House Panel Subpoenas DOJ, FBI For "Trump Dossier" Records

The one Russia-collusion narrative that Democrats have actively worked to suppress is coming back to haunt them.

Investigators from the House Intelligence Committee have issued subpoenas to the DOJ and FBI for information related to the now-infamous Trump dossier that, as we recently learned, was provided to the FBI even though it contained knowingly inaccurate allegations. It was also financed by a “senior Russian government official," according to testimony given to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As expected, the move is being spearheaded by Republicans, while Democrats on the committee, including leading anti-Trumper Adam Schiff, are resisting the subpoenas, claiming this is the latest ploy to try and "discredit" the dossier's author, former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

Here's the Washington Examiner, which first reported the news:

In the most significant escalation yet in the wrangling between Congress and the FBI over the Trump dossier, the House Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed the bureau and the Justice Department for documents relating to the dossier, the FBI's relationship with dossier author Christopher Steele, and the bureau's possible role in supporting what began as an opposition research project against candidate Donald Trump in the final months of last year's presidential campaign.

In reality, Democrats may be worried that, if the background materials are finally publicized, they could terminally damage the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Here's more from CNN:

"’We've got to run this thing to ground,’ said Republican Rep. Michael Conaway, who is heading the House Russia investigation. Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the panel, said the pair of subpoenas were issued over his objections last month and are designed to "undermine" the claims about the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.”

As Hermitage Capital’s William Browder told the Senate Judiciary Committee during testimony in July, the dossier, which contains allegations that the Russians had compromising information on President Trump, was actually funded by a senior Russian government source, who paid Democratic opposition research firm Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research into Trump. The story hasn’t gotten a lot of traction in the mainstream press, we believe, because it violates the Russia-Trump narrative that the media has worked so hard to build from nothing.

Here's the relevant exchange between Browder and Senator Lindsey Graham:

Graham: You believe that Fusion GPS should of registered under FARA, because they were acting on the behalf of the Russians?

Browder: That’s correct.

Graham: So, I just want to absorb that for a moment. The group that did the dossier on President Trump hired this British spy, wound up getting it to the FBI. You believe they were working for the Russians?

Browder: And in the Spring and Summer of 2016 they were receiving money indirectly from a senior Russian government official.

Graham: Okay. So, these are the people that were trying to undermine Donald Trump by showing the nefarious ties to Russia. Is that what you’re saying?

Browder: Well, what I’m saying with 100% certainty is that they were working to undermine the Magnitsky act and the timing of that.

Graham: But, the Fusion GPS products apparently as they hired a guy to look into Trump?

Browder: Yes.

Graham: Right.

Browder: Correct.

Republicans have rightfully argued that it is important to understand the genesis of the dossier and whether it was created to sabotage Trump during his successful campaign for president, and also whether Democrats intentionally tried to mislead the FBI.

The dossier was funded by a group called Fusion GPS that conducts political opposition research and was initially hired by anti-Trump Republicans during the primary before switching to the Democrats after Trump had secured the nomination. One of its co-founders, Glenn Simpson, a longtime investigative reporter at the Wall Street Journal, abruptly canceled voluntary testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee back in July.

As Reuters reminds us, the House intelligence panel is conducting one of several Congressional probes into alleged collusion between the Trump and Russia campaigns, as well as allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Russia, naturally, denies meddling in the election and Trump denies any collusion, and as the latest series of leaks have shown, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the other investigators have shifted their focus in the "collusion" probe to "financial crimes" conducted by the subjects of the investigation. What they have is reportedly sufficient to try to nail Paul Manafort on some kind of financial-fraud related charge in the hope that he'll turn on the president to save his own neck.

While it remains unclear what materials they’re trying to subpoena, we hope that as more of this narrative is exposed to the public, the attempt by Trump’s opponents - supposedly including a "senior Russian government official" - to smear the president, while attempting to foment an FBI investigation based on false information – receives the publicity it deserves.


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"Apparently, the American public isn't capable of determining whether news is propaganda or real news."That's probably true for a large part of the American public, I should think, as with the public around the world. That's the whole point of disinformation campaigns. Nobody knows what's true or not. Mission accomplished.

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Until Trump wrests control of the FBI and DOJ from Obama holdovers and deep state activists, all these actions are for nought. The FBI still refuses to handover emails and shit that is court ordered and the DOJ under Sessions is doing NOTHING about the past crimes of these assholes, now too numerous to list.Trump needs to get rid of Sessions and purge the DOJ, same with the FBI. McCabe is as crooked as Comey, which makes sense, why would Comey risk having a straight shooter as his next in command when he was pulling all sorts of illegal shit with the Hillary investigation. So McCabe has to go as does many others that have stood by and looked the other way during this blatant abuse of power.

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You know what is stupid? CALLING THE RACIST, ANTI-WHITE, GLOBALIST NEOCOM ashkeNAZI JEW WORLD ORDER CROWD 'the deep state'  Way to make the culprits (the RACIST, ANTI-WHITE, GLOBALIST NEOCOM ashkeNAZI JEW WORLD ORDER CROWD) nameless and blameless!YOU ARE GOOD GOY!!!!

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It's been a year now, and I'm sure the Russia collusion information will be found right around the next corner. /s US media is really non-existant anymore. Shit, you cant' even google "Irma" without getting false propaganda.

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This is all as relevant as Beverley Hills Housewives now.  Who fucked who and who said what.   Its just a Mafia gang in-fight vying for who controls the family.None of these cunts are going to do a single thing to MAGA or help move the working class into the middle class and the middle class into the self-made millionaire/billionaire class.  None of these cunts are going to protect the constitution. None of these cunts give a fuck what you think.  Popcorn politics. 

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Not a chance this gets publicized even if proved true.The MSM and dim dems are now so wed to the Russia narrative that they will never back out of it.This offers a contemporary example about the truthiness of many accepted narratives of "history". Not a few were simply made up propaganda to justify inconvenient facts and motives of people attached to past events.

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This is all a game. This witch hunt of Trump, just tells you who controls the senators and Capitol Hill. Just spread the word ad-nauseam, that these so-called politicians don't serve the people, but TPTB and this message will get through in about 5-8 years.Politics in its current form has no more than a decade to run, before some radical and unsavoury characters are voted into power. We are just playing out the phase in mankind's history, of lying/treasonous/self-interest/asset accumulation politics controlled by an oligarchy.TPTB are losing and its self evident from their crazed and desperate actions. The only thing to worry about when TPTB lose, is what kind of scorched earth policy are they going to invoke and leave behind. 

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I demand an end to this fraudulent invetigation. Mueller and company were put in place to hold America hostage as a long term plan for 2020.

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Wait whats the latest ploy to discredit it? if you have nothing to hide why the fear asshole. You know kinda like all those closed circuit cameras in our faces these days...whats that famous Liberal cunt phrase? Oh ya " If your doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about "

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The whole lying escapade by the Demo-Marxist MORONS is blowing up in their disgusting, sociopathic and psychopathic slimy, evil faces. Blowback. Karma. Call it whatever you want. ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my a** off).

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Ok, I finally see the light.  Clinton was innocent and Trump was a schmuck that dealt in Meth and crack with the Russians and needs to be impeached.  I also learned today, at yahoo finance, the UN Probe found Bashar Assad's boys DID THE SARIN GAS ATTACK in April that killed 83 of his OWN Citizenry.It is safe and now acceptable for me to now say that 6 million Jews died @ the hands of Adolph Hitler, that the twin towers were taken down by 19 Saudi's with the orders of Osama Bin Ladin;  the third building was pulled -- for official reasons that they and they alone possess the hidden knowledge and details.  The sinking of the MAINE was a brutal attack by the Spaniards.  Jesus was a black man.  My mother gave me a false name at birth, calling me - a Mother Fu_ker.OH, THE HUMANITY.

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So I throw this crazy shit out as perhaps the last chance to MAGA.
THere is zero doubt that the DS has absolutely killed the populist movement of Trump, so how can ten million level chess place this back on course ? BTW, this subversion is NO different (except for the CIA-MSM Ministry of Truth hysterics on steroids) than when the Tea Party was CO-OPTED by the Koch republicans thus draining into the swamp away any impact it may have had for change.

In the next state of the union, Trump tells the truth over what has been done to him, calls for the annihilation of the MIC-Deep State-FED-London terrorists, announces he is starting a third party based upon single term, constituent only funding and asks the voters to shit can every incumbent in all parties thus purging DC and wiping out K-Street ? VERY JFK !!! Re-elect NOBODY !

Send to DC a new army of reps that stick to the Constitution, focused on righting the sinking ship, returning to sound money, defaulting on the FED, shit canning the "rules of house and senate" purging or abolishing the alphabet agencies ----- then go back home to their constituents. Basically resulting in throwing the entire world into utter horrific chaos for a decade.

You know, I could give Hillary a Personal Pardon if he did just that.

If the voting public does not kill the rabid dog that is the district of criminals, the BRICS will...... that time is quickly accelerating.

Holy shit it would be FUGLY GLORIOUS . When the forest is burning you set a backfire to hinder complete consumption. Pine cones release their seeds and something good comes out of apparent destruction. So PULL IT.