Juncker Unveils Grand Vision For A United States Of Europe

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker delivered his annual state of the union address on Wednesday, in which he laid out his grand vision for federalist Europe, and urged European Union governments to use economic recovery (i.e., Mario Draghi's nationalization of the bond market), the political weakness in the US and Brexit as "springboards" toward a closer union, built on an expanded euro zone and a pivotal role in world trade. The allegedly unintoxicated Juncker sketched out a vision of a post-2019 EU where 30 countries would be using the euro, with an EU finance minister running key budgets to help states in trouble.

Among the key proposals put forward by the EU Commission president were compulsory Euro membership for the remaining eight European states outside the bloc, for new countries to join the Schengen zone, plans for closer defensive cooperation leading to the creation of a European army in the next decade and easier ratification of EU-wide trade treaties with foreign powers. Tax and welfare standards would converge and Europe, not the United States, would be the hub of a free-trading world.

In short, a blueprint for a United States of Europe.

“The wind is back in Europe’s sails,” Junker told the European Parliament quoted by Reuters, citing economic growth and the easing of a succession of crises -- Greek debt, refugee inflows, the rise of eurokcepticism reflected in Brexit - that seemed to threaten the EU’s survival.

Juncker has also resurrected the idea of merging his own post with that of the President of the European Council, who currently represents the interests of its member state governments, saying it would be easier if “one captain was steering the ship.” Such as president would be chosen in an EU-wide vote. A powerful new EU-wide economy minister has also been touted, one which would have power to whip dissenters in line with a common EU vision.

In his best infomercial salesman immitation, Juncker urged Europeans to hurry, or else the generous offer may not last: “Now we have a window of opportunity, but it will not stay open for ever,” he said, emphasizing a need to move on from and even profit from the British vote to leave the bloc in 2019 according to Reuters.

Some promptly backed Juncker's blueprint: German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said that Juncker’s plan to build a closer European Union based on an expanded euro zone was largely in line with Germany’s vision for the bloc. The German also said that Juncker had discussed with Chancellor Angela Merkel his annual State of the EU speech in which he spoke of a vision of a post-2019 EU where some 30 countries would be using the euro.

“It is good that he is putting pressure (to expand the euro zone) but the preconditions (for joining the euro zone) must be fulfilled,” Schaeuble told the ARD broadcaster in an interview. “It is in fact so that EU countries who fulfill the preconditions become members of the euro under the Lisbon Treaty”. However, the German who in the summer of 2015 nearly kicked Greece out of the Eurozone, added that EU countries wishing to adopt the single currency should not do so before their public finances and economies are sound enough as they could face the fate of Greece, which had to be bailed out by the EU and IMF in 2010.

* * *

Desperate to put the Brexit humiliation in the rearview mirror, Juncker said that “we will keep moving on because Brexit isn’t everything, it is not the future of Europe," Brexit supporters promptly said his speech showed they were right to take Britain out of a bloc set on creating more powerful, central institutions. The most predictable opponent of the hour-long speech, met with stirring applause by a mostly zombified audience, was UK MEP Nigel Farage.

"The message is very clear: Brexit has happened, new steam ahead… More Europe in every single direction and all to be done without the consent of the people,” Farage told the floor.

“The way you’re treating Hungary and Poland already must remind them of living under the Soviet communists. All I can say is thank God we’re leaving because you’ve learned nothing from Brexit.

It wasn't just the Farage: Juncker's core proposal for countering what is known as a “multispeed Europe” by encouraging all states to join the euro and other EU structures was met resistance in both non-euro zone countries and potentially in Paris and Berlin, where the newly elected President Emmanuel Macron and about-to-be-re-elected Chancellor Angela Merkel are readying their own plans.

Poland’s Eurosceptic ruling PiS party, which is embroiled in a bitter legal fight  suggested the plan is optimistic in view of the ongoing crisis with migration, unemployment, stagnation and terrorism. “We need to get the EU’s house in order before there can even be a discussion on centralizing even further,” said Ryszard Legutko, a PiS MEP.

Opposition also came from members of the European parliament’s left-wing coalitions.

“When I listen to [Juncker’s speech] with the ears of many people who feel left behind by the current macroeconomic policies that we have, then I have my doubts because he still pushes for free trade deals that basically are tailor-made for multinationals,” Philippe Lamberts, of the Greens-European Free Alliance group told the Daily Express.

However, the most focused and principled attack on Juncker’s plans came from Harald Vilimsky, of Austria’s Freedom Party, which prompted Juncker to leave mid-speech, and once again demonstrated the deep splinters within the core of the Union, splinters which make the integration Juncker is seeking impossible.

“What Mr Junker wants de facto is to force the European union into a single state, and we know that the euro is not a success story. The second thing Mr Junker wants is de facto to actually get rid of all the internal borders, we see 10,000, 100,000, millions of African and Arabs are going to be coming to our continent,” said Vilimsky, who serves as the vice-chair of the Europe of Nations and Freedom party within the European Parliament.

They talk about having a defense union, but no we don’t want that. What we want is Austrians, we’re a neutral country in Austria, we do not want to participate in the defense union. The right road for Europe can only be the road where there is more democracy left to the people, more democracy left to the citizens where people can vote whether or not they want to have Schengen maintained or not, whether they want their borders or not. The vote has to be left to the citizen.”

Aside from his traditional adversaries whose opposition was expected, what was more troubling is that Juncker's "grand vision" also appeared to get the cold shoulder from leaders of nominally pro-EU nations. “Juncker is a romantic. We all have our own style, but I am more pragmatic,” said Netherlands PM Mark Rutte in response to the speech, adding that those “too concerned with vision should visit an eye doctor.”

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said he was against creating an EU-super-president, tweeting “Let’s not mix roles and competences. Need European Council President as voice of member states."

Meanwhile, Germany and France, the two foundational powers in the union, are preparing to submit their own plans for EU reform by the end of 2017, and while their current leaders remain in favor of the EU, it is unlikely that either will endorse Juncker’s federalism without a mandate from their respective electorates.

In short, Juncker's speech like virtually everything else out of Brussels in recent years, was just more hot air.


Sun Rabbit Sep 14, 2017 10:27 PM Permalink

Nobody wants the EU or the EC to have more power, only people like Drunkard and his ilk. None of the countries other than Germany ever intended it to become a superstate because the more it becomes one the more it becomes Reich 4.0. It was originally supposed to just be a trading block and later an economic union. Countries joined in to become rich like Germany, not to be Germany's bitch.Speaking of which, Angela "Bitch" Merkel wants to fine the V4 countries for not accepting any invaders. That shows you right there what the proposed EU army would do: the opposite of defending Europe. No common defense of the Schengen Area, just actions against member states.ALL the opinion polls are fake! I don't know anybody who plans on voting for that bitch. Everybody's voting AfD, die Linke, the Greens or SPD. Yet, none of the street ads are for AfD and no mention of them anywhere. They got treated like shit at every debate yet they're STILL popular. But "everybody says" bitch will win again. How can anyone be so certain unless the polls are fake and the elections will be fake as well. 

theprofromdover Sep 14, 2017 4:27 PM Permalink

One of the other things the nasty little alcoholic said was,he wanted to give funding to european-wide parties that supported his policies, and not give anything to other parties. (He doesn't want to stoop so low as to money ith the voting machines, he's quite happy to buy the votes)All hail the new Democracy of Yerp.

Ace006 Sep 14, 2017 1:03 PM Permalink

** Let's throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the harbour. Catch the trade winds in our sails. **And then run straight onto the reefs of nationalist reality.Good luck, Mr. Juncker.  Your little authoritarian experiment is a decaying joke.

headless blogger Sep 14, 2017 12:26 PM Permalink

I wonder who really pulls Juncker's strings? He is obviously serving some elitist group.Even if some of this is in response to the "Chinese threat" as some people are saying, due to Chinese population demographic compared to West.....It still would not be the way to go about "defending" the West. They are clearly about Protecting the Status Quo of Elites who have been dominating Europe and USA for centuries. Same families. Same people. These people ultimately care more about themselves than their Cultures and History. Very disturbing.

BlussMann Sep 14, 2017 12:11 PM Permalink

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Western Europe is not going to exist in another few generations anyway – they will be Caliphates – so why not merge a la USSA and change their name to Achmed Bongo Sharia Republic ?

Vageling Sep 14, 2017 10:38 AM Permalink

Who cares what this clown says. Referendums shows these guys have no support. Which they know and hate and have to resort to false polls. The only way these clowns get their will is by brutal tyranny. Which is what they go for. 

GunnyG Sep 14, 2017 10:33 AM Permalink

All he'll have is slave nations being raped by Muslim scum on a daily basis, wrapped in the EU flag. Hardly a recipe for success. Oh, BTW, Junkie, we ain't rescuing your ass this time. Two in the last century was enough.

Solio Sep 14, 2017 9:31 AM Permalink

He's got a nice suit on, is clean chaven, which really makes people want to listen to whatever it is he is saying, but it he really wants to have folks in awe he needs to get on a HGH injection program.

. . . _ _ _ . . . Sep 14, 2017 9:06 AM Permalink

'De facto' does not mean 'in fact'.The pilot of an airplane is the 'de jure' pilot. If he orders the fish and becomes ill, the man replacing him (Ted Stryker, to extend the metaphor) becomes the 'de facto' pilot.

The Alarmist Vageling Sep 15, 2017 8:32 AM Permalink

Dude, I'm a licensed pilot, so I'm a de facto and de jure pilot if I am sitting as a passenger on an airliner, but I'm not the aircraft commander or pilot in command or aircrew member on that flight, so I can have a drink and eat the fish. De jure and de facto are both Latin Mumbo jumbo used in the law. Am I over Macho Grande? Nobody gets over Macho Grande.

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VW Nerd Sep 14, 2017 8:47 AM Permalink

European subjects, seeing their cultures systematically destroyed and their neighborhoods deliberately raided by hordes of third world marauders will be told by Junker and other Eurozone dictators to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!  Rest assured Junker and all the European aristocrats dictating Eurozone policies will remain cloistered within their gated estates secure from the mayhem of their making....

VIS MAIOR Sep 14, 2017 8:13 AM Permalink

hehehe now eu turn agains trumptard ameerica . like it love it !military junta from usa is no more trust))))))))who is smiling now... ))) ??     V. V  . 

Government nee… Sep 14, 2017 8:11 AM Permalink

The reality facing Europe is that men like Junker aren't able to set the EU agenda.  Mass muzzlim immigration, and QE-papering over persistent economic malaise will drive all meaningful policy for the foreseeable future.  Would you like to see you woman cucked by a Jihadi before you get your head chopped off?  

VIS MAIOR Sep 14, 2017 8:11 AM Permalink

polish are idiots as always.  without eu and schengen -they can work in eu an scandinavia "free" IF eu giv some ban -polska zgynepolish are like mexicans ..for trumpwoters .  chinese are more smart and inteligent...poland just potato heads polish fuck all in byznis , prices, work in dangerous conditions for less money .. or more . who live in eu rope now it.boycott polish scam ! 

jet20 Sep 14, 2017 7:19 AM Permalink

It's Vienna 1815 all over again! The corrupt elites of the continent are working on full-on restoration of the old rule, and the struggle of the common man would go on for another half century in countless revolutions before decicive change for the majority was achieved.In light of the "failure" of the first attempt at revolution in Europe earlier this year, the usual suspects interpret this as a full green light for their most extreme plans, and they could not be more mistaken. MORE euro, MORE open borders - needless to say, this is oil in the fire of all those yearning for thorough change and a return of sanity in Europe, no matter what it takes! The battle is over for now, but the war is not lost!Expect a LePen landslide in 2021...

Ace006 jet20 Sep 14, 2017 12:50 PM Permalink

I think the French will just submit to having France destroyed. They won't vote in Le Pen in the future. They've already experienced a gigantic amount of what would be provocation to any people with any self respect.  They still rejected Le Pen and went with the metrosexual. France wants to die.  As does all of Western Europe.

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hibou-Owl Sep 14, 2017 6:58 AM Permalink

I see eyes are nearly popping out of head when the wine is poured.

Trough monster, the speech must have been before lunch because afterwards he'll be pissed.

Ink Pusher Sep 14, 2017 6:43 AM Permalink

Photo Caption :  Juncker celebrates his heavily romanticized privateer's EU vision while everyone else at the table is dumbfounded,mildly amused or considering leaving altogether.I wonder who got stuck with paying his dinner tab on this one? 

Jack4952 Sep 14, 2017 6:34 AM Permalink

To EXPAT: You said, "Why doesn't America disband?  Why even have states? "   The answer to those questions may be found in a small (13-page) pamphlet titled, "NON-RESIDENT ALIEN: Legal Basis For the Term by Dr Gerald Alan Brown" It can be read and/or downloaded at: https://johnhenryhill.wordpress.com/2017/09/14/non-resident-alien-legal-... Note: There is a brief introduction by John-Henry Hill, but there are TWO (2) LINKS to Dr. Brown's essay (in PDF format).  HINT: The "United States" and the 50 Union states are NOT what you think they are !!!!Since the American Revolution until the present day (affirmed by even recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings), EACH of  the current 50 Union states are actually independent, sovereign nations; both with respect to each other AND with respect to the United States government (Washington, DC).

Joe A Sep 14, 2017 6:02 AM Permalink

Where is Ghordius?Anyway, mixing the presidency of the EC with that of the EU council of ministers? I don't think so. What else does he want, that that president becomes president for life?How about sending Juncker to a clinique for Korsakov syndrom sufferers and have the EU council of ministers with a rotating presidency, which it has already but let that be a presidency comprised of multiple countries: one big compensated with a few smaller ones to keep the big countries in check. Cause in the history of Europe it were always the big countries that caused the trouble.

Rebelrebel7 (not verified) Sep 14, 2017 5:45 AM Permalink

It should really be called the United States of Europe plus ISIS,  and I'm sure that Angela Merkel wouldn't want to omit them from the name since she has demonstrated superb liberalism for embracing terrorist migrants in a very chic, de rigueur, modernist attitude. 

Deep In Vocal … (not verified) Sep 14, 2017 5:44 AM Permalink

The filthy fucking communist filthy. Who voted this guy in!?  I'm joking..........OF COURSE NOBODY VOTED THIS FUCKING CRIMINAL IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK AND SWALLOW, ITS THE EUROPEAN WAY FUCKING WORTHLESS HUMANS........... ENJOYING THAT JUNK-ER COCK UP YOUR ASS?! Don't stop Junker dont stop!!!! No end to the madness. Every fucking day there is something new.....one criminal after another...... one fucking criminal after another......the human being must be stopped...this must not continue...im dead serious.....the human must be stripped from all forms of political power.

BritBob Sep 14, 2017 5:33 AM Permalink

 The Crazy EUMEPs and legal experts have claimed the veto over the territory’s future after Brexit would give Spain special status among EU nation, when they should be on an equal level. The EU’s Brexit negotiating guidelines stated that the Brexit deal will not apply to Gibraltar without an “agreement between the kingdom of Spain and the UK”.Experts have told the Telegraph that the veto could be illegal under EU law. Spain's Gibraltar claim has NO legitimacy and YES would be illegal. Google: ''Gibraltar – Some Relevant International Law'' (1 page) to find out why.The Spanish claim to Gibraltar has no legitimacy.Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law (single page) : https://www.academia.edu/10575180/Gibraltar_-_Some_Relevant_Internationa...