AfD In 3rd Place In German Election Polls: Unhappy Political Marriages Loom

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German federal elections are Sunday, September 24. The most likely outcome of the election is another “Grand Coalition” but it will be a much-weakened coalition.  And If that coalition forms again, the rightwing AfD party is poised to become the largest opposition party.

Rightwing Turning Point

The Wall Street Journal reports Nationalist AfD Party Moves Into Third Place in German Election Polls

A last-minute surge in the polls has put a far-right party that wants to dial down German remembrance of the Holocaust within striking distance of becoming the country’s biggest opposition force.


The four-year-old Alternative for Germany, or AfD, has moved into third place and double digits in recent polls. If those numbers hold up until the Sept. 24 election and German Chancellor Angela Merkel repeats her current governing coalition with the center-left Social Democrats, the AfD would become the biggest opposition party in parliament.


No matter how exactly the results shake out, Sunday’s election seems assured to represent a turning point in postwar German history. Ms. Merkel’s center-right Christian Democrats are set to finish first, and she is expected to remain chancellor. But the AfD, polls show, is very likely to become the first far-right party in more than half a century to win seats in parliament.


“If the AfD in fact gets into the Bundestag, Nazis will be speaking in the Reichstag [building] for the first time in more than 70 years,” Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel recently told German magazine, Der Spiegel.


Political scientists say while the AfD isn’t a neo-Nazi party, it includes a right-wing-radical wing that appears to be strengthening. And without question, the anti-immigrant party breaks taboos in a country that has resisted right-wing populism for decades in the shadow of the Nazi era.


In parliament, AfD lawmakers would receive state financing to hire new staff and to set up offices in their districts, increasing the party’s nationwide reach. They would hold key seats on legislative committees, make nationally televised speeches, and be able to send official inquiries to the government, which ministries are required to answer.


Polls suggest the AfD draws voters from across the political spectrum who are unhappy with mainstream politics, particularly on immigration. A strong showing by the AfD could complicate things for Ms. Merkel by preventing her from being able to form a governing coalition with just one of two smaller parties, the pro-business Free Democrats or the environmentalist Greens. Instead, she may well need to form an unwieldy three-way coalition including them both—despite their ideological differences—and her conservative bloc. Repeating her current “grand coalition” with the Social Democrats would require her to overcome misgivings in both parties.

Eurointelligence View

For many international observers Germany is the exception: In times of Donald Trump, Brexit and Emmanuel Macron, Germans seem to live on another continent of social peace and political harmony. There is nothing of the desire for renewal witnessed during the French elections, or the desire to distinguish themselves shown by the Brexit vote. There is no major populist insurgency. Controversial subjects of our times like terrorism, refugees, immigration, military engagement, or nationalism, are avoided, observes Jean-Dominique Giuliani, president of the Robert Schuman Foundation.


But this peace is superficial, notes Philippe Rocard in Le Monde. There are about 20-30% frustrated voters in Germany, angry about Angela Merkel and her motto “Wir schaffen das” (we can make it) in immigration policy, or her handouts to bailout countries during the eurozone crisis. The three parties that capture the rising protest are the AFD, Die Linke and even the FDP with its radicalised discourse against Greece.


The rise of the AfD, which looks like it could become the third strongest party only four years after its foundation, would be a turning point in postwar German history, notes the WSJ. Never since the 1950s has a far-right party cleared the 5% hurdle. According to the recent polls, the AfD could get as many as 89 out of 703 seats. With its xenophobic and nationalistic rhetoric, the party breaks taboos in a country that has resisted right-wing populism for decades. To be fair, these numbers are still small compared to Austria where the Freedom party is polling 25%, or France where Marine Le Pen received 34% in the presidential run-off. But for Germany it is a major shift.

Unhappy Marriages

CDU (36) + FDP (22) would have a total percentage of about 58%. But many in SPD would prefer the SPD to be in opposition. Should that develop, SPD would be the largest opposition party.

If SDP chooses opposition, Merkel could form a majority government via an alliance of CDU (36), the Greens (7), and FDP (9). Currently, that alliance would have a bare majority with 52% of the vote.

Regardless of what happens, Merkel will be in a much-weakened position compared to now.

And other than a miracle CDU/FDP finish that achieves more than 50%, it may take quite some time after the election for the next government to form.


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Merkel and her nigger hordes. Merkels invasion..........just another white western woman... wow so fucking sick of these disgusting creatures.....keep up with that feminism you fucking dont know whats coming to you....................

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FAKE POLLS from the same old FAKE NEWSthey are factually all NATO fake newsDie Anstalt here: wiki here and here… a nice forecast on how the next german elections wil end (AfD wins) AND WHY... see die anstalt 6th dec 2016 course in German  

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Fake polls in order to generate fake news in order to scare the sheeple into voting for the traditional establishment parties this coming Sunday. It's the perfect excuse for the German brainwash media (= Lügenpresse) to crank up the propaganda volume to 11 in the coming days.Oh by the way, what happened to that bullshit ZH story of Merkel repatriating the German gold from NY in order to form her next coalition government?Here's the article by James Rickards:… here is the drivel that James wrote:"The driving force both in 2013 (date of announcement) and 2017 (date of completion) is that both years are election years in Germany. Angela Merkel’s position as chancellor of Germany is up for a vote on Sept. 24, 2017. She may need a coalition to stay in power, and there’s a small nationalist party in Germany that agitates for gold repatriation. Merkel stage-managed this gold repatriation with the Deutsche Bundesbank both in 2013 and this week to appease that small nationalist party and keep them in the coalition. That’s why the repatriation was completed three years early. She needs the votes now."@ Haus-Targaryen"A solid third place finish would be just the stab in the eye many people here need."No, just look at The Netherlands where the second (!) largest party is still being ignored in the coalition negotiations.

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OT: hey there. I was thinking about our last exchange, and I have a tentative conclusion- actually, those tests are kind of right. you'd be, if you had no American origin, a typical SPD voter (!) or CDU- but because of your roots/origins, your wish is for a kind of... privilege. any kind, as long as it's given to you by the system while being acceptable as "way of doing it"why, you ask me? well, your wish for something like what some workers had in the US, in it's Golden Age. good work, good pay (which you have, in Germany) but coupled with some kind of what I can only, lacking any better term, call "Imperial Preference", which was the way to import/consume, thanks to the Glorious Dollar, the rest of the world "on the cheap"- see your emphasis on workers and pay, see your emphasis on "I should be able to buy on the cheap a big US truck"it's OT, it's personal, it's a fresh article and we are on the very top of it, so I'd suggest you think about it and reply on a different day. I'd like to refrain from having a long (and confused/confusing) discussion about it. my conclusion is coupled with this: no idea, as an entrepreneur of the eurozone, how this wish of yours could be ever be served, here, even with a return of the Deutsche Mark. as a political wish, it's a bit of alien, here"just saying", as the Southern Gentlemen use to say, i.e. no attempt to tweak your tail or anything offensive meant by that. cheers

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I am a "popist", i.e. a Catholic. further, mostly self-educated, and a eurozone entrepreneuryou... are just a troll, in this instance, this remark. your attempt at provocation is coupled with zero content, only your identity as a Nazi, very visible in your avatar, which draws from me a... mighty mehwe had Nazism and Fascism, here. "been there, done that". thanks, but no, thanks. "visit" somebody else with your viewsmeh. why should a keyboard warrior bother me? it is not as if you asked for a duel (perhaps "mano a mano" with daggers? I still have a set of historic ones for such things, somewhere), and... even that, "been there, done that"begone, little man sporting a little mind and few, questionable manners

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Ghordo, The reason many people have such a hard time putting me into a box is not because I'm an American (because I fit into no box there either) nor is it because I'm in Germany (because I definitely don't fit in here, having more incommon with both die Linke and the NPD than any other party) ... our last exchange and an exchange I had with a very intelligent friend of mine got my gears turning. You see, even nation, group of people or ethnic group has a "Myth" which stands behind their existence.  For the Romans, it was Romulus and Remus, for the Greeks it was their mythology, and so it goes.  Here in the West, for centuries the myths behind each group of people would change, but something happened in 1945.  The "myth" behind each civilization in what we now know of today as the "West" universally changed.  It was no longer positive myths such as fraternity, fertility or freedom, but rather the "myth" which justifies the West's existence became negative "never again .... the Holocaust/nationalism/war/persecution based on immutable characteristics/racism/-phobia" etc., etc., etc.,.  We ceased to be a civilization of what we stand for and rather became a civilization of what we stand against. In doing so we also lost our own identity as to what we are, as no one really knows anymore.  Ask your average idiot what your country stands for ... you'll get silence.  Ask them what we are against, you'll get a long list of -isms and -phobias ratteled off by even the densest of moron. What we are seeing now are the logical extremes (and thus I hope conclusion, but I am quite unsure) of what it means to be a civilization that stands for nothing but against everything, including itself. Regrettably I assume for everyone around me, but regrettably for me more so than anyone else, I don't "buy into" this "Post-WWII Myth" which our civilization is based upon.  I think its actually bullshit. (My life would be easier if I think like you do)  Its why, for example, you and I see very rarely eye-to-eye.  You have accepted this myth and based your entire ethos upon it; I have rejected it and base my entire ethos upon something else.  Its funny, as this conclusion has been starring at me directly in the face for sometime.  Its why everything "relates back" to WWII.  You cannot talk about a single issue today, anywhere in the West without someone bringing WWII up in the conversation, and specifically the European theater, as no one in the West gives two shits about the Pacific theater. You accept the myth, I don't.  Its why I think I am the way that I am. As I reflect on my exploration of the topic, the irony of it all and the Myth we base our civilization and society on -- I have come full circle; from knowing there was an objectively good side in WWII and an objectively evil side in WWII; to coming to the conclusion there was no "good side" in WWII; to coming back to the conclusion that there was an objectively good side in WWII and an objectively evil side in WWII.I have a feeling many more people will experience the same transition as I did in the final paragraph over the coming years.  The more people question the myth their civlization is based upon, the more unstable it becomes. I am not the tip of the spear on this, but more and more people are seeing the world my way. 

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"got my gears turning" -> always goodcorrection: "Post-WWII Myths", plural. which I do not accept as such. what I accept is reality, i.e. that "the public at large" has accepted most of them and integrated them in their various national cultures"You cannot talk about a single issue today, anywhere in the West without someone bringing WWII up in the conversation, and specifically the European theater, as no one in the West gives two shits about the Pacific theater"is that "in the West" a cypher for "in the US"? pardon me, but isn't your experience in Germany that people prefer to not get into any (particularly if awkward) discussion about WW2, while there is this thing, among Americans, to watch endless "History Channel" episodes sporting "the Wehrmacht this and the Wehrmacht that"?"coming to the conclusion there was no "good side" in WWII"well, as any war, it featured... the victors and the vanquished. the first get to write history, the latter to... draw lessons, if lucky. the first don't necessarily get to learn anything, note, they can feel... confirmed in their beliefs. the vanquished... "Vae Victis", said the Gaul warlord to the Romans"In doing so we also lost our own identity as to what we are, as no one really knows anymore, just what we are against."I feel this pain. honestly and sincerely. it might be the reason that ZH draws me. but I have a question: look at the Germans in Germany or other Europeans in Europe around you and tell me if they feel this loss of identity. in my understanding, it's something that besets Americans (and Russians too, in part)again, happy if you can prove me wrong, I don't see any of the losers of WWII having this problem"Identity politics", simplified, contains ("us, please"+"not the others, please")in other words, positive discrimination/identity, i.e. "us" and negative discrimination, i.e. "not others"what I mean is that there is a loss of the first, in the US, which has no counterpart in neither France nor Germany nor Italy (while there is a counterpart to the second, in those countries)my impression, mind

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Thank you for your interesting, well thought out commentary.

'Nations' are made up from commonly believed & held storylines. Once a group of human beings gets beyond the size of individual families, some story is often needed to bind them together. This myth usually has elements which are true, combined with those that aren't. No matter. Does the story bring people together for a worthy purpose ?

The foundations of Western Civilization are based on storylines originating in ancient Greece, Rome, and in Christianity. Unless people reconnect with the storyline and see it as worth preserving and advancing, the West will fall into decay and may even be overrun. In America, 'education' was first targeted more than a century ago. Those doing so sought to dumb down the population and make them compliant labor for the factories. The quality of 'education' is appalling today. Not only are American children not taught the Western Civilization and American sub-set storylines, - they are propagandized to believe that they are 'evil'. It is in the 'schools' and in the media where the battle for hearts & minds has been waging. Western Civilization has been losing the war. That can be turned around, but individuals will need to take responsibility for this and take action to do so.

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Haus feel the same here in the UK.They smashed all identity and culture to further their aims ...This was the flaw in their grand master plan though ...For without culuture and identity you end up choosing things they did not want with no common ground.AS for WW2 figuring it was an economic setup to flush the global economics, just so happened you had to have a devil there call Hitler but it could also be a Duerte or Erdogan.The evil side is formed to give common ground to try and rally support around, bit like hating NK or Russia whilst at the same time providing smoke and mirrors to all the criminality and fraud.This point you made though is good ... "Ask your average idiot what your country stands for ... you'll get silence."ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS SILENCE :-)  

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"We" are living INSIDE Wonderland Matrix Bizarro Worlds, where everything is publicly presented in the most absurdly backward ways possible, which includes the bogus "solutions" presented by the various controlled "opposition" groups just as much as by those closer to the core of the most triumphant organized crime, namely banker dominated governments.

I have come full circle; from knowing there was an objectively good side in WWII and an objectively evil side in WWII; to coming to the conclusion there was no "good side" in WWII; to coming back to the conclusion that there was an objectively good side in WWII and an objectively evil side in WWII.

There is nothing but the dynamic equilibria between different systems of more or less organized lies operating robberies. Those who relatively best at doing that became dominate, and hence, were able to publicly present the absurdly backward perspective that those who we not as good at backing up deceits with destruction were the "bad guys." Actually, the "worst guys" win the wars, and therefore, are able to publicly present themselves as the "good guys," while those who were not able to be as dishonest and violent are publicly presented as being the "bad guys."Civilization NECESSARILY operates according to the principles and methods of organized crime, which NECESSARILY gives rise to the corollaries that the biggest and best organized gangsters develop the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science to become based on the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals. At the present time, it is painfully obvious which groups are relatively the best at doing that, while what WWII did was confirm the developments towards Globalized Neolithic Civilization based on ever more globalized abilities to back up lies with violence.The murder systems NECESSARILY direct the development of Civilization, and NECESSARILY those develop to become as dishonest about themselves as possible. Given the related runaway developments of weapons of mass destruction, it is becoming more and more theoretically imperative for political science to go through series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in the perception of the death control systems, within which the murder systems are the most extreme examples. Everything deceitful and destructive done during WWII would be negligible given the existing abundance of weapons of mass destruction.Almost everyone living inside Globalized Neolithic Civilization perceives almost everything in the most absurdly backward ways possible, due to the long history of successful warfare based on backing up deceits with destruction, which became successful finance based on enforcing frauds. Indeed, almost everyone continues to take for granted thinking about time and space, and therefore also entropy and evil, in absurdly backward ways. The deeper dangerous dilemma for groups of human beings are that there must be some death control systems, while human history has driven the existing systems to become as deceitful as possible.Given the existence of an ever increasing abundance of various weapons of mass destruction, it is becoming more theoretically imperative to radically change the perception of the murder systems, whose ideology is militarism. However, doing so has become politically impossible, due to the degree that militarism, as the supreme ideology, has been able to become too triumphant, for too long, such that there is no publicly significant "opposition" that is not controlled by the ways that they continue to take for granted thinking using the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals."WE SHOULD" better understand human beings and civilization as manifestations of general energy systems, by using UNITARY MECHANISMS, which is particularly imperative with respect to the perception of the death control systems. As an illustration of thinking about how much faster those problems are accumulating:… especially Part 2, around the 4 to 7 minute marks: repeat the theoretical imperatives for radical transformations in militarism, where the history of warfare was the manifestation of organized crime on larger and larger scales, because there had to be some murder systems, while those drove themselves to become most successful by becoming most dishonest, and that included the ways that the apparent controlled "opposition" to those deceitful death control systems still stay within taking the same fundamentally dishonest frame of reference for granted.

"The more people question the myth their civilization is based upon, the more unstable it becomes. I am not the tip of the spear on this, but more and more people are seeing the world my way."

While that observation is certainly correct, it is still only superficially correct, given that the vast majority of people continue to take for granted thinking about time and space in absurdly backward ways, and therefore, continue to think about everything else in absurdly backward ways. Civilization operates through almost infinite tunnels of deceits.

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You think you are so smart, but in your convoluted explanations the only content is BS. You don't have a clue why the EU was created, by your NWO overlords or why Merkel unleashed a migrant crisis over Europe it's to destroy their civilizations and to demoralize their citizens. Neofeudalism is waiting. You are either seriously retarded or a paid government shill.

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lol. "You don't have a clue why the EU was created..."you really ought to embark on a career as comedianEU 101: never again war among members. result: positive, so farEU 102: "Viribus Unitis", i.e. together we are stronger. result, so far: trade conditions with other huge blocs like the US or China that are way more favourable then if the 27 would make them separately. result: positive, so far, we are the champions of trade, on this planetI could go on and on. seriously, don't project your ignorance about our own affairs upon me

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its true.

propaganda is rampant here in Chermany.

almost all media is thoroughly under the ministry of propaganda's large thumb.

as in the US, i hope the polls are trying to manipulate by reducing expectations. the things i was ranting about here a few years ago are now being discovered by the Mann on the Strasse.

Schulz and Hogan must not be allowed to continue running the stalag.

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FAKE POLLS from the same old FAKE NEWS ALL acording to plan...nothing to see here, it is just a plan to turn europe into a future race of mongrel (((bolshevik)))-worshippers... check also:-KALERGI plan (miscegenation into low IQ brown mongrels) / also Hooton plan-George Soros leaks on the Merkel plan Merkel Plan Compassion and Control… Charlemagne Prize BEARERS list professional rapefugee smuggler operation… divörsity™ Lerner Spectre"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." ~ Barbara Lerner Spectre"Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit...The man of the future will be a mongrel.  Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian–Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."Practical Idealism - by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

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Sick of it all.....the white population is ROTTEN to the core.... FUCKING DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!! Look at it....decaying......rotting....declining....doesn't matter where in the west you look, it's the same the usa...fat pigs on scooters outside sweden...faggots and trannys..... every corner of the fucking decay

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Teachers, local government employees mostly.As the German adage goes: "Der Bundestag ist mal voller und mal leerer, aber immer voller Lehrer"Always lots of teachers there.  If you're a low performing teacher who doesn't spend time on training or taking care of your students' work after class as good teachers do, then yes, you have time to work on your political career.

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true. and... being a state employee, you can embark on a political career and... go back to your previous employment with all privileges and perks as if you had continued to work as a teacher or other state employeeGermany, Italy and France share this little thing about state employees having a "golden path" to politics... at state's expenses, but yes, Germany excels in itI have often wondered if there is a better way. the only thing I came up is a kind of endowment/fund thing, which then is essentially the same writ in a different colourthe essential problem at it's base is that politics is the kind of "profession" with the smallest chance of "success" of the sustainable kind. in other words, what if/when the electorates disses you? then you are unemployed, aren't you?alternative: only rich people can become politicians. question: is it an alternative?other alternative: only people "owned" by corporate or oligarchic interests can go into politics. do you like this better?

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This system was never meant to work for the people, it was an illusion all along. It's all about controlling the herd, you only got the freedom the overlords allowed you to have. All politicians are part of the system. Every politician who is not questioning the killing of Kennedy, 9/11, 6 mio Jews, etc. is on board of the NWO. It's fascinating to see how well oiled the machine is. Almost no dissent, it doesn't matter what party. Elections in Germany are a farce, the same as in all other countries of this planet.

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this article is about AfD, and how many seats it will get in the German Parliamentmeanwhile, your point of view is typical, imho, of a country where such things... don't happen, not this way, at leastneither in Germany nor in Europe at large do I witness people wracking their brains about who killed Kennedy, or 9/11, nor how many Jews were killed, nor what exactly NWO is supposed to be, nor the question of "all politicians are part of the system" since we have politicians like Nigel Farage or Marine Le Pen or, as in this case, AfD'simo your comment is a splendid example of projection. a wish, perhaps, of everybody having the exact same problems and issues as you do. a return of "the West, all the same"

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neither in Germany nor in Europe at large do I witness people wracking their brains about who killed Kennedy, or 9/11, nor how many Jews were killed, nor what exactly NWO is supposed to be, nor the question of "all politicians are part of the system" since we have politicians like Nigel Farage or Marine Le Pen or, as in this case, AfD'ssweetheart: IF you question any of the WWII lies within Germany, YOU GET JAILED (and censored) IMMEDIATELY.ask Ursula Haverbeck

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yes, if you go against the accepted consensus, you can get troubleand? my point was a different one: it's not of interest to mostagain: ask anybody on a German street how many Jews were killed, and you get a blank stare, or a suspicious question: why do you ask?sure, German Nazis hate that. the rest... I'll spell in capitals: DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THIS NUMBERdo you want the reason? it's simple, really: it does not change anything, for them6'000 or 60'000 or 600'000 or 6'000'000 - no differenceand again, for the nth time: while many in other countries have a vivid interest in "everything WWII", the typical German wants to put a lid on this past, and call bygones bygones

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Largest opposition, but still insignificant. AfD is a collector of German white trash resentment, a proper place where to store and isolate all that hate in an harmless way.

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AfD is a collector of German white trash resentment, a proper place where to store and isolate all that hate in an harmless way.actually the AFD speech is very dense and difficult to understand by poor stupid white trash,have you read anything from the AFD?if they talked more to the stupid (like the governments BMAS leichte sprache) they would win FASTER. 

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"AfD is a collector of German white trash resentment..."please don't try to "import" such a term in the German political discourse, which does not recognize such: "white trash"one truth about AfD is... well, it's beauty or uglyness is, as often, "in the eye of the beholder"there is a "hard core" in AfD, and it's mostly neglected: Germans of Russian origin (see: Russians_in_Germany)roughly, it's 3.5 million of them. sure, the US has a similar number, but it's way bigger to start withroughly, 2 million of them "consume" regularly news from Russia, in Russian, and frequent Russian social mediafrom the linked wiki article: "A 2006 study by the German Youth Institute revealed that Russian-Germans face high levels of prejudice and intolerance in Germany, ranging from low job opportunities, to problems in the real estate market.[22] The same report also found out that most Russian-Germans still identify as Russian, rather than German.[20]"the issues of this minority in Germany came suddently on the surface while Russian media went on a frenzy about a missing 13-year girl, and it was reported she was abducted and raped by three men of some Middle Eastern origin (sure, Muslims)it escalated in a public spat between the German and the Russian Foreign ministers until... the girl returned home, unharmedyes, it is a minority. yes, actually it would be better if they would form their own political party. no, for obvious reasons of fear from being singled out as a minority, they tend to prefer to support AfD. such things happenas a reminder, they used to be staunch supporters of the CDU, in gratitude for this party's efforts to let them come to Germany. but then the "German-Russian Info Wars" broke out (remember all the articles on ZH?)all this as an effort to explain, not defend nor attack anybody (and a big meh to all participants to fake news and info-wars)

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