Finnish Politician Tells Women 'Be Patriotic, Have More Babies' As Birth Rates Crashes To 150 Year Lows

For years, the Japanese government has been desperately trying to encourage its citizenry to have more sex to combat the collapsing demographics the nation faces, trying guilt (blasting their "sexual apathy") and punishment (imposing a "handsome tax" to make lief more even for ugly men), to no avail.

Now it appears Finland is suffering a similar fate. As Bloomberg reports, Finland, a first-rate place in which to be a mother, has registered the lowest number of newborns in nearly 150 years.

The birth rate has been falling steadily since the start of the decade, and there's little to suggest a reversal in the trend.

Demographics are a concern across the developed world, of course. But they are particularly problematic for countries with a generous welfare state, since they endanger its long-term survival.

For Heidi Schauman, the statistics are "frightening."

"They show how fast our society is changing, and we don't have solutions ready to stop the development," the Aktia Bank chief economist said in a telephone interview in Helsinki.


"We have a large public sector and the system needs taxpayers in the future."

As Bloomberg notes, that's a surprisingly low level, given the efforts made by the state to support parenthood.

Perhaps nothing illustrates those better than Finland's famous baby-boxes.

Introduced in 1937, containers full of baby clothes and care products are delivered to expectant mothers, with the cardboard boxes doubling up as a makeshift cot.


The idea behind the maternity packages was prompted by concerns over high infant mortality rates in low-income families.


The starter kits were eventually extended to all families.

Offering generous parental leave and one of the best education system in the world doesn't seem to be working either.

Reversing the modern idea that it's ok not to have kids is impracticable. Opening the doors to immigrants is a political no-go area (Prime Minister Juha Sipila's center-right government relies on the support of nationalist lawmakers).

The leader of the opposition Social Democrats, Antti Rinne, caused a stir in August when he urged women to fulfill their patriotic duty and have more babies.

"The discussion has revolved around gender equality and the employment of women, with the issue of natality sent to the background," she said.


What Finland really needs is a political program that treasures the family and increases the value of parenthood, the economist argued.

The baby boxes that are delivered to expectant mothers contain all sorts of goodies. They include bodysuits, leggings, mittens, bra pads, talcum powder, lubricant, a hairbrush and a bath thermometer.

One suggestion is to leave out the condoms.


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Someone need to tell those men that fetus implantation is very much viable alternative if they ready want babies more than women.

Women no longer has those "instincts" that men in the past accuse them of having, thus the lower birth rate. However, plenty of men seems to have those motherhood instincts in wanting more babies, it's time for you guys to do the walk with our advanced technologies.

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Hi P_F_.Ya'know I've done my part makin' Finns.Yepp. Quite enjoyable in fact.I married a Finn in Helsinki and 1 of my kids is born there too.I guess I'll let the BIG SECRET out here at ZH:If you are looking to re-locate & are young, intelligent, industrious and white, Finland is actually an excellent place to go.Lazy people and a__holes need not apply.X-

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There are people NOW 2017 establishing correlation between low birth rates and and antidepressants, antipsychoticsand benzos...For those who dont know, these are highly disrupstive drugs on sexual functioning.People lose the will to fuck simply.Years from now these drugs will be highly regulated because of this problem.

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Embrace a low birth rate with joy. Less people polluting and fighting for reaources is a great thing!

Real “leaders” must use intelligent and innovative solutions to adapt and provide their sheep with a good quality of life while having a stable or slowly falling population.

The oldest and most disastrous ponzi scheme ever created is “economic growth” via population growth.

Don't allow any mass immigration, fiercely protect your lands and culture and environment, and do so with your life if need be. That is a true patriot.

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The solution isn't more welfare.  All that welfare costs money.  How do governments get money? They TAX.What do high taxes to?  They reduce the standard of living.  What happens when you reduce the standard of living?  Families have fewer kids.Why? Because families want a high standard of living for their kids.  With less disposable income, they limit the number of kids, because kids are expensive.The politicians "solution* is more benefits, and of course more taxes. Which makes the problem worse.   What will happen?  They need immigration!!! Just like all the other advanced countries.

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Only let net taxpayers vote to kill the welfare state, so that women will lose most benefits outside being married and things will be fine. Males always are and will be net payers. Letting women vote for big brother aka fake security is what caused this fundamental problem in the first place.

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Majority of benefits goes to women that actually have children, single women are treated the same as single men with no benefits.

What you should be saying is stop all benefits so that we can stop parasites from breeding more parasites that sucks on our tax payers dollars, this will in return lower the birth rate of idiots and reduce the burden on the productive members of society.

Letting men voted for war or bigger military budge is one giant ass mistake "aka (the real) fake security is what caused this fundamental problem in the first place".

It's time to place the blame on men for it has always been men that caused war and misery among human history, war drains the coffee and in turn ruins our lives.

Should we stop all men from voting now?

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I think what we really need is to be taught how to exercise extreme prejudice of moral values when selecting a mate, and to make traditional Biblical gender roles great again.The depraved gender confused people are not really very effective at reproducing and will eliminate themselves from the gene pool in time (as long as we fix the endocrine disruptor and iodine deficiency issues).You two hateful people need to take some ownership for the shitty ass decisions of your past and find a better way forward. We all fuck up sometimes but at some point you've got to wake up and realize that if you keep playing stupid games you'll keep winning stupid prizes.

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