Looting Begins In Houston As Distracted Police Rescue Over 2,000 From Floodwaters

With Houston's police force desperately spread across the city, having rescued an estimated 2,000 people so far from floodwaters, Houston PD Chief Art Acevedo has announced that Houston PD officers have arrested looters.

While the scenes of devastation across Houston are depressing, the following clip could be the most depressing...

The video shows two males carrying televisions over their heads. It is not clear which store the goods were stolen from.

Houston PD Chief Acevedo tweeted...

And as Blue Lives Matter reports, the city of Houston is facing catastrophic flooding, which looters see as an opportunity. Houston PD Chief Art Acevedo has announced that Houston PD officers have arrested looters, but it’s not clear if the arrested looters are related to the people looting in the video. The exact location of the looting is not clear, but some of it is taking place in a Family Dollar store.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez‏ reassured Houstonians early Monday that the county jail remains open and deputies are patrolling the city.

“To crooks out there, be warned! No looting & burglaries,” Gonzalez tweeted.


“We will not have it. My jail is open and you will be arrested & charged.”

The Houston police dispatched officers on boats that were sent through streets where the floodwater reached the pumps at gas stations, and officials said they had conducted waves of rescue operations. While urging residents to stay off the roads, police have asked people with high-water vehicles and boats to assist in rescue efforts.

In Houston, the fire department responded to more 4,000 water-related calls for service. Police rescued 2,000 people in the city, and another 185 critical rescue requests were still pending, Art Acevedo, the Houston police chief, said at a news briefing Monday.

"The goal is rescue," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said at the briefing. "That's the major focus for the day."

Given Texas gun laws, we suggest looters be more than a little wary. However, as Chorn reports, several areas are now facing mandatory evacuations.


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Looting Begins In Houston As Distracted Police Rescue Over 2,000 From FloodwatersMy response: These are the situations that separate the MEN from the BOYS. This is where one's MORAL FIBER is on DISPLAY. It is also a time of testing where the DOCTRINE OF HUMAN DEPRAVITY will, on some occasions, rear its UGLY HEAD.

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Bigly City_Of_Champyinz Mon, 08/28/2017 - 13:29 Permalink

We all know they USED to shoot looters. The LA riots lasted way longer because they did not. Commie pussies.SHOOT THEM. There must be a deterrent as there will be 100000+ homes vulnerable. OTI have had ads pop up all over my android phone with Firefox and ad block.I have found a fast uncluttered combo...no ads.Yandex browser with Adguard.  Duck duck go search.Solid. Fyi.

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DavidFL GUS100CORRINA Mon, 08/28/2017 - 13:14 Permalink

Face reality - in todays society there are no morals for the vast majority of people. The only force which keeps society in check is the "bigger stick" doctrine. Once authority is removed, society shatters into a primitive environment of dog eat dog! The medium to big cities will feel the brunt of disintegration. God help thoes who have assets and are stuck in the cities when TSHTF.

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I don't agree with statement.

It's time to recognize PC culture for its destructive qualities. Regardless of your skin color - if you rob or steal, you need to be held accountable for your actions. Apologists just make the problems worse because those responsible are not forced to confront their shortcomings.

That goes for affirmative action in colleges that essentially discriminates against better qualified Asian and white kids.

Make it fair for all - otherwise it's creating discrimination some claimed they were countering.

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Many dumbed down Asian-Americans support AA even though the losers don't realize it hurts them the most since colleges and companies put AA colored ahead of everyone and Asians at the end of the line.It's the second or third generation of kids who are usually the Big Losers and Asian Stupids are no exception.

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