How The Military Defeated Trump's Insurgency

Via Moon of Alabama blog,

Trump was seen as a presidential candidate who would possibly move towards a less interventionist foreign policy.

That hope is gone. The insurgency that brought Trump to the top was defeated by a counter-insurgency campaign waged by the U.S. military. (Historically its first successful one).

The military has taken control of the White House process and it is now taking control of its policies.

It is schooling Trump on globalism and its "indispensable" role in it. Trump was insufficiently supportive of their desires and thus had to undergo reeducation:

When briefed on the diplomatic, military and intelligence posts, the new president would often cast doubt on the need for all the resources.


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson organized the July 20 session to lay out the case for maintaining far-flung outposts — and to present it, using charts and maps, in a way the businessman-turned-politician would appreciate.

Trump was hauled into a Pentagon basement 'tank' and indoctrinated by the glittering four-star generals he admired since he was a kid:

The session was, in effect, American Power 101 and the student was the man working the levers. It was part of the ongoing education of a president who arrived at the White House with no experience in the military or government and brought with him advisers deeply skeptical of what they labeled the “globalist” worldview.


In coordinated efforts and quiet conversations, some of Trump’s aides have worked for months to counter that view, hoping the president can be persuaded to maintain — if not expand — the American footprint and influence abroad.

Trump was sold the establishment policies he originally despised. No alternative view was presented to him.

It is indisputable that the generals are now ruling in Washington DC. They came to power over decades by shaping culture through their sponsorship of Hollywood, by manipulating the media through "embedded" reporting and by forming and maintaining the countries infrastructure through the Army Corps of Engineers. The military, through the NSA as well as through its purchasing power, controls the information flow on the internet. Until recently the military establishment only ruled from behind the scene. The other parts of the power triangle, the corporation executives and the political establishment, were more visible and significant. But during the 2016 election the military bet on Trump and is now, after he unexpectedly won, collecting its price.

Trump's success as the "Not-Hillary" candidate was based on an anti-establishment insurgency. Representatives of that insurgency, Flynn, Bannon and the MAGA voters, drove him through his first months in office. An intense media campaign was launched to counter them and the military took control of the White House. The anti-establishment insurgents were fired. Trump is now reduced to public figure head of a stratocracy - a military junta which nominally follows the rule of law.

Stephen Kinzer describes this as America’s slow-motion military coup:

Ultimate power to shape American foreign and security policy has fallen into the hands of three military men [...]




Being ruled by generals seems preferable to the alternative. It isn’t.




[It] leads toward a distorted set of national priorities, with military “needs” always rated more important than domestic ones.




It is no great surprise that Trump has been drawn into the foreign policy mainstream; the same happened to President Obama early in his presidency. More ominous is that Trump has turned much of his power over to generals. Worst of all, many Americans find this reassuring. They are so disgusted by the corruption and shortsightedness of our political class that they turn to soldiers as an alternative. It is a dangerous temptation.

The country has fallen to that temptation even on social-economic issues:

In the wake of the deadly racial violence in Charlottesville this month, five of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were hailed as moral authorities for condemning hate in less equivocal terms than the commander in chief did.




On social policy, military leaders have been voices for moderation.

The junta is bigger than its three well known leaders:

Kelly, Mattis and McMaster are not the only military figures serving at high levels in the Trump administration. CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke each served in various branches of the military, and Trump recently tapped former Army general Mark S. Inch to lead the Federal Bureau of Prisons.




the National Security Council [..] counts two other generals on the senior staff.

This is no longer a Coup Waiting to Happen The coup has happened with few noticing it and ever fewer concerned about it. Everything of importance now passes through the Junta's hands:

[Chief of staff John] Kelly initiated a new policymaking process in which just he and one other aide [...] will review all documents that cross the Resolute desk.




The new system [..] is designed to ensure that the president won’t see any external policy documents, internal policy memos, agency reports and even news articles that haven’t been vetted.

To control Trump the junta filters his information input and eliminates any potentially alternative view:

Staff who oppose [policy xyz] no longer have unfettered access to Trump, and nor do allies on the outside [.. .] Kelly now has real control over the most important input: the flow of human and paper advice into the Oval Office. For a man as obsessed about his self image as Trump, a new flow of inputs can make the world of difference.

The Trump insurgency against the establishment was marked by a mostly informal information and decision process. That has been destroyed and replaced:

Worried that Trump would end existing US spending/policies (largely, still geared to cold war priorities), the senior military staff running the Trump administration launched a counter-insurgency against the insurgency.




General Kelly, Trump's Chief of Staff, has put Trump on a establishment-only media diet.




In short, by controlling Trump's information flow with social media/networks, the generals smashed the insurgency's OODA loop (observe, orient, decide, act). Deprived of this connection, Trump is now weathervaning to cater to the needs of the establishment ...

The Junta members dictate their policies to Trump by only proposing to him certain alternatives. The one that is most preferable to them will be presented as the only desirable one. "There are no alternatives," Trump will be told again and again.

Thus we get a continuation of a failed Afghanistan policy and will soon get a militarily aggressive policy towards Iran.

Other countries noticed how the game has changed. The real decisions are made by the generals, Trump is ignored as a mere figurehead:

Asked whether he was predicting war [with North Korea], [former defence minister of Japan, Satoshi] Morimoto said: "I think Washington has not decided ... The final decision-maker is [US Defence Secretary] Mr Mattis ... Not the president."

Climate change, its local catastrophes and the infrastructure problems it creates within the U.S. will further extend the military role in shaping domestic U.S. policy.

Nationalistic indoctrination, already at abnormal heights in the U.S. society, will further increase. Military control will creep into ever extending fields of once staunchly civilian areas of policy. (Witness the increasing militarization of the police.)

It is only way to sustain the empire.

It is doubtful that Trump will be able to resist the policies imposed on him. Any flicker of resistance will be smashed. The outside insurgency which enabled his election is left without a figurehead, It will likely disperse. The system won.


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No dude... Trump was in on it the whole time. Guess who trumps favorite idol in the whole wide world is? Gen George S. Patton. Guess what trump said literally HUNDREDS OF TIMES on the campaign trail? "We will have a strong military!" .... over and over and over again he said that.... GEE, I wonder what THAT could mean???? hmmm..... If you are just now realizeing that trump is a warmonger, then you either need to unplug your ears or start being a more active listener/reader...

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ConfederateH Blacksunday3 Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:29 Permalink

It was all clear when he appointed Pence as VP.  The guy is just oozing freemasonry.  And of course his Trump's family is composed of chosenites and shabboz goy, and he brought in Goldman Sachs to run the treasury.This entire article is bullshit though.  There is clearly a civil war going on between jewish factions running the country, and the only real question is which group of jews is going to rule over the stupid goyim and how long until the 6 billion get culled.

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Billy the Poet ConfederateH Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:54 Permalink

There is clearly a civil war going on between jewish factions running the country,  Seems that way to me too. And not just Jewish factions here and abroad but also factions within the Gulf States and elsewhere. Big changes are happening behind the scenes. There is no monolithic power at work but rather various sides which are vying for greater control.

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MillionDollarButter Billy the Poet Wed, 09/20/2017 - 03:33 Permalink

Has anyone else here noticed that the speech at the UN was his capitulation speech?  Betcha all the left-wing and right-wing anti-Trump rhetoric dies down.  (Two sides?  Seriously, is history a lesson?)  What did he do?  Did he promise to start handing out blank checks to the banksters at the next Economic Crisis(tm)?  Promise the MIC three more wars?  Promise to nuke Iran?  John Bolton's happy, so that can't be good...

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Déjà view The Alarmist Wed, 09/20/2017 - 05:32 Permalink

Greg Abbott is happy...Tejas making foreign policy...

Gov. Greg Abbott flew to Israel Saturday on a plane belonging to Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino owner and megadonor active in Republican national politics.

A spokesman for the governor confirmed that Abbott flew on Adelson’s 737 after Jewish Insider and The Dallas Morning News first reported it Monday.
Adelson is a top spender in Republican politics known for his fierce support of Israel and his friendship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Abbott met with Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday to discuss the Texas-Israeli relationship and reiterate Abbott’s opposition to Iran — a nation whose relationship with Israel has long been tense.

It was discussed with the prime minister, as well as other leaders in Israel,” Abbott said. “… I made very clear to the prime minister that he has no greater ally on the globe than Texas.”

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There is one up to a point, they still share the same common goal of dominion, they just have different interests. Zionists want Israel and greater Israel, and they push their twisted "right" agenda. Then you have the Khazars and they represent the Left and also the majority of hatred towards those that have put them to shame, mainly the Russians and they want their Khanate lands back which is part of Ukraine. 

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The mistake here is this irrational focus on Trump either as the savior for nationalists or the embodiment of every hysterical, paranoid fear of the gaslit left.He is simply the first step. Forcing him on the establishment demonstrated the impotence of the media and political class. It was a better alternative to Hillary. Nothing more. People too easily forget the consequences of that Satanic Hag being elected. Nationalism is growing rapidly in Europe. In the US RINO's will be aggressively primaried.This battle has just begun and voters will continue to support outsiders against all cuckservatives. The Jeb! and Mittens era is over. The agenda stays the same for nationalists regardless of how Trump pans out. Candidates like Rand will be getting a much harder look in the next election. Especially if Trump goes full neo con retard or cucks on immigration.Trump was always Pro Israel and critical of Iran. He is largely continuing the policies of his predecessors in foreign policy with the exception of Syria. We knew he would defer to the generals. He does favor detente with Russia but any rapproachment is impossible because the permanent bueraucracy is in open revolt and mostly supported by the congress. He is taking a much harder line at least publicly with China than we have been accustomed to which is good.He was never going to reform the financial system or rein in the Fed. Any real accounting or substantial rate hike will just bust the current bubble faster. Not to mention more inflation is desirable from the standpoint of reducing trade deficits.The challenge now is to educate the primary voters so they simply WILL candidates like RP to the finish line despite the MSM shitstorm and Swamp Obstruction. If it can be done with Trump imagine doing the same with RP.One thing about Trump though is he is able to absorb tremendous criticism and still stand his ground defiantly and counter attack aggressively. Policy wonks like the Pauls haven't fared as well.

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SimplePrinciple Scanderbeg Wed, 09/20/2017 - 09:03 Permalink

You have excessive confidence in the integrity of the voting process.  We know Trump overcame massive voting fraud.  Have the possibilities for fraud in the next election been reduced?  Has voting fraud been prosecuted?  I don't see it.  Rather, the deep state has the opportunity to learn from its mistakes last time and do the fraud better next time.  I wish I could be more optimistic.

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I can't disagree with your comments ((but)) he also said numerous times of his intention to get America out of Afghanistan. Instead, he's ramped it up.So there was no clue there.Depending on one's viewpoint, Trump either misled people to get elected ((or)) he's a giant con-man and a liar and always intended to allow the military to take-over ((or)) both.

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What's wrong with having a strong military?  I remember Trump saying, it would be so that no one messes with us.I hasten to add that I don't like Trump's Syria policy.  We had no right there to begin with.  Sounds like you are already convinced Trump is a warmonger - if I become convinced, I won't vote him again.  I despise the Neocons.

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The Wizard Oh regional Indian Wed, 09/20/2017 - 07:03 Permalink

What keeps the Beast alive is control of the monetary system. The petrodollar days are numbered and what will emerge from the ashes will be a clue where all of this is heading. I would bet these establishment characters are financially well positioned for what is coming. What a sicko group who refuse to go after the the theives of liberty. Oh, don't let me forget, they are part of the group.

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Don't worry people trump back in military school............. hahaha......the little clown boy.....playing with the plastic soldiers again.....threatening everybody while dancing the sword dance with headchoppers.......... the generals taking good care of the little clown boy now......everything gonna be ok trump...everything gonna be ok.........

tion Blacksunday3 Wed, 09/20/2017 - 03:09 Permalink

Not crazy.  It was just January that Hussein Soetoro was deploying troops to Russia's borders and no one was even talking about it.  There is something calming about the hysteria, outrage, and open theatre.  The inconvenient truths that normies are openly talking about today that would have been considered woo-woo just a year ago is astounding.  People regard me as a fool, but I have great faith in the Mad Man, T-Rex, and a few of the other.

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NuYawkFrankie Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:31 Permalink

Anyone know if "The Generals" get yet another fancy ribbon - to add to those ever-growing "stamp collections" that they parade around with - for their successful take-over of America?

And how come that punk Mattis ain't in that 'Mugs Gallery Of Military Morons' photo above?


Sanity Bear Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:38 Permalink

This author sponsored by Soros?

"Sorry folks you've been defeated. Disappear into the mists of history like good little peons. Enjoy the military dictatorship!"

What a fuck ass attitude. In a real SHTF situation the first thing I'd do is pop anybody nearby with that attitude, because this kind of effeminate despair-panic attitude is fucking dangerous as hell to everyone around them.

css1971 Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:47 Permalink

He certainly put it out there in your faces for everyone to see.Interesting Times, as the Chinese cursed.He's beaten everyone else and he's definitely not going to go head to head with the MIC.To be honest I doubt it. History tells the tale of democracy falling every time. You never know.

Debugas Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:48 Permalink

in politics the leader should keep several competing groups close to himself and listen to all of them just to have the different opinions and information

White Devil Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:48 Permalink

AmeriKa is super good at losing wars. If the US can't beat a bunch of retarded, inbred sand monkeys how do they expect to win a conventional war with more intelligent and united North Koreans? The North Koreans might be half-starved, but I can guarantee they are more unified and goal orientaled (sic) than the camel fornicators.

Manipuflation Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:48 Permalink

Has anyone been watching Ken Burns "Vietnam" series yet?  I have not missed it.  As a GenXer, I find it interesting just to listen to.  I take umbrage with the statement that the Boomers were the first generation that was lied to by their governement.  Burns gets sycophatic at times.  I still do think the Boomers need it spoon fed to them but so do we all.  Yes, politicians are liars.One key point that I take from it is our continued involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.  How much do we not know?  How many other places are we waging war when we know that it will end badly?  More than I know but I know that we are doing so despite the lies.  What resonates with me is that fact that our government are still doing this sort of thing.  Come on.  I am not sure if Ken will make the point that needs to be made that this has just been one big continuous war that has overlapped generations and continues on.  We shall see.  I respect the what I have seen so far to a degree. 

Yippie21 Manipuflation Wed, 09/20/2017 - 03:19 Permalink

Let the series get you interested in finding out more.  Ken Burns is a full-blown lefty.  Just stay salty and question motives of what they include and what they don't.  If they don't call out Cronkite as a major lefty newsman who almost single handely framed the whole way a generation saw the war as a complete lie and loss.... well, There is another side.  There is/was a LOT of politics in that war as the Democrats went nuts after JFK was murdered... LBJ was a ...   well.. look... just do some reading.  Lots out there.   A lot of the anti-war movement was directly tied to the draft/ and negative reporting as TV was the new thing and the media decided maybe they could flesh out a "narrative".    So a lot of politics, the media angle, the idea that whiz kids in DC could run a war remotely and all the while, try to fight a war with strict rules and half-hearted efforts and dubious tactics... and never really wanting to win it b/c of the cold war and China and Russia... a lot of stuff was going on.  ( and Ken Burns is old enough..1953.. he surely was completely infected by all that anti-war/ anti-draft college stuff..  I doubt his mindset of his youth or those calcion days of rebellion have become objective )

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