Coming To A Town Near You: Expert Warns That No-Go Zones Are Growing In America

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Nothing epitomizes the failure of Europe’s immigration policies more than the notorious “no-go zones.”

For decades the West has opened its borders to people who don’t share their values, and the West has utterly failed to encourage these people to assimilate. To even suggest that is now considered racist in many European countries.

The lack of assimilation has reached a degree that many of these populations have become resentful of their mediocre status in society, and have actually become more insular. Younger generations of these immigrants are more likely to follow ideologies like radical Islam, and they’re less likely than their parents to interact with native born Europeans. Many of them don’t even speak any European languages.

The result has been the rise of dozens of no-go zones, which dot the urban landscapes of Europe. These are places that act as ethnic enclaves within their host countries. They are nations within nations, where outsiders are routinely shunned, berated, and beaten if they dare enter. In addition to that, they’ve become hotbeds of terrorism and civil unrest. And believe it or not, these Islamic no-go zones are beginning to show up in the United States.

That’s according to Raheem Kassam, a conservative political activist and author from the UK. He recently wrote a book on the subject of no-go zones, which reveals startling similarities between the Middle Eastern enclaves of Europe and America.

Places like the Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis, where Shariah cops make house checks to make sure Somali refugees are not becoming too Westernized, and Hamtramck, Michigan, where the call to prayer is blasted over loudspeakers in Arabic and storefronts that once peddled Polish sausage are now brimming with halal meats.


These can be the early warning signs of a budding no-go zone, says Kassam. But even more crucial, he says, is the level of assimilation by second and third generation Muslim Americans. If the experience of Europe is any indication, trouble is on the horizon for U.S. cities.

Of course, America has always had neighborhoods that were predominantly inhabited by various immigrant groups. But over time those immigrants still assimilated. That’s not what we’re seeing is America’s Muslim neighborhoods.

“But you look at the Muslim immigrants and they’re not doing that, they’re actually further ghettoizing, they’re moving inward, not outward.”


Polls by Pew Research show a higher proportion of young Muslims backing terrorism, supporting death for apostasy [leaving Islam], death for homosexuals, and the idea that the woman must cover herself with the hijab or the burqa.


So it’s the opposite trend of Little Italy becoming less like Italy and more like America.


“You see a higher disposition than their parents who believe these things,” Kassam said. “They’re holding onto this Muslim-American sort of thing, and they’re being supported by the political left.”


Kassam includes a whole chapter on Hamtramck, which in 2015 became the first U.S. city to elect a majority-Muslim city council. Several years before that, in 2011, the city approved the Muslim call to prayer over loudspeakers, effectively chasing away many of the last Polish holdouts.

What’s going on in Europe right now should stand as a warning to Americans. Those countries have made a terrible mistake with their immigration policies, which they may be paying for over the next few generations. But unlike Europe, we still have time to change course. We can still adopt a sensible immigration policy that invites people who treasure our values, and turns back those who would have no respect for what we stand for.


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No-go zones are created by evil, immoral leftist politicians.

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Coming To A Town Near You: Expert Warns That No-Go Zones Are Growing In AmericaMy response: "No-Go" zones would be defined as areas where murder rates are excessive such as certain parts of Chicago and Baltimore at night.So what is next?Quote from American Rep Robert Charles Winthrop stated during the 1800's gives some insight.Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet.

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  Get this through your head… The “authorities" in France, Germany, Belgium. Sweden et al do not give a flying F about their culture or heritage. They do not give a flying F about the future of the children of their nation. All they care about is feathering their own nest. They are psychopaths… narcissistic… no empathy... venal. They are not smart enough to understand the seeds of cultural destruction they are sowing. Soon, statues to all of the great heroes of the enlightenment in Europe will be torn down. WAKE THE F UP EUROPE! If the demographic sea change happens, even none of your idiot precious Eurocrats or their families will be safe on the continent. And certainly, none of the normal populace will be. Terrorism as a normal part of European life? F*CK THAT! Get your peaceful, normal life back. 

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Nobody can change the Law of Nature. Neither Zionists/Jews, nor Muslims, no Christians, no Conservatives, no Liberals, NOBODY!The Law of Nature is very simple: Every animal marks its territory and is ready to defend by all possible means from invaders. Humans are just one of the animals species who quite often think that they are above the Law of Nature.

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 "They are psychopaths… narcissistic… no empathy... venal hypocrites."They might qualify as members of the US Congress. hmm... in the twelfth century the Christian Chruch controlled most all aspects of life except for the aristocrats who lived big-time hedonistic but supported the church control of the plebes...same thing today execpt substitute bankers for the Church.I travelled across many, many European borders before Shitsgen. It took a bit longer to cross but NBFD. Now, terrorists cross with ease. I have no desire to ever go back now… France is not France, Germany is not Germany and I lament the demise of the 10^2000 SPF gorgeous white Swedish Bikini Team.

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No one ever seems to talk about the reasons particular cultures are brought to America and Europe.1. Zionists want to give others a Muslim problem in order to make others more sympathetic to what they plan to do to the remaining Muslim population in the lands they stole from muslims (Israel and surrounding lands).2. Particular immigrants are brought in to vote for fascism, socialism, or big government in general --anything but individual liberty.3. Particular immigrants are brought in to foment conflict that can be used as a pretext to justify more of a police state, which can then be used against "patriots".4. Particular immigrants are brought in because they will be more willing to work for the police state (e.g. to disarm the indigenous population).5. In addition to general conflict, particular immigrants are brought in to perpetrate real domestic terrorism and to serve as patsies for false flag operations -- all in order to justify the creation of an apparatus to combat domestic terror, which can then be used against "patriots".

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Surround those cities with hog farms.   On the bright side conservatives can keep them in check, but liberals would be beheaded in the street. I'd trade our liberals for some muslims. I fucking hate liberals. I can see some of muslims logic whereas liberas are just fucking backwards. At least they understand the value of gender roles. 

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I live in Minneapolis.  The "SHTF" hysteria story quotes a nut from the UK, who mentions the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood here in Minneapolis as a "No Go Zone."This is complete nonsense, and his examples are lies.  I go through that neighborhood regularly.  I used to work there.It's on and near the University of Minnesota East Bank campus.  30 years ago, it was a neighborhood of hippies and college students, with the dilapidated housing one would expect to find, and a complex of public housing high-rises that weren't very nice but weren't nearly the nightmares of such high-rises in other cities.  When Reagan closed down the mental hospitals, the area filled up with crazy people, which was too bad.East Africans started showing up, mostly from Eritrea and Tigre.  Some Ethiopians.  Then the Somalis showed up in numbers.Yes, they opened their own businesses selling things they like to buy.  The story about "Sharia Police" is a lie by the authors.  There was one guy, who is a white guy from Alabama, who was badly mentally ill, converted to Islam, and decided to run around the neighborhood berating people for not being Muslim enough.  The local Somali Muslims tried to control him but he was crazy and off his meds.  So they went to the Minneapolis Police to see if they could get rid of the guy.  The cops, rightfully, said they couldn't arrest him until he committed a crime, and being a crazy religious freak asshole isn't a crime or we'd have to round up all the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses who bother people.Yes, one of the local mosques over there, set up in a dilapidated 125 year-old storefront, has a loudspeaker out front.  It's been there for decades; it used to play music for outdoor seating when the building was a restaurant.  Now they do play music and calls to prayer.  If you're 50' away you can't make out what it is.This is typical "SHTFplan" crap.  The example cited, which I know about personally, is a pack of lies.  Therefore, I'm calling bullshit on the rest of the article as well.If you want to be afraid, look at the militarization of police in America, Civil Asset Forfeiture, the predominance of Goldman Sachs guys and Generals in the Administration, and the completely dysfunctional Legislative and Executive branches in American government. 

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I wonder if I changed my name to Ira cohenstien if I could get a good gubberment job or a position in Hollywood as a producer/director.  Then I would make a movie about how fucked up it is that we are being socially forced to become a population of what we never were.  Then I could lobby myself to pass immigration laws that says you have to bring something to the table if your going to live in Club America, like a guaranteed income of x 1000's per month, or a lump sum investment into a business that you plan to own and run that provides a benefit... You know, the same parameters I would have to meet if I wanted to immigrate to all other countries in the world except America.Racist or not, America was %90 white and had a common social value like heterosexuality and love of God and country.  So what do we do to increase our prosperity?  Bring in a bunch of ignorant, non English speaking indigent (broke) who hate the country because there are too many white people.  The solution... More dump broke people =more votes for the side who can lie the best about giving "them" a solution to their condition.  Problem is is that one never values what they do not earn.  Americans up to 1950 earned the right to be an American.  Now they are giving away "America" to as many and whoever will take it for the sake of potential political capitol... I.e. votes.If you played pickup football and selected the least qualified players on your team, you'd loose.  However, if you played hard enough to build you own reputation as being a good player, you'd be proud to be picked by the best team and you would win most likely.  So why is club America allowing losers on the team who do not value themselves enough to be successful, or value the team enough to help it move in a winning direction.  Could it be that Team America, when led by Captain Obama was not interested in winning at all, but more interested in getting rid of the whole damn  team because he sucked at it.  Perhaps he wanted to get rid of the entire league... Just like his Dad did in Africa, because he is angry with the colonialists (Americans).The frog continues to boil.  Close the doors until we can once again understand what our constitution actually constitutes.  In the meantime, c'mon Donald... Drain that fucking swamp already or its going to get pretty ugly, wherever you no-go.

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Those who know no history are doomed to repeat it.   Very few people in our society know the relevant history pertaining to islam.Moslems can not ever integrate or tolerate or live in peace with any non-muslims.   Their holy book tells them to "kill all unbelievers" and that is what they do.   Convert or die.   They are not a people with whom there can ever be any compromise.   TPTB may bring the muslims in to divide and conquer but they will, eventually, find that they have a tiger by the tail and it will turn on them and destroy them.   Unfortunately it will be too late for Western Civilization.

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At the founding of the nation we had religious factions that had a long history of murdering each other.  The protestant / catholic wars were much more than a distant memory when the colonies formed up.  Federalism as it was first introduced allowed for major differences within the states.  Catholic Maryland could live in peace beside Anglican Virginia.  Massachusetts could impose a state tax to support the Puritan Church. If we want this country to hold together in this age of economic slide, we must once again let states assert their rights.  If Michigan wishes to become a caliphate, that is their right.  If  Ohio wants to deem Islam a terrorist organization and ban it, that is their right. There is an immediate solution to the secession sentiment that is springing up all over the nation.  It is the abolition of the one size fits all federal paradigm.  We wither do that or we wind up at some point in the future with the genocide of our minorities.

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