Defense Secretary Mattis Says US Will Act On North Korea Missiles That Pose A Threat

As President Donald Trump prepares to make his first speech to the United Nations, Secretary of Defense James Mattis was pushing the administration’s line on North Korea, saying that the US has “many military options” available for toppling North Korea’s unstable regime that wouldn’t risk millions of deaths in Seoul.

“There are many military options, in concert with our allies, that we will take to defend our allies and our own interests,” Mattis said, declining to elaborate or provide any further details.

The Trump administration has repeatedly insisted that “all options” remain on the table when dealing with North Korea, and that the US wouldn’t hesitate to consider a military solution if diplomatic efforts and sanctions fail to halt the Kim regime's rapidly progressing nuclear program. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have been exchanging threats of nuclear annihilation for months, with Trump famously promising to deliver “fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen” if the North doesn’t cease its threats to the US.

Of course, many believe that, despite the administration's rhetoric, it still lacks a cohesive US military strategy for toppling the Kim regime – at least one that doesn’t involve risking millions of lives in Seoul, which is less than 50 miles from the North Korean border. Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon once said in a now famous interview that there is no military alternative for dealing with the North that wouldn’t involve potentially millions of deaths in Seoul from conventional weapons fire.

Mattis also said that he discussed deploying tactical nuclear weapons with his South Korean counterpart, but declined to elaborate on the details.

After the North has twice fired intermediate range missiles over the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, the former general added that the US is prepared to shoot down any North Korean missiles that pose a threat to its territory or that of its allies – comments that are particularly relevant following the North’s decision

“Those missiles are not directly threatening any of us,” Mattis said Monday when asked why the military didn’t shoot them down.


“The bottom line is that, when the missiles - were they to be a threat, whether it be to U.S. territory, Guam, obviously Japan - Japan’s territory, that would elicit a different response from us,” he said.

Mattis - confirming what investors have known for some time - said North Korea is “intentionally doing provocations that seem to press against the envelope for just how far can they push without going over some kind of a line in their minds that would make them vulnerable,” but that the country doesn't pose a threat to the US.

When the North fires its missiles, Mattis said, "they aim for the middle of the Pacific Ocean, as you know, where at least we hope no ships are around, right?”

South Korean President Moon Jae-in suggested to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sept. 15 that they should both refrain from overreacting to North Korean provocations to avoid any accidental conflict.

Mattis praised decisions by countries to expel North Korean ambassadors. Spain declared Pyongyang’s envoy to Madrid “persona non grata” on Monday, and told him to leave by the end of the month. Mexico, Peru and Kuwait have either expelled or given notice to ambassadors since the Sept. 3. nuclear test.

Kuwait will not renew permits to North Korean workers to re-enter the country after projects they are working on are completed "within one or two years," according to Bloomberg. There are between 2,000 and 2,500 North Korean workers in Kuwait, with thousands more believed to be in other Gulf states.

Rallying international pressure against North Korea and Iran is expected to be the top priority of the Trump's trip to the United Nations General Assembly this week. Reports that surfaced late Monday claimed that Trump is planning to label Iran and North Korea as "global threats" during his first address to the General Assembly, set to begin at 10 a.m.


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  Seems like they had that hreat capacity for quite some time now.

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Yep. We can't shoot those missles down and the Norks and Chinese know it. We can't take on the Norks because it would end up with casualties in the 50's of millions. They get a spot at the negotiating table no matter what and if I were any 3rd world country that felt threatened by the US I'd be in line to procure one of those nukes as fast as possible.

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If firing missles over Japan and testing nukes doesnt qualify as "a threat" then what the fuck does qualify????

Gonna wait until they fire a live round directly at the USA or USA interests first?

Beowulf55 Tue, 09/19/2017 - 08:55 Permalink

If I was them, I would shoot down the missle before it got to Japan to show them our capabilities because we spent billions and billions on missle defense.......Oh wait....we have none.

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When I was little, I thought that the US military was the greatest and invincible.  I thought that they had tech that no other country had, like missle defense systems that could stop any threat with 100% certainty.  Then  witnessed 9-11, where they couldn't even stop huge slow moving airplanes before they attacked us, with eons of time before impact.  Was this because they couldn't or because they didn't want to?  Regardless, my sense of security is at an all time low.  They only person I trust with my life and my money is me and my family.  Big brothers proves time and again to be one greedy ass lame bastard."Lawyers guns and money, the shit has hit the fan"W.Z.

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I love the smell of Kimchee in the morning, it reminds me, I dunno, Maddog's bullshit.FAT BOY IS HOLDING THE FIFTH INFANTRY DIVISION HOSTAGE.#5ID LIVES MATTER!!!!!

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General Mattis translation:



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The only standard "solution" since Bush was president has been a military solution. The "solution" involves destruction of the economy of the subject country. This includes destroying the infrastructure so the place becomes third world as soon as possible, which includes killing civilians who had nothing to do with whatever the government claimed they had to worry about. Then they try to "mop up" from the air, where it's impossible to discriminate between any genuine target and innocents. Too bad the US Constitution wasn't written so that all foreign kills, including woman and children, have to be shipped back to the US and used to line the sides of the busiest roads so people passing by can appreciate the good deeds their tax money is spent on.

Matteo S. silverer Tue, 09/19/2017 - 16:38 Permalink

Since Bush only ???

Sorry to put the truth plainly, but it has always been so since 1776. This was the main cause of the rebellion led by American elites against Britain : to be totally free to bully, steal and kill others.

The British government limited americans' freedom to commit crimes against amerindians and mexicans and all the others.

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From your lips to God's ears.

Seriously, I'm 47, all of 5'4" & 140lb. A light weight but in shape. Been lifting weights since I was a sperm.

I'd love to be put in a room with those two.

The World would know Peace the following day because I'd tear those two revolting, pitiful souls to pieces with my bear hands.

Scum Fucks should be in some retirement home somewhere in Costa Rica. Instead we continue to allow these old Fucks to dictate Policy over us.

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Not being reported is that the US Military has set up a base in "Israel" for the first time! The US has added more Military tropps in Afghanistan that is not reported on the news. Looks like a possible take down of Iran? Americans must ask themselves why our government is willing to spend $Trillions of taxpayer dollars and the blood and sweat of our Military to protect a criminal terrorist state, Israel?

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Take down Iran?Israel will dissapear under a 1000 missiles at the first bomb to be dropped on Iran. They have the missiles and they will use them.The Straits of Hormuz will be closed and any American vessels trapped will be sunk.The economies of the Asian countries excluding China will be destroyed (85% of ME oil goes to them)There will be no "take down of Iran". Its that simple.  

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Well Mr Mattis China has a defence pact with NK. If you attack NK first you can expect to be at war with China immeadiately while South Korea gets pulverised by NK and millions die in the first 24 hours.If you think America is so indispensible go ahead and start the war. Its almost guarranteed that you lose everything between China and Hawaii. Oh and China has real nuclear missiles that really work when they reach their global targets.You may wish to consult one Tulsi Gabbard on this. She seems at least be aware of the fact.The truth is you will do nothing because nothing is all you can do.All this bullshit about little rooms under the Pentagon, fighting and winning a double war against both Russia and China simultaneously is just that, BULLSHIT.You are all fraudsters and snake oil salesmen, no more and no less. 

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In other words , more truthful he just said that he is not concerned to sacrifice Japan and South Korea just to prove that US can win a war. Every general wants to proove they can win a war for US which they were not abble to do sicne WW2. Why don't you tell the truth to Japanis MAttis you crackhead who thinks reading Greeks philosopers makes you looks coolish,that you droped nuclear bombs on Japan just to  signal Russians  to back off from taking over Japan.You do not give a fluing f..k about Japan or South Korea . All you care is that things that go boob looks cool.Idiots and asssholes like you who  loves war should be locked in cages. Real generals hate wars and fear them but do the job when needed. Just look at the Russian general who looks alwasy concerned about wars and issues.