The Looting Begins...


WPLG in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has just released footage of 8-9 looters targeting a Simon’s shoe store on Sunrise Blvd. and Powerline Road.  

In the video, the store’s front windows are smashed in with a nearby ladder laying on the ground. Various members of the group are seen running in and out of the store with stolen goods.

Per WPLG, 

A group then began looting a Footlocker in the same area. It’s not known whether the groups were the same. South Florida law enforcement officials promised to police the streets to prevent looting, but with unsafe winds currently pummeling the region, it’s not known if units are currently on patrol.

Lee Feldman (City Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida) has just said, “looting is not acceptable in Ft. Lauderdale even during the height of IRMA2017 we will arrest”….

This morning,  arrested two males in connection to overnight burglaries.

30-45 minutes south of Ft. Lauderdale, a group of men are packing heat saying “looters beware”...

Julie Durda, a meteorologist for WPLG has just issued a Tornado warning for the area, as conditions deteriorate into the late afternoon.

A long night for Florida, as Hurricane Irma is moving up the west coast of the state.


South Florida is a ghost town after the largest evacuation ever.

Today’s reports of looting is just the start of much more chaos to come....


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  The looting begins...

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Hedgeless, clearly they will take advantage of this on many fronts. William Banzai has an art piece titled 'Looters'. Which I will buy as it so nails this.

I am long NMEWN. Got family down there who owns property near Ft. Myers. See you there!

Btw, I hope all those with electric cars realize your mistake. Walking will be good for you!

Other than that, undergound transmission and distribution...well, ain't gonna happen.

Ms. No made a very good point about the last one in Texas. Backup power should be located on elevated platforms. I worked in the industries for years and here in the Northeast with even higher tides, anyone worth their salt elevates their backup.

She has street creds here and my respect. Please take that as a compliment and all of the ladies here have been significant contributors. Well done no matter what you think of my commentary. Good on you!

The Tylers should offer contributor status to the ladies here.

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Should the ladies of ZH contribute articles,

IMHO, if they are willing, should do so. Some of the best commentary seen here comes from them, professional and with real world on the ground experience. A guaratee of a stipend would work as well as editorial say. Time to get real Tyler's. Becoming McDonalds is no fucking excuse.

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You know who I blame for all of this....the Panic strickened scare the shit out of you Mainstream Media.  As they scare everyone, this opens up a certain part of society to ..."NOW IS OUR CHANCE".  Anderson cooper standing outside in his little Northface wind a wet breeze...trying to make this so dramatic.  This is the medias fault when the Looters are alerted to ..."NOW IS THE TIME".  Free Shit.....Everywhere...I pray that these fucks break into a house that they think is empty....and BOOM...the Mosberg cuts them in half......because remember....these guns out there floating around somebodies bedroom...they just go BOOM by themselves.  Anderson...Don Lemon...Fuck you guys.....and believe it or not...MSNBC was STILL talking about Trump and

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Cooper looks like an ass Q tip.The weather channel invented entirely new more dramatic radar colors that are like crazy clown scarey.  I saw a leaf blowing.  Dr Steve has his Rodio gear on.  Its embarrassing to the islands that really got hit for our MSM to treat this like Armageddon.  Once again, the rest of the world looks on and thinks ..."what pompous ass fools!"There won't be one pair of Air Jordan's left in any Fl store after this.  They'll blame it on the white Nazis while the blacks will have Christmas feet.  Fo free Holmes. But its not PC to ax way day gots em fancy colored sneaks.  Whoops.  I said colored.Good thing the LBGTQ++ tribe doesn't loot.  God knows what shortages would be caused post crisis!

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It's up to people to defend their own homes and property.  The conditions here in South Florida are extremely hazardous so no one should expect 'law enforcement' to be out and about.  BTW, writing this from South Florida where I live, there is way too much fear porn.  If you are smart, you got it covered.  You either moved out of harms way or you are like the many impoverished here in FL, you have few options.  It is a bad storm as I listen to the winds and rain outside my window, but we will move on.  FL has had storms forever.  If you build on the coast, then you just expect to lose your property from time to time.  Like life, it's a casino and you play the odds.  

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