Protesters Storm St. Louis Mall Chanting "No Justice, No Profits" As U2 Cancels Concert

Following last night's 'massive protests' in St. Louis which saw at least 32 people arrested demonstrating the acquittal of Jason Stockley, a white ex-cop who was found not guilty in the 2011 fatal shooting of a black man on Friday, protests spilled over on Sunday with a decidedly anti-capitalist bent. As we reported this morning, video from Friday night's protests showed demonstrators marching while chanting phrases including “no justice, no peace” and "if you kill our kids, we’ll kill your economy."

That sentiment continued on Saturday, when hundreds of demonstrators stormed West County Center Mall in St. Louis to carry on their demonstration for a second night.

Protesters descended on West County Mall in St Louis, Missouri, on Saturday

Fox News Correspondent Griff Jenkins reported, “Protesters take to a local mall chanting ‘No Justice, No Profits." The protesters said they wanted to shut down the mall to harm the city's economy as payback for acquitting the white cop.

The local Macy's shut its doors in fear of the crowd and there was an increased police presence at the mall.

Protesters were non-violent and marched through the mall chanting various slogans. Friday night's protests were decidedly more threatening according to media reports. 

Increased police presence at the mall kept the demonstration peaceful

At the same time, U2 which was scheduled to perform a concert in St. Louis on Saturday, issued a statement on Saturday announcing it had cancelled its concert.

'We have been informed by the St. Louis Police Department that they are not in a position to provide the standard protection for our audience as would be expected for an event of this size. 'We have also been informed that local crowd security personnel would not be at full capacity.

'In light of this information, we cannot in good conscience risk our fans’ safety by proceeding with tonight’s concert. As much as we regret having to cancel, we feel it is the only acceptable course of action in the current environment,' the band said in a statement. Ticketholders will be able to claim a refund online or at their place of purchase, they added.


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same reason they're all in fractional BTC -- they think they'll destory the system being all in crypt0. BTC, the ultimate SJW "currency". MEANWHILE THEY ALL SHOP AT THE DEEP STATE'S ONLINE SHOPPING MALL = AMAZON! AMAZON WHICH HAS NEVER MADE A PROFIT ON THEIR CORE BIZ IN OVER 21 YEARS, SAVE FOR THEIR CLOUD CIA SERVICES.  

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west county mall is technically in Des Peres, outside the city limits - so all these tards are doing is hurting the economy of Des Peres, which had nothing to do with the verdict...  Lots of white, rich jews in that area though...  Love to see them "storm" Jefferson county and get blasted by all the rednecks there... 

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Antifa thinks it wants violence. As long as their in the cities they are probably safe to be violent.   They just better not come out of those cities because the rednecks will knock the shit out of them and are much.much better shots. With ammo. And a lot of firearms.   Something about ...bring it mthrfkr

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There might be a lot of rich whites and jews in the area, but even in those types of areas many mall employees are, drum roll, young blacks. So they will be there trying to shut the mall down, which will probably result in less hours worked, and therefore a smaller paycheck, for many of the very people they claim to care about. Not that logic was ever the left's strong suit, though. I agree about them 'storming' the redneck areas, that would be pretty amusing. They do at least seem smart enough to stay in the cities. They know where they can and cannot get away with this kind of shit.

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saw U2 in another city on this tour, they're not missing anything. while they had some groundbreaking music with depth - 25 years ago - they've gone to the well one too may times.  god love bono, he just can't help his ittle snowflake opinion spewing money grubbing self.  as for this, totally agree with what's been written, go to the redneck areas you little social warriors, lets test ur mettle. do u in fact have any balls?  say whatever u want about rednecks, they'll stand up for them and theirs i suspect    

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I'm not sure this is relevant, I suppose,...but a cursory look at the shooting this stems from has a few noteworthy points of contention. The cop's dashcam video apparently shows him yelling he's going to kill the guy, moments before he does.The cop, of course, claims the guy was reaching for a gun, and after he shoots him goes in the back seat of the car and finds a gun, although it's not found to have the dead guy's DNA on it, and the prosecution claims it was planted.Carry on.

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It did look like he planted that gun.  Problem is knowing and being able to prove are two different things.  You didn't actually see the gun in the video.  One individual has zero cred as a prior and current criminal, and the other was a cop.  I'm not sure if it was jury of judge.  He probably did it though. 

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When I was a young teen I was a bad ass. Arrested a lot. The cops treated me like shit..  Ive been cuffed face down on my stomach and had my face deliberately scrubbed into the pavement and asked how does it taste. Ive had multiple officers draw their firearms on me. I acted like a dindu criminal and was treated as such.As I got a little older and stopped acting like a fucking idiot looking for trouble, something magic happened. I was no longer treated like a menace. Not only that, I even get let out of traffic tickets because I dont talk shit and act like a fool. Being loud, belligerent and threatening is gonna get you shot. Are the cops trigger happy? Maybe, but I dont see that problem. I do see the dindu acting a fool problem. Maybe the cop is scared because he is aware of the statistics. The lie they try to sell and nobody buys is these cops are cold blooded killers of innocent citizens. We all know from our interactions with cops and our interactions with dindus who is at fault.Just imagine if they put AI robot cops out there.  Black deaths by cop would go up 10 fold the frist day. What would the results be of those AI robots calculating risk threat levels during citizen interactions? Theyd be saying the robots were programmed by racist cause it's always someone elses fault. 

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I agree, not that there aren't predatory cops out there.  But even those cops will pick their victims wisely.  People feel sorry for this guy now but how would that change if he had hit two little kids while high speed fleeing the cops with zero regard for anyones safety?  Very easily could have happened.  This wasn't Mother Theresa on the run here.

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some cops are total dirtbags with a power trip since they failed at becoming quarterback in highschool... these fucks need to go to jail to set an example.. killing dogs for no reason, shooting first like a scared bitch, and fuck those rides with the blinding vegas flashing light show... going to ram into one of those one day when it puts me a seizure or road rage

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While I was reading this, I thought, here is another reason to shop Amazon.  The death of retail brick and mortar - coming fast.If Amazon wanted to play dirty, just pay off some local activist to gather crowds and shut down local retail.  Marvelous. P.S.  How cheap this would be - just pay off one influential person and the "true believer" sheep will do the work for you.  Anarchy - could shut down about everything.

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AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS OF RACIAL DIFFERENCES IN POLICE USE OF FORCE list of whites dying at the hands of cops must inform how we go forward in grappling with the issues.U.S. police officers have shot and killed the exact same number of unarmed white people as they have unarmed black people: 50 each. July 11, 2016In March, something happened in Kentucky that tragically seems, in light of what happened to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile last week, business as usual. Constable Bobby Smith wanted to serve a warrant to Brandon Stanley, who tried to evade him. Smith tracked Stanley down to a convenience store and shot him dead.Around the same time in Arizona, Daniel Shaver was playfully waving a pellet gun out of a motel window. A police officer detained him, and despite Shaver complying with all of his demands (there is a video) shot him dead. Also around this time in North Dakota, James Scott, allegedly intoxicated, dropped a gun and fled police officers but refused to put his hands up when detained; they shot him dead.The men in these cases were white, not black, and yet all three were killed by police officers under circumstances that would almost surely have elicited indignant protest nationwide if they were black.Examples go on and on. Last December in Mississippi, officers tried to stop Michael Parker for a moving violation. Parker sped away; during the ensuing chase Parker was shot dead. Last year in January, a Montana officer, suspecting Loren Simpson of car theft, referred to him to his partner as a “little f*cker” of the sort who “go steal cars, they go break into sh*t.” The cops pursued Simpson, and when he tried to turn away from them they shot him dead, even though federal guidelines prohibit firing into moving vehicles. Back one more year, in 2014, the deaths of James BoydAlfred Redwine and Mary Hawkes in New Mexico were similar stories; what happened to Pastor Jonathan Ayers in 2009 in Georgia is but one example further back than that.The parallels in these cases with ones we have heard more about are chilling. 

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