"Ole Miss Goes Bananas": Dear Parents, How's This For A $40K A Year Education?

What new college campus PC outrage could top ESPN's decision to remove an Asian announcer named Robert Lee from calling a UVA game? One might reasonably think, impossible! But campus snowflakes have done it again, and this time it's a single discarded banana peel which sent a college fraternity event hosting campus "leaders" into meltdown and general panic.

As one prominent columnist put it, "Ole Miss Goes Bananas" - we truly wish this was merely an over the top parody featured in The Onion, but unfortunately the triggered victims' tears are all to real. The Daily Mississippian broke the story this week, which quickly went viral:

This weekend, leaders from Ole Miss Greek life convened upon Camp Hopewell in Lafayette County for a three-day retreat designed to build leaders and bring campus closer together. The retreat was cut short Saturday night, however, after three black students found a banana peel in a tree in front of one of the camp’s cabins.


The students shared what they found with National Pan-Hellenic Council leaders, sparking a day’s worth of camp-wide conversation surrounding symbolism, intended or not. In the midst of the open and sometimes heated discussion, senior accounting major Ryan Swanson said he put the banana peel in the tree when he could not find a trashcan nearby.

The offending fruit peel in question. 

That's right, a random discarded fruit peel ultimately led to the cancellation of an entire weekend event "designed to build leaders" which instead ended in "tears and frustration" as organizers “didn’t feel safe”. And then of course came the inevitable university action plans, flurry of letters exchanged, and sensitivity meetings. Bleary-eyed and shaken students had to text friends and family to come pick them up early (sounds like Kindergarten carpool pick-up time). The Daily Mississippian continues:

Alexa Lee Arndt, interim director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, said she was one of the only university staff members acting in an administrative capacity at the weekend retreat. Monday afternoon, she sent a letter to all campus chapter presidents, council officers and chapter advisers, confirming the incident and outlining the university’s plans.


“To be clear, many members of our community were hurt, frightened, and upset by what occurred at IMPACT … Because of the underlying reality many students of color endure on a daily basis, the conversation manifested into a larger conversation about race relations today at the University of Mississippi,” Arndt wrote in the letter acquired by The DM.


...Katrina Caldwell, vice chancellor for diversity and community engagement, said her office was asked to put a plan together to handle the weekend’s incident on campus.

As the story went national by the end of week, and with the original Daily Mississippian report garnering 100,000 views, one event organizer accused the media of racism, writing that she “understood the potential pitfalls of allowing white journalists to write our story.” Perhaps this is the one good thing about this story: columnists generally laughed at the ordeal, and some national media headlines which attempted to frame the story objectively still came off sounding like parodies - all of which naturally led to further triggering at Ole Miss. Take for instance The Washington Times story, titled University of Mississippi event cut short over discarded banana peel. Nothing really more needs to be said beyond this succinct (and elegantly absurd) headline, yet the effected students persist in their demands to be taken seriously. 

Makala McNeil, the student who blamed "white journalists" for wrongly framing the story, subsequently wrote an editorial which provided emotional play-by-play recounting the moment the discarded banana peel was noticed:

As we approached the cabin, she abruptly stopped. Her eyes widened. Her jaw dropped. She frantically pointed at a tree, exclaiming, “Look! Look! In the tree!” It was a banana, dangling from a limb.


My heart dropped instantly. I began to scan the area around us to see if we were in any immediate harm. Once we realized we were alone, questions started flying: “Was this here this morning?” “There’s no coincidence that this happened right after we just got done talking about race, right?”

But McNeil goes on to acknowledge the central question at the heart of the entire non-event while still defending her right to be triggered: could it really be that a student merely threw out a banana peel after innocently consuming the banana? She writes:

Regardless whether last weekend’s incident was an honest mistake or a malicious threat, our response as black Greeks at the University of Mississippi was valid and authentic, especially given the present state of race relations in our country and at our university.

Apparently eating bananas can now only be classified as an "honest mistake" or "malicious threat". Senior Ryan Swanson confessed to having discarded the peel after the "triggered" students asked who did it in a group session before the event was canceled. Swanson said he simply didn't see a trashcan and flung the peel into the tree. He issued a lengthy apology. But we do sincerely hope for his sake the snowflake mob at Ole Miss doesn't now try to ruin his life. 

Rod Dreher, writing at The American Conservative magazine, summarized the whole episode best:

"So let me get this straight. Three black students freaked out because they saw a banana peel in a tree while at a mixed-race fraternity-sorority retreat. The entire retreat ground to a halt so everybody could sit around and emote about the banana peel. A frat boy confessed that he had tossed the peel into the tree because he couldn’t find a trash can — then he promptly abased himself for having committed an offense against racial correctness. The freakout got even freakier, with some black students saying they didn’t feel “safe”. Because of a banana peel. Then the entire retreat was cancelled, and now it’s going to be a campus-wide Thing at Ole Miss. Over a banana peel a frat boy threw into a tree because he couldn’t find a trash can."

And more from Dreher: "This idiot country is losing its damn mind. Our universities are training students to be total neurotics. If you are an actual adult who wails and gnashes her teeth at the sight of a banana peel, you ought to question whether you are mature enough for college. And if you are an actual adult who lacks the spine to tell students who freak out over banana peels to grow up, you ought to question whether you might be Stuart Smalley."

And what next?

It now seems mass triggering events are a weekly phenomenon on college campuses. Will even "the case of the discarded banana peel" be matched for its absurdity? No doubt, more will come as campus education and culture continues its tailspin into the abyss of social justice warrior mass meltdown panic and accompanying absurdism. Dear parents, how's this for a $40K a year education?


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Throwing on the tree was a lame excuse, so was cancelling the event. The wise thing to do, in my opinion, would have been for those students to find a white trash can a throw the banana there. Of course, no offense to the “white trash” can.  

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"...sparking a day’s worth of camp-wide conversation surrounding symbolism, intended or not. In the midst of the open and sometimes heated discussion, senior accounting major Ryan Swanson said he put the banana peel in the tree when he could not find a trash can."Intent or not, if you misplace banana peels, watermelons, fried chicken, malt liquor, or a pack of Kools.... you're scheduled for the future gulags and pogroms.Maybe Comey, "Mr No-Intent" will defend these vile perpetrators of unintended dietetic racism???Well, probably ONLY if you're a card-carrying member of the deep-state swamp dweller club...

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Most of the Greeks I know would be asking what a bunch of nignogs were doing at a "Greek" event. I know a LOT of Greeks, and I can't think of one who isn't institutionally racists, on the basis that being Greek is better than being anything else, but being African is really a bit of faux pas, if you will pardon my french. They are abusive enough about the village round the corner, because the locals are particularly dark -skinned (the joke is that they didn't have an acropolis to hide in, so African pirates would rape the women in a regular basis, unlike the nice clean pure-blooded Greeks in my village, who DID have an acropolis to hide in).

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What are black students doing at the Hellenic club anyway? I guess they now identify as Greeks... just like their brothers who have been arriving in Greece in George Soros' boats. " First thing I noticed when I read this story the other day.  This is AKA, the only reason they were there in the first place is affirmative action. Not even a real sorority, just a backup for black girls who are too ugly or otherwise primitive to actually go Greek.

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A Memphis theater has ended its 34-year tradition of screening the 1939 Oscar-winning-film “Gone With the Wind” at least once a year. The Orpheum Theatre dropped the movie from its programming after several patrons complained about an Aug. 11 screening, saying the film was “racially insensitive,” USA Today reported.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/08/29/scourge-o… Soon, BLM will be throwing crackas off roof tops as a form of "retribution."

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The "Retribution Olympics", the "Oppression Olympics", the "Victimhood Olympics" - they are always seeking out new ways to be offended.  Does anyone, except leftists, really care about any of it?40 years of 'affirmative action' has not raised their bar at all - they just want more 'free stuff' all the time.  They can only get things when they are handed out, hardly ever through their own efforts (except for TVs etc which they loot when they can).  How much longer do we have to wait for someone to stand up and say "it will never work"?Netanyahu has just called for all blacks in Israel to be sent back to Africa: "We will return south Tel Aviv to the citizens of Israel, they are not refugees, but infiltrators looking for work.  If needed, we will legislate an amendment to the law or change the agreements with the African countries, or both."  http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.809999

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Why on earth has this idiocy been permitted to proliferate?   It ought to have been laughed into oblivion when it first emerged.Do not the black students and their sympathizers realize that everyone is laughing at them behind their backs?   Do they not realize that they look foolish - beyond foolish - downright stupid and that whites see this nonesense as evidence that racism is well-founded and that blacks are childish and silly.   Blacks will not, and cannot, ever be taken seriously or treated as equals while they continue to throw tantrums over imagined slights, or even real slights.     Apparently Whitey so important to them that the blacks must react to everything he does, intentional or accidental?  The only person who can offend me is the person I respect and look up to.   The opinions of my inferiors are of no interest or importance to me.

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Did you read the fucking piece of shit cuck's apology? This fucking guy is everything that is wrong with this country.Let me help you with your response young cuck.I threw a god damn banana peel away. If you dont like it go pick it up and slap yourself in the face with it until I say stop you cunts. All these pathetic, sniveling, whining, groveling, apologetic, pussy ass bitch boys are the infection allowing this disease to survive. Fathers this is on us. Raise MEN not estrongen filled cowards.  Here. This is his apology: “Although unintentional, there is no excuse for the pain that was caused to members of our community, I have much to learn and look forward to doing such and encourage all members of our community to do the same.”

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That it is, while trying to live with feminists we had to let the discipline slide, I guess? I didn't but then I'm one of those assholes who believe in being responsible for oneself AND those you bring into this world, earning respect, while respecting others (if given the chance) and strong work ethic or positive contribution to society.

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I agree...but let's be honest here. Anyone who has spent any time at Ole Miss/Oxford area knows that there is some amount of racism. I don't think their is anything wrong with this as it is free speech. Probably, this banana peel does has some meaning/symbolism to it (yep, monkey, porch monkey, banana peel). I can see it.But the OTHER side needs to be looking for this symbolism and letting them be affected by it to have any meaning. That is the root that I was taught as a child...stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Guess the kids today have never heard of this.All this, or the kid just may have slung his banana peel in the tree....at worst case, he is a litter bug.

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Damn right! And when our great state had the opportunity a few years back to change it, the vote was overwhelmingly to keep our flag (while other states pussed out). The issue came up again last year but couldn't muster enough support to even make it on the ballot.Ole Miss is something else completely. Over the last decade they have renamed streets on campus due to racial insensitivity, rid themselves of their long-time mascot, Colonel Reb, in favor of (and I can't make this shit up) the Black Bear, and forced the school marching band to stop playing Dixie (written by a black man, no less). There has even been talk in recent years of doing away with the name "Ole Miss" because that's what the house slaves were apparently forced to call the woman of the house on the old plantations. Ole Miss has degraded to shit and shows all that is wrong with this politically correct bullshit.Lead on, mighty snowflakes!

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