A Full-Blown Civil War Is Materializing: "Nobody Will Be Able To Retreat To A Neutral Corner"

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces ) via SHTFplan.com,

At the rate things are going, a full-blown civil war appears to be materializing. 

Colin Kaepernick began it all with “taking a knee” in protest of the National Anthem. 

Fast-forward one year later, and read this, released by Yahoo Sports for just how far it has gone:

“The Colin Kaepernick story has gotten seemingly endless attention because its reach goes far beyond football.


A pretty good reminder of that came Saturday afternoon in New York City, which is far removed from Kaepernick’s former NFL home of San Francisco. At a rally in Brooklyn, dozens of current and former New York police officers wore shirts that said “#WeStandWithKap” and at the end of the rally they took a knee and raised their fist, according to the New York Daily News.


Kaepernick became a household name when he took a knee for the national anthem last season to bring attention to racial injustice, including police brutality. It also appears to be one reason he has not been signed by any NFL team this offseason.


The police officers noted to the Daily News that they were speaking out against their belief that NFL teams aren’t signing Kaepernick as punishment for his protest.


“What Colin Kaepernick did is try to bring awareness that this nation unfortunately has ignored for far too long,” said NYPD Sgt. Edwin Raymond, an organizer of the rally, according to the Daily News. “And that’s the issue of racism in America and policing in America. We decided to gather here today because of the way he’s being railroaded for speaking the obvious truth.”

So, now the New York City Police Department weighs in on this.  They claim Kaepernick is being “railroaded,” eh?  Funny: He didn’t do it the year he went to the Super Bowl with the 49ers and a billion people were watching.  He didn’t stand for anything then, and he stands for nothing now.  That flag and that anthem represent something…and many died to keep the nation flying that flag and playing that anthem intact.  The sad irony of rights under the Constitution is that Kaepernick has the right to protest…a right that was enabled for him to exercise by his betters.  Look up the pictures of him and his buddies holding up automatic rifles, standing for nothing except themselves: perfect symbols of a decayed society and a dying empire.

The country is committing suicide as we speak.  The push for revision and redaction in all the history books has been on for some time.  Now we’re seeing actual mobs of demonstrators surrounding these historical statues.  The push is on.  On August 19, demonstrators in Detroit gathered to protest and demand removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus.  In all the major cities, the push to remove these statues along with protests continues.

It’s not going to stop here.  Now that Bannon is gone, a letter was sent to the President by more than a dozen conservative groups asking for him to not move toward a more moderate stance.  Indeed, over the weekend he “Tweeted” the Boston Police Department commending them on the way they handled the protests there.  The President has also adopted this “wishy-washy” stance of “we all need to heal the wounds” in the U.S., as if any of these protests had any relevance to any injustices happening today.

Seriously, this is all out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  Go back and review the Glenn Beck programs of 2012-2014…when he presented some very good information on the Weather Underground (particularly Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers), as well as Cloward and Piven, and all the “outstanding” work by Van Jones to topple the system.  I’m not a personal fan of Beck’s, but back then he used to have very comprehensive layouts that were easily referenced and noted that concerned these Marxists and Communists marching under the banner and guise of “social justice.”  All that stuff that Van Jones had planned back then, with funding from Acorn and George Soros…it is manifesting itself here and now.

There is a civil war coming, as it is the domestic initiative that must be pursued to bring the United States down to the canvas…rendering her ineffective when the foreign initiative…an attack comes…to give the final count.  In both battles, nobody will be able to retreat to a neutral corner.  If the U.S. stays intact, then the NWO loses, and vice-versa.  These protestors (paid and genuine) are but a sampling of the platter to be served…a buffet right out of Pandora’s box.


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Sorry, I have a job, so you can go out there and protest and knock heads for me. Don't tell me I have to get involved. Says who? Are they marching down my street? If they mess with me personally, I'll add a few more holes to them than they were born with. Otherwise, Mr. Macho Greet Beret, stick to military matters. You don't know crap about the rest of the world. I assume no one would be crazy enough to pay you for your pedistrian political commentary. Not only that, but why do you have to hide behind a fake name? If I write pieces of this length, you can bet I'm putting my real name up there. Green Beret. Ha! Sniveling coward hiding behind a fake name. Go home and let Mommy change your diaper.

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There is not going to be a civil war any more than there was going to be one in the late 60's or early 70's when youngsters were up in arms about the war, the man and extolling the virtues of Socialism/Communism.  Here's what needs to happen:1.  Deny funding.  People on the Right (not necessarily Republican's either, there are a lot of lousy GOP members), need to stop patronizing businesses that are aiding this uprising.  Dry up the funding as much as possible.  This also means being willing to pull the cable plug, boycott ESPN, CNN, the NFL and other social engineering organizations who are gnawing at the fabric of what binds us together (the U.S. Constitution).    2.  Don't give this problem any energy.  The ANTIFA is looking for legitimacy via being a victim of some crime.  Don't give it to them.  Everytime the ANTIFA shows up in their mask and with clubs they look like the Brownshirts they are.3.  Run pro-American candidates against local, state and federal entrenched liberals and RINO's.  Call them out.  4.  Be prepared as individuals, families and communities to protect yourselves.  Organize locally.  This means with arms, food and a plan.If violence does come the numbers do not favor the ANTIFA nor the liberals.  When lead starts going down range and actually hitting people you'll see 70% of those tough guys and gals run for the hills never to be heard from again.  The only reason they're still running with clubs is because nobody has started shooting yet.  

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The concept of "E Pluribus Unum" has been abondoned by many in the US in favor of group identity politics around race, religion and political belief.Migratory demographics in a very short timespan, both legal and illegal, have introduced a virulant attitude of anti-Americanism. Many have not intellectually left their homelands behind and worse, want to reproduce their homelands in the US.Without getting into too much detail, - per the US Cencus Projections to year 2030, we will be a very racially and ethnically divide country, with ALL groups, except white males having US Legal Affirmative Action Diversity Privilages for Education and Job opportunities. Division by population, gender and ethnicity will be the rule of day.It will be a mater of surpremacy based on population identification, race, ethnicity and gender. I have serious doubt whether the Republic can survive under this situation. 

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CHoward Aug 29, 2017 5:59 PM Permalink

I'm ALL for an all out civil war in America BUT...ONLY IF...it's between all the people AGAINST Congress (both houses), banks and the Federal Reserve. 

CHoward Aug 29, 2017 5:58 PM Permalink

I'm ALL for an all out civil war in America BUT...ONLY IF...it's between all the people AGAINST Congress (both houses), banks and the Federal Reserve. 

Bubbette Aug 29, 2017 5:38 PM Permalink

Obama laid the groundwork for a full blown Civil War and divided the Nation to an extent not seen since the Civil War.  Hopefully, the right side will win this war and take apart the malignant tumor the Federal government has metastisized into.  

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Is anyone else tired of hearing about the so-called "Civil War" that is supposedly coming?  You DO realize that wars require ARMIES, right?  Small to large contingents of individuals who share a common cause attacking other small to large contingents with various light weapons does not amount to clashes between armies.  There are no tanks, artillery, machine guns, jet figthers, supply lines, logistics, trucks, troop transports, etc.  We do not have entire states and their militias forming lines against other states and their militias.  We are nowhere NEAR any such thing. A Civil War would require vast billions of dollars to enact, and huge recruitment drives, and that's not going to happen.While we do have our differences, I think most of the bloodshed will continue to be small-scale.  To call it a war is going FAR beyond the scope of anything that is occurring now or for the forseeable future.That being said, if the pansies on the left want to keep their crap up... they have a BIG surprise waiting for them.

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"In both battles, nobody will be able to retreat to a neutral corner."I disagree.  Eventually if liberal mayors don't have their police protecting protesters/speakers from people who initiate violence, then the federal government can send in troops to keep the peace, and start prosecuting liberal mayors from not protecting the civil rights of speakers/protestors/demonstrators.   Just like Eisenhower ordered in federal troops to protect nine black children integrating into a public school when the local Democrat politicians didn't want that happening.Even the FBI's website says: "Failure to keep from harm: The public counts on its law enforcement officials to protect local communities. If it’s shown that an official willfully failed to keep an individual from harm, that official could be in violation of the color of law statute."https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/civil-rightsAs usual, it's the Democrats who are instigating violence, and refusing to denouce the violent among their political supporters, all the while they demand conservatives denounce the violent among far right groups.  Their silence shows you where they really stand: for violence against the peaceful as long as it furthers their political agenda. 

MariusQ Aug 29, 2017 11:18 AM Permalink

The enemy "within" is Barack Hussein "Bathhouse Barry" Subarkha Obama.  He is engaged in this resistence and he must be stopped. The damage that Obama did over the last eiight years was extensive.  He continues to work behind the scenes and is in league with current Democrats in Congress to foil everything Trump attempts to do.  I used to think that once the Supreme Court was restored to majority conservative,  that we had a chance to turn things around.  I am convinced that this initial analysis was wrong.  The court's impact has effects at glacial rates.  We need action to put the resistence down soon.  A civil war is essential now if the USA is to save itself.  The Bolshevism that threatened Europe in the early 20th century is still here in a different form.  It must be put down, and those who try to dimantle our Republic with it must be put down like the rabid dogs that they are.

me or you Aug 29, 2017 11:09 AM Permalink

Nodobdy cares US is country ruled by traitors and dual-citizens and American people don't give a damn about that. We The People would rather die on their knees than fighting for the country. Let America burns. Amen 

Peon14 Aug 29, 2017 9:58 AM Permalink

Violence in the streets is what they want. We need infiltrators wearing BLM T-shirts and black clad Antifa garb collecting video evidence, not warriors with helmets and clubs. The Democrat politicians may not set the police on BLM or Antifa but be assured the Democrat politicians will set them on average Americans exercising their First Amendment rights. Don't fall into their trap. We don't need to fight the Coset Communists in the streets we need to fight on the Internet with Video, in the hearts and minds of the average American, and eventually in the courts. Sue the pants off of George Soros and Hillary Clinton.

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"The sad irony of rights under the Constitution is that Kaepernick has the right to protest…a right that was enabled for him to exercise by his betters." It should be noted that your "right to protest" is on your own personal time.  The NFL is making this a hornets nest because they allow it once the players effectively "clock in"  Most of us who work in many various industries would be shown the door after a brief moment in HR if we decided that we were going to protest while on our employers clock (G Soros is the exception of course). The irony that it's now the NYPD, who has quite the history of plugging young black males with many bullet rounds makes for a head scratcher.  What next, the Chicago PD will join the fray?...

BetterRalph Aug 29, 2017 8:44 AM Permalink

There's no civil war V3.0

Blame the Mayor who tells the police chief, who tells his men "STAND DOWN"
Mayors who are marxist communist, remove fake voters from rolls, vote the commie mayors out, enhance unmask laws, and sue the city using un-mask laws.

Anti-Fa is not a PEACEFUL PROTEST, assault and battery is against the law.
Anti-Fa ain't moseying past their targeted area at least not far (no mob, no lawless power, they don't dare go door to door touting they are taking the house, they target one place create chaos while hiding.

One in four of these college protestors is on a SSRI or diagnosed with a mental problem. (nuke the DSM and obamacare.)

Soros agitators vs SARS banking reporting law, paid domestic terrorism so far the agitators win vs banksters.

Trump "could" nullify the bill that allows fake media to lie.

Senators have now carried the SPY RING blackberries are self cooked toast. Run just about any normal candidate who isn't in a back stabbing spy ring, or marxist CULT should be able to fill the void.

Retired GB's should look into scoutmaster for Boy Scouts. Spread wisdom and knowledge instead of fear

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It will be the shortest civil war in history, since the progressives, antifa; and the leftists/communists will be met with force; and since they are the groups that dont own weapons...it'll be a really short uprising when push comes to shove. The law will work with citizens of like mind and it wil be over quickly. No way a state's National Gaurd will turn against the state and local authorities. Make friends with LE swat personnel..they'll tell you the straight scoop. Someone said its a one-generation thing..I think less. It will be violent and quick; as we take the nation back.

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Fuck this guy. If Colin wants to not stand for the national anthem, that is his right in a free country. Nobody died to make this country great in any fucking fake banker war. The only people who died were worked into the grave for free or cheap, including Colin's ancestors, and yours, and mine. Oppression is not race-selective. Fuck You Jeremiah. You don't like free speech, fucking move. Crawl into your Green Beret safe space and fuck yourself, empire apologist.

pc_babe Madcow Kaczynski Aug 29, 2017 8:50 AM Permalink

If CK don't want to stand ... that's his right.

If you recall, at the end of season SF offered CK a contract. He pushed it back seeking free agency instead. In a free market ... That's his right.

If the NFL don't want to hire him now, that's their right.

Maybe NFL should should start a make-work league for has-been QB's. Will that placate the affirmative action crowd?

Where is the hue and cry of discrimination for the knee-taking Tebow?

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The trouble is your - LOGICAL thinking. If you saw things 'racially' your point of view would be different. Racial, gender, ethnic thinking starts long before one becomes a Police Officer, quarterback or anything else.As to Kaepernick, - he still learned nothing about race identity politics, even after living in a white household.

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"Garden Plot is the DoD Civil Disturbance Plan, the generic Operations Plan [OPLAN] for military support related to domestic civil disturbances. The department of the Army Civil Disturbance Plan (DA GARDEN PLOT), is the governing publication for planning, deployment, employment, and redeployment of federal military resources involved in countering domestic civil disturbances. Military assistance to Federal, State, and local government (including government of U.S. territories) and their law enforcement agencies for civil disturbances and civil disturbance operations, including response to terrorist incidents, are referred to cumulatively as "Military Assistance for Civil Disturbances (MACDIS)."http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/garden_plot.htm

QIG Aug 29, 2017 8:32 AM Permalink

We are not fighting a CIVIL WAR. We are back to the revolutionary war, to throw out those who came in after killing Lincoln, and took the place over using deceit and frog boiling tactics. (incremental undermining) They will go now. WE will stay. It will take a generation of work. RULE-OF-LAW is the weapon du jour. The ones who violate the Constitution are law breakers and will be delt with as "criminals".

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How in the world did these doom porn puff pieces become an EVERYDAY FIXTURE on this once fine HEDGE?

Ink Pusher Aug 29, 2017 8:03 AM Permalink

I see a race war in the making long before any actual civil war breaks out.There are simply not enough secessionist states for an actual civil war,but there are enough agencies and NGOs pushing the racial hate agenda for a really good race war.Most of the daily rhetoric and incessant whining are grand diversions away from the pending market implosions.   

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The black people are too trusting by far to live this far North. They have an agricultural and down to earth philosophy, and for that reason they are better "humans" than most whites. However, they have been "raped" by the governement. The political promotion of "freebies for votes" plays into the share and share alike attitudes blacks have, and that runs back to "tribalism".But in accepting the freebies, and allowing their families to be totally destroyed by the welfare payments, they have imprisoned themselves. The appear not to be able to get themselves out of it, and so they "smolder". Violence will presist until they figure out that in the northern Climates it is every man for himself dog-on-dog competition to stay warm and get rich, not "share and share alike".They could have every elected position and they still would lose and not "rise", because when they get individual power they squander it on egotism and self-indulgence.Earthy will always be earthy, until it grows out of it. 

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