Can Kicked: House Passes Debt Ceiling, Government Funding, $15Bn Storm Relief Package

After the Senate passed Trump's "pivotal" bill to extend the debt ceiling by three months, while buying the government enough time to avoid shutdown until December 8, as well as $15 billion in funding for storm relief, moments ago the the package got a majority of the House to vote on it...


... officially kicking the can on the government shutdown until mid-December, while buying the Treasury enough time until some time in March before it once again runs out of cash.

Lawmakers voted 316-90 for the package that includes more than $15 billion in disaster recovery aid for communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. While the majority of House Republicans voted for the bill, something that had been uncertain, more of the yes votes came from Democrats as a whopping ninety lawmakers voted against the bill, all of them Republicans.

In other words, all else equal, Trump has already lost 37.5% of the 240 Republicans in the House.

GOP leaders pushed to attach a debt limit extension to the hurricane aid out of concerns that the billions of dollars needed to clean up after the disaster would result in the U.S. hitting the debt limit earlier than the originally expected date of Sept. 29.

With another major hurricane set to make landfall in the U.S. this weekend, Ryan explained that Congress needed to act quickly to ensure the Federal Emergency Management Agency wouldn't run out of money.

"People on their smartphones are quickly applying for their FEMA relief, and those applications are being approved, and that money is going out the door at such a faster pace than we've ever experienced before, to the point where [the Office of Management and Budget] is telling us FEMA could run out of money as early as [Friday], and no later than Tuesday," Ryan said at a news conference on Thursday.

The one question on everyone's lips: who Steve Bannon, and Breitbart, will respond to this bipartisan legislation, remains to be determined, and will likely remain unanswered until December, when the Hurricane funding will no longer be needed and only the debt ceiling will be on negotiating table. If Trump pulls another Democrat deal over the GOP again, the wrath of Bannon will be a sight to behold.