China Holds Military Exercise To Fend Off "Surprise Attack" Along North Korea Border

The Chinese government bristled last week after the US suggested that it might cut economic ties with any country trading with North Korea, an implicit dig at the Chinese, who are responsible for 90% of the isolated country’s foreign trade. And after suggesting that they might use their UN Security Council veto power to block more sanctions against the North – after all, the China-Russia peace map calls for the US and South Korea to stop holding military drills – the North’s neighbor and primary benefactor has reportedly conducted a military exercise of its own, according to Reuters.

News of the drill arrived as US President Donald Trump is expected to press China to institute an oil embargo against North Korea, eliminating the country’s primary source of petroleum, which flows to it from China through the “Friendship Pipeline” which runs from China under the Yalu River into North Korea.

China’s air force has carried out exercises near the Korean peninsula to practice defending against a “surprise attack” coming over the sea, Chinese state media reported. An anti-aircraft defense battalion carried out the exercises early on Tuesday, near the Bohai Sea, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea that separates China from the peninsula, an official military website reported.

While Reuters offers scant details about the exercise and the motives behind it, it’s safe to say that China is preparing for any blowback that could occur should the US-North Korea war of words blossoms into a full-scale military conflict, as Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned. If the Kim regime falls, China would certainly need to defend its border with the North as the country devolves into chaos.

Troops traveled to the Bohai site from central China before starting drills to fend off the “surprise attack.” “The troops’ rapid response capabilities and actual combat levels have effectively been tested,” it said.

Initial reports said it was the first time “certain weapons” had been used to shoot down low-altitude targets coming over the sea, but they didn’t specify what the weapons are. China’s Defence Ministry did not immediately respond to a faxed request for comment, Reuters said. Of course, China’s exercise came days after North Korea carried out its sixth and largest nuclear test of an advanced hydrogen bomb and there is mounting concern internationally that the country plans more weapons tests, possibly of a long-range missile.

As Reuters points out, South Korea and the US have also been discussing the deployment of aircraft carriers and strategic bombers to the Korean peninsula. The North’s benefactor is “extremely suspicious” of any US-backed military buildup and repeatedly expressed anger at the deployment of US THAAD missile-defense systems in South Korea. To China, the missile “defense” systems look like weapons.

We imagine that, as tensions continue to simmer, China will continue to prepare for the eventuality of  US-led coalition forces advancing beyond the 38th parallel.


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Russia military excersise on Polish border in Belarus China military excersise on North Korea USA and South Korea on North Korea border so much fun ! 

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Down the liberal cultural marxist memory hole went the lying Bolshvik MSM, DemocRat, Neocon, DemocRat Campaign Finance Committee & the criminal Clinton Administration's giving Communist China guidance missile system upgrades, Permanent Normal Trade relations (PNTR) & entry in the hated WTO (which helped destroy our economy) in return for tens of millions of illegal campaign donations from the Communist Chinese government to the Democrat Campaign Finance Committee & the Clinton's persoanlly, like when bagboy Al Gore picked up loads of illegal Chinese cash at the Buddhist temple.  Clinton comrade and fellow CFR member Neocon Newt Gingrich helped to make sure Clinton was only impeached for the nonsens not the Treason which should have brought down the criminal Clinton Admin & the Democrat Campaign Finance Committee! Treason against the people of the US!

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Yeah, sure China is our friend.
Globalist have this fantasy that giving away American jobs, technology and wealth will cause China to align with the West.

The joke was you on you fools. You globalist raped 80% of Americans for this fantasy.
Ends up all this was. A fantasy.

You find your true friends in time of need.

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Again, I respectively disagree. The globalists are no living a fantasy. Those who engineered this NWO have become very, very, very rich and very. very, pwerful. The fantasy lives in the minds of the voters who continually believe their elected representatives/leaders are concerned with the quality of life of the indigenous population they purportedly govern. The play book is such: "Look, you guys have nothing to worry about. Pass these laws that grant us unlimited access to your capital, treasurey and court systems, and in return you will receive a upper six figure income forever, free medical, free college for your kids, free housing in the best areas of D.C., all the campaing contribution you can get and when the American population is diluted, poverty stricken and disgruntled, use the $1,000,000,000,000 in military speading to crush any sentiment towards self determination." The fantsy is the feminized view held by an artifically properous, soon to be extinct middle class, that goes like this: "It is love of all mankind that will bring peace to the would. All peoples, except those of European origin, are loving and kind and contribute to the wonder and beauty of the world. Various moral and cultural difference are only a matter of opinion and need to be accepted. Once this love is accepted by the mean people of European ancestry, the world will move forward in lockstep with truth, justice and the globalist way. All will be prosperous, and all people will live happily togeter fighting global warming, oh, I mean climate change, oh, I mean Anthropogenic climate change, and wealth will finally be qually distributed to all peoples and their babies. From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs." Amen!

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Interesting yootoob. Glad this guy called out the hypocrit Matt who says video games need to export a message to players and that message is anti-Trump, anti-Brexit, etc. He sounds like another alt left douche bag from Silikone Valley with ties to far left groups like FB and oogle.Matt's a hypocrit since the lefties are THE LAST group who want "controversial" discussions in their dialog. They in fact seek to shut down, beat up, throw urine at anyone who disagrees with them.

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Didn't Trump during his election campaign say NOT to telegraph what the military was going to do. What ever happened to "walk softly and carry a big stick".

Does Trump even remember what he says? He must keep his mouth shut, no tweets, and just take care not to say and do stupid stuff.

Rest of the world must be going bat shit trying to understand what he says or does.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure he does.  To my knowledge he hasn't publicly said what we are going to do.  And he can hardly be held responsible for treasonous leftover Obama and deep state info leakers, now can he?  Regardless, everyone knows what his options are; accept a permanent and ever more dangerous existential Norko nuclear threat or military action to remove it.  A hobson's choice if there ever was one.  The stitch in time to save nine was the responsibility and opportunity of Bill Clinton that not only kicked the  can down the road but helped build it.  Doing now what should have been done then will be orders of magnitude more painful and costly in blood and treasure. Appeasement and self-serving cowardice have their costs. 

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Hahaha.  Great comment!  High stakes chicken it is.  China thinks it can make the final leap to superpower by forcing the big dog to accept an imminent Norko nuclear threat to the U.S. and the regional status quo as dictated by the Norkos and collaterally deal a critical undercut to U.S. power prestige throughout S.E. Asia Pacific and weaken U.S. resistance to its expansionary military and economic power there. Its plans, from military island building to the formation of an exclusive colonial type economic zone in the region would be immeasurably advanced by a U.S. backdown. 

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