothing more just peasants. So, good riddance to hell with this clowns Macaroni and Merkel, this shows how degenerate the whole Western Europeistan has becomed. You`re so fucked, stupid idiots, the are no fuckin` words to describe it. But buckle up, the shitshow is just about to begin in the next few years, you haven`t seen shit `till now. Ha ha ha, and they still think they have democracy over there :)) but you know already that you don`t have freedom, you don`t have security, which means you fuckin` doesn`t matter. But hey we will have a big No Man`s Land soon where now is Western Europeistan, and we will organize some kind of savage muzzie and sandnigger hunting safari`s, that`s what we would call some real fuckin` fun :)) 

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French presidential elections are based on choosing the lesser of two evils. No one particularly liked Macron but they liked Le Pen even less, so the plunge in approval is expected. Macron is in a similar boat with Trump, facing a hostile political establishment and hostility from a large part of the electorate. It's unlikely they'll be able to "transform the country".

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Not so fast....he, in one swell foop, accused, arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced for a life of humiliation, the most hated woman in america. That ain't beanbag.Who cares about all the rest of the stuff that only those who are naive about the separation of powers would be upset about.He could leave today with his head held high and my personal gratitude for letting me see the day, November 8, 2017 that hilary clinton, 63,000,000 voters, Californica, all the tV pundits, shows, and every liberal fascist in hollyweird were made into total fools.   

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The Frensch are masochists, they vote for a Rothchild-Banker only to spite a moderate Nationalist (Le Pen) and now they whine about it! LOL!!!! suck it bitchez!

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AS compared to what?  American "culture"? But, before simply going into an ad hominem attack in the finest ZH tradition, let me ask you: Can you speak french?  Have you ever been to France?  Been exposed to French culture?If so, would you kindly explain why it is overrated?  How so and using what criteria?  Compare and contrast with a culture which you consider to appropriately rated and and explain.

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Zoots and aloors (to answer your first question)!!! , Bon ami. You are a canard mort.Any country in which its citzens bathe only once a week, is an unhygienic and therefore inferior culture since all lousy culture begins with the elimination of body odor. Throw in all the smoke from tons of cigarettes, the sexual mores of alley cats, the lies they tell one another, have permanent scowls on their faces, wear neck scarves in summer, and sells stinky cheese is hardly a paragon of culture.  Paris is a hell hole, and now a major target of radicals islam.If it wasn't for the bare-ttied mademoiselles at Crazy Horse, I'd never return.  

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