North Korea's Nuclear Tests Could Trigger "Supervolcano" Eruption

After North Korea’s latest nuclear test, scientists are worried that more underground explosions in the isolated country’s rocky north could set the stage for a deadly volcanic eruption not unlike the one that NASA fears could be brewing in the Yellowstone caldera.

Following the North’s sixth nuclear test Chinese authorities have stepped up radiation monitoring and even closed part of their border with North Korea as fallout fears have intensified.

And now, as Newsweek reports, China has limited access to a nature reserve on its border with North Korea after a mysterious series of seismic shakes at the rogue nation's nuclear test site were detected less than 10 minutes after it conducted its latest test, which also triggered a sizable tremor. The severity of the tremors prompted Beijing to close the site over fears that underground detonations by the North Koreans at a facility near Punggye-ri could lead to rockslides, or worse, trigger an eruption of the active "super volcano" Mount Paektu, according to


According to, the magma and sulfur booms during a supervolcano eruption could kill millions of people in the surrounding area, and potentially endangering all of humanity.

The volcano, which is sacred to North Korea, is located right on its border with China. China’s closure is in effect for a 70-mile-radius around the detonation site. A blast from a super volcano could be catastrophic, with ash traveling thousands of miles, potentially causing hundreds of thousands of deaths

"For the safety and convenience of travelers, we have temporarily closed the southern tourist zone of Changbai Mountain," read the message from Chinese authorities, translated by UPI. "Officials are thoroughly investigating the safety of the tourist area." The area will remain closed to the public until "the potential risks disappear," it said.

But besides radioactive risks, scientists are worried that North Korea’s nuclear tests could disturb could disturb mountains in the Changbai range, along with the still-active Mt. Paektu, triggering the first eruption since 1903.

A new article in scientific journal Nature’s Scientific Reports states that “an underground nuclear explosion test near an active volcano constitutes a direct threat."

Scientists wrote that it could “disturb the magma chamber of a volcano, thus accelerating the volcanic activity,” scientists argue.

“This is an interesting mystery at this point,” Göran Ekström, a seismologist at Columbia University in New York City, told Nature.

The US Geological Survey estimated the second burst of seismic energy, only eight and a half minutes after the detonation, had a magnitude of 4.1; the detonation itself registered at 6.3. While satellite images do show signs of structural collapse, the movement of rock more closely resembles a landslide.

North Korea is hardly alone in facing a potentially deadly eruption. Recently, NASA scientists have spoken out about the threat of super volcanoes and the risky methods that could be used to prevent a devastating eruption.

Lying beneath the tranquil and beautiful settings of Yellowstone National Park in the US is an enormous magma chamber called a caldera. It’s responsible for the geysers and hot springs for which the area is known, but for scientists at NASA, it’s also one of the greatest natural threats to human civilization as we know it.

Following an article published by BBC about super volcanoes last month, a group of NASA researchers got in touch with the media to share a report previously unseen outside the space agency about the threat Yellowstone poses, and what they hypothesize could possibly be done about it. As one researcher described it, the threat from super volcanos is much higher than the risk from asteroids

“I was a member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense which studied ways for NASA to defend the planet from asteroids and comets,” explains Brian Wilcox of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology.  


“I came to the conclusion during that study that the supervolcano threat is substantially greater than the asteroid or comet threat.”

So, the agency has devised a plan that could ameliorate the volcano threat. The plan, which has yet to be authorized or implemented, would drill up to 10km down into the super volcano and pump down water at high pressure. The circulating water would return at a temperature of around 350C (662F). Thus, slowly day by day, extracting heat from the volcano. And while such a project would come at an estimated cost of around $3.46 billion, it comes with an enticing catch which could convince politicians (taxpayers) to make the investment.

“Yellowstone currently leaks around 6GW in heat,” Wilcox says. “Through drilling in this way, it could be used to create a geothermal plant, which generates electric power at extremely competitive prices of around $0.10/kWh. You would have to give the geothermal companies incentives to drill somewhat deeper and use hotter water than they usually would, but you would pay back your initial investment, and get electricity which can power the surrounding area for a period of potentially tens of thousands of years. And the long-term benefit is that you prevent a future supervolcano eruption which would devastate humanity.”

Of course, drilling into a super volcano comes with its own risks – in fact, it could inadvertently cause the eruption scientists are trying to prevent.

Talk about a volcanic irony…


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Why worry about the super-BS Supervolcano Eruption Triggered by North Korea's Nuclear Tests when you could worry about a flooded world,... which is likely to happen because morons couldn't be bothered doing anything about it.

So, why is the global rise in temperatures so worrisome?

For one thing, as temperatures rise good farmland will become desert (e.g., dust-bowl conditions will probably return to the American Midwest).

Another major problem is sea-level rise.

Have a look at

The U.S. Geological Survey people claim that;

The Greenland ice sheet melting will raise sea-level 6.55 meters (21.5 feet),
the West Antarctica ice sheet melting will raise sea-level 8.06 meters (26.4 feet),
the East Antarctica ice sheet melting will raise sea-level 64.8 meters (212.6 feet),
and all other ice melting will raise sea-level 0.91 meters (3 feet).

For a grand total of about 80 meters (263 feet).

So, what does an 80 meter (263 feet) rise in sea-level mean. Have a look at the following map of the world after an 80 meter rise. It means that over one billion people will have to be resettled to higher ground and that much of the most productive agricultural land will be under water. Fortunately, at current rates, the Greenland ice sheet will take over a thousand years to melt and the Antarctica ice sheet, much longer. However, the greater the temperature rise the faster the ice sheets will melt, bringing the problem much closer. Remember, the huge ice sheet that recently covered much of North America, almost completely melted in only 15,000 years (today, only the Greenland ice sheet, and some other small patches of it, remain). Since then (15,000 years ago), sea-levels have risen about 125 meters (410 feet), only 80 meters to go.

The ice sheets have been continuously melting for thousands of years. What is left of them today, is still melting, and will continue to melt. Human caused global warning will cause this remnant to melt significantly faster. This is a big, big, problem.

For HUGE detailed maps of the "World after the Melt" go to:

Global temperatures are increasing. And by quite a lot each year.

2016 is the hottest year on record for global temperatures.

This is 0.0380 degrees centigrade hotter than the previous record year which was 2015.

0.0380 is a large increase in just one year.

2015 was the hottest year (at that time) for global temperatures.

This was 0.1601 degrees hotter than the previous record year which was 2014.

0.1601 is an absolutely huge increase in just one year (at this rate temperatures would increase by 16 degrees in a century).

2014 was the hottest year (at that time) for global temperatures.

This was 0.0402 degrees hotter than the previous record year which was 2010.

The conspiracy to hide global warming data.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is given tax money to make global temperature records available to the public. However, certain people at NOAA continually sabotage this aspect of NOAA's mandate. For example, these people have (deliberately) sabotaged the web-page that delivers the temperature records.

Look for yourself:

Go to the page: scroll down to the The Global Anomalies and Index Data section and click the download button and see what happens. Well, you get the message:

"Not Found. The requested URL /monitoring-references/faq/anomalies-download was not found on this server."

I guess that the 2017 data must be truly horrible if they have to hide it away.

It turns out that this seems to be the case; NASA reports that:

July 2017 had the hottest average land temperatures on record.

The new July 2017 record was +1.20 degrees centigrade above the 20th century average (of the July data). The previous record average land temperature for July was just last year. It was +1.10 degrees above the 20th century average.

Did the media bother to tell you about this? No!

They are apparently too frightened to tell you about the August 2017 data. How many months does it take to figure out the averages for August? I guess the August data must be truly truly horrible.

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Wow, now that is over the top! (no, not just the boring, silly, long ago falsified stuff from SlackJack) But this " global threat" by NK!Since their few ballistic missiles with dubious reliability and unproven range and their maybe-perhaps-potentially-ormaybenot existing nuclear warheds can hardly ever be regarded as a serious threat towards the US homeland (except for 60 % dumbass idiots who seem to think, that the US should intervene with its military, once again) one has to find some other, much more serious threat to the US and the world that is stemming from little fatty Kim. After all, one will have to justifiy to kill several million North and South Koreans for some "greater good"Voila, let's introduce the fearporn suqared, warmongering, totally made-up "supervulcano threat".LMAO.And even if they could trigger an eruption: Said vulcano errupted in 1903 for the last time so far. And as far as I comclude from reading the archives of the subsequent years, no ice age and no serious planetary event took place in its wake.It's getting ever more ridiculous by the day.

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A supervolcano of festering bullshit from the poor scriptwriters of lang li!Cannot even laugh anymore.Yet, statistics will tell us that 60 something % of the US Population wants direct action against NK....Bernays's most adept pupils have won the day ladies and gentlemen...time to get under the bed and whimper...there is an angry god blowing his so far ;-)

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OMG, another ludicrous reason to stop the evil DPRK from its errant ways. But if they write an article about how Nork rockets are triggering AGW, you can rest assured that our bombers are in the air, 'cos there are too many like Slack-Jackoff in the halls of power.

BTW, WTF is up with "powerful as 300 kilo hertz?" 300 kHz is a radio frequency, not a meaure of force.

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SlackJack, you are complete idiot, a tool, for hypcrites like Al Gore and the climate change mafia. Sea levels rising? LMAO6,000 to 20,000 years ago, sea levels were rising by a high multiple of today's rate. Since there was no human activity back then worth mentioning (well, some bonfires perhaps, LOL), one wonders how that could be? maybe they rose in anticipation or what? data show that sea level rise is actually at a historic minimum - and has been for the past 2,000-3000 years or so. DESPITE your "global warming" hysteria. actually confirmed in no unsertain terms that sea levels are rising way below historic average; and in 2010/2011 they have even DECLINED!, sea levels rising over tens of thousands of years is a natural phenomenon. back in the old days, people ultimately gave up towns that were too near to the coast and built new ones - after all, these things rarely happened over night.Only today's people, who have lost all touch with nature, who think that they are masters of the universe and who believe that they can rule over natural forces with all their high tech and machinery, seriously think that they should stop or reverse the rise of sea levels instead of adapting to it. What a hubris!And yes, the damage from Harvey is partially man-made. But not the hurricane itself. Instead, lots of the destruction caused - by sealing vast coastal areas with concrete for all our modern achievements. 400 years ago, most of the water would have had lots of other places to go, instantly. But yeah, combat sea levels' rise. LOL! And as a special bonus for you - but you are likely too ignorant and indoctrinated  to look at it anyway -"Temperatures have been warmer than today for almost all of the past 10,000 years." Yikes!… You know why global warming is really so dangerous? because it is the greatest hoax ever planted to drive the world towards a world government, to tax the living daylights out of people in the name of "saving climate". To serve a multibillion $ mafia who benefits enormously from the climate change "fight". And to subjugate people and individual freedoms to all sorts of government oppression and "regulation". I tell you, real, deadly wars will be fought in future times in the name of "saving climate"The real threat does not come from man made global warming, because it doesn't exist. The real threat comes from the fearmongers and eco-fascists that suppress and silence anybody who dares to challenge their made-up man made global warming bullshit. 

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DownWithYogaPants Slack Jack Sun, 09/17/2017 - 09:48 Permalink should be ashamed of such Time magazine like entries as this article.  It's a journalists view of science.  That is to say wholly impractical and probably knowingly made up.  Reality:  If the touch of a gnat landing on a crustal plate triggers a super volcano then it was going to happen anyway.  I know everyone thinks nukes are super powerful but they are not.  The energy in these volcanic eruptions and earthquakes makes a nuke look like a big fat Zero.

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DownWithYogaPants Slack Jack Sun, 09/17/2017 - 09:48 Permalink should be ashamed of such Time magazine like entries as this article.  It's a journalists view of science.  That is to say wholly impractical and probably knowingly made up.  Reality:  If the touch of a gnat landing on a crustal plate triggers a super volcano then it was going to happen anyway.  I know everyone thinks nukes are super powerful but they are not.  The energy in these volcanic eruptions and earthquakes makes a nuke look like a big fat Zero.

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Are you really that naive and or ignorant? If fracking can cause thousands of small earth quake you think a nuke test registering a 6.1 on the Richter scale and god knows how much heat - enough to turn sand into glass, detonated underground literally right next to the volcano may interfere with the natural eruption cycle? We don't even fully realize the true power of nukes let alone in this scenario. Let's just say it's more likely than gold hitting $5k in the next 5 years. This is doom reality - don't ever fuck with mother nature. 

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ZH is turning into one of the grocery store tabloids where the imagination runs wild and the're writing articles about your alien (outer space) child and so on.  We've already had COUNTLESS underground tests and if the above article had any credence we would have been drowning in magma in our testing heyday.  

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Yea. Jesus H Christ, I think I have heard it all now... trigger a super volcano? I guess the THOUSANDS of aerial and ground blasts conducted by the US, Soviets, Indian, Pakis, etc. were also a threat, oh, that's right, rise in cancer, but lets blame the cigarette companies... COME JOIN US FOR FREE AT WWW.GUNSGRUBANDGOLD.COMALL ARE WELCOME!!!

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38BWR22--please re-red the article. The volcanoes in Korea are not the only ones affected. Try world-wide, including Yellowstone, Mexico, Lassen, Alaska, Indonesia. OT: one of the stupiedest ongoing uses of HE explosives is at the Lake Oroville dam site. The clowns are setting explosions off at the BASE of the damn, "cleaning things up."Totally unnecessary and very stupid, why? The explosions shake, ratlle and sift out the FINES that really keep the river rock in place for this majestic earthen dam. If you shake out these fines---you have a pile of rock which will collapse the next big rainy season. Totally avoidable.Sadly, there's too much in commom with stupid Korean dictators and California's DWR and their engineering cult. No outside opinions allowed. DWR is literally shaking Oroville dam to pieces...time will tell.Surf's UP!

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Is that the same Newsweek that had had the next ice age on the cover?A caldera is a crater, a magma chamber is called a... magma chamberMaybe NASA should stick to rockets and spaceships...oh wait, they can't afford to build there own ever since some dipshits mixed metric with English units and sent that $4 gazillion rocket into Romulon territory.C'mon Tylers, if we want to read such tripe we'll go to infowars

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This is from the site referenced in "Tyler's" article above:"Supervolcanoes are volcanoes that spread over miles in diameter. For instance, the Yellowstone supervolcano, located in Canada, represents a large part of the province of Alberta."That's some credible source there Tyler. /sWhat a hack job, not to mention the authors' entire premise is horse shit.It is these types of articles, becoming more frequent in recent years, that continue to convince me that Tyler is not home. ZH has devolved into a forum for mind-management and apocalyptic pornography. What a shame. Cheers. 

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1. Possessive vs. Plural2. Ending sentences in prepositions3. Not using adverbs properlyForget about parallelism, they cannot understand  "I have twelve AUDIs." "AUDI's latest production run was...."It kills me. I see that shit on powerpoint slides given to SVPs (not SVP's).

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