North Korea Vows To Complete Nuke Program, Reach "Military Equilibrium" With The US

Shortly after the UN Security Council "strongly condemned" North Korea’s “highly provocative” ballistic missile launch over Japan on Friday, Kim Jong Un vowed he would complete his nation's nuclear program despite escalating international sanctions. On Saturday, state-run news agency KCNA quoted the leader, who said that North Korea is nearing its goal of "equilibrium of real force” with the U.S. and claimed that North Korea's nuclear program is nearly complete.

KCNA added that Friday's latest missile test was aimed at “calming down the belligerence of the U.S.” and “confirming action procedures of actual war,” the state-run agency said in a statement. Kim personally guided the launch of the latest Hwasong-12 missile, it added.

Hwasong-12 missile lifting off from Pyongyang, on Aug. 29.

KCNA also said that Kim expressed great satisfaction over the launch, which he said verified the “combat efficiency and reliability” of the missile and the success of efforts to increase its power. While the English version of the report was less straightforward, AP noted that the Korean version quoted Kim as declaring the missile as operationally ready. He vowed to complete his nuclear weapons program in the face of strengthening international sanctions, the agency said.

Photos published by North Korea’s state media showed the missile being fired from a truck-mounted launcher and a smiling Kim clapping and raising his fist while celebrating from an observation point.

It was the first time North Korea showed the missile being launched directly from a vehicle, which experts said indicated confidence about the mobility and reliability of the system.

In previous tests, North Korea used trucks to transport and erect the Hwasong-12s, but moved the missiles on separate firing tables before launching them.

Kim also said the country, despite “limitless” international sanctions, has nearly completed the building of its nuclear weapons force and called for “all-state efforts” to reach the goal and obtain a “capacity for nuclear counterattack the U.S. cannot cope with.”

“As recognized by the whole world, we have made all these achievements despite the U.N. sanctions that have lasted for decades,” the agency quoted Kim as saying.

Kim said the country’s final goal “is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the U.S. and make the U.S. rulers dare not talk about military option for the DPRK,” referring to North Korea’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

More importantly, he indicated that more missile tests would be forthcoming, saying that all future drills should be “meaningful and practical ones for increasing the combat power of the nuclear force” to establish an order in the deployment of nuclear warheads for “actual war.”

Prior to the launches over Japan, North Korea had threatened to fire a salvo of Hwasong-12s toward Guam, the U.S. Pacific island territory and military hub the North has called an “advanced base of invasion.”

Separately, on Satruday China rebuffed U.S. demands to cut off oil exports to North Korea as a way to dissuade Kim Jong-Un’s regime from pursuing nuclear weapons, saying instead it was American leaders who needed to "tone down their rhetoric and come to the negotiating table." China will implement all United Nations Security Council resolutions, “no more, no less,” Cui Tiankai, China’s ambassador to the U.S., told reporters at a briefing in Washington when asked if China would cut oil shipments. Any further steps would need to be worked out with the agreement of the entire UN Security Council, he said.

On Thursday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson demanded that China use its role as the main exporter of oil to North Korea to force Kim to abandon his nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. Hours earlier, North Korea had launched a missile over Japan, the latest in a series of actions that have rattled the international community and prompted a new round of U.S.-led sanctions.

Cui said the U.S., not China, needed to take more responsibility for the issue. “They cannot just leave the issue to China alone, and honestly I think the United States should be doing more, much more than now, so that there is real effective international cooperation on this issue, Cui said.

Asked what specifically the U.S. should do, Cui said “they should refrain from issuing more threats” and “do more to find an effective way to resume dialogue and negotiation.”

For now, neither threats nor dialogue have made any progress at de-escalating the increasingly more hostile standoff.


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Indeed. Godless pagans worshiping the Emperor of Japan as a ""GOD"".   The only way to quickly defeat Japan and end the war and thus save 10s of thousands of American lives was to drop the friggin bomb. And still they didn't surrender. So we dropped the 2nd one. That did the trick. Fat boy in North Korea is no different. An out of control manic heading to destruction at warp speed.  Can you imagine if they had merely a dozen ICBM's?  They could take out 1/2 dozen American cities, plus Toyoko and Seoul.    200 million dead. It cannot happen.     ""A study done for Secretary of War Henry Stimson's staff by William Shockley estimated that conquering Japan would cost 1.7–4 million American casualties, including 400,000–800,000 fatalities, and five to ten million Japanese fatalities.""  It is not unlikely that the estimates of killed and wounded in Hiroshima (150,000) and Nagasaki (75,000) are over conservative  Dropping the bomb saved millions of lives over the estimates. 

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Thought experiment: name one problem our country is currently facing that would still exist had we fought with the Germans and japs.

Muh hollowco$t. Muh rape of Nanking.

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"North Korea Vows To Complete Nuke Program, Reach "Military Equilibrium" With The US" And this will be achieved and financed through their vast world-wide commercial networks.Ya'll gettin' the joke yet?Hint:  Booga, booga!Like the scene with the Black Knight in the Monty Python skit.

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I'm really proud of Kim and North Korea. This is a fine display of what strong national leadership can do, and a credit to the grit of the Korean people. That country, loyal to its own race, its own soil, its own history, is a city on a hill for the 21st Century.The fact that the USA can no longer enforce its will with them, however, is a sign of the rapid decline of America. A quick survey of the headlines here at Zero Hedge will complete the picture. De-dollarization continues apace. The fact that Venezuela, the Western Hemisphere's largest oil exporter, will no longer accept dollars for oil is an act of major geopolitical significance that most Americans probably aren't even aware of. The end of the dollar will end the American Empire (not that I think that's a bad thing, but the transition is going to be most painful). And yet the article with the most views and comments concerns a CNN panel where somebody said he liked boobs, and we have threats of race riots breaking out in St. Louis because our class of feral dindus whom we've pampered at great expense these past 50 years have been allowed to run wild. That CNN panel, by the way, was ridiculous. A Black cuck, a White douchebag, and a woman leading them, as they discuss an Affirmative Action hire whose only claim to fame was that she was not punished after advocating for White genocide.Welcome to America, 2017.

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Dead is dead; in a nuclear exchange , wont matter whose dick is bigger...everyone dies. The only 'winner', if there is a such a thing, is whoever has the best 'continuity of government' infrastructure and comes out the other end of a long, cold and dark tunnel, on top...

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Read through this interview.… the key takeaway...OSNOS: Yeah, and I'm going to - I'll answer that in two ways. One is what I was told, and the second is what I came to believe. The first thing is that people go out of their way to tell you how comfortable they are with the idea of a nuclear exchange. I mean, I had a conversation with a very smart and very alert, knowledgeable America analyst at the Foreign Ministry, a guy named Pak Song Il, whose job it is to analyze the United States, speaks extremely good English. And he said, look; we understand that a war would be devastating, but we've survived devastation twice in our recent history - the Korean War and then the famine of the mid-'90s which killed up to three million people.And he said, we would - we would survive again. And he took me down into the subway which is built a hundred meters underground, twice the depth of the New York subway system, and he said, this is where we would go in the event of a nuclear strike. He showed me the blast doors.Standard Disclaimer: Indoctrination to the point of being a giant Jim Jones cult. Eventually they have to, if they are even able to, emerge from their subway system to a radioactive wasteland. No one will survive.

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In other shocking news: water is wet, etc. Question is... Why is the MSM all over it. "Breaking! Kim Jung Un appears to have farted. Experts are trying to asses if the gasses are lethal."Gee. That evil Putin made sense again! Sanctions won't make them stop. Moar bright ideas? Other than fire and fury that is.

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Equalibrium?  Our military budget is 55x their GDP, although it probably doesn't take nearly that much to destroy the world (once). Dedollarization. Trends towards multi-polarity and nationalism. Nuclear capable ICBMs flying around. Rampant domestic strife globally. Unprecidented financial bubbles. Every day, I feel more unsure about the next.  On a long enough timeline...

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Nobody gave him the shit required and he aquired it on a shoestring.I resent finding $500 hammers and toilet seats.The US military is now officially a joke, all that cost and no value ,which leaves nothing but the nuclear option.The JCS just told congress they can win a nuclear war, nothing about whether any civilians will survive.

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Unfortunately Kim Knows what happens to the leaders of country's that abandon their weapons, it does not end well, regime change follows quite quickly.

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Turn the NK into done with it for a thousand years. Threats never work, just kill them all.Same with Syria.....Kill them all and be done with it.

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The North Korean Rocketry and Astronomy Club + Juche = ICBMs and Hydrogen bombs. Not bad for a third world nation.  They must now follow the example of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick and parlay that expertise into a monumental payoff.

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If not for the US you would be speaking German or Japanese right now.You should not blame the US just because your grandma wrapped her legs around a GI and took him up to the hilt. At least she was grateful for the freedom that soldier gave her, as opposed to her limp-dick shit stick grandchild who is perpetually angry that the best part of that GI's kid that he had with your grandma and who you called daddy ran down the crack of her butt. 

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