George Soros And The Politics Of Hope And Hate

Authored by Matthew Jamison via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The hackneyed international billionaire enigma known by the name of George Soros (redolent of the James Bond villain Blofeld – the head of the sinister shadow government organisation Spectre – in Ian Fleming’s novels) is up to his old tricks yet again in stirring up tensions and trouble to suit his own warped personal, political and financial agenda.

This time Soros is not only poking his unwanted nose into the security, internal affairs and politics of the Russian Federation, or the United States of America, or the State of Israel, but now also another one of his old loathed adversaries in the form of Britain. George Soros likes to parade around as a humanitarian liberal devoted to good and noble causes. The old spiv and speculator has taken it upon himself as the self-anointed, self-righteous judge of who is full of hope and who is full of hate in Britain by setting up and funding his own «spy network» euphemistically called «Hope Not Hate».

This is curious as Mr. Soros himself is in no position to lecture and dictate to others who is full of hope and who is full of hate especially when it comes to Britain. After-all, Mr. Soros loathes Britain so much he was the man responsible for breaking the Bank of England on Black Wednesday which cost the UK taxpayer over $10 Billion in currency reserves and triggered the worst financial crisis in the country's history (that was up until 2008) which cost every man, woman and child in the UK an estimated 70 pounds per head in 1992 money. Mr. Soros made quite a lot of money off the backs of the financial misery he helped inflict on the already recession hit British population. Mr. Soros himself has a lot of hatred inside him. First of all he has an unmitigated hatred for his own people of the Jewish civilization and the great State of Israel. Soros is a deeply insecure, neurotic, self-hating person. During an interview with the New Yorker he stated: «I don't deny the Jews to a right to a national existence – but I don't want anything to do with it». Ouch! 

Soros's Open Society Foundation has also been active in attempting to deligitimise Israel, with a self-described objective of «challenging Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies» in international forums, in part by questioning Israel’s reputation as a democracy and encouraging the boycott, divestment and sanctions lobby against Israel. For someone who is Jewish and grew up in Nazi occupied Hungary this is beyond the pale. But then Mr. Soros and his self-hating, upper-middle class family have no real connection or sympathy for their fellow Jews having done a deal with the devil in Hungary during WWII to enable him and his family to flee to England to save their own bacon. When it comes to Israel and the plight of the Jewish people George Soros is full of hatred, pathological hatred.

Then there is the pathological hatred George Soros has for Russia, the Russian people and the Russian State and for the Russian President Vladimir Putin. In January 2015 Soros ludicrously claimed in the most wild and paranoid fashion that: «Europe needs to wake up and recognize that it is under attack from Russia». What nonsense! Soros sounds as if he wants to start a new Cold War. He has also been a leading proponent and cheerleader in the West for expansive economic sanctions against Russia. Soros has gone out of his way and done everything in his power along with his billions to attempt to undermine (if not overthrow) President Putin and the Russian Government. Instead of attempting to foster a new alliance with Russia based on mutual respect, mutual admiration and mutual interests (and honouring the massive sacrifice that the heroic Russian people made in defense of ironically Western civilization during WWII) Soros is doing everything he can to start a war between NATO and Moscow. He cannot be allowed to get away with this. 

Now not content with attempting to undermine the State of Israel or the Russian Federation for his own agenda, he and his followers have set up shop in Britain with their own «spy network» in a little known charitable organisation based in St. James Square, London under the title of «Hope» not «Hate». This is an echo of President Obama's vacuous and superficial 2008 slogan «Hope & Change». Yet to President Obama's credit he hoovered up all the funding that Soros gave him in 2008 and then once inside the Oval Office refused to meet with him. Soros had hoped to establish himself in the long line of American «super-donors» by setting himself up as the shadow President. When President Obama was not willing to play that game Soros rued his investment and stated he should have backed Hillary Clinton instead.

This explains why he went all in for Hillary in 2016 banking on finally getting the position of shadow President which he thought was his due in 2008. Yet he did not reckon on his other «super-donor» rival breaking the rules and actually standing for office instead of funding from the sidelines, thus liberating the Oval Office from the grip of outside big money multi-millionaire and billionaire «special interest shadow Presidents» such as a Soros or a Sheldon Adelson or a Pamela Harriman et al. What is going on in internal American politics at the moment is very much a personal/political battle between President Trump and the wannabe shadow President Soros. 

Yet Soros and his misguided followers in his «Hope» not «Hate» spy network cult have started targeting anyone in Britain who exercise their legitimate democratic and civil liberty rights to intellectual freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of thought in advocating for and speaking out in support of a new realist alliance and Grand Accommodation with Russia. Anyone who has the audacity to attempt to chart a new geopolitical course in international relations and remind the West of the massive debt it still has to properly honour towards Russia is immediately targeted by his «Hope» not «Hate» network. Anyone who has the temerity to question the wisdom of US-UK policy on Syria from the very start of the conflict way back in 2011 is immediately targeted by Soros's «Hope» not «Hate» networkAnyone who makes the slightest positive comment about Russia or the Russian people or expresses admiration for Russia is immediately targeted by Soros's «Hope» not «Hate» network. How such an independent spy network can be allowed to operate this way in Britain is deeply disturbing and is yet another sign of the 1984 quasi-Gestapo State the UK is steadily slipping into. Indeed there is close coordination between certain elements in the British State along with Soros's «spies». 

His followers in «Hope» not «Hate» should be aware that their Leader is no saint. Soros is a deeply sinister individual full of hatred of his own. Hatred for Israel. Hatred for Russia. Hatred for Britain. Ironically his hedge fund he started in the 1960s is called «Quantum». Mr. Soros hates Britain and has a personal axe to grind against Britain just has he has a personal axe to grind against Israel, Russia and certain people in America. Once again, useful idiots are being manipulated within a much larger global geopolitical/geo-personal context.

Perhaps it is time for Mr. Soros and his «Hope» not «Hate» spy cult to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if they are so pure and innocent to sit in judgement over others?



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That is the best idea.The Ruskies want to question him about a few financial matters, and that could turn into a permanent interrogation.There is really no good reason for his carcass to be walking around and spreading infection.Nobody at our end has the guts to go near him but the Ruskies would not hesitate to throw him into one of Putin's dungeons.  

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nmewn Ms. Erable Sun, 09/10/2017 - 18:26 Permalink

I like Clock Crasher's comment...Stretch him out on a table, offer him a bribe or the possessions of others like when he was a teenager with the Nazis to confess, it worked back then easily, people don't change that much over time. If that doesn't work, then we can rip out his intestines with a hook.But he will confess ;-)

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Ms No nmewn Sun, 09/10/2017 - 18:46 Permalink

I have been meaning to tell you nmewn...  With all of this chaos in your state you may have a neighbor that you detest from screwing you over previously.  It's dark and a nmewn could get the idea to exact revenge via black ops...  Some times it's just better to let it go.  Don't go doing your own purge now.  (- ; 

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To clean under the foreskin, gently push it as far as possible toward the body. Carefully wash the entire area with warm water. Then replace the foreskin over the head of the penis.

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And... our Sec of the Treasurey Steven Mnuchin partnered with Soros during the 08 housing  mortgage fiasco that resulted in the financial rape of 4 million Americans that they were able to affect. They made millions.It is so confusing being a Republican these days. You just don't know who to Hate.   

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Prediction:George Soros death and/or assassination will touch off WWIII....becasue after reading this, me-thinks that WWII never ended...and WWII was just a continuation of WWI.Soros is a Hungarian Jew. This whole article, for me, begs the question, "What are his connections (if any) to the pre-WWI Austro-Hungarian Empire?" 

runnymede Reichstag Fire Dept. Mon, 09/11/2017 - 01:25 Permalink

"George Soros death and/or assassination will touch off WWIII"Not sure about that. He's despised in a lot of quarters. He does have a couple evil spawns though to carry on the mission of universal misery. Soros is the poster child for the worst humanity can conjure up when turbo charged with otherworldy evil. Guarantee you he is a pedo. I completely concur with your assessment of WW1 and II. Still playing out. Damn---evil's got legs.

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I don't believe for a single minute that George Soros is a lone wolf that all the banking powers just allow to do as he wishes, as if his goals are in opposition in some fashion.  No way.  He fits in with the greater Bolshevik agenda perfectly.  We saw this same deflection with Rockefeller.  They always tried to play him off as a lone wolf with a lonely agenda too.Secondly, what if any negative impact has George Soros had on Israel?  Front men and front operations exist to take action while giving the appearance of distance from the source.  If the front goes down continuity remains.  Having said that I have no problem believing that Soros doesn't give a shit about Jews in general because he is a psychopath.  Neither do the big Zionist banking families give a shit, although they care more about them then they do us.

Duc888 Sun, 09/10/2017 - 18:56 Permalink

  ...on a side note.... (scuttlebut) Mueller supposedly pardoned Comey...that's the word floating around the Internets now.  I've not confirmed that it is true.

Small Governme… Sun, 09/10/2017 - 19:15 Permalink

Why not offer Kim Jong Un both George Soros and Barack Obama as vassals in return for nuclear disarmament?Kim might actually take the offer!  Of course, the offer would require Kim keep both in N. Korea for at least a decade.That would have a salutary effect on actions around the world, as well as here in North America.As for the USA, it would be rid of two enormous pains in politics, and would eliminate a nuclear nightmare.What a trifecta!

Racin Rabitt Sun, 09/10/2017 - 19:31 Permalink

Hasn't this fucker been arrested yet?! I thought we started a Petition, weeks ago, to get that done. Didn't anybody go over there and sign up? Put the Marshalls on him.

FarCanal Sun, 09/10/2017 - 23:02 Permalink

Soros attacks Britain, the country that fought and saved him and gave him a home after WW2. If he really hates Israel why didn't he send his Refugee boats to Israeli shores from Syria it's only next door. He doesn't hate Israel that's a sly ruse.Britain he does want to stab in the back,again.

FBaggins Mon, 09/11/2017 - 02:00 Permalink

Soros’s proclaimed anti-Zionism and criticism of the state of Israel is nothing but sophisticated and clever posturing, all of which is a highly necessary cover for him to organize and direct radical groups made up mainly from the ranks of the extreme left. If he appeared to be in favor of Zionism or even neutral to the casue, he would have no credibility for the creation and in the direction of his Open Society organizations. None of them would have got off the ground in the first place.  If one is going to be directly and openly engaged in breaking down Christian culture and Western civilization, they best not do so while being identified as a Zionist, as such may invite repercussions as evidenced by the sordid history of the 20th century. His childhood stories are suspect as they are also useful posturing enabling him to establish his fake separation from his roots, which he ought to be proud of. If stories were true he would not likely continue to have the backing of the Rothschild’s who claim to be the creators of Israel, nor would he continue to have the support of the other major global elites striving for global control of currencies and credit. His actual childhood war experiences likely taught him to hate Western civilization and to extremely devious. He has never done any real harm to Israel by calling it fascist, and the Nazi-like fascists who run the place are likely in private most grateful for his remarks. Furthermore, many Jewish people earnest in their criticisms of Zionism have had little effect on the cause, and neither Zionism or Israel have ever been major targets of the Soros Open Society Foundations. If he was any real harm to Israel, the Rothschild’s would have financially cut him off and ruined him years ago, or failing that, the Mossad would have knocked him off.  Also, his nation destabilization and deconstruction efforts are a carbon copy of the weird Couodenhove-Kalergi plan to break down all Western racial and cultural distinctions while leaving the Zionist ethnicity intact and distinct.