Houston Mayor Orders Curfew To Prevent Looting, Warns Bridges And Roads Are "Starting To Fail"

Update: Houston's Mayor imposed a curfew on Tuesday after the US city saw record rainfall and catastrophic flooding in the wake of tropical storm Harvey.

The curfew will start at midnight and end at 5am, Mayor Sylvester Turner explained. Originally it was supposed to start earlier (as per his tweet below), but Turner said he wanted "to allow volunteers and others to do their great work."

The curfew is intended to prevent property crimes against evacuated homes in the city, he added...

Police Chief Art Acevedo said at an earlier news conference that curfew violators will be stopped, questioned, searched and arrested.

There have been scattered reports of looting during the flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey.

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We detailed earlier that as Tropical Storm Harvey heads back inland, slamming southwest Texas with another 15-25 inches of rain, Housting officials are reporting that the city's critical infrastructure is starting to fail under the weight of the floodwaters, and may soon collapse.

According to Reuters, roads and bridges in Houston have started to buckle under the impact of the catastrophic flooding in parts of the city. According to Jeff Linder of the Harris County Flood Control District, one bridge had collapsed and some roads had been damaged by the torrential rains.

Worse, the damage is far from over. As reported yesterday, the water levels at two reservoirs to the west of the city, where more than 3,000 homes have been flooded, continue to rise. Meanwhile, Buffalo Bayou, the primary drainage system that runs through the city, is holding steady and may not recede for days, said Edmond Russo, deputy engineer with the US Army Corps of Engineers. According to USGS data, the Buffalo Bayou has recorded a record 33 inches of rain, and another 20 is expected in the coming 48 hours.

Graph of

Linder said the level of the Houston Ship Channel, which opens out into Galveston Bay was "at levels we've never seen before", slowing the bayou's ability to drain. Two major dams outside Houston have also begun to overflow, according to the BBC.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner confirmed that one police officer has been killed since the flooding began. The Houston police chief says the officer's body was recovered Tuesday morning. He apparently died when floodwaters overcame his vehicle as he tried to get to his post.

Meanwhile, the Port of Houston is reporting that all facilities will remain closed on Wednesday, leaving oil tankers carrying an estimated 17 million barrels of crude oil stranded off shore with their cargo.

At least nine people have died as a result of the flooding, including six members of one family.


Floodwaters have swept away some of the concrete barrier at the San Jacinto Bridge...

Finally, recall last night's dire prediction by one engineer on twitter.

If he is right, the dire forecast by Imperial Capital analyst David Havens who predicted that the final Harvey cost would surpass $100 billion, or 3 times more than what most believe the Harvey damages will amount to, will prove to be pleasantly optimistic in retrospect.


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Not only is Trump is a Muslim scumbag, now he wants to play Marxist too.  He will soon be redistributing the wealth to all his poor Muslim supporters throughout Texas, to the tune of $200 Billion.  Fuck Muslim Trump and his jew daughter.Filthy Muslim Trump will raise your taxes to pay for all those shitheads down there, instead of asking them to buy insurance.

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All the money that the DC Swamp spends on their Afghan opium crops could be used to rebuild Houston.All the military personnel stuck in Afghanistan could be better used at home during this disaster than being foreign targets while doing the bidding of the NWO.I hope the Marines burn all the opium fields as they leave.The Swampites, the Pentagram, the central bankers, the NWO and all the Alphabetroids have had more than their share of Afghan loot and now it really needs to stop. 

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reporters are reporters..I just drove from Hedwig village 10 miles west of downtown and into my office downtown on I10  I had to leave I10 at Studemont and zigzag in.  Buffalo Bayou has ALREADY dropped 20 feet and there is no longer water on the downtown streets.  The street bridges over the Bayou are clear.Large pumping operations are already bailing out the parking garages.large demunidifying operations area already going on in the theaters on the north end.It is scary quiet downtown and there are ZERO cars on the freeways.Footnote:  What I have said is NOT an indication of the situation in other parts of Houston...The route I travel has had hundreds of millions of dollars of improvements in the last 15 years along I10.

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Just drove on I45 from Clear Lake area to Texas City.  Water is receeding and the official travel maps are very slow to update.  Stay safe out there but life will be getting back to normal soon.  If you lost your car and house due to the flood, it's really going to suck for awhile though.  Thoughts and prayers if you have to deal with that.Krugman and the Keynesians will be slobbering over themselves at the tremendous uptick in demand from this disaster.  Car demand just went through the roof.  Building material demand through the roof.  Insurance companies heading for Federal bankrupcy protection.  All that new consumer debt will have the bankers rolling in big bonuses.  See we need more global warming and climate change!  Mission Accomplished Janet!  

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Houston needs to do exactly what LA did with the LA River.  But LOOK what the envirowacko's want to do with the LA River.  Turn it into the Bayou's of Houston.  GUESS WHAT YOU IDIOTS...That is EXACTLY why we have the situation we have today in Houston!!  But it's not just the envirowacko's.  It's also the Rich and Famous in River Oaks who want their pristine green waterway and not a cemented waterway.   The Mayor in Houston needs to step  up and defend the 'little guys'From WIKIPEDIAThe Los Angeles River (L.A. River) starts in the Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains and flows through Los Angeles County, California, from Canoga Park in the western end of the San Fernando Valley, nearly 48 miles (77 km) southeast to its mouth in Long Beach. Several tributaries join the once free-flowing and frequently flooding river, forming alluvial flood plains along its banks. It now flows through a concrete channel on a fixed course, which was built after a series of devastating floods in the early 20th century.Environmental groups, park advocates and city council members support[4] the removal of concrete and the restoration of natural vegetation and wildlife. Portions of the river now have earthen bottoms and restored habitat. There are also plans for a series of parks along the river's city frontage in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles River also flows through several Los Angeles County communities and has been featured in many Hollywood films.

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I spent the first half of my life in the Clear Lske/NASA area of Houston.  Of which, by the way, the original Exxon Master Plan did not flood... What I'm most impressed with is all these rural motherfuckers coming in to save the day.  Cajun Navy or whatever.  I think it was Sunday when I saw some asshole from the Harris County Sheriff's saying "thanks to all the volunteers that have come in, but we got this!".   I suspect that things will get a lot deeper shade of red, in Texas.  You can live for 20 years in Houston and never meet your neighbors.   As bad as this thing is, if it turns out that the golden rule prevails, it is going to control the narrative for a very long time.  I have GREAT new found respect for folks like the Harris County Judge who said basically, fuck the regulations, we need help.. do it!  Don't get me wrong.  I do expect some shady shit to start going on. But,  tt is an excellent way to see how people can or won't come together or tear apart.  Keep an eye on the county judge Emmit.  that's a rising star.   However, it will all be determined on how the masses are fed and kept placated.

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Observation: ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE, people may want to get the HELL out of HOUSTON, TX ASAP. Why? With all of this water and the fact the the city is built on top of MARSH and SWAMP ground, the entire CITY may begin to SINK or worse COLLAPSE.I know this sounds like something out of left field, but with all this water saturating the ground, things may become unstable and even rock can slide with water and mud as a lubricant.

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yea..sure... a swamp, so, with water, can slide the ground... you ever learned that liquid water with only gravity applied always flatten to an equilibrium., how a fucking plate ground can slide. as always, human think they are gods, build shit cities under water level, then when it rains, they all whine but they didnt make a fucking research to check where the fuck the choose to live. fucking die. darwinism at its best. at tv news all you see is niggers on stadiums asking for food. fuck that. just an advice, when you want to build and take lands over  water, ask to neitherland , they are the only one mastering their action.  

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Follow up Observation from prior comments:I believe before anyone can SAFELY travel on these roads and bridges in Houston, complete safety inspections will have to be performed. Bedrock foundations will have to be checked as well. This water situation in my humble opinion has made every bridge and road suspect. I really expect sink holes and fishers to appear at random since Houston was constructed on top of swamp and marsh land.THIS IS GOING TO BE EXPENSIVE AND TAKE A LOT OF TIME.

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  $100 Billion? That’s only about a tenth of what the government has wasted in Afghanistan. ..or only about a 23rd  of what Rumsfeld said the Pentagram could not account for on the day before the twin towers were taken down.
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Can you imagine a member of project mayhem draging a corpse into fight club and trying to fight it? That is what this idiot is doing, and then getting upset at everyone else for pointing it out.I don't really give a fuck about some dead spic cop. What I care about is fight club, and I don't like people claiming that their necrophilia is somehow related.

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