Russia Accuses US Of "State Hooliganism"

Against the constant tirade of US politicians calling Putin and his pals "thugs," a Russian official on Monday called the United States’ shuttering of Russian facilities "state hooliganism."

Reuters reports thAT Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov exclaimed,

"I am inclined to call what is happening state hooliganism."

This follows shocking revelations from Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova that the FBI agents were searching the Russian diplomatic and consular compounds for explosive devices, something more common in the hideout of terrorist groups than in the embassies and consular properties of large states.

As TheDuran notes, during an interview on Rossiya One television, Zakharova described the incident in the following way,

“By the way, do you know, what they were looking for – as we were told before the searches? You would not believe it – they were looking for explosives”.

She added,

“Just try to imagine that you are being brainwashed for a year that an enemy is living overseas and this enemy is impacting your life and everything bad that might happen – the election of a president you don’t like – has been done by the Russians.


On September 2, black cars with FBI and State Department officers rolled up to our consulate general in San Francisco and they came into the building.


A day before, the directorate chief said that if the doors of our diplomatic compound, which is our property, were closed they would be broken. More to it, a car of a private company specialising in forcing open doors, locks and safes drove to our trade mission in Washington. We have posted this video in the internet.


I don’t know how our diplomats could find nerve enough to open the doors and be polite”.

With all this in mind, Irish Journalist Bryan McDonald asks American readers to put the shoe on the other foot for a moment...

Imagine an alternative universe where US officials reacted with outrage on Saturday after the Russian Foreign Ministry announced it was closing the US Consulate in Vladivostok and giving staff only 48 hours’ notice to evacuate.


To compound matters, on Monday, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) indicated its intention to carry out searches at the building on Tuesday afternoon. The raids would extend to trade missions in the capital, Moscow.


In Vladivostok, the operations won’t be restricted to US consular offices in the Far Eastern city, but will also take place at the apartments of staff who live in the building and who have diplomatic immunity. To perform those searches, Russian authorities have ordered those staff members and their families, including children and babies, to leave their homes for up to 12 hours.


"We are talking about an invasion in the consulate office and homes of diplomatic staff, who themselves are being ousted not to disturb FSB agents,” US State Department spokesperson Heather Ann Nauert complained. She pointed out that Washington was given just two days to close a consulate which serves the needs of “an area bigger than all of Europe.”


The Kremlin’s actions seriously violate international norms, including Moscow’s obligations in the Vienna declarations on diplomatic and consulate relations, Nauert said. These are “unprecedented measures on restricting the work” of the US diplomatic mission in Russia, she contested, “It is obvious that Russia is not interested in the development of relations between people.”


To make matters worse, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman confirmed his boss had personally ordered the measure. “This was a decision made by the president himself,” press secretary Dmitry Peskov told supporters. The US media was especially angered by Putin’s involvement, after he spent the past year promising to repair relations with Washington, repeatedly saying how “it’d be great to get along with America” and “we are going to have excellent relations.”


Mikhail Belov, a US expert, who has never been to America and can't speak English, on news channel Rossiya 24 said: “We were all worried that Putin was going soft on the Americans when he started talking about making friends with them. The military industry will be relieved now he's changing tack,” he said.

Real world woes

Obviously, the above is a joke. But the fact the US gave Russia two days last weekend to shut its San Francisco Consulate is no laughing matter. Nor were Saturday’s FBI raids on the building or the virtual mainstream media blackout of any dissenting views on the move. This would stand in stark contrast to the predictable reaction if Russia had even considered pulling a similar stunt.

Right now, the only conclusion to be drawn from Donald Trump’s choice is that Washington is actively looking for an escalation in its standoff with Moscow. Hoping Putin will take the bait and raise the stakes even further. Because how else can you interpret a move which would surely be hyped as an “act of war” if carried out by the Russian side?

For her part, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova insists America is seriously violating international regulations. She also says the latest US decision “even exceeds” Barack Obama’s move to expel Russian envoys and confiscate Russian consular property in the dying days of his presidency.

Zakharova may well be correct, because the searches of two compounds in Washington on Saturday certainly seemed like an illegal takeover, particularly in light of how the US authorities lifted diplomatic immunity from the trade mission compound at short notice – something considered extremely abnormal in diplomatic circles, especially between major powers.

So what happens next?

The main questions now are how will Moscow respond, and what do the US authorities hope to gain from their actions? Firstly, the Kremlin might not want to descend to the same level as their adversaries and may try to retake the moral high ground, as Putin did in response to Obama’s December orders. On the other hand, the Russians may feel enough is enough and prepare a similar clampdown on the Americans, perhaps by removing leisure facilities or conducting raids. Some well-placed sources have suggested a nuclear option where Moscow reduces its embassy personnel in the US to the bare minimum and forces their counterparts to do the same in Russia. A state-of-affairs which would see both sides restricted to their capital city properties only.

When it comes to working out what the Americans are really up to, the answer seems clear now. The White House wants to antagonize the Kremlin to such an extent that something like the extreme notion of a large-scale shutdown of bilateral interaction is implemented. In this event, the State Department may feel it gains by making Russia look like the petulant partner. The problem with this plan lies in how uncharacteristic it would be for Putin, and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, to take the bait.

The other confusing issue is Donald Trump’s behavior. He came to office promising a vast improvement in US-Russian relations. Thus, either he’s changed his mind, or he’s lost control of his own apparatchiks, and has been forced to surrender to their demands. Either way, America is now a dangerous rival, because there seems to be no longer any consistency in its conduct. And, barring impeachment or resignation, there’s still almost three and a half years of the Trump Presidency ahead. So, brace yourself, because things could get a lot worse.


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Don't always accept the situation as they want us to see it. An alternative is one where there is total cooperation between the US and Russia. The "tensions" are a well scripted plan. Why?  The object of power is power. US Deep State and Military / Industry wins big. The people lose. Putin has benefited huugely from everything that has happened.

Savyindallas Sep 5, 2017 8:55 AM Permalink

At least in AmeriKa we still have some freedoms  -you are free to be a wacko, sexual pervert/degenerate, and racist hater  -as long as you are politically correct and only hate white Christians-primarily males. You just don't get tht kind of freedom in Russia or Iran. 

MrBoompi Sep 5, 2017 8:44 AM Permalink

The military was the only component of the deep state that supported Trump.  In this regard, he was no different than Clinton.  When you let the Pentagon direct foreign policy the last thing you're going to get is peace.  

VooDoo6Actual Sep 5, 2017 7:50 AM Permalink

‘Hooliganism’ LMAO ....’We are way past the pale & Rubicon of that. Past the fringes of the abysmal void of manufactured creationism. Whatever ‘form’ the new ‘matter’ takes won’t be an improvement to humanity. The scripted Kabuki Theater of the Absurd & Surreal using Chaoskampf to deliberately cause the entropy & ‘system failure’ is beyond obvious. They wrote the algorithm to our reality of the physical universe / Material World & now they want to bring about the failure to create the new system which is even worst. If they could have fixed it they would have. They own it. Anyone with a double digit ‘IQ’ or higher can see that provided they are consciously aware. The ‘hidden hand’ Pope & Russian Patriarch pimping Weather Catastrophe while they’re cohorts are Geoengineering the weather is risible & ‘keystone cops’ - 100th Monkey Theory obvious. Using all the tools of destruction to create an orchestrated MLEE via Arc of Crisis’s isn’t the best solution for humanity at large since those consciously aware are witness & the survivors have already processed the Gnosis is known. The smarter of species best able to adapt to the conditions & environment is the best bet. Assuming the Weapons of destruction or Karma don’t intervene into someone’s passive dogma. Reprogramming or corrupting our current 22 strands DNA or wiring the planet in RF / EMF isn’t going to benefit to humans with they’re natural design as Electro- Chemical Beings. The Shumann Resonance speaks frequency with all oraganic matter. Remote Neural Monitoring of the masses to control thought is a bad idea & considerably past mission creep. Pretty bizzare-a-lero Epoch to witness. Spiritus & Anima Invictus - Sic Mortem Tyrannis.

The trolls & schills loitering here are beyond obvious.

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I heared today that Russians consider kicking another 155  CIA agents out of Russia for parity ;)They figured out that the number  of Russians working for UN mission   doesnt count to US mission. CIA won't be pleased ;(. I think that will happen.Russians already said they won't do stupid sh.t like this to break international law. If this idiots in CIA thought Russians would do stupid moves to embarras them self  they missjudged biggly. I don't think they thought RUssians would do the same. It is just to show off that they have bigger balls which in the end harms US because it shows every nation that they have no intend to be lawful partner. US is run by Nero. Nah i take it back . Its run by Israhell

East Indian Sep 5, 2017 5:10 AM Permalink

Netanyahu goes to Moscow, threatens that he would bomb Assad's palace.Putin ignores.America invades Russian consulates (Russian consulates are Russian territories. So it is an invasion). Hmmm... I am sure there is a simple, innocent explanation that does not involve Israel, but I am not falling for it. 

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Putin is the bankers' bitch.
He can send bombers to Syria but cannot even take the Russian central bank back from the City of London and the Americans who own and control it. The Russians hold more dollars than Roubles. Even PRAVDA admits it. Read and weep, you morons. Rothschild owns Putin's ass:
From the horse's mouth:…

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No, the Russians only devalued the Rouble instead of continuing to defend the exchange rate of their currency by raising interest rates and keeping them high. The Russians don't even have the right to buy anything else but US Treasuries with the dollars they receive in payment for their oil. All their alleged gold buying in large amounts is lies. The Russians still do not own nor control the Russian central bank. Are you denying this too? Read this:

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What is the penalty for State Hooliganism?To bed early without supper?  2 weeks of after-State detention.  Being forced to attend the Duran Duran concert after the next economic conference?

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Putin works for Uncle Sam.

Why is Putin selling Russian oil for US dollars? Why does Putin thus keep propping up the petrodollar which sustains Uncle Sam and his war machine, even after the Americans invaded sovereign Russian soil?

Why did Putin never shoot down American and Israeli planes even when they bombed and killed hundreds of Syrian and Russian soldiers?

Why Putin doesn't even politely request that the Americans leave sovereign Syrian soil where they built over a dozen bases illegally after invading it?

Because Putin is Uncle Sam's bitch.

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You are regurgitating the meme that has become sacred liturgy for the cult of Putin on Zerohedge and the alternative right.

'Putin is my hero and savior.'

No sir, Putin is part of the problem. He could have neutralized the American Empire without firing a single shot by refusing to sell Russian oil for American dollars. The neocons were not going to nuke Russia over that.

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There is actually quite a stark split in ideologies between the Globalists and the NeoCons deep down when you get past the butthurt and counter-butthurt historical provocations.It was only when HR Clinton was banished to the SoS position that the Clinton Cartel inhaled deeply the brilliant idea of joining forces with the NeoCons to put pressure on Russia to fulfill several ostensibly short term geopolitical goals.  Someohow they sold Soros on the idea and the money flowed.  And man oh man, did the money flow! Then after the most spectacular bonfire of poltical capital that this world has ever seen, we are now where we are now.Anyone want to play a game of checkers?

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Compare the beauty, decorum, dignity & intelligence of Ms Zakharova...

..with the hysterical, loud-mouth, ignorant screaming sluts - like the former Spitting Samantha and now Nicki Nutjob, not to mention the painted know-nothing 2-bit media-whore ZIO-fluffers - that represent the USSA!

Says it all... don't it?

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The Russian Federation is not the neo-Soviet Union.  There is no evidence it seeks to reinstitute the dicatatorship of the proletariat, the abolition of private property, the collectivization of agriculture, central economic planning, the leading role of the party, official atheisim and/or the One, True Doctrine of Marxism-Leninism.  Without those things you cannot be the Soviet Union, not even the neo-Soviet Union.Time to recognize that times have changed.  It's not 1917 anymore.  It's 2017.As for the RF not being "some sort of beacon of integrity and morality," they don't claim to be.  They just claim to be a country that survived the near-death experience of Marxism-Leninism, and now wants stable borders so as to develop internally, i.e., repair the damange done by 70 years of Communist misrule.  Time to pay atttention to what's going on in our own country (hint: it's far from pretty, and is nothing Jefferson would have approved of.)     

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