Fake Manufactured Weather causes Real Damage and shakes up markets?

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — 9/9/2017 As Hurricane Irma approaches US borders, investors should note the forces of the ‘invisible hand’ in nature and not only in markets.  As we explain in our groundbreaking work Splitting Pennies, the financial markets are not ‘as seen on TV’ and in fact, are the subject of constant manipulation, and this storm is no exception.

Weather Modification technology is simple and has been around for a long time, starting with the use of dry ice, evolving to use of ‘supersonic booms’ and finally aerosols.  The Pentagon has technologies that are far, far, far more advanced than weather modification.   See an extensive list of weather modification patents here.

The amount of evidence is overwhelming (of course they do not broadcast this on TV, but they have a profit motive, we’ll get to that) and some groups such as geoengineeringwatch.org have toiled to create a resource, summarized by this video here:


Hurricane Harvey brought an abrupt and catastrophic end to the 12 year long major hurricane landfall drought in the US. Were climate engineering programs a factor in the Harvey disaster scenario? Available data has already made clear the answer is yes. How much decimation will the manipulation of Hurricane Irma inflict? The US government has been actively engaged in hurricane modification programs for a minimum of 70 years, historical documents prove this fact conclusively. Yet, the power structure controlled circles of academia (and corporate media) continue to fuel total denial of the climate engineering hurricane modification reality, this should not be a surprise. How much decimation have global geoengineering / weather warfare programs already caused? What are the primary objectives and agendas? How much worse will it get? The short video below provides verifiable data to confirm that climate engineering is a reality, and exposes some of the primary objectives.



Exposing and halting the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare / biological warfare assault is the great imperative of our time. The best chance we have of accomplishing this monumental task is by raising an army of the awakened, by reaching a critical mass. 

Is it really so hard to believe, that the military has the power to control hurricanes?  Anyone who is either in the military or who ‘does business’ with the military knows this and that compared to some of the other fun toys the military has controlling the weather is easy.  Much of the known info about weather modification comes from HAARP but HAARP has closed what they have now is far more powerful:

Environmental modification techniques have been applied by the US military for more than half a century. US mathematician John von Neumann, in liaison with the US Department of Defense, started his research on weather modification in the late 1940s at the height of the Cold War and foresaw ‘forms of climatic warfare as yet unimagined’. During the Vietnam war, cloud-seeding techniques were used, starting in 1967 under Project Popeye, the objective of which was to prolong the monsoon season and block enemy supply routes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

The US military has developed advanced capabilities that enable it selectively to alter weather patterns. The technology, which is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), is an appendage of the Strategic Defense Initiative – ‘Star Wars’. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, operating from the outer atmosphere and capable of destabilising agricultural and ecological systems around the world.

The technology clearly exists, but as it is ‘classified’ having any smoking gun evidence without a Snowden whistleblower is impossible; it’s a paradox, as evidence by CIA’s FOIA request if they are investigating us:

This really is an intelligence agency, their logic is impeccable.  They cannot confirm or deny if information does or does not exist.  So let’s go with what we know.

NOAA is the official US Government agency that monitors the weather, and provides official information at nhc.noaa.gov – anyone from Florida knows this URL and has gone through the agonizing wait for the next update which can mean a big change of plans.

Like most of the US Government, it’s actually not ‘NOAA’ that provides us this valuable data it’s Raytheon, black ops corporate master – the largest defense contractor in the world, with 60,000 + employees and a market cap of 50 Billion.  See their product info here, and their interesting note in bold: 

Owned and operated by NOAA, JPSS is an “end-to-end” system that includes sensors; spacecraft; command, control and communications; data routing; ground based processing and dissemination of weather data to users around the globe, such as NOAA’s National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center. The data provided by Suomi NPP and the JPSS satellites contribute to NASA’s study of earth climate trends.

JPSS polar orbiters carry a complement of advanced imaging and sounding sensors, which increase NOAA and DoD capabilities to monitor the entire planet and produce weather and climate predictions at a much higher fidelity and frequency. These advanced capabilities enable NOAA to better fulfill its mission to protect lives and property by increasing the timeliness and accuracy of public warnings and forecasts of weather and climate events.


Raytheon brings more than four decades of high-availability, reliable, precision-based, command-and-control systems experience to Suomi NPP and future JPSS missions. Suomi NPP is the bridge between existing polar-orbiting satellites and the launch of JPSS-1, scheduled for 2017. Providing critical data for Earth observation, Suomi NPP data is used to generate environmental data products, such as measurements of clouds, vegetation, ocean color and land and sea surface temperatures — all significant inputs to improve weather forecasting capabilities.


While Suomi NPP and JPSS will not prevent severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes or blizzards from occurring, Raytheon’s advanced technologies enable meteorologists and forecasters to make more timely and accurate weather predictions that support NOAA’s “Weather Ready Nation” campaign and help save lives, protect property and decrease the devastating economic impacts caused by severe weather.

No mention of weather modification, but Raytheon has hundreds of products that include ‘precision weapons’ and ‘Multi-Spectral Targeting Systems’ – (this is DOD speak for Ion Cannon, i.e. Tesla’s “Death Ray” ): 

Raytheon’s proven radars and sensors work together to help experts see further, track longer and prepare smarter.

Our Air and Missile Defense Radar stacks together like building blocks to increase detection ranges and accuracy on naval destroyers. Our VIIRS sensor — famously known for its ”Blue Marble” photo of Earth — orbits the planet to provide meteorologists with unparalleled environmental data. And our Multi-Spectral Targeting System combines lasers with infrared sensors to enable pinpoint military operations.

Raytheon (RTN) is a public company trading on the NYSE.:

Raytheon Company is a technology company, which specializes in defense and other government markets. The Company develops integrated products, services and solutions in various markets, including sensing; effects; command, control, communications, computers, cyber and intelligence; mission support, and cybersecurity. The Company operates through five segments: Integrated Defense Systems (IDS); Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS); Missile Systems (MS); Space and Airborne Systems (SAS), and Forcepoint. The IDS segment develops and produces sensors and mission systems. The IIS segment provides a range of technical and professional services to intelligence, defense, federal and commercial customers. The MS segment is a developer, integrator and producer of missile and combat systems. The SAS segment is engaged in the design, development and manufacture of integrated sensor and communication systems for missions. The Forcepoint segment develops cybersecurity products.

Interestingly, a small uptick on Irma.  For the uninformed, a hurricane is a military operation however you look at it, in the aftermath when there’s no power, only the military (and in partnership with FEMA) has the logistic resources to swoop in and restore order.  During Hurricane Andrew strange rumors persisted about the quarantine and control of information that the Army imposed around the devastated areas.  This is a great resource with photographic evidence, and they suggested that even it may have contributed to George Bush losing the election later that year.  The government seemed helpless to do anything to battered Miami.  And it was after Andrew that Hurricane manipulation efforts went into overdrive.

So why now, after so long with no major hit to Florida?  Are they gunning for Trump?  Or Trump ordered it, to distract the population from what’s really going on and as a means of control?  (Remember that the one strong power Trump has is leader of the Military, the US President has almost no political power).  We’ll never know.. but let’s look at the big picture.

After World War 2 the US “Military Industrial Complex” or “Iron Triangle” (Government, Defense Contractors, Wall St.) hasn’t really had an enemy.  Hitler and Japan were real enemies, although funded and allowed to grow by US companies, the fact remains that if Hitler wasn’t stopped we’d all be speaking German and eating poor tasting frankfurters and drinking beer.  WW2 was the peak of show of industrial power and how factories could make bombs that would destroy infrastructure.  The “Marshall Plan” and other post WW2 economic plans led the intellectual Elite (who were hired by the now rich military contractors) to create several doctrines that would keep them in business with or without an enemy (with all the happiness of the 50’s they probably thought – what if there is no more Hitler?  How will we make money?  War is good for business… ) hence we have the Report from Iron Mountain MUST READ BOOK  – to explain plainly, companies like RAND corporation have created enemies most notably “Russia” and most recently “Terrorists” but their plan is so deep, they are not to rely on a single artificial enemy, so they resort to the most basic Earth element, the weather.  What does this mean?  A group of scientists hired by these corporations post WW2 (you can call them pseudo economists) created studies and reports showing that investing $1 in the Military equalled $2 in economic output.  This is the most ridiculous and twisted thinking, based on this logic if we firebomb Los Angeles we’ll be the richest economy in the world.  But remember, twisted or not – this is their doctrine.  A great example of this in practice was during the Ford days when the CIA was tasked with the job of collecting intelligence on Russia – did they pose a security threat to the United States?  The CIA found no evidence of any capability sufficient of posing even a limited threat, nor any motive or evidence of irrational intent to attack the US or any other country (and Russia has a history of never invading any country- only defending themselves).  This report was released and Donald Rumsfeld famously retorted that “Just because the CIA didn’t find any weapons doesn’t mean that they don’t exist” – Rumsfeld went on to make a fortune consulting for defense contractors.  During this period one General really believed the Russians were hiding a missile base on the dark side of the moon.  The US Military is big business, and business is good.  But threats change and the battlefield changes.  Contractors, planners, developers, and many others will make a fortune rebuilding South Florida.  And it’s a lot closer than Iraq.  And heck, is it really so bad?  Raytheon (RTN) employs 60,000 people and the US Government itself is the largest employer in the world.  People need to put food on their families (-George W Bush).


There’s a number of reasons humans would want to control the weather:

  • To make it rain
  • For military purposes
  • Pollution control
  • Terraforming (For example what they are doing in UAE)

So what are the ‘known’ applications of weather modification?  Cloud Seeding, and Terraforming in UAE:

Cloud seeding is the opposite of cloud busting. For one thing, it’s a real thing. The process has been replicated numerous times both in the lab and in the field and is backed up by years of peer-reviewed scientific research. For another, it impregnates clouds to instigate the precipitation process rather than magically gathering them using dark energies.  Cloud seeding is currently used all over the world—including throughout the United States, China (where it is used to clear smog in Beijing), India, and Russia—to enhance precipitation, both rain and snow, while inhibiting hail and fog. And it actually works.

The UAE’s Ionizers: Tearing the Sky a New One

The United Arab Emirates is a land rich in wealth but poor in precipitation. That’s why president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has had the nation’s top scientific minds secretly toiling for years to create a new means of weather manipulation that would work more effectively in the region’s extreme temperatures. The result: The biggest Ionic Breeze on Earth.

Ionic Breeze devices are giant ionizers mounted atop tall steel poles and were built by the Swiss company, Metro Systems International. The devices generate massive ionic fields, positively charged ions ground back to the Earth while the negatively charged ions rise into the atmosphere. As they rise, the negative ions (electrons) collect particles of dust on the way up. These flecks act as seeds for ice crystal formation, much as silver iodide does except without the need for clouds. As long as the atmospheric humidity is at least 30 percent, the system supposedly works even in clear skies.

In the summer of 2010, 100 such emitters were spread over five sites in the Al Ain region. During July and August alone, when the area typically receives zero rainfall, it reportedly rained on 52 separate occasions, often with gusting winds and sometimes hail. The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology monitored the project and backed the study’s findings. This could be huge for the Middle East, where water is often in short supply and desalinization plants are nine-figure investments (and another eight-figures a year to run). The ionizers reportedly only cost $10.5 million to build and $8.9 million a year to operate.

$10 Million to make it rain, literally.  So what does a multi-billion dollar black budget get us in USA?  Think about the positive economic impact of Hurricanes for a moment, such as the obvious Billions in rebuilding and reconstruction projects.  But there’s also a political benefit and military benefit, the military can test their logistics and new non-lethal crowd control weapons, as well as the general population control (those evacuating south Florida are not likely to participate in right wing anti-government protests, for example).  Confuse, obfuscate, and conquer has been the mantra of the world’s leading Elite for centuries “Divide and Conquer” – and there’s no better Fog of War than a Hurricane most intelligently because 90% of the population will not believe that it’s controlled.  It’s pure genius.

There’s not any proof that this is manufactured or controlled, but like many things with the government – if they have spent millions developing weather modification technology including Hurricane manipulation technology (both to create Hurricanes and divert Hurricanes or weaken them) – what are they doing with it if not using it?  Clearly, there have been strange phenomenon at play in the region over the past 20 years that are not explainable as ‘Global Warming’ – which would mean more frequent stronger storms, not a 20 year + lull.

Traders from FL enjoyed the free money Lowes and Nov FCOJ pop that always comes with a slight delay after the announcement that a storm is headed for central FL where the majority of Orange Juice is grown.  But this is really a perception trade, as OJ is grown in many places around the world and the increase in Lowes purchases are not really relevant.  Also note that unlike other disasters, there are usually few human casualties in Hurricanes.  Remember even during Katrina, it was only the people who refused to evacuate that were trapped on rooftops, and even they were mostly saved.  It’s not as if the Military is ‘killing’ people – although that IS what they do during WAR (including US Citizens, not only the enemy).

What is the conclusion of this information, simply that:

  • The weather is controlled, USG owns the tech for years, this is likely organized by Raytheon (RTN) although there’s no public information to prove this (it’s classified)
  • There can be political motivations for storms, for hitting or not hitting populated rich areas like Miami or Tampa.  There is a clear economic and military benefit to such operations as PsyOps and as logistic tests of population control, i.e. FEMA camps and other new systems to be tested

Finally, there’s an elephant in the room – the bubble of bubbles.. South FL real estate.  There’s literally groups of investors waiting for the big crash to come, but no one is buying – there isn’t panic selling yet, but there is a glut of Miami real estate.  Investors are so called ‘hot money’ from foreigners who have never been to Miami but think it’s a good solid investment because real estate ‘always goes up’ – but the city of Miami is spending $500 Million to build levees and dams Dutch style around low lying areas.

After this event no matter how small the damage, it will do much bigger damage to the perception of FL real estate.  Many investors will now think twice about FL as the golden ticket to USA investing success.  FL residents damaged by the storm, many of them will take their checks and move to higher, more defensible ground.  Suddenly, with one storm, the argument of Preppers in the Cumberland Plateau all makes sense.  Real Estate in the mountains just doubled in value.

All the development in South FL is based on one axiom – no Hurricanes.  The same could be said about Los Angeles and Earthquakes.  But there are thousands of places in USA with reasonable property values that have no natural disasters, but they aren’t good ‘locations’ in ‘trendy’ places.  Of course if you work online or from home then it doesn’t matter where you live, so it would be logical to choose such a place vs. the over inflated FL which is a disaster zone.  Although New York City is also on the ocean, NYC is mostly built on bedrock and has elevations as high as 33 feet, comparing with Miami’s 6 feet, that’s a big difference.  FL is a big swamp mostly that was turned upside down by developers.  Unlike cities that formed by natural geo-politics and economics, Miami and most of FL is an artificial construct like Las Vegas.  The point is that it was poor investment decisions leading to a mass of capital flooding the development of FL but this will stop likely or slow down to a trickle after this storm.  A giant wall could be erected around the state but at what cost?  All of these hidden costs and risks are now exposed as realities, and we will see how the re-insurers handle failing insurers already suffering from Harvey.

The positive effect on the markets is that these storms will likely pop the first and possibly the biggest real estate bubble which is the most frothy, south FL.  That’s because unlike other markets, FL doesn’t have such a robust ‘natural’ industry, as for example seen in Chicago or San Francisco.  In fact real estate is an industry in itself in FL and something like 60% of home ownership is by vacationers.  Money will flow elsewhere, into other projects, and investors will think different.

The reason is simple – it’s one thing to ‘tell’ someone that the market is going to crash, or Miami is sinking into the sea, but having a devastating event happen, going through the process whatever your involvement in FL (As Jimmy Buffett says, everyone has a cousin in Miami).. this event will change your thinking about FL investing and doing business.  Miami was a happy sleepy beach town before this boom, alligators and old folks and flamingoes.

Markets are manipulated, storms are too.  So what?  We live in a fake world with fake people who stare into a Fake book.  If you’ve read through this article you should congratulate yourself and take pride in knowing you are part of the real one percent, the one percent that understands how the world really works; the real global elite – the emergent intelligentcia.

If you want a deeper understanding how this can impact your investing, checkout Splitting Pennies and learn how basically everything is manipulated for profit, as a business.  If in Shakespeare’s time ‘the world is a stage’ – now the world is a ‘platform’ to launch new products.  Welcome to the real New World Order.






BobEore Sun, 09/10/2017 - 09:50 Permalink

Nuthin new under this ol sun... and never has that phrase had more relevance than in this day n age of manufactured NEWS... plenty o NEW things being found and described all the time... which turn out to be just new 'fangled' expressions of the same ol intent of forces seeking to profit from their monopolistic practices, racial insecurities and "angry god" tm prosletizying ... HAARP ain't no different than a millennias worth of kabbalistic black magic incantory expeditions into goyville, seeking power through corruption, profit through bribery blackmail and terror, hegemony via the intellectual impoverishment or physical elimination of all who would compete... be theyArmenian traders on the Silk Road longhaul, Byzantium currency entrepots, Roman galley runners plying the Red Sea Med Indian Ocean route... all fell down before the $ powers' fabled ability to manipulate the metaphysical and physical universes in favor of their chosen cabal.MANIPULATED WEATHER? Ain't no different this place this time than Santorini circa 1540 BC or so. A island blew up(literally)volcanic ash spread metres deep over cities and countryside far n wide, and an entire epoch of civilization, in the form of the storied Aegean sea empire of Minoans and their Anatolia brethern disappeared into smoke and under tsumani waves never to be seen again.Phoenicians won that won bigtime. Ruled the roost after the disappearance of their rivals for many a century. Their Semitic inheritors, unlike the goyish "cattle" they seek to rule over... learned the lesson well. Florida, Texas, the entire eastern seaboard, or the continent itself could well disappear tomorrow, and the pattern would merely be repeating.Weather manipulation, and the manipulation of the historical record... identical in motive and origination. Fakelore, Fake lines on a weather map, faked "holy books" and "revelations" from on high. We've been lied to in a thousand ways, for thousands of years... and most of our 'real' history lies under seas or beds of ash. Merika's may soon too... just keep sending all that stolen technology and the $ to put it to use over to HQ in the south east Med... reward won't be long in comin, to the denizens of Davy Jones Locker! 

Setarcos BobEore Sun, 09/10/2017 - 23:29 Permalink

An entertaining, potted history of fake news, well done.  There are conspiracy facts like WTC7, then fake stuff like DEWs and a nuclear weapon off Fukushima.  Discernment is all, such as that hurricanes have been around (and around and around) for millenia and simply do not need puny human assistance.  What hubris to imagine any different.On a side note.  After the first invasion of Iraq, numerous oil wells were ablaze, with dire warnings that soot from the fires would aid warming of glaciers on the Himalayas.  Well at ground level the fires were impressive, but ... I happened to fly to Europe, from Australia, during this event and fairly close to Iraq.  From about 30,000 feet there was no visible sign of smoke.  Obviously our species does a lot of environmental damage, but the advantage of occasional distance reveals too much up close imaginings of "massive" human impact on a global scale/the big picture.

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On another side note... speakin o hubris n all...would you be good enough to point out what part of Santorini blowing up and creating massive, civilization-changing damage around the Med would be "fake news>" ,,, or are you simply trying to place your version of 'potted' onto top of the totem, in valiant but failed effort of chutzpah chum? Your grasp of history APPEARS to be as slight as your skills at rebuttal... hopefully you can dispel that impression with a retort containing something of substance.

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Setarcos BobEore Mon, 09/11/2017 - 04:52 Permalink

Faked in terms of causation silly, not the actual event.  Your lack of comprehension is a worry.  I wasn't trying to rebut anything, just the opposite.  I'll make it simple.  Thunder storms are common, but once upon a time some people attributed them to the god Thor.  Fake, but the thunder was real.

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BobEore Setarcos Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:27 Permalink

Worry not.

I'm with ya on the keep it simple part, tho I suspect we might well ditch Thor for a more local theocratic stand in! My apparent incomprehension is based on a somewhat wide-angled take on the subject of "history" ... most of which... as per my original argument, is indeed "fake"...

as in made up, revised, distorted or even lost, all to suit the agendas of parties the thread of whose presence can be discerned throughout millennia by those prey to fits of 'careful attention' rather than 'conspiracy thinking.'

It was Anaximander - our first evidentiary of the "scientific mind," along with his teacher Thales, who bridged that gap tween the metaphysical and physical,in such a way as to eliminate the problem you pose as a "legacy" issue -that in reality isn't much of an issue at all... and which western culture took up instead of following those two wisemen, inheritors of the lost culture I mentioned in my post.

And linked a more detailed exposition about, so that those interested in pursuing more bout our seminal diversion from empirical reasoning could so do. Just to... ahh...keep it simple, silly! Physis & Techne... resolution of false opposites. Enjoy!

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And then theres the facts that they have been spraying the hell out of BC and Washington daily for 4 years, that aluminum dust is highly combustible....gee I wonder why they can seem to get a grip on the forest fires.  Look Up people

Sabibaby Sun, 09/10/2017 - 22:34 Permalink

Checkout  Suspicious0bserver (zero '0') on youtube he's been calling this for weeks. Suns been real active lately. Even called the earthquake in Mexico. The Sun has a lot more to do with the climate on earth than the 'climate change' pose want to admit to. 

SixIsNinE Sun, 09/10/2017 - 22:44 Permalink

check out Nicholson1968's latest on weather engineering    :   https://youtu.be/xrV9sQuCpmI - get it quick - Youtube is trying to censor his channel - he's got some from a 1959 Walt Disney "Science-Factual" film showing military weather modification.Also, remember the August 10th ZH post on FEMA Black Skies Drill to start Aug 23rdhttps://www.1src.com/topic/fema-launches-black-sky-exercise-to-prepare-… http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-22/fema-preparing-solar-storm-wou… the already classic  "Frankenskies" - documenting gov/mil spraying and weather mod since planes first flew  :  https://youtu.be/zNeOTOytEeA I was talking to a nice couple yesterday, both in their sixties - neither one had even noticed that we've been aerially sprayed near daily for the past 4 years here in our town.When something so blatantly obvious just goes without notice amongst the masses, you know the fluoridation has worked.   

Setarcos SixIsNinE Sun, 09/10/2017 - 23:57 Permalink

The usual Alex Jones style mix of wild, as opposed to actual, conspiracy theories, e.g. the fluoride scare.  I am 74 and I have drunk fluoridated water for around 50 years, with no effects, other than less tooth problems.  My reasoning abilities remain better than most.Attempts at weather modification go back decades of course, but with no noticeable effect.  More's the pity, perhaps.  Australia is the driest inhabitted Continent and prone to extended drought  where most of the population lives ... a narrow band of land in the SW, then nothing much for some 2,000 kms, a bit in S Australia, then nothing much for another 1,000 kms to the East ... total European-style habitable land?  Probably a lot  less than England, in effect, which has a pop. of about 50milion I think, whereas we are overpopulated with about 23million. Oh weather modification, e.g. cloud seeding, has been tried ... and failed to yield significant results.  IF successful techniques existed, then we would certainly be using them.  Successful techniques for destroying massive steel-framed structures do exist, on the other hand, and WTC7 is a conspiracy fact, with no easily imagined wild theories attached.

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Sample size 1. Harvard has re-verified almost 50 international studies of 10s of thousands that show an avg. 7 pt IQ drop with short term exposure. And you'll likely have joint problems because of Fluoride build up in your bones (it roughenes surface texture). And it was previously used as rat poison before Bernays rebranded it.There's an air force academy training manual from the 1990's titled "Chemtrails" that goes into detail of one program online. There's a really interesting clip in the first 30 sec of this video about weather modification.  https://youtu.be/olJv2syNw9AAnd here too: http://www.aboutthesky.com

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BS  Control group?  Excluded variables?  Short period?  How short?  Let's say five years.  I have been drinking the stuff for 10x that = 70pt IQ drop.  I started at 135+ (that means that I can handle BS), so I should now be 65, i.e. incapable of reading and writing.  Have any idea how stupid your post is.  Actually rat poison is good in small doses for heart conditions, so too nitro-glycerine, but carrots will also kill you in large enough doses, so will fluoride, no one disputes that.As for joint problems.  Not too bad for 74 actually, considering that arthritis runs in the family and has from long before fluoridation.

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I have lived in Australia for 46 years and I have seen weather records going back probably as far as 1850 - at least 150 years anyway.  On average, rainfall and temperatures have not significantly changed, thus one often hears: driest since ..., record since ... etc..  Attempts at weather modification probably go back 50 years.  How long would you like "small changes" to take for "larger effects".  Btw the butterfly analogy is silly.  It is inconceivable that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon led to hurricane Irma.  If such causality existed, there would be permanent hurricanes.  In fact they form over warm sea water.Your reasoning is defective.  All else aside.  Just say that cloud seeding (or whatever) does not work, but university departments and contractors have become entrenched.  Who would you ask if it all worked?  Someone with a career dependent on it, or an interested outside observer with no axe to grind?

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Look at these pulses coming from antartica. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tbPWQtxw8sMThe military industrial complex isnt fighting any enemies now so they need this. North korea doesnt look like it will happen. Fighting is syria is at staelmate due to russia. Also banking interest needs gov always borrowing to make money. It could also be abt climate change agenda pushed by UN.let see if these areas hit are conservatives or not.

Belerophon Sun, 09/10/2017 - 23:40 Permalink

"Is it really so hard to believe, that the military has the power to control hurricanes?"   Well, now that you put it that way... yes, it is very hard to believe the military can control hurricanes. Lunatic fringe, I know you are out there....

Setarcos Belerophon Mon, 09/11/2017 - 00:06 Permalink

Exactly.  Alex Jones enters stage right.  He almost single-handedly destroys any chance of reasonable analysis of anything.  Come to think?  Not anywhere near single-handedly.  How about lunatic centre, from the White House out to the emerging, seething masses, with no two people really seeing eye to eye.

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Thank you ZH for wasting my time with this great piece of chit! The problem with conspiracy theories is that to venture in such a world to undig the truth you need an extremely solid grounding in reality otherwise you just go overboard and believe mostly anything and everything. This article is exactly such a pile of nonsense that any person with a minimal knowledge of weather can destroy better than a hurricane going through Florida. Meaningless mix of weather, strategy, real estate, you name it. The more complicated and tortuous the thinking the more likely? I was expecting something on aliens building the great pyramids at the end!

el buitre Mon, 09/11/2017 - 01:13 Permalink

I have been reading the ZH comment section daily for years and am familiar with the handles of most of the usual commenters.  The only name I recognize so far in the first 15 comments is BobEore.  Isn't that interesting.  I wonder what it means?

Sambo Mon, 09/11/2017 - 01:26 Permalink

It is quite possible to tinker with water temperature parameters near the sea surface over which the eye is located to cause what is called "rapid deepening". This happens when the pressure drops by 42 mb in a 24 hr period.Multiple submarines with nuclear reactors could achieve this. I wonder if the sudden intensification of Harvey near the Texas coast was achieved in this manner.....

ElTerco Mon, 09/11/2017 - 02:16 Permalink

That's funny. All the climate deniers have been saying for years that there is no way mankind could ever have any significant impact on earth's climate/weather in any way beyond possibly cloud seeding to make rain.

So which is it? Can mankind have an impact on large scale atmospheric events or not? Make up your f'ing minds!

Hugh Mann Mon, 09/11/2017 - 06:23 Permalink

If you must do something in secret, you're probably up to no good. The Secrecy Act has and is being used to bury the criminal activity of our corporate government. As JFK said, "secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society". Burying your head in the sand leaves you in the position of getting screwed. A simple web search brings a wealth of information a about weather manipulation.https://www.bing.com/search?q=weather+manipulation&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1… http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org  

Wild E Coyote Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:07 Permalink

The military has been spending millions and probably billions. That does not mean they have something. There are several weather related technologies out there. Cloud seeding and Artificial lighting are some of the well known. But sadly America has lost the spirit to create anything new. This is normal in any rich economy. Rich people have no time for making anything since they have no time while spending what they have. Poor and not so rich people have different perspective. Why struggle to create something unique, when you can much easily sell hocus pocus to the idiotic rich.Almost all industry are stagnating due to strangle hold of money by the rich. Poor has no chance of getting the American dream. And they will not work hard to make the already rich people more rich. That is also why socialism is getting more attention by the youth who are disillusioned with capitalism. Everybody just want to do their job with minimal effort. New big technologies are not out there.  simple point.... F35. 

webmatex Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:22 Permalink

No one asked if i want fluoride in water or high atmospheric heating, but if you love your kids and others you will always prefer the choice of clear clean water and take your chances with an untampered "natural" weather, you don't agree with authoritarian dictates forcing you and others to comply with poison and weather experiments - except if you also support mandatory vaccines, conscription, war for profit and GMO's - which would imply something lacking in moral and spiritual fibre and very uncaring towards itself and world.Frank said it best:Plastic people oh baby now your such a draaaaag!A cynical ape... 

ohvast Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:33 Permalink

I love scifi and fantasy but this is too far out for me. You guys are serious about this, though, so I guess this is an example of someone confusing reality with fiction. My personal experience with that is that it never ends well.

bwdiii Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:40 Permalink

Russia never invaded (or infiltrated, staged revolutions in...):
All the other 'stans...
...and the Raytheon angle is just touching.
Put the bong down, Boris.