Come Melania's-Heels-Or-High-Water, 'Stupid News' Rules The Media

Authored by David Weisberg via,

Tropical Storm Harvey has by now flooded the Houston area with over four feet of rain, causing the deaths of more than 30 people, forcing more than 30,000 residents to flee their homes, and destroying property worth many tens of billions of dollars.

Given the biblical proportions of the deluge, one would think that journalists would be hard-pressed to choose among an over-abundance of gripping and newsworthy stories.

The New York Times and the Washington Post, two pillars of the journalistic establishment, have both identified one such story: the height of Melania Trump’s heels.

I am not making this up; I couldn’t if I tried.

Both newspapers recently featured stories focusing on the height of the heels the first lady was wearing when she boarded a helicopter to take her and the president to Air Force One, which would then fly them from Washington to Texas.

When she exited the plane in Texas, Trump was wearing sneakers, but that fact apparently did not diminish the newsworthiness — at least in the minds of the reporters and editors of those two august newspapers — of the heels she had worn earlier that day.

We’ve encountered the phrase “fake news” quite often over the last year. There was, however, nothing fake about the stories that were published in the New York Times and the Washington Post: Trump was in fact wearing high heels. In that sense, the stories were genuine rather than fake.

So, perhaps we need a new phrase. I would suggest “stupid news,” meaning that, even if the story is factually accurate, you would have to be stupid to think it was worth reporting.

Just what is going on here?

So-called mainstream news outlets are so determined to damage the image and reputation of the president and anyone associated with him that they will publish anything - literally anything - that, in the minds of their news and editorial leaders, might help to achieve that end.

Even the pretense of fairness or objectivity has been abandoned; if a story might possibly damage President Trump, it will be published. “All the news that’s fit to print, including the stupid news.”

Who exactly is the media serving with these stories? Whose interests are being served other than their own?

In 1981, when then-Pres. Ronald Reagan was wheeled into the operating room after being shot by John Hinckley, he said to the surgeons, “Please tell me you’re Republicans.”

It was light-hearted and humorous because the people he was addressing were all doctors, and everyone knows that doctors take an oath to do their utmost to heal every patient, regardless of their personal feelings toward the patient.

In fact, those lines of work that we think of as “professions” typically require that practitioners must put the interests of the people they serve above their own interests.

Fledgling doctors and lawyers, at the beginning of their careers, pledge to put the interests of their patients and clients ahead of their own. Of course, those pledges are not always fulfilled as they should be, but professionals are subject to disciplinary measures when they transgress.

Journalists and journalistic institutions are supposed to serve the interests of the people who consume their stories. Journalists don’t take any oath, but their readers expect them to use their best judgment in choosing the stories they write and the content they include. The editorial and opinion pages, as we all know, are different beasts. The news stories, however, are supposed to reflect what a competent and (dare I say?) professional journalist has learned about an important issue of the day.

There were plenty of stories in the Times and the Washington Post that focused on important aspects of Harvey and also on other major news items. Not everything in those publications is “stupid news.” But some of the stories are just that.

Sometimes little things say a lot. Stories about Melania Trump’s heels, published in the middle of a catastrophic event of almost unimaginable proportions, reveal much more about the media than they do about Mrs. Trump or the Trump administration.

They reveal with startling clarity that certain journalistic institutions are hell-bent on damaging the current administration in any way they possibly can.

And they reveal, in addition, that those institutions have abandoned the practice journalism as a profession; to them, journalism is just a job. They’re not committed to delivering high-quality stories to their readers, because that is what their readers expect and deserve.

Rather, they’re committed to publishing anything that they think will damage the president and his administration, because they just don’t like this president.


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Compared to the last First Lady, Melania is a massive upgrade.  Hey, world, guess what?  Our leader's bitch is SMOKING HOT.  Yours aren't.  Fucking deal with it.Only in western clutures to be feel ashemed of this kind of thinking.  Everywhere else, Melania is proof that The Donald is The Alpha.  You think I'm kidding.  I'm not. 

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fleur de lis NoDebt Thu, 08/31/2017 - 23:47 Permalink

The MSM is always more comfortable in a slovenly environment with poor decorum and without fully realizing it, they identify with the likes of Antifa guttersnipes.Notice how the MSM did not complain about the filthy appearance and mob violence of Antifa.They are kith and kin.While the Antifa thugs will outright commit assault and destroy property, the MSM is somewhat more reserved in that they limit themselves to snark and general smart assery, and pontificate about things they do not understand because they control the microphone and can influence people who take them to be intelligent. So when the naturally refined First Lady effortlessly comports herself with grace and elan, the MSM descends into a wild rage and lashes out over the airwaves.The MSM and Antifa simply lash out differently but they are fellow travelers.The MSM does not understand such complex intellectual topics like elegance and class.It is simply too foreign for them to grasp, so they do not know what they are observing and become defensive.They fear what they do not understand, so they instinctively go on the attack although they are not quite sure why. Ironically, the MSM louts and ladettes fancy themselves uppity because of all their expensive outward trappings and the heaps of money they rope in for promoting trash.But they do not know how to behave so they let themselves down in public all the time and show themselves up for the vulgarian phonies they are.  

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Cluster_Frak Thu, 08/31/2017 - 22:17 Permalink

anyhting to attack Trump.if the male in Obama household wore heals, the media would trip over themselves about the high class fashion of the fucking trannie.

Creative_Destruct Cluster_Frak Fri, 09/01/2017 - 01:23 Permalink

"Rather, they’re committed to publishing anything that they think will damage the president and his administration, because they just don’t like this president."Even some in my social circles who are heavily anti- Trump are starting to get sick of the "Trump can do nothing right" media. And I even heard a BBC reporter today commenting that Trump is being criticized no matter what he does and for things that others would not be.These MSM fools are overplaying their hand and desensitizing folks to their strident anti-Trumpism.Come next election, folks may not be so prone to accept the MSM's demonization of The Donald as the embodiment of evil.

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Here we have a prime example of the media actually driving the discussion.  No genuine person actually gives two sh**s what Melania Trump wears - however, the news media - main stream that will never, ever like anything Trump, will jump on the teeniest little thing and make it seem as if it's actually Earth shattering.  Well - just tell them to go fuck themselves - that we don't give 2 shits what they think.  In other words - fuck 'em!!

Aussiekiwi Thu, 08/31/2017 - 22:26 Permalink

And they criticized Trump for going to the disaster zone too early, of course if he had left it a day they would have wrote how he went too late..... 

Anteater Aussiekiwi Thu, 08/31/2017 - 23:26 Permalink

Trymp's visit was a media photo op, a 'blow and go'.What was she wearing, camo Prada to the 'greatestdisaster in US history'? "We're all with you." Really?Trymp is about to deport 850,000 Harvey survivors.His visit was like Hitler visiting Treblinka with Eva."We're all with you unless you're a beaner or a jiboo."MAZEL TUV! WINNING!! NADA!!

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I bet those jews wished they had been deported, rather than gassed. So there is that. Why don't folks like you try to change the immigration laws? What gets me is the law is being broken. If a bunch of folks think the law is not right or fair, they should openly work to pass legislation to change it.It's pussy to have laws on the book you don't enforce, or arbitrarily enforce.Pussy.Change it or enforce it. It's easy.

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Stinkytofu (not verified) Aussiekiwi Fri, 09/01/2017 - 00:14 Permalink

AND they criticized trump for NOT going into the flooded areas. so let's imagine trump does go tour the floodzone, with all theretainers and security, and the disruption of rescue operations.would that be criticized?  fer shur. now imagine if he did NOT go to texas.oh. my. lady. ga. ga!the screams would be deafening!

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Well, I just turned on ESPN to check out some sports scores and they had two negros log rolling against each other in a swimming pool. I kid u not! lol

PitBullsRule Thu, 08/31/2017 - 22:42 Permalink

They don't like this president?  No Shit!?  Really?  Hooowee!  Thats really surprising!  That is really a scoop, good thing I read this article!  Now I am informed.But really, thats not very interesting.  Whats interesting is that such a beautiful woman as Melania would let a 70 year old fat man with wierd orange hair, wallow up and down on her in bed?  How bad is it where she came from, that she is willing to let our national pussy grabber diddler her with his stubby little shriveled up dick?  Must be atrocious! 

MsCreant PitBullsRule Thu, 08/31/2017 - 23:01 Permalink

I bet she will keep her chin up and mouth shut. That is class. When you are in the power position, when they attack like this, you don't respond, you let them look bad for attacking you. It can be difficult if you feel hurt by it, or dismayed. I have been lied about publicly and attacked before. I had to stay quiet because of confidentiality issues and honestly, to engage the attacker would bring me down to his level. Other folks came through for me in flying colors and fended off the attack, I did not have to violate confidentiality. Stories like this have to come out after stuff like that does. She can't defend herself. Calling them out for what they are is how this should work. 

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bloofer MsCreant Fri, 09/01/2017 - 06:21 Permalink

Our self-appointed "arbiters of taste" in this country have devolved to the point where they're nothing more than object lessons in vulgarity, stupidity, and ugliness. It about time Vogue, the fashion industry in general, the publishing industry, and the visual arts were exposed as the purveyors of utter crap that they are. Like we need these scum acting as the arbiters of taste and appropriateness of footwear. I believe we can also discern for ourselves whether taste and beauty resides with Melania or with the ridiculous productions of the fashion industry.

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She was wearing a sun dress the other day and I was thankful in so many ways watching her walk to and up the stairs on the plane...Winter won't be as much fun, but spring will cum soon enough...

navy62802 Thu, 08/31/2017 - 23:04 Permalink

The 4th estate has become the enemy of freedom. It has become the enemy of the American citizen. It's like some kind of twisted, nightmarish house of horrors. Our corporate media shills for the worst human beings on the planet. They think it gives them viewers. What it actually does is create hatred and division in their viewership. For the time being, we are lucky enough to have the internet which remains (for the most part) free and open. We can host our free speech here. But there will come a time when this venue is closed to us. Hopefully, by then, we will have found a new way to circumvent the fascist restrictions on free speech.

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The Alt-Right cunts had a field day, every day, with Obama and Michelle,so far over the top Bathhouse Barry and Trannie Moochelle, that I feel theChump in Chief is fair game: Mr. Golden Showers and Hooker Mooleania.Forget the 5" heels, where's Little Baboon, did they leave him in daycare?Welcome to your world, bitchez.

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IntTheLight Anteater Thu, 08/31/2017 - 23:48 Permalink

It doesn't work. Sorry. This isn't about democrats or republicans. Melanie is always dignified. Michelle whines constantly and deserves the name Mochellle. Remember when she vacationed in Spain and invited herself to vacation home of the King so she could write off the costs of her and her large entourage? The kings family looked none too happy and the princess of Spain is a beauty and moochy looked dowdy.

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The First MILF was thinking of practicality. The high heels could overcome four inches of flood water and the alligator hide would deter attacks from any lurking gators because they aren't cannibalistic.

Hillary wouldn't need any special flood or gator protection. Everyone knows that shit floats and gators do have standards, after all.