South Korea Releases Footage Of Ballistic Missile Test Capable Of "Mass Retaliation"

Just hours after North Korea fired a ballistic missile across Japan, South Korea has released footage of its testing of a new ballistic missile, in a show of "overwhelming force."

While The White House has yet to respond to North Korea's provocation, South Korea's Blue House has stated that:

"We are considering the development of strategic assets in the US and we will consult with the United States."

US strategic weapons include B-1B strategic bombers, B-52 long-range nuclear bombers, stealth fighters, Aegis destroyers, and nuclear propulsion submarines.

But not wanting to rely solely on Trump, Yonhap reports the release of the following 86-second-long video clip showing the test-firing of a 500-kilometer-range ballistic missile with improved warhead power and that of another one with a range of 800 km. 

The footage shows the missile being fired and accurately hitting mock targets on the ground and in the water.

It was released by the state-run Agency for Defense Development (ADD)...

"We conducted the last flight test on the 24th to deploy the new 500-km ballistic missile and the 800-km ballistic missile, which are being developed under the leadership of the National Defense Science Institute."


"We are building a Korean three-axis system to respond to North Korea's threats. To achieve this, we have developed a new ballistic missile (BM) with increased range and increased accuracy through diversification of warheads and improved accuracy. "


The 500-kilometer ballistic missile is "a new type of ballistic missile capable of accurately penetrating and destroying all of North Korea's core facilities and is a key force in mass retaliation."