32 Children Dead, 30 More Missing In Rubble Of Collapsed Mexico City School

More than 30 students have been confirmed dead, and 30 more are missing, as rescuers sift through the rubble of the Enrique Rebsamen primary and secondary school, a private school that was one of 44 buildings in Mexico City that collapsed during Tuesday's historic earthquake. According to the Associated Press, a wing of the three-story school pancaked into a pile of concrete slabs during the quake, killing dozens and leaving dozens more trapped in the wreckage.

Soldiers and volunteers toiled through the night to try and free the trapped schoolchildren and staff. At least and five teachers, and 32 students, have been confirmed dead. The 7.1 magnitude quake shook Central Mexico, leaving at least 250 people dead in the deadliest earthquake since a 1985 quake that left 5,000 dead. Bizarrely, Tuesday's quake occurred on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 quake. Two children were rescued from the rubble, but 30 more people are still missing, local media reported.

The hundreds of soldiers and volunteer rescue workers who were frantically digging through the debris said they could hear noises in the rubble, but have been unable to discern whether sounds emanating from the ruined wing were survivors pounding for help, or simply the noises of shifting wreckage, according to NBC.

Working through the night, the AP described how workers would ask for silence occasionally to listen for signs of life amid the wreckage.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said last night that rescue teams “are hauling out debris, material, trying to get through the rubble and rescue people.”

Foro TV reported that rescuers spotted the child and shouted to her to move her hand if she could hear them, and she did. A search dog subsequently entered the wreckage and confirmed she was alive. Several other children were rescued shortly after the quake.

One doctor recounted to the Associated Press how he crawled through the rubble

“Pedro Serrano, a 29-year-old doctor, was one of the ordinary Mexicans who had volunteered to join the rescue effort. He crawled into a crevice amid the tottering pile.


"We dug holes, then crawled in on our bellies," Serrano said.


With barely room to move, he wriggled deeper into the wrecked school.


"We managed to get into a collapsed classroom. We saw some chairs and wooden tables," Serrano said. "The next thing we saw was a leg, and then we started to move rubble and we found a girl and two adults — a woman and a man."


None of them was alive.”

Outside the school, rumors circulated that two families had received Whatsapp messages from girls trapped inside. Nobody could say for sure whether it was true.

Express reports that a post being widely shared on social media reads: "Friends who are the south of Mexico City your help is needed, please!”

"There are children beneath the rubble at the Enrique Rebsamen school."

Anxious parents traveled to the scene holding up signs with their child's names written on them.

A more powerful earthquake struck last month – what was then the strongest in 100 years. But the damage was less widespread and the number of deaths was 93. While weaker, Tuesday's earthquake was far deadlier and far more destructive, disrupting power grids across an entire region.


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Try thinking for a change, dumb fuck. ALL INNOCENT DEAD PEOPLE, and yes, even innocent dead pets, are a bad thing. Not just children. Fucktard.

It is cute how emotional you are. Much like a four year old.

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You just confirmed you have no children. Thank goodness your genes will stop when you are worm food. Stop being such a fucking snowflake and getting emotional about something as simple as an article headline. "The "left" always writes this stuff! I can't stand it! It hurts my sensibilities.."  Blah blah blah. I bet you are 23, jobless, living with your parents, and frustrated that the glacier of progress is moving right over you. Cunt.

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Unless they are paying my bills or are fodder for my social engineering schemes, dress them up in little  orange jumpsuits forthe .gov free labor force or hustle them off for medical experiments. I am childless by choice.Dont make your problems my problems  or maybe.gov will be your lil poop machines new parents.

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You are the one acting like a moron. A headline stating 'a bunch of kids were killed in a collapsed school' is a statement of fact regarding an event that has already happened. Comparing it to leftists predictions about such as 'experts predict new Obamacare repeal law could cause the deaths of over 100 bazillion black children over the next 10 years' is apples and oranges.

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I understand the viewpoint even if it isn't really logical when it comes to death. Abuse? Sure, as kids being abused is way worse and anyone who abuses children should be insta killed but dying? Not really. Kids die and it leaves a mark on the parents for the rest of their lives. Parents die while kids survive and it leaves a mark on the kids, potentially fucking them up for life if they get stuck in a foster care system or get adopted by douchebags.Almost everyone who dies will leave a mark on those in their lives so in that sense, all deaths are just as bad and as others stated, pets dying is as bad as well since pets are often like children to some, me included.Something likem this was just as bad before the report of the children dying.I do think old people dying isn't that big a deal though. 

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You’re a cunt and a moron and I’d like nothing more than to take a Yuengling shit in your mouth.

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OT- FYII got a call less than 10 minutes ago from family in San Juan PR.  It is destruction.  They live in a concrete and rebar reinforced house.  Their AC units popped out and flooded.  Their garage and whatnot are gone (cars somehow ok).  They are not in the flash flood area and still cannot check on their neighbors.  But they are alive.  This is a global situation.  Look into "world of signs" and look at the utter devastation going on everywhere.  Birth pains.

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Love growing cold is a daily occurence since the Garden. So are "wars and rumors of war, and earthquakes in divers places".  These things happen daily for millenia.Be careful not to pretend to know what Jesus himself couldn't speak of.  What in "only my Father in heaven knows" is so heavy to bear? We ought to focus less on you "making the cut", and more on the daily bread, of receiving love and wisdom, and promptly giving it away, before it spoils. You would agree!

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Granted Mexican construction do not live up to the same codes as in the USA, but when you construct buildings on a bed of sand that essentially liquefies in an earthquake, this is extremely sad, yet inevitable......

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Back Bay Boston will liquify if those old dead fault lines wake up.  Everything comes down to timing.Mexico City:  the lakebed was filled in by the Aztecs earlier but the Aztec city originally in that location,  Tenochtitlan,  was rebuilt by Spaniards in 1325 after they invaded.  Prior to that time it is estimated 200k people lived there, one of the largest cities in the world.  It was the center of Aztec trade.Boston, my comparison city was established hundreds of years later in 1630 although the Back Bay wasn't filled in till late 1800s.By the way, Aztec lore has it that the 5th sun ( our world ) will end by earthquake.  Boston's last major earthquake was on Cape Anne in 1755 an estimated 6.2.My point:  There but for the grace of God, go I.http://archive.boston.com/news/globe/magazine/articles/2006/05/28/bosto… 

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I'm trying to gin up some sympathy, but after decades of watching Mexico conduct a one-sided war against us by dumping their surplus population here in a mass colonization-and-conquest effort, I just can't do it. Compassion comes pretty easily to me under normal circumstances, but my compassion reservoir for anything between Panama and Texas is all used up. 62 fewer soldiers invading us is not something I can cry about.