The Last Time This Few Americans Thought Stocks Would Drop, They Crashed

According to the latest Conference Board survey, 80% of Americans surveyed believe that stock prices will not be lower in the next 12 months. The last time the nation was so convinced of the market's 'permanently high plateau' was in the fall of 2007, as the S&P topped...

Only 20% of Americans believe stocks will fall in the next 12 months - that is the lowest number since mid-2017

What happened next was not pretty (oh and in 1999/2000...)

And don't forget that speculators have never been more net long Dow futures...


Still it's probably nothing. If biblical floods and threats of nuclear armageddon can't take stocks down, what will?



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Physical Gold and Silver will hedge against inflation and shield one's savings from bank failures and crypto theft and sudden devaluation or obsolesence.

If you own crypto, you essentially own nothing. Get something for nothing before it's too late. Physical ownership is the endgame.

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If crypto maintains its value, there is absolutely no need to check a site to know how much it is worth.

Think about it. How accurate are those price quotes?

Are you being played?

Prices can be overstated to get more suckers to drop their cash into the scheme.

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Maybe....maybe not.  If you own double digit pounds of gold and triple digit pounds of silver get some crypto.  If all you own is crypto cash some out or straight up buy phyz gold and silver.  Better to diversify then go with only one.  I fully expect BTC will be 25K plus at some point.  G/S will be higher but those douche bags have it under there thumb currently, and its been that way for 50 years.  I think some crypto will eventually be the world reserve currency hopefully backed by gold.  

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Why would ANYONE believe that?! I would like to meet someone who believes that! I don't believe that 80% of Americans believe that!

Rebelrebel7 (not verified) wisebastard Tue, 08/29/2017 - 15:10 Permalink

Well, I am not convinced that I understand the bailout as a result of all of the lying. My guess is that the only ones who truly understand it were the ones in the room with Hank Paulson.Even those individuals understandings are limited to what they have been told by the others in the room and their own experiences. It was a room full of liars. Only  God and the NSA know the truth, as far as I  concerned.

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CTRL-P guarantees there will be no crash on this current ponzi. When the tribe is ready for a new world reserve currency, thats when the fun begins. For now, sit back and get paid to relax.

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I'm not going to hold my breath that long. It's 100 degrees outside. Drinking beer, wife is going to the beach.

I think I'm going to drink some more.

Might even sharpen some knives if I get some piece and quiet.

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There will be no recovery from the soon-coming crash. The resources to power and supply it simply do not exist.The only ones who will win are the Four Horsemen 

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Another stopped watch. I mean it, ..........."One of these days ................"

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50 mins and 42 pts to go for an all ATH on the SPX. Piece of cake.So many people lost everything these days. What more appropriate than an ATH to laugh them in the face. Come on squiddy, granny, chubby, bully,,, give it to them. P.S. I love bankers.

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 I am not alone in understanding that the stock market is rigged. I am possibly alone in understanding that this is part of a larger effort to centralize control of the world's factors of production. The reason tried and true indicators no longer work is that they are not relevant except in a setting that is largely free market based. Central banks will buy enough stock to have a controlling interest in the world's largest corporations. It may not matter how many private investors think the market will continue higher or not. They are largely irrelevant. For anything to change the public would have to grasp that they are being fleeced. There is not much chance of that happening. Do not expect a classic fall sell off. I am expecting just enough weakness for all of the hedges through October to expire worthless. Once that profit is made and hedgers are burned, central banks will accelerate their buying and friends of the Fed will squeeze the shorts which will have grown in number James Quillian Fantasy Free Economics  

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The Chinese have a huge amount of US Treasurys that they want to exchange for Gold.To get less than the agreed upon Gold could be viewed as provocative. President Xi will scold President Trump should the dollar tank further.President Xi will also scold Kim Jong-un since the fear trade will reduce China's potential Gold hoard with a sudden dollar devaluation.China is the key to understanding the Gold market.If you recognize that one asset is being propped up by market manipulation or kept down by suppression, buy what is undervalued by trading in what is overvalued. Buy low, sell high.

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I am one of those people along with a ton of other people here.If you think stocks are going lower your a fucking shmuck. IF this market does go down its going to freeze and be halted for weeks and be -90% when it opens again and society collapsed.  That's not "lower" that's "going to zero".  differenceBut a 2008 2001 style bear market is infantile thinking.  Permanently high stock prices are a matter of national security. A lot like recording every keystroke and GPS coordinate and financial transaction of everyone connected to the internet especially Americans.. its a matter of national security and will never be reversed.  Humans can sell all they want.  Robots with access to infinite currency will BTD indefinitely, full stop.Having said that I  welcome market implosion and restoration of privacy.. but.. you know.  This time its different.  How much insider and insititutional selling charts and articles have been posted here over the years? And its a one way higher high in stocks with steeper and steeper uptrends line that not only never get tested but mature into ever steeper increasing uptrend lines.Has bitcon hit 5,000 yet?

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Everyone at work thinks their retirement funds are just going to keep rising. They say this thing has years to go. I just look at them the same way everyone thought the housing bubble was normal.

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All Bubbles pop eventually. This was one has just been insanely inflated and the Central Banks have no recourse but to keep it going for as long as possible. But the music will stop someday when it's least expected. It always has. This time is no different or special. Who saw 2008 coming? All the money printing and liquidity injections into the markets since then and miniscule GDP growth and a part time workforce as a result. It never worked and never will. It was never designed to work but only to delay for as long as possible the inevitable end result of complete financial collapse.

The greatest demographic generation of all time is no longer spending because we're fucking scared about salvaging our retirements and trying to save what we can while the fucking IRS takes as much as it can from us.

Yeah it's a TrainReck that no one will see coming. And then they'll be like WTF? It's always been stair steps up in the financial markets when everyone is fat & happy, smokin & jokin, and then a semi comes crashing down through the sky when it goes.

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I've talked to a number of my wealthy neighbors, who know nothing of HFT algos and the world around them, who believe the market and real estate will forever climb to new highs. One neighbor even told me, with a big smile on his face, I'm just gonna let it all ride! And I just smiled back at him. Meanwhile, in Realville, I prep and stack.