Mexican Peso Tumbles As Trump Repeats Border Wall, NAFTA Threats

While much of Trump's Sunday tweets have focused on the government response to the devastation resulting from the historic Texas and Houston flooding as Tropical Storm Harvey is expected to unleash as much as 40 inches of rain, the US president managed to sneak in a few threats to his North American neighbors, reiterating what he has periodically said, most recently last week, that the U.S. may cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Trump also said that "with Mexico being one of the highest crime Nations in the world, we must have THE WALL. Mexico will pay for it through reimbursement/other."

And while Mexico again repeated that it would in no way, shape or form pay of the wall...


... the market's initial reaction has not been kind to the Mexican currency, and in early Sunday trading USD/MXN spiked in reaction to Trump threatening Twitter comments, rising as much as 0.8% to 17.7504 before settling around 17.667 as once again the fate of NAFTA appears to be in jeopardy based on nothing more than one angry Trump tweet.


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Hurricane-resistant wall should be in the specs.What would help more than a wall and would cost next to nothing by comparison is to amend the US Constitution to prohibit anchor babies. The purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment was to provide citizenship to the freed black slaves, not to give invaders the right to vote themselves into power or to vote to steal the fruits of one's labor.

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provide citizenship to the freed black slavesThat was an illusion. The original owners could borrow money on the slaves by using them as colateral of their labor for future production. What transpired was that the US Gov't moved them from the owner's ledger to the US Gov'ts ledger as assets that the US Gov't can borrow against future productivity. So are they free? Better question is are you free? LOL. Asset of USA Inc. Yoar not a sovergein person. Watch some videos on youtube about sovergein man. You'll understand yoar system of enslavement better.

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I guess criminal invasion, drug smuggling and human smuggling are propping up the peso.

Bitcoin gonna take a hit too, there's a direct link between bitcoin value and illegal drug sales, it's money laundering and tax evasion, control our border and bitcoin will become worthless.

Tax cuts are coming too along with import tariffs, hot Chinese money will go down too.

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Mexican Peso Tumbles. Mexico isn't worried. Moar exports to merica. Every country in the world has to force their currency down with ZIRP, while merican Gov't helps Mexico to achive that goal.

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You mean that the Mexican Peso finally goes back to what it's worth?See, when I go to Juarez next time, I'm going to get fucking screamed at to buy a burrito. Just like in 06. Fucking bitches almost ripping thier shirts off. HAY! HAY! HAY!When are the Mexican people going to get what they are worth? When is the Mexicant Cartel Government going to fucking die and quit whoring their people?It goes both ways. I work with a Mexican dude who has his Nurses licence. He works six nights a week cleaning floors at a major grocery chain where I work very part time these days. He's emergency room technician humping it so hard for his wife who also works cleaning floors for thier kids, and grandpa did the same fucking job until 3 months ago.Here's my problem: What keeps the Mexican Shit Peso from groing stronger with a wall? Why wouldn't the Peso get strong? Because someone doesn't want it. Someone in Mexico for starters. Probably some dolicho blonde half mexican piece of shit who doesn't give a fuck about Mexicans. It's the same here in the US. This wall is an equalizer. When was it ever said that Mexico can't do shit the US can? Never. Mexico can compete without a booster seat, without fucking our workers. But Mexico is exacly what it wants to be: A SHIT HOLE.Fuck you, Mexico. Your children here are saving lives and working shit jobs at the same time and achieving more than what you have to give. Fuck your stupid PESO you faggots. All Mexico wishes for is to send thier little tatted up skin head blood crips up to suck a dick for Obama.PS your food is digusting.