"I'm Done" - CNN Anchor 'Triggered' After Panelist Proclaims Love Of "First Amendment & Boobs"

Anxious to discuss President Trump's tweet against ESPN (and host Jamele Hill's comments), CNN set female anchor Brooke Baldwin on the task to get to the bottom of whether Hill did anything worth being fired for or if evil President Trump was trying to crush her First Amendment rights.

The interview started to go pear-shaped very quickly.

Addressing the question of the first amendment, Fox Sports Radio's Clay Travis said...

"I'm a first amendment absolutist and believe in only two things completely - the First Amendment and boobs..."

Which seemed to 'trigger' Baldwin as she blinked and shook her head for a few seconds as if reeling from a McGregor haymaker, before asking Travis if he said "boobs" or "booze" - carefully spelling the former B-O-O-B-S (for fear of saying that unsafe word) as she reminded the panelist that she was indeed a woman.

The interview went on for a few more seconds before a second panelist - former ESPN editor Keith Reed (and self-proclaimed 'friend of Jamele') was asked to join in and he also could not get past Travis' comment...

"You don’t love boobs, too?" asked Travis.


"I’m not talking about that on television because it’s irrelevant to the topic. It shouldn’t be brought up here," Reed responded.


"Why not?" Travis reacted...


"I’m a supporter of women in their careers. I’m a supporter and a stark supporter of women like Brooke who have shared the airwaves before..."

Eventually, as Daily Caller details, Baldwin had enough.

“I’m done. I’m sorry. I’m done,”


“This conversation is over.”

And just like that we all forgot what we were talking about and distractions ensure Jamele Hill keeps her job.

See the full farcical interview here.

Source: Daily Caller

As a follow-up, late on Friday evening ESPN President John Skipper wrote an internal memo proclaiming that reporters shouldn't get personal or inflammatory and that Jamele Hill's tweets violated the network's standards..

I want to remind everyone about fundamental principles at ESPN.


ESPN is about sports. Last year, we broadcast over 16,000 sports events. We show highlights and report scores and tell stories and break down plays.


And we talk about sports all day every day. Of course, sports is intertwined with society and culture, so "sticking to sports" is not so simple. When athletes engage on issues or when protests happen in games, we cover, report and comment on that. We are, among other things, the largest, most accomplished and highly resourced sports news organization. We take great pride in our news organization.


We have programs on which we discuss and even debate sports, as well as the issues that intersect with sports. Fans themselves love to debate and discuss sports.


ESPN is not a political organization. Where sports and politics intersect, no one is told what view they must express.


At the same time, ESPN has values. We are committed to inclusion and an environment of tolerance where everyone in a diverse work force has the equal opportunity to succeed. We consider this human, not political. Consequently, we insist that no one be denigrated for who they are including their gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual identity.


We have issues of significant debate in our country at this time. Our employees are citizens and appropriately want to participate in the public discussion. That can create a conflict for our public facing talent between their work and their personal points of view. Given this reality, we have social media policies which require people to understand that social platforms are public and their comments on them will reflect on ESPN. At a minimum, comments should not be inflammatory or personal.


We had a violation of those standards in recent days and our handling of this is a private matter. As always, in each circumstance we look to do what is best for our business.


In light of recent events, we need to remind ourselves that we are a journalistic organization and that we should not do anything that undermines that position.


We also know that ESPN is a special place and that our success is based on you and your colleagues' work. Let's not let the public narrative re-write who we are or what we stand for. Let's not be divided in that pursuit. I will need your support if we are to succeed.

In other words, he apologized as Trump asked.

And finally, Ben Shapiro summed up the situation perfectly, tweeting: "CNN being profoundly offended because a dude said boobs is why Trump won. But really, it is."


UndergroundPost Richard Chesler Fri, 09/15/2017 - 19:52 Permalink

There was no apology in that fatcat's verbal flatuation. He's the problem - a Jackass Party asswipe who doesn't get that WE get it. We hate their liberal hypocrtical bullying, hate their intolerance in the name of tolerance and are repulsed by their condescending arrogance to the point of prepping our 300 million firearms to stop the leftist shit they keep dishing out thinking we will go silently into their Bankster funded, Socialist motivated globalist Gulag. Never.  In that light...#boycottESPN

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Backin2006 Rubbish Fri, 09/15/2017 - 23:04 Permalink

I exercise my 1A right to disagree. (Down vote me all you want on this one!)Saying 'boobs' to make a point is just vulgar. What am I supposed to do, celebrate this moron for using a vulgar word on CNN?! Do that and you just confirm all their prejudiced opinions about us the plebs.C'mon. Let's not stoop to their level...

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CuttingEdge Praetorian Guard Sat, 09/16/2017 - 04:33 Permalink

O/T (not that I don't like tits as such, but something interesting I may have missed on ZH in the past two days):https://nef4rhc.wordpress.com/

Skip Folden is a Private Intelligence analyst and a retired IBM Program Manager for Information Technology. His report has been submitted to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, the Office of Special Council (Robert Mueller), and the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein. The report was released on September 13, 2017

Question is, did Robert Mueller's head explode at the challenge he faces keeping up the bullshit narrative? 

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The Alarmist CuttingEdge Sat, 09/16/2017 - 04:52 Permalink

It would have been more fun with Kate Bolduan, because she would have totally lost her shit ... errr, stuff.

I like boobs too, but you have to be a real boob to make an ass of yourself on national TV. Then again, it's CNN, so how many people were actually watching?

And of course it had to be the white guy, and the sane one was the black guy .... it almost seems like the script to an HR diversity video.

Could it be fake news?

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The Alarmist Troll Magnet Sun, 09/17/2017 - 08:48 Permalink

Their goal is not to lose money. I learned a trick from a restauranteur in NYC years ago. It seems that trendy restaurants have a half-life of roughly 18 months, and at that point you shutter it, remodel it, rename and re-brand it, and re-open it and start the cycle again.

Same for cable channels, but you kill them off with a vengeace to stop the cash-outflow while you are starting up the new channel your old customers are demanding.

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ShortCommonSense Backin2006 Sat, 09/16/2017 - 00:44 Permalink

I may be wrong but I thought the point of his comment was that he was being attacked on not believing in first ammendment rights, and his response was that a) he is in fact a staunch supporter of the 1st A. and b) an example to prove it, saying a "naughty" but not particularly offensive or vulgar word, knowing that they would be apoplectic and attack him, while proving which one of them supports the 1A.That being said, 1A arguments don't apply to businesses firing people for giving them bad PR.  I don't usually like it, but I understand why they do it.  They're free to rid their airwaves of her, just as CNN was free to rid their airwaves of this guy for saying boobs, even if I think they're idiotic.  A much more appropriate response would have been to stay calm and ask him to make his point and refrain from using "inappropriate" languate, instead of pretending her entire being had been insulted. 

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All_Your_Base Backin2006 Sat, 09/16/2017 - 02:18 Permalink

We can stipulate that this slow-pitch meatball example of exercising free speech was not sublime. The reaction to the base joke is the funny part. That poor news reader's tiny buffer instantly overflowed. I don't think she is necessarily empty-headed butt (please forgive) she is possibly too frightened of her pot-bellied vampire goblin overlords to improvise or act naturally ("Am I feigning enough outrage?" she mused with increasing anxiety). Her rapid mental disintegration is the joke. It is a metaphor for the system of control that has stopped working. Or maybe I take humor too seriously.Meanwhile on another channel...a manchild protestor is being interviewed and drops the f-bomb in his first sentence. The reporter calmly interrupts manchild and says, "I would like to hear what you have to say, but you need to clean it up." The manchild apologizes and the interview resumes. Another protestor later charges at the reporter aggressively after the reporter reads a direct quote from the judge's ruling. The reporter patiently explains that it was a quote from the judge and not their own words. Half-cocked protestor's mind catches up and the interview resumes. Reporter did not get triggered; reporter did not choke. Elsewhere today in our fair shitty another news crew was assaulted several times by packs of bused-in Soroids. Fortunately local protestors stepped in to protect the crew.

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jefferson32 Backin2006 Sat, 09/16/2017 - 03:54 Permalink

Boobs is not vulgar... or is it? I never know with Americans. I does refer to something beautiful, so how could it be vulgar?

That being said, this whole thing is fake and scripted. The woman is clearly faking surprise/shock (and she's a bad actress). The purpose of this is to deepen identity biases, increase future cognitive dissonance, divide and conquer.

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Sanity Bear Backin2006 Sat, 09/16/2017 - 04:32 Permalink

When did you adopt the prurience of a church lady?

How is "boobs" in any way less vulgar than the 24/7 drumbeat of commercial culture that has been relentlessly hypersexual for a quarter century?

For Christ's sake, we now have to take seriously a man in a dress in the woman's bathroom claiming to be female. The good ship USS Vulgarity sailed a long time ago and ain't coming back anytime soon.

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Buckaroo Banzai Backin2006 Sat, 09/16/2017 - 08:34 Permalink

"ESPN is not a political organization. Where sports and politics intersect, no one is told what view they must express."

Oh really? Curt Schilling was fired by ESPN after he freely expressed his views. But he's a conservative white man, and not a vibrant woman of color, so that's the difference I guess.

Skipper is a doubletalking anti-white racist Jew and a grade-A cunt.

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