German Food Chain Faces Backlash After Airbrushing Crosses From Churches On Food Packaging

Europe’s war on religion has reached an absurd milestone.

According to the Telegraph, customers of budget supermarket Lidl have expressed outrage after the company airbrushed Christian symbols from packaging of its "Eridanous"-branded Greek-food line, which featured images of the Anastasis Church in Santorini, Greece, in order to remain "religiously neutral," as the company claimed.

“The German chain's Greek food range features images of the famous Anastasis Church in Santorini, Greece, complete with its world-renowned blue dome roof."

Shoppers have taken to the company’s Facebook page to express their "disappointment" that the cross was photoshopped. One user, Daniel Novak, wrote: "I'm highly disappointed in a company that is bending over to cater to specific people. Why are you hiding from the history?”

"We are all to learn from history, removing it with Photoshop will cause the same mistakes of the past to be done over and over again."

One user demanded to know who the company thought it would be offending with the crosses.

“Steve West added: ‘Why have you taken the crosses off the top of Greek churches in your advertising?


‘Is there somebody you will think takes offence? There is. Me, Greeks and many others. I definitely won't be using you again if you don't reverse this policy.’”

Another asked why the company felt compelled to erase reality.

“And Daisy Matthews wrote: ‘Why are you erasing the reality from a photo?’


If there were products from Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, or Muslim countries with their symbols depicted on there I wouldn't have a problem buying them.”

Still others said they felt discriminated against as Christians, and doubted that the company would treat an image of a mosque the same way.

“‘As a Christian I feel really hurt, discriminated against, upset and disappointed that you have done this, if it is the case I won't be shopping at your store anymore.’


The 'Eridanous' range features Greek delicacies such as olive oil, Moussaka, yogurt and gyros.”

In fact, customers have also pointed out that some of the packaging for Halal meats sold at Lidl appear to feature buildings with minarets, a piece of Islamic religious architecture. According to the Telegraph, the row has spread across Europe, with shoppers in Belgium and Germany criticizing the policy.

The company quickly apologized, but it did little to quiet customers’ anger.

"We have been selling our highly popular Eridanous own-label range in Lidl stores across Europe for over 10 years now, and in that time the design of the packaging has been through a number of updates.


"We are extremely sorry for any offence caused by the most recent artwork and would like to reassure our customers that this is not an intentional statement. In light of this we will ensure that all feedback is taken into consideration when redesigning future packaging."

But the Belgian arm of European TV and radio station RTL, which originally picked up the story after a reader who noticed the packaging wrote in, said it had been given a different statement.

Ironically, the company said it airbrushed the cross because it didn’t want to “exclude” customers of different faiths.

“‘We are avoiding the use of religious symbols because we do not wish to exclude any religious beliefs,’ it quoted a spokesman as saying.


‘We are a company that respects diversity and this is what explains the design of this packaging.’”


"Our intention has never been to shock," said the supermarket's spokesman.


"We avoid the use of religious symbols on our packaging to maintain neutrality in all religions.


‘If it has been perceived differently, we apologize to those who may have been shocked.’”

Lidl’s experience is one that’s becoming increasingly common in the modern PC-dominated culture: Companies offending large groups of customers while actively trying to do the opposite.


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The Crusades continue to be lost.Imagine if they had removed the Star of David, or the Star and Crescent?  A scandal!However, dumping on Christians is just fine!  Selective discrimination.  Typical N.W.O. thought process.

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Idiots. If they didn't want religious symbols how about showing the acropolis, a portrait of zeus or aphrodite, or another symbol of greece that doesn't demand a royalty? 

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Good point. They and the feminists have a higher agenda than their stated one - to foul the larger nest. Feminists are for the total degradation of women. If you want to see or hear something that the word "moronic" doesn't even begin to describe, watch or listen to feminists. Remember the pink fallopian tube hats? I rest my case. 

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Yeah, we remember, and "Christian" minister, Reverend g-g-g-g-g-g-nephew of Robert E. Lee was just "forced" to resign from his church because he went on the garbage MTV awards show to praise the Women's March & BLM.Something tells me he wouldn't have a problem with the new packaging or the thought behind it.

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LOL! So this shitstorm reached Murica now. First some muzzel that rejects selling alcohol, now they photofuck crosses away. Lidl... Germany... Says it all. Greeks were not pleased btw. 

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as a pastafarian I'm not offended of pictures of uncooked spaghetti...Fuckin' dhimmitude, combined with greedy CEOs - bye bye western culture. I was nice while it lasted.

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Given the total sum of everything, despite its own pathetic quirks, as far as religions go, the Christian one is far and away the best, especially when you strip away the religious facade and zoom in on the man the religion was built around. Whoever or whatever Jesus was, upon examination of the text of his words and deeds, he lays claim to the one person who most famously drove home the point that there is an Absolute Truth, that somethings are just absolutely right, and others completely wrong. He is known above all to have reaffirmed the idea that we are all equally created, emanating from the same Source, and all equally valid, whatever the sex, ancestry or national origin. He may not have been the first, nor was he the last to propound these timeless truths, but given his overwhelming notoriety, it is very likely these ideals never would be so prominently affixed to our liberal, civil, western society. The jew, on the other hand, despises Jesus for forcing these essential notions of truth, justice, fair play, right vs wrong,and equality. Why? Because the jew pretends they are above and superior to all, and taking every destructive measure to attempt to establish their 'superiority '.The jew finds the teaching of Jesus about Absolute Good abhorrent, because the jew cannot get what it wants it there is an Absolute standard of Good by which everything is measured, and if not in compliance therewith, the initiative must be disavowed. The jew cult does not take kindly to impediments to attaining their objectives.Jesus was consistently on target and flat out right in just about everything. If he was only a fictional character (unlikely) the author that penned the tale was one clever and clearheaded person. It goes without saying that the Christian religion doesn't do it's central protagonist justice. Nonetheless, Christianity has this man at its center, and because of it, when it comes to religions, objectively shines far brighter than all the rest.Given the above facts, these petty, and growing attacks on Christianity are only growing evidence of an age of anti-enlightenment.And given the prominence of the jew, the cancer from the east, it should come as no surprise.

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** Companies offending large groups of customers while actively trying to do the opposite **That's rich. More like, "Companies offending large groups of customers while actively groveling before Muslims."

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Was it absurd that PEOPLE were airbrushed out of existence in the old Soviet Union?

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I declare war on all religions. No exceptions. Nobody has the copyright on woowoo faith-based belief. It's all bullshit.A pox on all of their fake, charlatan, houses

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