King Of Saudi Arabia To Visit Russia In October

Authored by Peter Korzun via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Despite differences over Syria and the Iranian nuclear deal, current Russia-Saudi Arabia relations are arguably at an apex, both in terms of shared interests and mutual understanding. It has just been announced that King of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud will visit Russia in late October. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on September 5 that the exact date will be announced later. Only some details are left to be discussed.

The visit has been anticipated for a long time. This will be the first time a Saudi king visits Russia. The event is very symbolic against the background of burgeoning rapprochement between the two countries. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is expected to visit the Kingdom in a few days.

The Saudi Vision 2030 long term development program has been launched to move the Kingdom from oil profits and dependency on the United States to diversified modern economy and strong military potential, allowing it to implement independent foreign policy. The main goal is to lay down the basis of its independence from natural resources. Saudi Arabia is intensifying its diplomatic efforts. Russia is a partner in the Kingdom’s far-reaching ambitious plans. The potential of bilateral relations development is extraordinary.

Russia's leading oil company Rosneft has said it is interested in buying Saudi oil giant’s shares after the privatization takes place next year as planned. Both sides agreed to establish a joint energy investment fund during the talks at the 2017 St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF)

In May, then Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman visited Russia to take part in the SPIEF and meet President Vladimir Putin. Six deals were signed, including a nuclear cooperation agreement that could see Russia helping to build up to 16 atomic power stations in the Kingdom. Contracts on infrastructure development and a deal on deliveries of high-end Russian weaponry were also inked. During the talks, it was revealed that there are 25 mutually beneficial investment projects totaling $10 billion under examination. The parties are exploring joint ventures in construction and upgrade of railways.

Back then, the crown prince said that «relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia are going through one of their best moments ever». The fact that the prince arrived in Russia one week after the historic «Muslim NATO summit« in Saudi Arabia demonstrated that the Kingdom was eager to keep balance in its foreign policy and diversify its ties. Muhammed Bin Salman and Vladimir Putin discussed stabilizing the world oil market and Syria.

The parties have made considerable progress on Syria. Moscow greatly appreciates the role played by the Kingdom in the signing of the two Cairo agreements between Russia and the Syrian opposition on East Ghouta and Rastan. The Kingdom may have a very important role to play when the de-escalation zones are established. Russia is well placed to mediate between the Kingdom and Iran in Syria.

For Saudi Arabia, Russia’s influence in Iran, Syria, Yemen, Turkey, and even Qatar, is a strategic asset. Hence, the Saudis see Russia in the role of negotiator on all political issues. Both countries welcomed the change of power in Egypt in 2013 and continue to jointly support President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. It’s an open secret that Egypt's massive procurement of Russian weapons was possible thanks to Saudi financial assistance to Cairo. Riyadh also seems to have appreciated Moscow’s restrained position on the Yemeni issue.

No doubt that the Qatar crisis will be on the agenda of the Russia-Saudi summit. Moscow has not taken sides in the current dispute between Qatar and other Arab states and it has a recent history of cooperation with all sides of this conflict. As a result, Russia is well suited to act as a mediator and a communications channel between Riyadh and those who support Doha – such influential actors as Iran and Turkey.

Saudi Arabia is one of many other Arab countries turning to military cooperation with Russia against the backdrop of its success in Syria. In July, Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed an arms deal valued at $3.5 billion. The deal will be finalized during King Salman’s visit. The Saudis have requested transfer of technology to accompany the signing of the deal. The Kingdom is interested in negotiating both defensive and offensive weapon systems including the S-300 and/or the S-400 air defence systems, MiG-35 lightweight fighters, T-90 main battle tanks and also the Russian tactical missile system Iskander-E.

Up until a year ago, the two sides had virtually no dialogue on energy at all. Since then, they have made a joint effort to push for further cutting of oil production to help bring up prices. Today they are effectively coordinating their oil policies. It has been announced that Russia and Saudi Arabia mull OPEC deal extension. The oil ministers maintain close and intensive contacts. Russian oil company Tatneft has announced that it is open for cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

Russia and Saudi Arabia might launch joint projects in petrochemical industry, in the field of renewable energy and liquefied natural gas (LNG) technologies among others. Saudi Arabia would particularly consider the issue of participating in the Arctic LNG projects. Saudi Aramco has always been heavily involved in the gas sector, as it is already a very large gas producer. It is pursuing shale gas in the future, with first production expected around 2020-2021.There are prospects for OPEC - non-OPEC cooperation going beyond crude oil to integrate the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF). A new cartel would be powerful enough to stabilize the energy market.

The blossoming relationship signals yet another sea change in the ever-evolving global order. The Kingdom acknowledges the importance of Russia as a major global player, and its potential role in the region as a regional power that can talk to all sides. Neither country shares the so-called “Western values’ or likes being criticized by the US. Having joined together, the two can achieve a lot.

The upcoming Russia-Saudi summit is a milestone event to demonstrate that both countries are set for a much closer relationship. It’s a sign of an emerging partnership driven by shifting global winds with new poles of power playing an increasingly larger role in international affairs. It also reflects the tectonic changes taking place to change the political landscape of the region.


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FIRST BiTCHEZ and good morning all!!! There is nothing like a gay-killing medieval dictatorship befriending a gay-bashing dictatorship... and at least one of them gave millions to Hillary's campaign.

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Two-part game right in Washington's face?

  1. If it is in our own best interests to sell oil to China, the largest market, in CNY to retain our market share, we must do so. Although it would be diplomatically "nicer" to conceal such a transition using the new Shanghai/Hong Kong CNY Oil Futures contracts from which we can use the proceeds to buy physical Gold instead of (Un-backed) paper dollars.
  2. If that means we can't get weapons from the US to protect ourselves against Israel and expand our oil reserves into Yemen we'll get them from Russia, who will also sell us the FULL versions of better technology weapons at lower prices, not the "Tuned-down" options from the US (Hey the MIC has a whole political system to bribe so don't expect low prices). Thanks.

In summary, fuck you Washington?

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It seems all roads go to Moscow,lately.And Washington doesn't like it. Well,they hoped to "isolate" Russia,remember that one? Tough luck,I say.Get used to a new,improved world.The king sees the writing on the wall. Big changes coming. Starting with the future oil contracts in yuan,backed by GOLD.The demise of the petrodollar will come through trade,which is run by China/Russia et comp.the West/AAZ empire runs the Financial empire,aka shoveling paper.But trade is more important and will detrone the petrodollar.Amen!

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It is time to investigate Trumps ties to Saudi Arabia...LOL I am just jerking your chain nobody would ever do that, Colluding with them is legal. LOL

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now you see how our returded poloticians have ruined the state of the unknitted states. what a fucking joke. those sand niggers should have been dealt an amazing blow to thier heads long ago.

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The anglozionazi USSAN protection racket is obviously all washed up and the oil sheiks are jumping ship while old geriatric curmudgeon Uncle Sam gets kicked in the teeth.
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Onward to the end of the I$I$ "backed" IOU petroscrip Saudi Mercan fiat filth dollah and the eternal judaic wars.

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You are misguided. Nobody is bashing gays in Russia. We just don't like gay parades and don't think its "normal" to be gay, but if you happen to be gay - nobody really cares all that much. The western press makes too much hpe about nothing.

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The whole gay thing is just being used as a stick to bash Russia with.  The hypocrisy on the issue is of epic proportions, even for the shamelessly hypocritical Americans.  Russia legalized homosexuality a full decade before the US (maybe Russia should have considered boycotting the 2002 Winter Olympics because of the Americans' unfair treatment in criminalizing gays).  Homosexuality is illegal in the bastion of freedom and democracy, India.  The list goes on.In other news, I'm not sure how good it is for Russia to be the new mediating power in the Middle East. Hopefully, it will be better at it than the Americans, but I tend to think the whole region is a hornet's nest best left avoided.  On the other hand, if Russia can pull off a coordinated energy policy between itself an the main ME producers, the dividends will be huge.

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Why "fig vam"?  They came to an agreement before, I see no reason why it cannot be extended and built upon, especially in exchange for more cooperation in the Syrian theater.  Both sides have more to gain from cooperation than animosity and hostility.  The Russians are in a better position to mediate because they, unlike the US, are on good terms with Iran.  All the US can offer is use of force, but that won't work now due to the success of Russia and Iran in Syria.  As the old saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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You're making a lot of suppositions here.  The original cuts were intended to stabilize the market, not make oil prices go higher.  There's no point to that because higher prices just brings more shale production on line which leads to... lower prices.  In the event, it seems they indeed succeeded in their task, oil has been very range-bound since.I can't really comment on the Aramco deal as I know little about it.  As far as Russia needing the money, I would dispute that.  The current oil price suits them in that it brings in revenue but is also spurring economic diversification.  Russia is now an agricultural powerhouse, it exports arms, and has seen progress in import substitution.  What does Saudi produce besides hydrocarbons and jihadists? 

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Saudis lose money below $80 a barrel with their social welfare and building programs. The Russians are better off, but they have to get ready for WWIII and need every Ruble they can get. As soon as the BRICS and their plan to dump the dollar take off, you can believe the US Government is going to after them.But who really knows. Strange days. 9/11 coming up in a few days. Watch out for Jihadis celebrating it.  

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  I know many people who are gay.   I also know a few who are Homosexual.   However, because words do have meaning, I am mindful to address the two in proper context.This is not a trivial matter.    We should not approve of terms which have been misappropriated or twisted to fit a description of what was once a term used in a completely different context.  

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Exactly. They can "do their perverted,against nature thing",their sodomy in private,but do not consider this normal,natural and put the state seal of approval on it. Do not encourage them and promote them,do not make it legal for them to"marry" and adopt children,give them a state platform for recruiting and indoctrinating children,for Christ sake! This is an abomination! This is done to force the rest of the population to accept this as normal. And I will not do it. I refuse to accept it as normal sexual behavior!It is a deviating one and a psychiatric disease. It was viewed by the medical world as a psychiatric disease ,not too long ago. But ,then ,the tribe lobbied for removal of it from the psychiatric annals.They have too many in high positions commiting sodomy.(pun intended)See what a Russian has to say about this:      Nobody “discriminates for reasons not entirely clear” in Russia. Where did you get that silly idea?! What happens is that Russia refuses to proclaim homosexuality a “normal and healthy variation of human sexuality” which the American Psychiatric Association did for PURELY POLITICAL reasons and without a shred of scientific evidence (I know that well, my spiritual father was present at that meeting of the APA and he fully confirmed that to me). The Russians, like the APA before it caved in to the political pressures of the homosexual lobby in the USA, consider homosexuality as a personality disorder. Still homosexuals in Russia are totally free, in fact they are a well-organized minority. The only thing that is denied to them is a “normalcy status”, an equality sign between what are called “naturals” in Russia (heterosexuals) and them. And THAT is what really infuriates homosexuals – that Russia refuses to proclaim the identity between healthy and sick.The West, however, has now gone as far as letting children be adopted by homosexual couples. To this I will reply with the words of Christ:And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.I am proud of Russia for not having caved in to the collective hallucination in of the West which is even willing to sacrifice children for the sake of political correctness!The Saker  PS: this is the view of a sane person.I totally  agree with him.

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Well,they represent the AAZ empire. But I see the zionist entity trying to jump into the winning boat and ending in the water.And for those here trying to degrade Mr. Putin ,by calling him derogatory names,like 6 year old girls ,I will say this:He has done more to expose and fight the empire of theft,lies and crime than all the others combined. What have you done?

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Not as isolated as the Zio/US - EVERYBODY is jumping ship!!

Watch the KSA abandon its Yemen 'genocide' after the Kings visit to Russia !!

Putin speaks in very strong terms - like he did with Turkey and Qatar !!

It's not easy to extract you country from the Zio/US grip - If you don't - well - you country has no FUCKING future !!

The road ahead is lined with silk and gold !!

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Seems like the crypto jews from Sandi Amerika folded and realized that thretening Russia won't work. Now bow before your new Boss and behave you scumbags.

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It looks like those sanctions were a great idea! They will have the effect of destroying the dollar and pushing the US further into the third world. We will have a great military though, but no one to have a war with.

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They've met twice in Russia, once in Sochi and once in Moscow. Not the king, but you could see it coming."Meeting with Deputy Crown Prince and Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud" - "The more aggressive the Americans are, the sooner they will see the final collapse of the dollar and by getting rid of the dollar this would be the only way for victims of American aggression to stop this onslaught. As soon as we and China dump the dollar, it will be the end of the US’ military might," Sergey Glazyev said in an interview with TASS.

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more evidence that russia runs the mideast now. the partnership of two of the largest oil producers in the world is opec lite, especially with russia's special relationship with iran and china. this will expedite the sauds acceptance of gold exchangeable yuan. it is tough to be israel, therefore the usa, now.

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Those inbred Saudi fucking Apes are now sucking up to Russia and Uncle Sammy is not amused. I can see it now, ISIS start popping up in that Kingdom where the US will forced to declare war on them, to defend their allies of course. Yeah I know, I'm deluding myself.

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Hard to get my head around this. Russia has around 10 million Sunni Moslems and needs to prevent their radicalisation, which is what Saudi Arabia specialises in. The Chechnyans in particular are the most vicious and effective of ISIS fighters. Could this be the point where Putin, a deputy leader to American agent Boris Yeltsin, begins to betray the Russian people? Hope not, but he shouldn't be unconditionally trusted. He is far to close to Kissinger for that.

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Saudi Arabia and its secret relations to almost every government on the planet - no matter which political denomination, nominal enemies even - is the key to understanding the ailings of our times. If one day their extended role in 9/11 and every Middle East war since, including the "refugee" crisis, will be released, their extensive meddling in Western societies and Western politicians enriching themselves with huge weapons sales to this rogue regime, we will see how this unsuspecting nation stands at the epicentre of this earth quake that is the Muslim takeover of the Western world.