Amid 2017's Fascist Disinformation Mania, Brandon Smith Fears "Something Larger Afoot"

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Years ago in 2012, I published a thorough examination of disinformation tactics used by globalist institutions as well as government and political outfits to manipulate the public and undermine legitimate analysts working to expose particular truths of our social and economic conditions.

If you have not read this article, titled Disinformation: How It Works, I highly recommend you do so now. It will act as a solid foundation for what I am about to discuss in this article. Without a basic understanding of how lies are utilized, you will be in no position to grasp the complexities of disinformation trends being implemented today.

Much of what I am about to discuss will probably not become apparent for much of the mainstream and portions of the liberty movement for many years to come. Sadly, the biggest lies are often the hardest to see until time and distance are achieved.

If you want to be able to predict geopolitical and economic trends with any accuracy, you must first accept a couple of hard realities. First and foremost, the majority of cultural shifts and fiscal developments within our system are a product of social engineering by an organized collective of power elites. Second, you must understand that this collective is driven by the ideology of globalism — the pursuit of total centralization of financial and political control into the hands of a select few deemed as "superior" concertmasters or "maestros."

As globalist insider, CFR member and mentor to Bill Clinton, Carroll Quigley, openly admitted in his book Tragedy And Hope:

"The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank ... sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world."

The philosophical basis for the globalist ideology is most clearly summarized in the principles of something called "Fabian Socialism," a system founded in 1884 which promotes the subversive and deliberate manipulation of the masses towards total centralization, collectivism and population control through eugenics. Fabian Socialists prefer to carry out their strategies over a span of decades, turning a population against itself slowly, rather than trying to force changes to a system immediately and outright.  Their symbol is a coat of arms depicting a wolf in sheep's clothing, or in some cases a turtle (slow and steady wins the race?) with the words "When I strike I strike hard."

Again, it is important to acknowledge that these people are NOT unified by loyalty to any one nation, culture, political party, mainstream religion or ethnic background.

In fact, they will happily sacrifice any country or any group of people if it will get them closer to their goal.

They are not defenders of the free market as the idiots on the extreme left like to claim. In fact, they abhor any business model that is not dominated by a government and a bureaucracy designed to give them an unfair advantage through legislation. Anyone who thinks free markets are the cause of our economic ailments in the past decade has lost sight of the fact that we have not had anything even remotely resembling free markets for more than a century. The corporations leftists and common socialists constantly wail about could not exist without government charter and the legal loopholes surrounding limited liability. So please, socialist warriors, shut up about free markets. You have no idea what you are talking about.

The globalists are also not loyal acolytes of any particular theological tradition (at least not any that are clearly identified). Meaning, they are NOT organized around Judaism or even loyalty to Israel as is the common claim of the clowns that make up what some are now calling the "Alt-Right." Globalists do not care about Jewish people or Jewish beliefs even though some of them are genetically Jewish.

While a minority of globalists are associated with the political extremist faction known as "Zionism," Zionists are just another exploitable group to them, and their greater objective has nothing to do with the elevation of Israel. They will gladly fund Islamic extremist groups, for example, that desire and will willingly carry out the obliteration of Israel or the murder of Jewish people. They also exploit elements of the Israeli government to trigger chaos on the other side of the chess board.

Those who argue that all our ills are engineered by "the jeeeewwws!" or "the tribe" are poorly informed and have chosen an overly simplistic broad-brush explanation for a much more complex enemy they have no ability to fathom. They tend to cite "evidence" that is highly unverified and poorly sourced.  They think the Rothschilds are the root of all globalism when the Rothschilds are just one element of a greater cabal.  Ask them which globalist institutions actually argue for Jewish or Zionist supremacy and they won't be able to produce evidence of any, unlike the numerous globalist institutions and champions that OPENLY argue for GLOBALISM even at the expense of Jews and the nation of Israel (i.e. Barack Obama's consistent support of Islamic extremist groups and the Arab Spring).  In fact, ask them for evidence that Jews or Zionists are the core of the globalist agenda and they will copy and paste the same list of perhaps two dozen Council on Foreign Relations members that are Jewish while ignoring the thousands of other members that are not.

They also tend to argue that the fascist movements of the past century were actually "doing battle with the globalist agenda" — i.e. they were the "good guys."  Sorry to break it to the "Alt-Right" crowd, but almost everything they believe is wrong.

I have noticed a disturbing trend within liberty movement and conservative circles; a kind of invasion, if you will. A minority of disinformation agents and useful idiots are operating within liberty outlets to push an ideological revolution oddly similar in tactics to those used by Soros funded groups overtaking the political left. It is my belief that while some globalist created movements are meant to provoke the left to zealotry and cultural Marxism, other globalist created movements are meant to provoke the right to zealotry and a misplaced adoration for fascism.  Divide and conquer is the game here.

As I noted in my last article 'Globalists Will Throw Antifa To The Wolves To Further Their Agenda', the left is essentially a lost cause. Any semblance of the so called "classical liberal" that is so commonly linked back to certain American revolutionaries and founding fathers was snuffed out long ago. They don't exist anymore. Conservatives (not necessarily Republicans) have taken up the mantle of individual liberty and small government. The labels may have changed, but the principles remain the same. Conservatives are the natural enemy of globalists. The ideals of conservative thought and the globalist agenda are mutually exclusive — both cannot exist within the same space at the same time. One of them has to go for the other to function.

So, what are elitists with aspirations of becoming god-kings to do? Well, they could try to attack conservatives directly, but this does not mean our ideals will disappear. The ideals might even spread and flourish in reaction to a crackdown, which is the opposite effect that social engineers desire. Instead, 4th generation warfare is in order. That is to say, conservatives must be bamboozled into embracing actions contrary to their principles.

They must be conned into applauding big government instead of fighting against it. They must be tricked into rationalizing violations of the Constitution instead of exposing said violations as a spreading cancer. They must be cajoled into cheering for even more expensive and ill conceived war efforts that do not serve the interests of Americans. They must be fooled into praising the relationship between corporations and government instead of working to dismantle the government framework that coddles corporations and protects them from free markets.

While globalists cannot destroy conservatism from without, they might be able to use 4th Gen tactics to destroy conservatism from within. Conservatives have to be convinced that conservative values are weaknesses that must be abandoned for the "greater good." At this point, conservatives would no longer be conservative; they become something else entirely.

While the liberty movement in particular has been hyper-focused on the dangers of cultural Marxism and communism, the real danger is the psyop being played within the political right. Both communism and fascism serve globalist interests. It is to their advantage to promote both and to even pit one against the other. The key is to use the left to drive conservatives to desperate measures and then link conservatives to ideals that are counter to their natures until the original ideals are forgotten.

There are some core weakness to the propaganda campaign that gut the narrative completely. The fact that the establishment is grasping at such methods to me seems desperate, but then again, I make a rule never to underestimate people's laziness or their ignorance. So, lets look at the primary argument popping up in every liberty comment thread and chat board: "Globalists are purely communists, and fascism is a misunderstood and necessary counterpunch."

This assertion falls apart fantastically when historical fact is applied and one realizes that BOTH communism and fascism were movements funded and supported by the very same financial elites. Yes, that's right, fascism cannot be opposed to globalism, because globalists created fascism to serve their purposes.

To find the most comprehensive evidence compiled on the relationship between the financial elites and the rise of fascism and communism, one of the best sources is the work of Professor Antony Sutton. Here Sutton answers questions on some of these ties, including the elitist funding and technological development of the Nazis as well as the Soviet Union:

Let's not forget about the Bush family legacy of financial support for the Third Reich - yet some people are attempting to feed a growing argument that the globalists were opposed to Hitler or vice versa...?

Globalist conglomerates like the Rockefeller's Standard Oil were even exposed during the Nuremberg trials as having funded and aided Nazi technological advancements throughout the war using close relationships to IG Farben. This is made clear in the 'Von Knieriem Documents' within the Nuremberg and WWII congressional investigative record, which can be read in full in Elimination Of German Resources For War, starting on page 1302.

This means that the disinfo-argument that "perhaps the elites funded fascism in the beginning but turned against it later" is a no-go. Of course, these revelations were ultimately buried and no one of import was ever prosecuted.

So, to be absolutely clear - Fascist movements are NOT a counterweight to communism, they are controlled opposition to communism.  If you want to join a real opposing movement to cultural marxists and communists, then the only answer is a movement that supports individual liberty and the reduction of government power.  Fascism does not support either.

Beyond general cash flow and technological backing for fascist governments, the globalist ideology is almost identical to fascist models. Mainstream assumptions aside, fascists are not true nationalists, rather, they are ideologues seeking to spread globally — their propaganda base just happens to begin with national pride. As mentioned earlier, globalism is best understood through the lens of Fabian Socialism, and Fabian Socialism is essentially fascism; though fascism tends to add a frontman dictator as a figurehead rather than an open cabal of oligarchs.

Fabian Socialists (globalists) are so fond of fascism that they have in the past presented unabashed defense of the Third Reich. George Bernard Shaw, a celebrity member of the Fabians, is notorious for praising the methods of both the Nazis and Stalin, including the mass murder of undesirables.

The difference between the communist model and the Nazi model? Nazis believed in population control based on genetic origin, while communists believed in population control based on labor potential. Both standards appeal to globalists.

Bottom line - fascists are slaves for globalists, just as communists are slaves for globalists. Both support big government power, both undermine personal freedoms. There is little more than cosmetic differences between them when one knows the true history behind each movement.

The disinformation brigade drumming up the pro-fascist/pro-Hitler dialogue on conservative forums may be part of a funded agenda to demonize liberty movements by false association. Or, it may be an attempt to lure conservatives into thinking the only way to counteract the insanity of the extreme left is to become more like their classic enemy, the fascist. And, perhaps it is simply a gaggle of morons with zero historical reference parroting what they have been hearing in their online echo chambers for years, but now they see an opportunity generated by the fear surrounding the mania of cultural Marxists.

They will seethe in the comments of this article, that is certain. I will be accused of being a "Zionist agent," with zero proof of course. They will froth at the mouth about how "something must be done" about the cultural marxists as if our only other choice is to adopt even more egregious methods.  They will gather a dozen of their friends from their favorite online haunts and "mob up" to flood forums with angry discord to make it appear that there are more of them out there than really exist (much like social justice warriors do), but it is unlikely they will produce any hard evidence countering anything I have presented here. Their opinions might be loud, but they are also irrelevant.

My concern is that there is something larger afoot.

That maybe, just maybe, the conservative right is being tenderized in preparation for radicalization, just as much as the left has been radicalized. For the more extreme the social divide, the more likely chaos and crisis will erupt, and the globalists never let a good crisis go to waste. Zealots, regardless of their claimed moral authority, are almost always wrong in history. Conservatives cannot afford to be wrong in this era. We cannot afford zealotry.  We cannot afford biases and mistakes; the future of individual liberty depends on our ability to remain objective, vigilant and steadfast. Without self examination, we will lose everything.


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Before the final war, that destroys us all, us, not a part of the King’s gang, the King’s gang who are the Tribe, and they take great pride in that designation, ie, The Tribe, it would be great if us common people would discover there is a King, and, he is in England, ie, the Empire on which the Sun never sets.  Better to note, the Empire is and always has been: The Empire of Rothschild.  There is an understanding among the world's filthy rich, different from -just the rich, the filthy rich, all of them of one mind, of one religion, of one kind.  All it took was to take control of the Bank of England, at the right time, then, a disastrous war with France, after that two World Wars with Germany and presto, we have a King.  America, hasn't been America 1776 since the incorporating of THE UNITED STATES COMPANY 1871 (all caps because that is the way it is).  War, Hollywood, The CIA, and presto, we have a King, as per the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  Give me control of the money and I won’t care who makes the laws.  A direct line, if you forget about who the real mom and pop were, to Egyptian royalty, to Babylonian royalty, all the way back to the Sumerians, to the Annunaki.Yeah, you betcha, the King is worshipped as immortal, as all powerful, as the greatest of the great, even as the servants wash from his underwear the stains of last night’s dinner.  Yep, just like us, only different.So it is we do have a King running the show, the whole show and nothing but -the WHOLE show.  Should be easy to persuade him to back off except he is the King, and, he is in charge of everything.  I, know what you are thinking, hey, you come up with a better explanation for the conformity to world destruction we are living today?  For the destruction of whole peoples and nations!?  Anyway, the Politicians and Judges, that was all it took to get control, you might call them the lesser Kings and Queens, they like that.So, let’s just argue about it as we find out everything we thought we knew is a lie and the weather along with everything else is controlled by human beings, as per their orders from the King.Here then is the only satisfaction we will ever know: these punk traitors wearing the Suits and Ties, parading around Washington D.C. and London, England, Paris, France, and Germany, the Merkel’s of the world, like the old Germans learned.  These pompous asses will get theirs when once they have fulfilled the King’s agenda.  We can know their end by knowing what has been shown us, almost as a kind of soothing of our hurt, we have been shown the truth, ie, to maintain the human population at 500,000,000, in accordance with the natural world and its needs.  Damn that is a lot of people though, enough to include the sell out’s and the creeps, damn, hate that.  Come on Kingy boy, don’t you think 500 million are too many, get that on down so we can at least know the real enemies of us, the Leadership, the Judges, their enforcer’s, will get theirs?  Then we all really can rest in peace, all of us together in the grave, the only heaven there really is. Oh yeah, it really is going to be Merry Old England again, let them eat cake, debtor’s prisons, the works, didn’t have to be that way but for the ball games, the checks in the mail, the religions and the educators, all wrapped in a big ball of idiotic BS we think of as our history, the history of the world, science….fool them, all the time.     

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Yes, there is something larger afoot.  But not something new, something ancient.This author, and virtually every author, is guilty of the exact same mistake.  The exact same mistake they critique others for... too narrow a focus, and focus on non-essentials, non-fundamentals.Obviously ZH authors do not read the comments.  Too bad.  If they did, they would have seen the fundamentals laid out clearly in comments below the articles.  Of course, they'd need to have sufficient insight and clarity of thought to recognize which comments contain the key "secret", and which are just noise similar to their articles.I will repeat again, in case someday an author reads while his brain is alert, switched on, open to finally recognizing the simple fact of what is happening in the modern world, and what has been happening for a billion years or more.Note that most successful predators hunt in packs.  One visual example; remember the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park.Humans predators have formed more sophisticated packs, and collaborate a bit more cleverly.  But once you recognize the dynamic of the farce that is called "mankind", what is fundamentally going on with humanity becomes so blatantly obvious.PREDATORS.PARASITES.PRODUCERS.I'm not a history buff, but I'm fairly sure the dynamic of predators and parasites has been established for over one billion years.To steal and pervert a phrase from Jurassic Park movie, only recently have producers been thrown into the mix.The predators and parasites know what they're doing, and have a billion years of evolution and practice to guide them.The new kids on the block (planet), namely producers... are utterly clueless.Want proof.  Look at this article.Hilarious!  The author points out the phenomena of brainwashing and propaganda... then totally succumbs to them.With relatively substantial degrees of clarity, predators and parasites completely understand that the fundamental dynamic of humanity is human predators and human parasites versus human producers.  They are totally aware and happy with the roles the three groups play.Oh, and by the way, the new kids on the planet have another, more ancient and in some ways fundamental name than producers, namely PREY.----------What I have noticed with such horrible clarity over the years is how utterly, totally, absolutely and completely screwed humans are who do not clearly understand fundamentals like this.  They flail around hopelessly.  Just the single small outlet of articles that is ZH has printed hundreds of not thousands of articles like this.They all make the same fundamental mistake.#1:  They correctly note the divide and conquer aspect of the "bad guys", and list some of the semi-falsely ranted-upon "groups".#2:  They then make the same mistake as everyone else, namely, they do not identify the "bad guys" in fundamental terms.Sure, many of them are media.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are leftists.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are Fascists.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are Zionists.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are Marxists.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are lobbyists.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are socialists.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are globalists.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are politicians.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are corporatists.  No kidding.Sure, many of them are government.  No kidding. Shall I continue? Now, pick any combination of the above, or any combination of bad guys you prefer.Okay?  Got them in mind?Look at your list and think carefully.  How can you and fellow "good guys" effectively deal with them?Take your time. After all, you've already had millennia to arrive at the answer. BUT YOU CAN'T. You can't figure out anything effective because... because... because... what? Because you did not identify the fundamental.  Without identifying the fundamental, you cannot be successful.  All you have is a huge pile of mostly irrelevant characteristics that will not help you arrive at any fundamental understanding or any element of a viable plan. What is the solution? Simple.  Identify the fundamental. THE FUNDAMENTAL HAS BEEN THE SAME FOR A BILLION YEARS... except for one minor or crucial detail (depending on where you go with your new-found understanding). The fundamental is:  predators, parasites, prey... with the note that the prey you care about (if you are one of the "good guys") is... producers.THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW... the fundamentals... to prepare your brain to solve the problem intellectually.And what are the fundamentals again?  What the fundamentals have been for one billion years... predators, parasites, prey. Now your brain can comprehend the fundamental situation and easily solve the problem intellectually. Once you have your head screwed on straight, it really is easy! How can producer-prey deal with predators and parasites? Well, let's make this even easier by taking the emotional nonsense out of the thinking equation.  Okay?  Because if you do not do that... YOU ARE PREY. Let's say earth is overrun by those Velociraptors. What would be the basic ways to deal with that situation? AVOID THEM.EVADE THEM.ESCAPE THEM.EXTERMINATE THEM. Those are your choices.  Obviously you don't want to feed them your precious blood, you don't want to support them or fund them or give them [funds to buy] weapons.  But... how to choose between AVOID, EVADE, ESCAPE, EXTERMINATE.Think for a moment before you read on.  Now that the probably has been reduced to fundamentals, working out a solution isn't very difficult, as you see. Okay, I bet most of you figured out the answer quite effectively. You noticed... in the short run (or possibly medium run at most)... if you are in an emergency situation you avoid, evade, escape... in anyway you can.  Hopefully you considered long in advance how to deal with many possibly dangerous situations and prepared to massively increase your odds of getting out of an emergency situation alive....  HOWEVER  ...You also noticed the bottom line.  You or your family or friends may have expressed this idea by saying something like, "this situation is intolerable... we can't just let packs of crafty, clever, nefarious, diabolical predators run in packs to hunt us down and bleed us dry".And you would come to the obvious conclusion, that "we must exterminate them".You would realize that every time you do not exterminate one when you can, that predator will almost certainly trash dozens, hundreds, thousands of other producer-prey before it finally dies or old age or is killed by a fed-up producer.You would realize this is so vastly more efficient that... any other course of action is just STUPID.The hunters must become the hunted.----------The only thing stopping the world from becoming like this is... what?#1:  Human producer-prey do not recognize the fundamental situation.#2:  They are held back by utterly insane suicidal ideas like "this is not how civilized humans behave".Your thinking process should have cured such nonsense!  You do not treat predators like minor mistakes or disagreements between human producers.  You do not serve papers on Velociraptors.  You do not invite them to trial to explain themselves --- they attacked and ate your freaking cousin, moron!!! --- and they'll do that 100 more times before trial (where a huge pack of them will show up and eat everyone).  Don't forget, the judge and sheriffs are part of the freaking pack of Velocirators!!!  Did you forget that?  !!!!!  MORON !!!!!Wake up!  Throw off your brainwashing.  Throw off your programming.  Throw off your delusions.  Wake up!Remember the fundamentals! ---------- Here I must say something that should not need to be said... EVER.  But it must be said, because humans are insane! Us producers want to be kind, gentle, helpful, friendly, productive, benevolent beings.  That's how we want to live our lives.  It would be wonderful to be able to live every moment of our lives that way.  And we could come close to that if producers were not so damn stupid (and also so damn busy working to produce goods and goodies rather than plot nefarious actions to screw others). But when faced with predators --- producers must become more destructive than the predatorsOtherwise, predators win, producers lose. SIMPLE AS THAT. Remember.  Those predators have more time to plot and plan against you and your fellow producers than you have to plot and plan how to deal with them.  That's because you spend almost all your time, effort and resources to produce... not fight wars against predators.  In fact, predators (and some parasites) spend most of their time planning and plotting how to steal you blind, bleed you dry, wipe you out, and take everything you own.  You can't spend an equal amount of time, effort or resources for the "predator wars" as they spend against you. Also, destruction is metaphysically vastly more potent than production.  The predators and parasites know this clearly... but most producer never even recognize this consciously.  It takes a huge quantity of time, effort, talent and resources to build a house (for example).  It takes a couple minutes, close to zero effort, and a free box of matches to destroy that same house.  This is the fundamental nature of reality, and this favors predators in almost every situation.  But he predators are completely aware of this, which is why they know that usually they merely need to threaten producers, and producers will freaking bleed themselves dry and hand it over to the predators without a fight.  Some producers will even bed for forgiveness for any unfortunate delay in turning over their blood, sweat and tears. And when it comes to human predators... they are AT LEAST as smart as producers on average.  And they are VASTLY more clever, nefarious, diabolical.  Of course one reason is... they've been developing and improving their nefarious scams for one billion years.  Fact is, producers cannot equal that. And so, the bottom line is, any producer who isn't a hopeless sheep has to understand that all that mild mannered behavior they spend virtually every moment practicing... has to be utterly, totally, completely REVERSED IN SPADES when dealing with predators. HUMAN PREDATORS ARE VASTLY MORE NEFARIOUS AND DANGEROUS THAN VELOCIRAPTORS. That's a fact. ---------- Yes, I know what 99% of the humans reading this are thinking right now.  I can't handle the truth.  That's just too much. Which is why I have said so many times in so many ways... #####  THE  PREDATORS  ALREADY  WON  ##### Humans are a failed species.  That's a fact.  I just demonstrated that.  That is not what you thought I was doing.  Was it?Well, I told you, I'm the realist and honest one... right down to the final bottom line (and beyond).The sad truth is still the truth.  Live with it.  Or more precisely, slowly die with it. So that's how I see this topic.  Every article about this topic is a total waste.  First because humans refuse to identify the fundamentals, which renders all these articles nothing but a huge pile of uselessness and waste of time, effort and resources.  Second, because faced with the facts of reality, virtually every one of the "good guys" prefers to be prey than honest.But... the other mistake people make is to assume producers need to organize against predators... somehow.  All these anarchists and individualists assume they need to form some collectivist something-or-other to succeed.  Their own "special interest group".  Hahaha.  And somehow they imagine their "special interest group" will have some effect against packs of collaborating predators vastly more clever and dangerous than Velociraptors.  Yeah, right!  Hahaha!  No chance... unless you are willing to be honest, take risks, and take real, direct actions.  Which very, very, very, extremely few producers are.And so, the only escape is the anarchist/individualists escape.  YOU can escape.  Accept the facts.  99.9999% of the rest of the "good guys" actually prefer to bleed to death... either quickly on the front lines fighting for the predators, or slowly by taxation, enslavement and well deserved hopelessness.You don't have to.  Get the hell outta dodge... far, far, far outta dodge.  Be prepared to exterminate a predator or two that ever becomes necessary, but mostly adopt the other strategies, namely avoid, evade, escape.  As an overall strategy, these options suck.  They don't solve the overall problem... packs of predators roaming populated neighborhoods.But if you move sufficiently far into the middle of nowhere, and keep your head/profile down, and stay "outta sight and outta mind"... then human predators will leave you alone.  Why wouldn't they?  They literally have billions of willing prey penned up in densely populated pens called "cities" and "towns".  Why spend egregious piles of resources seeking out one in a million?  Not worth it!  Not yet, anyway.----------Yes, this message is a massive downer.  Funny thing is, I no longer care.  Well, that's' not true intellectually, because it is such an unfathomable waste of potential awesomeness.  And revolting that predators live lives of luxury that the expense of producers.  But... after living 125km from the nearest human being, and typically not seeing a single human being for about 3 months at a time for years now... I just can't feel it.  And you know what?  Why should I?  I took the only actions that were viable for me.  Essentially the entire rest of producer-prey on planet earth are playing word games and doing everything they possibly can to hide from the truth.  And when faced with the truth, they will run the other way, or pretend the truth is not true... even as they know quite clearly that the truth is... they just can't handle the truth, and refuse to admit it (most of them).PS:  The sick fact is, the producer could win easily.  EASILY.  With only 1% and probably much less.  They simply refuse.  So be it.  Humans are a failed species.  Humans are finished.  But you... as one individual... do not need to be a failed individual... or finished.  Think about it.  The rest cannot be saved.

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I've never owned a TV.  The difference here the past few years is... it's not very easy to hunt down a TV anywhere.  The only communication I have now is internet.  That is, unless you count the radios in my airplane.  But they have no video, and the reception sucks!  So I'll poke around on the internet to see what I can find, and sooner or later I'll find a way to catch that episode.  Thanks for the tip.

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You make some points.  You neglect to examine why producers came together to destroy Hitler's Germany and the Japanese Empire.  Hiroshima was a pretty empathic explanation point.Victory is the total destruction of the enemy.  Victory is the abolishment of the enemy ever to wage war again.  Victory should exterminate the predator to prevent it from rising.  

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Recommende reads:Edward Bernays - "Propaganda"Wilfred Trotter - "Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War" The art of propaganda and information manipulation are as old as humankind itself.....and not just limited to globalists, governments, etc. Everyone, that is every single person, is prone to using manipulation and/or propaganda against others to get what they want....and everyone needs to realize their own weaknesses for such before judging others for the same.

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No.  I do not and will not.  I have no interest in that kind of life.That 100% false claim is 100% intentionally designed by human predators to make human predators feel like they bear no responsibility for the harm and destruction they regularly practice upon productive human beings.When i deal with producers... real producers... I have ZERO interest whatsoever to mislead, manipulate or propagandize them in any way whatsoever.I hope you were just quoting someone else, and don't hold that opinion yourself.  Because if you do, you are a self-conscious predator.PS:  I have plenty of weaknesses.  That's not one of them.

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There's a lot here, not sure what is being suggested. There has been something afoot for decades.I think what is important to focus on, at least in the US, is the capability of the nexus of corporations and governments to oppress consumers. There is almost no infromation on the internet that describes the active deployment of governmental and corporate population control technology, and the capability for governments to spy on, interact with, and oppress individual consumers in real-time via the IP address on their television and cell phone when they disrupt corporate profitability.To give you an example, I can tune in to CSPAN for a live Senate hearing, and if I speak out loud in a response to what the Senator said, the Senator will interrupt his speech to respond to me personally in my own home.  This can be done via microphones, CGI, human clones, AI, who knows.  The capability also exists to react to non-vocalized thoughts in the form of sentences spoken in your mind without moving your mouth. This technology is actively used in experimental military aircraft and has already been deployed over the entire continental United States. This is an absolutely proven capability that is well known in Asia and US corporations and used to oppress millions of consumers via the medical and pharmaceutical cartels.  The oppression has been confirmed on record by US Senators, foreign governments and corporate leadership who use the capability to commit astronomical financial crimes and brutally repress dissent.  Another example is TV personalities making lewd comments during sex in private residences, absolutely verifying the technology exists to monitor and react to consumers in real time, at random locations via the nationally deployed IP television network.Another example of population control technology that has already been deployed is weather control technology.  It is an absolute fact that the government has the capability to generate and control severe weather events, probably to facilitate profiteers.Another example of population control technology that has already been deployed is stealth or cloaking technology. I have personally witnessed government employees using this technology to vanish into thin air, and for vehicles to appear out of thin air.  It is also possible that teleportation technology is already being used.Anyway enough about the capability to oppress dissent and consumers at large, I'll comment on the assertions in the article.Money is certainly the primary motivator in the capitalist economies of the West. The people in control are desperate to sustain their monopoly power that they use to oppress consumers, who are basically enslaved by their service providers and their debt. To give you an example of the outrageous  economic system in the United States, you are probably paying $100 - $300 for 4G internet on a smartphone that costs about $1000. In other countries, you can get the identical 4G service, with a practicly identical smartphone for about $3 - $8 per month.  The price of food and housing is also totally nonsensical, it is easy enough to find a nice restaurant where you can purchase a delicious and healthy dinner, freshly prepared using healthy ingregients like fresh vegetabls and chicken for $2 - $3.  It is also easy enough to find housing for as little as $5 - $8 per day.These corporations evade taxes and propogate their monopoly power via corruption of the legislature. This is done for sex slaves or for whatever other "institutionalized depravity" according to the Judiciary committee chairman. They are above the law and evade prosecution for violent crime against populations via corruption of the judiciary. Monopoly power is basically hidden from the public and legalized by the system of 2 or 3 corporations that monopolize a sector.  For example, AT&T and Verizon are identical service providers. They both use the identical technology developed by Bell Labs and the DOD 20 years ago. People waste countless hours watching advertisements for which service provider is better, but it's actually an identical service and the same shareholders control both companies. Data scientists measure the consumer base, and find that approximately 45% of consumers stay with Verizon and NEVER SWITCH, 45% of consumers stay with AT&T and NEVER SWITCH, and 10% of consumers are hysterical and victims of monopolistic attention control technology intended to drive up the price of a service that basically costs $3 - $8 per month and keep them hysterical.  The same data science analysis is true of every other sector and the electoral process as well.The charge of fascism is absolute nonsense from leftists who are simply trying make people hysterical in order to prevent the GOP from repealing the ACA, enforcing existing immigration laws and cutting taxes.Communism is a severe problem, as is evidence by the upspring of support for Sanders, an avowed Communist who has been personally sending 3% of national oil spending to Venenzuela for decades.The Communist Chinese are actually Communist and actually Chinese.Zionism is the problem in Israel, and it's simply a distraction campaign that activates religious sensitivities to transfer the blame that should fall on Germany itself to the natives and excuse and legitamize the implementaion of the occasionally violent policies of the Israeli Government, which many people object to, ocassionally with violence. Judaism is nice enough, although they are probably engaging in usury and violating the Sabbath or who knows what else. Justice Rehnquist settled the whole "white-only covenant" issue years ago.All that being said, including the "instituionalized depravity", the military is under the absolute control of *actual* Christians and there is not that much to worry about currently. However, the computer models suggest that the most efficient US population would number around 150,000,000 and the capability to oppress has been deployed. It should be disclosed and shut down.By the way - Justice Scalia consented to being murdered in order to make the election more entertaining and I don't have a location on SATAN.

FreeEarCandy Sep 14, 2017 10:13 AM Permalink

If someone points a gun at you, will the trajectory of the bullet change if it is a Jew or not?  Who the fuck cares? Why is this so important to people? They could all be Jews, but it doesn't matter. What matters is taking the gun that is pointing at your head out of the persons hand. If you are still alive you can ask such questions later, but for now you all better start thinking how to disarm the attacker without getting others around you and your self killed. That is the bottom line. Everything else is mute until you can secure the ability to ask such questions later. 

LA_Goldbug Sep 14, 2017 9:33 AM Permalink

Looks like Jonas E. Alexis at Veterans Today wrote the article to counter the points being made by BS,

"Thomas Friedman: the plan for war in Iraq “was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Elliott Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history. "…

7againstThebes Sep 14, 2017 8:50 AM Permalink

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mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";
Smith’s account has a good feel.  He understands the diabolical nature of the deep state. (His term for the deep state is “globalism”). He is correct in thinking the goal of the globalists is power.  Apparently, to Brandon Smith, "power" means destruction of the right and procedures that provide the legal foundation of liberty.  Yes, without question, rights and procedures are important.  But Smith is naïve.  He is a conservative, which means, a believer in rights and procedures.  What he does not understand is that rights and procedures are derivative. They are plants that grow in a special kind of soil.   That soil is a people. Destroy the soil in which the plant grows, and you destroy the plant.  Destroy the plant, and leave the soil alone, and plant grows back.  Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the SPLC, the MSM, teacher’s unions, the neo-cons, etc., are soldiers of the deep state engaged in a war against us, we people of and from Europe. This is the crucial point that Brandon Smith misses.The attack of Confederate statues is a salvo in a war against a people -- us. Taking down a statue of RE Lee is easy.  It is “low hanging fruit.“ an early stop on a long road that ends with social mores in which, if a white girl does not want to date a black man, she is a racist.  The deep state strategy is brilliant, in my opinion.  If Euro people do not resist, they are cut to pieces bit by bit.  If they do resist, they are tagged with the universal epithets: racists, fascists. Brandon Smith misunderstands the alt-right (which I consider myself to a member of). We are not fascists (i.e., members of a party that wants to conflate big government and big business). The essence of the alt-right is not fascism.  It is nature.We think that we Euro people are a unique creation of nature.  We want to continue being who we are.  If other people want to continue being who they are – Africans, Asians, Jews – we are more than happen for them to do so, provided, of course, that they extend the same consideration to us.  This they are not doing.  They are making us into scapegoats, and blaming us for their failures.  If they commit aggression against us physically and culturally, we have to resist.  Some in the ranks of our resistance are not angles.   We have to fight the battle with men. Besides, there is no king, be his cause never so spotless, if it come to the arbitrement of swords, can try it out with all unspotted soldiers:  (Henry V)  We are not spotless, but our cause is just.

bshirley1968 Sep 14, 2017 8:48 AM Permalink

Brandon, I usually agree with you , but you missed it big time on thus one.Your defense of your obvious judeo-christian paradigm is way too obvious in this article.  The evidence is way too strong to be denied at this point.  The best place to hide sonething?  In plain sight.You need to let go of your cognitive dissonance and embrace the reality.  There is a jew or jewish organization at the top and bottom of every major globalist movement the world has seen since the 18th century.  They clearly dominate the globalist movement of today.Anytime you would like to debate this, I will make myself available.   Pointing out the problem (globalism) and ignoring the source (Jewery) will never solve anything.I challenge you to find the biggest globalist organizations,  biggest liberal promoters, most liberal politicians,  biggest collectivist ideologues, richest globalist promoters, controllers of the globalist banking system, promoters of ME war mongering. ........and look up their ethnic background.  Then come tell me there's nothing to it.

philip88 Sep 14, 2017 7:49 AM Permalink

I do not agree at all with Mr Smith views about the globalists and who they are.. 1. They are not the "jews"..2. They are not a group without a is not realistic to think that a morning some guys in different places of the world have decided to control the world...3. It is very well documented that before WW2 the fortune of the R family was huge. For some it was half of the world wealth. Mostly has been won in taking advantage of ..wars! That is a good start to try to get the other half and such kind of fortune allows to buy everything and everybody.Then after Nuremberg the family went under the radar. Per instance they have given the Ferriere castle to the French state and nobody know exactly what they did with their huge fortune... 

Here We Go Rou… Sep 14, 2017 7:43 AM Permalink

Hi, everyone. The Rothschilds definitely did rule Europe in the nineteenth century. At least, it seems that Mme Gutle Rothschild, wife of Meyer Amschel and mother of the five brothers who became founders of the five branches of Rothschild Frères, thought so. It is said that after the Polish crisis of 1863, Mme Rothschild was asked whether there would be one. "Not if my sons don't want one," was her response. Niall Ferguson mentions this story, implicitly dismissing it as mere legend, on p 20 of vol 1 of his very respectful & respectable history of the Rothschilds.

Akhenaten II Sep 14, 2017 7:39 AM Permalink

Communism and Fascism are both forms of Gnosticism. They both seek the apotheosis of man - god man - albeit by different methods. Gnostic Freemasonic Isis Worshippers.  ie; Satanists.  They are the globalists and the enemy.  They will gladly burn Israel to the ground to get their way. In fact, that is their exact plan. Just watch.

Jack4952 Sep 14, 2017 7:21 AM Permalink

Divide and Conquer-- lies and disinformation-- exaggerate the DIFFERENCES between groups-- emphasize how certain groups are be treated "UNFAIRLY"-- de-humanize various groups  (Think of Jews in Germany; or the American view of the Japanese -"JAPS" -during WW-2 both among American civilians and American servicemen abroad)Do a "false-flag"BOOM !    You have yourself a conflict.

RedBaron616 Sep 14, 2017 6:48 AM Permalink

"I have noticed a disturbing trend within liberty movement and conservative circles; a kind of invasion, if you will. A minority of disinformation agents and useful idiots are operating within liberty outlets to push an ideological revolution oddly similar in tactics to those used by Soros funded groups overtaking the political left. It is my belief that while some globalist created movements are meant to provoke the left to zealotry and cultural Marxism, other globalist created movements are meant to provoke the right to zealotry and a misplaced adoration for fascism.  Divide and conquer is the game here."When he gives NO EXAMPLES, you know he's lying through his teeth. What a useful idiot.

shovelhead RedBaron616 Sep 14, 2017 8:49 AM Permalink

Are you that unobservant? Smith is talking about the Neo-Cons who have infiltrated the Conservative faction.What is the Conservative faction? This is where the confusion lies, with no defining principle to those who don't understand the most basic principle to which they espouse, The Constitution of the United States, at least in America. The Constitution delineates the boundaries in which the Govt. may not transgress into the lives of it's citizens. THAT is what Conservatives are trying (with ill effect) to conserve. The Continental Committee were faced with an almost insurmountable task in attempting to form a system of self governance which would not usurp the natural rights of it's citizens. They were ardent students of the Enlightenment and were quite aware of the pitfalls of human nature and the use and misuse of power.Thus the famous Franklin quip, "A Republic, madam, if you can keep it." To do so required an informed and active citizenry to make sure those boundaries and the rule of law applied equally were not transgressed. In this, Conservatism has failed admirably, as the present clearly shows, not in principle, but in action, or more precisely, reaction, to the powers that would slowly move the goalposts of those limits of govt.We have done a remarkably terrible job of conserving anything and allowing our hired servants to become our masters and allowing them to serve others with a global scheme of governance antithetical to our interests.The flaw is not with Conservatism, but in it's erstwhile practitioners. We seem to have complacently allowed ourselves to reach a point of no return to law and it's proper application to anything resembling the limits of Govt. that were our birthright.An honest appraisal will put the blame squarely where it belongs, the face in the mirror. Since we've had a generational problem with this, it's not a complete surprise. Sure, we can blame the thief, but when you go away and leave your door unlocked, you can't really blame him for doing his job. Our job is to secure our property and make his job impossible.Oh! We were robbed!Well, no shit, Sherlock. That's what thieves do to dummies who don't protect their wealth. 

In reply to by RedBaron616

RedBaron616 Sep 14, 2017 6:40 AM Permalink

"While globalists cannot destroy conservatism from without, they might be able to use 4th Gen tactics to destroy conservatism from within."No, the GOP has done that for the globalists. Too many so-called conservatives believe the GOP is conservative. Look at their last Presidential candidates for the answer there.Trump talked a conservative line, but his history has been pure liberal. Then there was John McCain and Mitt Romney, both flaming liberals. Yet you cannot tear stupid conservatives away, even when the GOP spends as much as the Dems did.Nothing ever changes. Conservatives need to go third-party or independent candidates. Stop voting AGAINST candidates and FOR the MOST QUALIFIED.I haven't voted GOP for 20 years. They are all power hungry, pro-war fanatics, and economic idiots. They are destroying our future and stupid so-called conservatives will ride the Titanic into the iceberg.

Omega_Man Sep 14, 2017 5:30 AM Permalink

the write doesn't understand much about what is going on... it's about money and who controls the money? zios... who controls all the levers.... zios.., who wants to have control in any political environment.... zios...

LA_Goldbug Sep 14, 2017 4:34 AM Permalink

"even loyalty to Israel as is the common claim of the clowns"

But it is an excellent cover for having a "home base" from which "special projects" can be planned and executed. A weak extradition treaty makes sure only little soldiers get the book thrown at them but even then get to come "home" to serve their sentence if convicted (unique deal). So yes, Israel is special and not a conspiracy joke by the "clowns".

"Those who argue that all our ills are engineered by "the jeeeewwws!" or "the tribe" are poorly informed and have chosen an overly simplistic broad-brush explanation for a much more complex enemy they have no ability to fathom. "

Yes, the enemy is complex but the over representation and presence of "the jeeeewwws!" at key power points is no mirage. They have a large presence at the table of power though are not the only faction there. But I at least am not convinced that they can be ignored, as the author suggests. They stand out too much !!!!

"Barack Obama's consistent support of Islamic extremist groups and the Arab Spring"

So Penny Sue Pritzker was so stupid as to run the financing of Islam Loving Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 ? I think not.

Who is Penney ?

"A member of one of the nation's wealthiest families, Pritzker has known Obama since the mid-1990s and has been a financial patron of his political career since the early days of his US Senate campaign. She provided a valuable bridge to the national and regional business elite as finance chairman for Obama's presidential campaign."

Penney's Wiki doesn't show this up front but ... dad's does.

"Early life and education

Pritzker was born to a Jewish family[1] in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Fanny (née Doppelt) and A.N. Pritzker. He had two older brothers: Jay Pritzker (1922 - 1999) and Robert Pritzker (1926 - 2011).[2] Pritzker studied at the Francis W. Parker School and graduated with a B.A. from Harvard University and a J.D. from the law school at the University of Chicago.[3]"

Another mirage.

Oh, lest I forget, did the Arab Spring effect Israhell ? Nope. It just made it easier to coordinate in Israhell ammunition/fighter transfers destined for Libya. Bye bye Qaddafi. Israhell is untouched. Mission accomplished.

"While the liberty movement in particular has been hyper-focused on the dangers of cultural Marxism and communism, the real danger is the psyop being played within the political right. "

Marxism was a psyop. Fascism was a psyop. Communism is a psyop. Hence these are not "The Enemy". These are just tools used by the enemy upon the Masses. The Masses are made to focus on them while being robbed blind by those who are "never mentioned". The "never mentioned" are a group or better yet a Club. I think the analogy of Fight Club might be correct as they do fight among each other as the Vatican has been experience over the last 20+ yrs.

Book - "The Global Crisis Makers: An End to Progress and Liberty?, By Graeme Donald Snooks"

NumbersUsa Sep 14, 2017 3:42 AM Permalink

Hey Brandon Smith Try reading the following: (most all have been banned from amazon)Thomas Goodrich- Hellstorm,Alfred Rosenberg-Myth of the 20th Century,Martin Luther-On the jews and their lies,Alison Weir- Against our better judgement,Mike Walsh-Megacaust & Trotsky's white negroes,Andrew Carrington Hitchcock-Synagogue of Satan,Arthur r. Butz- The Hoax of the 20th century,Alan Sears-The ACLU vs America,E. Michael Jones- The jewish revolutionary spirit and its impact on world history,John Owen Beaty- The Iron Curtain,Tony Martin- The jewish Onslaught,Gerard Menuhin- Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil,Michael a Hoffman II- The Great Holocaust Trial,Philip Roth- The Plot against America,Stephen Mitford Goodson- A History of Central Banking.... And after that, tell me your story again. 

ebear Sep 14, 2017 3:27 AM Permalink

Don't buy it.This article simply recycles the "conspiracy of the international elites for world domination" meme, with only a slight improvement in the form of "it ain't just the jews."Not that World Domination (tm) hasn't been tried before - history is replete with examples, all of which eventually failed, and for what I would argue are fundamental reasons inherent in the nature of reality:1. People are self-serving - a fundamental characteristic of all living beings, without which they wouldn't survive.  This applies to the elites just as to the common man - even moreso in the sense that they not only possess the impulse, but the means to act on it.Thus, elites only cooperate when there's something in it for themselves, and once they're part of the greater cabal, the game then becomes how much MOAR can they acquire for themselves without collapsing the system.  Since these people are by definition, defectors, sooner or later they overreach.  Even if the first generation understands the danger, you can be sure their kids, raised in indolence and a false sense of superiority, won't.  It's a cycle, and it constantly repeats.I've seen no evidence to suggest the elites get this on a truly viceral level.  Sure, they learn about it at Harvard or Yale, but does it apply to them?  How?  Humility has never been their strong point, and besides, the mere fact of who they are is proof enough to them of their superiority.  Hubris and circular reasoning perrmeate what passes for their philosophy.  Not a good formula for long-term success.Which leads us to the second point of failure:2. Failure to anticipate outcomes.  This is not just a failure of education or character, but, as with point 1, inherent in the natural order.  The Rule of Unintended Consequences, or Taleb's Black Swan are very real, by definition unpredictable, and often have far-reaching consequences.   In short, the elites, just like everyone else, are forced to anticipate outcomes with insufficient knowledge, while much of their time is spent stamping out fires of their own creation which are the direct result of that failure. I see no reason to believe this will change any time soon - more likely it will just get worse as the edifice they attempt to construct becomes ever more wieldy and unmanageable.Looking around me, I don't see much evidence for Global Domination (tm) in the sense the author implies.  To the contrary, I see a system, like so many others before it, that had a good run at it, but is now falling apart.  Attempts at control become ever more draconian, but that doesn't indicate success so much as desperation.  Meanwhile, increasingly larger slices of pie slip through their fingers, unless you believe that Russia, China and Iran (to mention a few) are somehow not following the first principle (as outlined above) and are instead part of this invisible, overarching globalist cabal, in which cases their methods seem somewhat at odds with that agenda.It was a good article, and it corrected a lot of misperceptions, but I just don't buy the major premise.  Global Domination (tm) is unattainable, and the fact that both Russia and China are moving towards a multi-polar model of international relations bears that out.  In short, humanity has finally learned something.So get on board with that, or be left behind, is what I see, and the longer we (meaning the West) delay, the smaller our piece of the pie will be.

css1971 ebear Sep 14, 2017 3:56 AM Permalink

You're correct of course. Except... "The New World Order".Count the number of times it was said in speeches... Ideas outlive failed systems. "Not Real Socialism" is the rallying cry of today's  commies and socialists. The fucking morons just keep on banging on that broken drum.Truth... Collectivism kills. The 20th century is the history of various forms of collectivism murdering tens of millions for the good of the collective.All collectivists  are fucking Borg.

In reply to by ebear

NumbersUsa Sep 14, 2017 3:17 AM Permalink

Sir Oswald Mosley was a MAN among men & mice. The jew supremacists of Britain hated this man and had him imprisoned for telling the Truth."The technique, the “magic” of the lie, was refined and perfected. The mechanics of the human mind and the human soul became an endless obsession for the establishment." This could be a statement right out of jew supremacist edward bernays playbook-the man that convinced Americans to slaughter their fellow goyim and send their own sons & daughters to their graves for the jew supremacist agenda.

css1971 Sep 14, 2017 3:34 AM Permalink

Yeah, well Mussolini was a socialist.The point of fascism is just to implement socialism at the nation level first.Fascism is winning btw. It's based on increasingly heavy regulation. Progressives are in fact fascists, not socialists. They just can't use the word anymore so they stole liberal. It's always the collective  vs the individual,  whether  the collective  is nation, class, race, sex, sexuality, religion, whatever.  Groupism.Divide by raceDivide by religionDivide by genderDivide by classDivide by ethnicityDivide by whatever, just divide.Conquer. 

Nostradumbass Sep 14, 2017 2:54 AM Permalink

  It seems Smith's drank the cool-aid and bought into this lie in order to force the wrong piece of his globalist puzzle into place It sure does doesn't it?

any_mouse Sep 14, 2017 2:52 AM Permalink

And Communism is controlled opposition to the Middle Class becoming independent, sovereign citizens.

They control the vertical. They control the horizontal. All that you see and all that you hear.

Hitler was a tool of the elite globalists, just as Lenin was, just as FDR was.

mosfet Sep 14, 2017 2:20 AM Permalink

I normally have high regard with what B. Smith writes but what is this horse shit about conservatives being pro-Hitler/pro-Facist?  It's the liberal media and socalist liberals who have worked hard to attach that label to conservatives; who on the whole have been steadfastly against increasing government oppression, police state tactics, theft of individual freedoms and shredding of the Constitution.  It seems Smith's drank the cool-aid and bought into this lie in order to force the wrong piece of his globalist puzzle into place.  From my perspective, conservatives are simply sick & tired of the government lies, the childish labels, the rampant financial fraud and the war on civil libertities.  In what universe is that pro-Hitler or pro-Facist?  I consider myself a moderate but if Smith represents that group then I may have to reconsider.

Seychelles Sep 14, 2017 2:10 AM Permalink

This article is in fact a skilled application of Zioglobalist disinformation.  While it contains much truth, it is mostly a chummy effort to deflect attention from the fact that most of the bad actors are indeed Zionists, mostly withTrotskyite, neo-Bolshevik leanings, in addition to being psychopaths.  Pointing this out is not "antisemitic", it is simply a true fact as any successful American who has been observant, lived long enough and seen the discriminatory dominant minority control wall in action in America can unmistakably attest.  It is  correct that these people are probably mostly disinterested in the religious details of Judaism other than to use them to foster their own power-wealth advancement....with the vast majority of good assimilated Jews, who are politically tricked into feeling persecuted and subliminally thinking that the monsters are there to "protect them".  But they also parade around with the Jewish mantle to suppress criticism of any kind by the Goyim, accusing them of being anti-semitic. This article more than anything else strengthens the concept that those who you can't/shouldn't criticize are truly the ones in control.  Shame on you for deceitfully trying to hide this fact, Mr. Smith.

Ms No Seychelles Sep 14, 2017 2:23 AM Permalink

Dead on.  +1They are leeeeeeearning.  This has all the crucial elements that you would find in a Huffpo piece but disguised well and with some truth.  I have read all of Anthony Sutton but am starting to grow rather suspicious of his research.  He left out way too much about the Bolshevik revolution and it's starting to appear that he cherry picked those who had links.  He also didn't come up with high enough numbers for Hitler's financing, not even close.  Most of it was about corporations that helped build his war machine.  Everybody knows going way back who was responsible for the Bolsheviks, even Churchill wrote a huge article about it in the paper. Sutton somehow seemed to miss that and something is wrong there. 

In reply to by Seychelles

Ms No Sep 14, 2017 2:01 AM Permalink

The number one calling card for true disinformation is the focus on Hitler.  Notice he doesn't focus on the source of Marxism and the hundred million lost as a result of that, or those that undeniably brought us the Bolshevik revolution.  Notice he also focuses on Sutton but ignores Mullins, CPA Thomas D. Schauf, J. W. McCallister and many others.  Notice he focuses on the CFR which is just an agent action committee and has nothing to do with ownership of money, which is where the true power lies.The root of the Globalist cabal is:"...ten banks control all twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches. He names N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York. Schauf lists William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman as individuals who own large shares of the Fed. [3] The Schiffs are insiders at Kuhn Loeb. The Stillmans are Citigroup insiders, who married into the Rockefeller clan at the turn of the century."

LA_Goldbug Ms No Sep 14, 2017 4:42 AM Permalink

Correct diagnoses from the word start.

"The number one calling card for true disinformation is the focus on Hitler. Notice he doesn't focus on the source of Marxism and the hundred million lost as a result of that, or those that undeniably brought us the Bolshevik revolution."

Exactly. It is an unwritten Law, "No money, no revolution.". Thanks to the Internet we have a much better chance of finding out this small detail about major historical events.

I fully agree, when they bring up Hitler look out. When they say your a "clown" look out. Obama was a Islam lover ??? Now that is a give away warning us that the articles should be read with caution.

In reply to by Ms No