Ron Paul: Here's The Truth About The War Between The Alt Right And Cultural Marxists

Despite recently being demonetized by YouTube, possibly for his anti-establishment views and slamming President Trump’s decision to increase troop levels in Afghanistan, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul is back with a video addressing the widening left-right political divide in the US – and the role that the “immoral use” of government force has played in fomenting the US’s present political crisis.

Claiming that the US is "witnessing a battle between authoritarian groups in America", the prominent libertarian and former politician says that the "Alt-Right" and Cultural Marxists are fighting to control a government that is bankrupt, doesn't follow the Constitution, and controls a foreign empire that is running on fumes.  Ron Paul describes our dilemma.

“Most Americans agree the violent confrontation between the alt-right and the cultural Marxist is serious, dangerous and getting worse. Understanding economics, cultural differences and the acceptance of authoritarianism is required to find the answer to the crisis.


Rejecting a society based on personal liberty led to the conflict we are now witnessing: replacing authoritarianism with volunteerism must be our goal. The immoral use of government force caused this crisis and expanding it will only increase the hatred between the two sides.


Though there are leaders on both sides promoting violence, large numbers are attracted to the raging culture war for emotional reasons in response to the lies and the incitement by those whose ulterior motive is seeking power, wealth and promoting a dangerous new world order.”

The biggest problem that Paul sees is that neither the left or the right have made liberty – both economic and political – a priority. In fact, just the opposite is happening. Both the left and the right are moving in a more authoritarian direction.

Meanwhile, the left’s penchant for labeling all of their ideological opponents as Nazis and racists is helping to sow chaos and division, Paul says.

“One side has been labeled the alt-right, the other cultural Marxism. The right would like to reduce the debate to the differences between Communism and a populist government that emphasizes caring for Americans over foreigners. The Left would have us believe it's merely a conflict with supporters of racism and injustice and cultural Marxism. Neither side speaks of Liberty. The alt-right is made up of conservatives, populists, and pro white enthusiasts, but all are labeled Nazis and fascists by the left.”

“Some are just fed up with the false charges and the penalties toward whites by leftist racists and the extremism of political correctness. The vicious labeling of all those who are frustrated and who join with those who are angry as Nazis and racist is only for the purpose of creating chaos. The left demands that all Trump supporters fit into this category. This is the strategy for fomenting race riots and civil war. No doubt Trump makes himself vulnerable to these inaccurate and wild charges by his enemies. The left promotes cultural Marxism and class warfare yet there are fellow travelers who represent typical liberal activists progressives and white haters. Many on the Left generally despise any minority who chooses to be a conservative or libertarian.”

Leftists, Paul says, are far more cynical than their idealistic proclamations would suggest. White leftists only see minorities as important within the context of their votes, and are quick to treat minorities who identify as conservative or libertarian as traitors to the cause. Meanwhile, neither side understands how liberty leads to economic prosperity for the largest number of citizens.

“Too many on the left see minorities as only important when their votes can be corralled. From their viewpoint as minorities, well-being success must come only from benefiting from doctrines promoted by forced wealth redistribution by the liberal left it's all about control it's cynical racism.”

“The philosophic issues that divide us are what matters. Both sides accept the principle of government aggression as a proper tool of government. Neither side understands how true freedom leads to the prosperity that both sides pay lip service to. Neither side understands the shortcomings of deceptive, short-lived prosperity that comes with government deficits and monetary inflation which always ends badly, especially for the people who are supposed to be benefiting by government welfare spending. The ending of such a period of artificial wealth is now apparent and since it's not understood by either side of the current raging conflict, both are proposing different government solutions with sharp disagreements in the blame game.”

Both the left and the right claim to be the torchbearers of the American experiment. But neither side cares about what the Constitution says, Paul said. Furthermore, both sides banded together to support the Bush doctrine, a willingness to countenance foreign interventionism that persists across the modern political spectrum. Leftists and conservatives take advantage of superficial differences to divide people – the left via identity politics and the right via their racist views.  

“Both sides claim patriotic loyalty and ownership of the American tradition. Neither group cares about what the Constitution says both sides support America's world Empire its militarism the military industrial complex and horribly dangerous Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war. Neither side condemns our aggression or foreign interventionism. There is extensive support by both for economic planning by government though in different degrees and for different purposes.”

This means no complaints about protectionism, Federal Reserve power or subsidies to the special interest groups. For our bipartisan leaders, it is only who gets to distribute the loot that matters. Identity politics has taken over in forming alliances. This encourages lying, race preferences demagoguery and inciting hatred since the concept of Liberty is something that applies to individuals rather than special interest groups it is therefore rejected.”

Liberty is not something that can be distributed according to the various groups that claim victimization and a right to other people's earnings. The tool used especially by the far left is extreme political correctness that regulates speech by claiming hateful motivation by anyone with whom they disagree. These charges are inevitably spread with a broad brush by a complicit media advocating both types of authoritarianism. Left and right purposely divide people by natural and acceptable differences. Pursuing the cause of Liberty unites all those who honestly seek peace and prosperity in distinction from those who resort to authoritarianism. Divisiveness will cause both sides to fail with their half-hearted efforts to force an escalation of violence and the destruction of the middle class.”

Unfortunately, neither the left or the right has expressed concern with the “deeply flawed” US monetary system, Paul said. The Federal Reserve has been allowed to debase the US dollar through the complicity of both left- and right-leaning politicians. And now, as Paul notes, the bills are all coming due.

Neither side will face up to the economic reality of a deeply flawed economic system and the pending collapse of the American Empire. Sadly neither side complains about the danger of the Bush Doctrine of preemptive strikes and decisions being made to go to war without congressional approval, the dependency on deficit spending, and the monetary mischief of the Fed. The bills are now coming due and the political chatter associated with the current social strife serves to distract from the philosophical impurities from which we have been infected for many decades. The number of enemies that we have generated by our foreign policy is ignored and the problem made worse by our economic and military meddling around the world our inability to pay our bills and meet our unfunded liabilities will be the limiting factor.”

In short, the US’s economic and military meddling around the world have led to a reliance on unsustainable deficit spending. This, Paul contends, is the greatest threat facing American society - and neither side is talking about a solution.

His full video is below.


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Reader beware when you hear the word Cultural Marxists because no such thing exist. Second, Marxists won’t tolerate any power structure such as in government and having owners. Marxists are totally against any form of power structure.  

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so fucking what.  Is he a high ranking. inner circle ,  ma33 degree Scot or the Fred Flinstone water buffalo/bowling league variety mason?even if he is "in the club" you honestly think he's showing up at Bilderberg/CFR  meetings and hanging out with some BS Illuminutty shite at the  Bohemein whatever Grove? sweet jesus, put down the alexjonestown and the Dan Brown.

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This kind of shit really makes it seem like he is. No Americans have fought harder for the rights of Americans since the fucking Civil War than the "alt right" and at greater personal peril. People have fucking DIED. And this asshole comes out and says shit like this?No, fuck him. I don't care if he's a Mason, a Stonecutter, or a fucking Annunaki. FUCK HIM. 

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You only need to write #blacklivesmatter X 100 to get admitted to Stanford:… The Fine Print....Stanford will glady look forward to your rich mulsim princeton day school payor father no matter how idiot Ziad Ahmed is....because his father is worht $750,000,000.....from Citibankster days with Vikram Pandit laundering money for Arabs.

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hey. that happenned to me. circa 1977.evidently for shits and giggles i checked 'native american' on my sat's. stanford proceeded to defer my deadline for application ... twice.  on the third time , they waived the application fee. wth ... for the essay on who historical or fictional would you like to meet- i hand wrote some shit about the 'great black crow' (which later turned into a self full filling profit see thing with joni mitchell and the boyz at the greek theatre in l.a.).....anyhoo- come the day ,which by law, every applicant is to recieve at the same time, for acceptance or rejection i get a call instead-"may we have tour b.i.a.#"?  long silence etc. three days later i got my rejection. took me a couple of years to figure out i could'a been the 1st reverse discrimination case.

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that's not true and you know it but, assuming this is real, that blmx100 is not reason for disqualification, is an alarming circumstance and telling in its critique of present u.s. academia.similarly, the "newspaper of record" continues to record neocon lies with its perpetuation of the russiagate stories and their metastacizing variations:… here's one on why hillary and the dnc are clueless as to her loss:… it's not so much the alt right vs the cultural marxists as it is the alt media, left and right, against the deep state.

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In summation, "the bill has come due" for the divided and conquered. Conquered by left, right paradigms, socio economic fuckery and deep state tactical land memes.Memes, mimes, bullshit peddled to deflect attention away from any common enemy at it's root. Obfuscating the real and  true makers of said chaos, the deep state and shadow government, it's ruling power, effectively covering for the money power, backed by paid enforcers, the militarized industrial police state, fully supported by the voting public, and various other useful idiots ..

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You are such a fking moron my eyes water reading your dribble.  The alt right are a bunch of warmongering economic psychotics, ready to speed the American collapse with their ineptidue.   Sending their kids and their kids kids to have their fucking legs blown off fighting towel heads and slanty eyes as their own families suffocate under the weight of debt that you fkrs happily puke on to the future.  Fking puke

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hard to know what alt right or cultural marxists mean as terms and, to some degree, pointless.  but the support trump got, particularly from war weary military families is provable and was crucial.  check out this article and more particularly the reference to the (badly labelled) other article about how high military casualties played a role in accounting for trump support in key battleground counties:…

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Right... Define "alt-right". I see you're being a good indoctrinated little boy. For the rest of your drivel... Seen those fascists claiming to be anti-fascist lately? With their fucking little copy of a fascist flag? Real sweethearts, no? Commie shit v2.0. Meanwhile that evil you speak of is laughing at you as you turn a blind eye to them. Divide et impera, meanwhile you're too busy enjoying your bread and circuses. But hey, As long as there is netflix and your imaginary enemy - the "alt-right" - you're good. Hypocrisy much? But please, don't let the lack of knowledge hinder you. Heaven forbid. Oh... And while your so upset with your imaginary enemy, the real cocksuckers are roaming around freely abusing everyone for their own gain. And these guys don't care about labels. They invented them.

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My enemy are statists. No different from tmosley and antifa.   I believe in freedom, you would deny it.  I think the mic is part of the communist deep state. You support it.  I think force and violence are only moral in defense. You think preemptive war is defense.   Goback 5th grade you fking comey

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You ARE antifa u fking lying piece of shit.   You are nothing more than a thug.  And I will happily defend myself from you mthrfkr.  Why don't you look at your downvotes stupid statist.  And like I said btch, come and try. Let me guess..your an overweight undereducated boomer. I look forward to moral defense.  

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's  oh good . shall we start with the secret of the widow.. Hiram Abiff's allegory, initiation into the Blue Lodges...or would you rather discuss Albert Pike's version on inner lodge work? Perhaps Manly P. Hall's take on the esoteric nature of the GAOTU is more your speed? or we could go the route of discussing the founding fathers' role as masons here in the "New Atlantis."do tell ..about what I do and don't know in regards to the Craft. "illuminate" me

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I have seen picures of the handshake, but I have never seen him make a Masonic gesture. If what you say is true, it would be so sad to see a person, who speaks of liberty, give up their liberty by joining the Masons.  As a Mason you must always helps another Mason, subject to death.  No iffs ands or buts.  And if you are above the 3rd degree, you must do so even for matters of murder and treason.  But they can't recruit you.  You must ask them to join.  It is about as Satanic as you can get.  Well, I take that back.  Actually, the Jesuit oaths are worse.  But the pinnacle of both organizatoins resides in Rome at the Vatican.  Prince Charles is the highest ranking Mason outside the Vatican.

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