Meanwhile Two More Hurricanes Form: Jose Right Behind Irma, Katia In The Gulf

As previewed yesterday, moments ago the National Hurricane Center said that "quickly strenghtening Jose" which has been quietly following in Irma's foosteps, has become a hurricane.

Located about 1040 miles east of the Lesser Antilles, Jose is headed at 16 mph on a steady west-northwest track, steered by the same ridge that is helping to direct Irma.

On its current track, Jose would reach the northern Leeward Islands by Saturday, but the ridge is predicted to weaken enough by Saturday to allow Jose to arc just northeast of the islands. Conditions are favorable for Jose to strengthen into a hurricane by later Wednesday, and it could approach Category 3 strength by late in the week. About 25% of the European model ensemble members bring Jose into the northern Leeward Islands, but all of the GFS ensemble members keep Jose north of the islands.

The news means that there are now two major hurricanse barreling toward Florida in the Atlantic, as shown in the map below.

Meanwhile, Katia, which was christened as a Tropical Storm by NHC at 5 am EDT Wednesday, was also just upgraded to a Hurricane.

Located in the Bay of Campeche about 175 miles north of Veracruz, Mexico, Katia is embedded in a very moist environment with numerous showers and thunderstorms along and south of a frontal zone (see Figure 9), and the storm’s core has become gradually more organized. Wind shear will be dropping from about 10-15 knots to around 5-10 knots by Friday, which also supports development.

Models and the Euro and GFS ensembles are unanimous in drifting Katia for a couple of days before driving it southwestward into the Mexican coast this weekend. Extremely heavy rains of 10 – 20” are possible along parts of the northeast Mexican coast, especially in northern Veracruz, as Katia approaches and moves inland.


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It is increasling likely that Vladim Putin is using the weather weapon to cause multi billion dollar damage to the United States, tying up the US Navy, forcing the United States to take on unsustainable debt loads. Its just an amazing amount of power this Russian has that he has. And trick a bunch of States into voting for Donald Trump, thus giving the election to his special sleeper agent with the stunning wife.

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"Next on News Team at 11, a local cat gets stuck in a tree! Over to you for more about that hurricane Al Roker!"

Zero Hedge. The new Weather Network.

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The Cow Bell Alarm is SoundingWe are facing our Weather-Hindenburg.America's perverted FIRE economy,finance, insurance, real estate, is aboutto be wiped clean. You don't need to bea weatherman to know which waythe Force 10 blows.

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And the Left brain goes batshit crazy at Zerohedge, as its denial defences crumble in a bowling ball ally of truth.They fall to their knees preying to their monotheist god for forgiveness, not understanding that that they are guilty of a psychological malady; that of Left Brain dominance.THE MODEL IS NOT THE TERRAIN.If the model is wrong it can, and must be scrapped with as many tears as one sheds when disposing of a used tissue. 

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Florida's Seminole injuns of old survived these storms in loin cloths and grass huts. So stop with all the whining and fear mongering. The locals will leave town or hunker down somewhere and life will go on.

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Jose will spin out into the Atlantic. How is that End of Days?Trump and McConnel just raised the National Debt Ceiling.If you want to talk EoD, calculate the interest-only penaltyon -$30T in perpetual synthetic fraudulent odious 'debt' (sic).Glass Tel-Aviv, there'd be no more Terror, no more Debt.Push Bibi into a wood chipper, and there would be Peace.

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End of Days?No.There is no beginning or ending in a circle.Just another Cycle...they happen.Best DO all ye can to ENJOY quality life whilst thee can.It's better to give, than to receive.Do good, for all is Karmic in Nature.Family and the wagons...unite like never before for truly..the days of Noah are upon ye all.There is NO ESCAPE from Karmic Law...or the Cycles of Earth Changing Times.May your own goodness bless you in ways not yet realized.For those who choose to go down the shatter in shades of evil...yer gonna suffer like never before...not yet realized.Pray for those who are in the lines for future suffering. All could change if the biobots of the matrix would simply will it to be so.All for one...and One for ALL!Bless. Extra Credit.:Enemies of the State:…   +

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