Pepe Escobar Unmasks Trump Doctrine: Carnage For New Axis Of Evil

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times,

North Korea, Iran, Venezuela are targets in "compassionate" America's war on the "wicked few." It's almost as though Washington felt its hegemony threatened...

Paul Delaroche, Napoléon à Fontainebleau, 1840. With other global powers increasingly at odds with US foreign policy under Donald Trump, the nation's hegemony on the world stage may soon face its own crisis point.

This was no “deeply philosophical address”. And hardly a show of  “principled realism” – as spun by the White House. President Trump at the UN was “American carnage,” to borrow a phrase previously deployed by his nativist speechwriter Stephen Miller.

One should allow the enormity of what just happened to sink in, slowly. The president of the United States, facing the bloated bureaucracy that passes for the “international community,” threatened to “wipe off the map” the whole of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (25 million people). And may however many millions of South Koreans who perish as collateral damage be damned.

Multiple attempts have been made to connect Trump’s threats to the madman theory cooked up by “Tricky Dicky” Nixon in cahoots with Henry Kissinger, according to which the USSR must always be under the impression the then-US president was crazy enough to, literally, go nuclear. But the DPRK will not be much impressed with this madman remix.

That leaves, on the table, a way more terrifying upgrade of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Trump repeatedly invoked Truman in his speech). Frantic gaming will now be in effect in both Moscow and Beijing: Russia and China have their own stability / connectivity strategy under development to contain Pyongyang.

The Trump Doctrine has finally been enounced and a new axis of evil delineated. The winners are North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. Syria under Assad is a sort of mini-evil, and so is Cuba. Crucially, Ukraine and the South China Sea only got a fleeting mention from Trump, with no blunt accusations against Russia and China. That may reflect at least some degree of realpolitik; without “RC” – the Russia-China strategic partnership at the heart of the BRICS bloc and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) – there’s no possible solution to the Korean Peninsula stand-off.

In this epic battle of the “righteous many” against the “wicked few,” with the US described as a “compassionate nation” that wants “harmony and friendship, not conflict and strife,” it’s a bit of a stretch to have Islamic State – portrayed as being not remotely as “evil” as North Korea or Iran – get only a few paragraphs.

The art of unraveling a deal

According to the Trump Doctrine, Iran is “an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed and chaos,” a “murderous regime” profiting from a nuclear deal that is “an embarrassment to the United States.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted: “Trump’s ignorant hate speech belongs in medieval times – not the 21st century UN – unworthy of a reply.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov once again stressed full support for the nuclear deal ahead of a P5+1 ministers’ meeting scheduled for Wednesday, when Zarif was due to be seated at the same table as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Under review: compliance with the deal. Tillerson is the only one who wants a renegotiation.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has, in fact, developed an unassailable argument on the nuclear negotiations. He says the deal – which the P5+1 and the IAEA all agree is working – could be used as a model elsewhere. German chancellor Angela Merkel concurs. But, Rouhani says, if the US suddenly decides to unilaterally pull out, how could the North Koreans possibly be convinced it’s worth their while to sit down to negotiate anything with the Americans ?

What the Trump Doctrine is aiming at is, in fact, a favourite old neo-con play, reverting back to the dynamics of the Dick Cheney-driven Washington-Tehran Cold War years.

This script runs as follows: Iran must be isolated (by the West, only now that won’t fly with the Europeans); Iran is “destabilizing” the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, the ideological foundry of all strands of Salafi-jihadism, gets a free pass); and Iran, because it’s developing ballistic that could – allegedly – carry nuclear warheads, is the new North Korea.

That lays the groundwork for Trump to decertify the deal on October 15. Such a dangerous geopolitical outcome would then pit Washington, Tel Aviv, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi against Tehran, Moscow and Beijing, with European capitals non-aligned. That’s hardly compatible with a “compassionate nation” which wants “harmony and friendship, not conflict and strife.”

Afghanistan comes to South America

The Trump Doctrine, as enounced, privileges the absolute sovereignty of the nation-state. But then there are those pesky “rogue regimes” which must be, well, regime-changed. Enter Venezuela, now on “the brink of total collapse,” and run by a “dictator”; thus, America “cannot stand by and watch.”

No standing by, indeed. On Monday, Trump had dinner in New York with the presidents of Colombia, Peru and Brazil (the last indicted by the country’s Attorney General as the leader of a criminal organization and enjoying an inverted Kim dynasty rating of 95% unpopularity). On the menu: regime change in Venezuela.

Venezuelan “dictator” Maduro happens to be supported by Moscow and, most crucially, Beijing, which buys oil and has invested widely in infrastructure in the country with Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht crippled by the Car Wash investigation.

The stakes in Venezuela are extremely high. In early November, Brazilian and American forces will be deployed in a joint military exercise in the Amazon rainforest, at the Tri-Border between Peru, Brazil and Colombia. Call it a rehearsal for regime change in Venezuela. South America could well turn into the new Afghanistan, a consequence that flows from Trump’s assertion that “major portions of the world are in conflict and some, in fact, are going to hell.”

For all the lofty spin about “sovereignty”, the new axis of evil is all about, once again, regime change.

Russia-China aim to defuse the nuclear stand-off, then seduce North Korea into sharing in the interpenetration of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), via a new Trans-Korea Railway and investments in DPRK ports. The name of the game is Eurasian integration.

Iran is a key node of BRI. It’s also a future full member of the SCO, it’s connected – via the North-South Transport Corridor – with India and Russia, and is a possible future supplier of natural gas to Europe. The name of the game, once again, is Eurasian integration.

Venezuela, meanwhile, holds the largest unexplored oil reserves on the planet, and is targeted by Beijing as a sort of advanced BRI node in South America.

The Trump Doctrine introduces a new set of problems for Russia-China. Putin and Xi do dream of reenacting a balance of power similar to that of the Concert of Europe, which lasted from 1815 (after Napoleon’s defeat) until the brink of World War I in 1914. That’s when Britain, Austria, Russia and Prussia decided that no European nation should be able to emulate the hegemony of France under Napoleon.

In sitting as judge and executioner, Trump’s “compassionate” America certainly seems intent on echoing such hegemony.


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no he won't... because Russia will cut him off at the kneecaps, as will China... mid-October is when the oil futures for gold, payed in yuan, goes into effect... and that my friends is the gamechanger, for evermore... as I listened to that orangutan speak at the ny hq of the criminal diplomatic corps Tuesday, he scared the living shit right out of me... "completely destroy N Korea"... I fucking doubt it... remember folks, what he wasn't on Nov. 8, '16 he is today... Neocon 101- Always Bomb Them First- Never Give A Shit About The BodyCount- Then Tell The World How Exceptional You Are!!

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They are also a economic disaster in case you hadnt noticed,, the questions here are: should they be allowed to lead their people in a status quo built for the middle ages? and should we be forced to pay for them? cause in every way , we are paying for all this,, what would be your Aproach?

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10.3 million people live in Seoul, SK and add in the neighbpring areas and you have 25+ million.   If they try to destroy NK then much of SK will also be destroyed.   Let SK deal with it and defend itself.NK is SK problem and Nj is not that big of an issue.  More hype.I doubt Iran will ever be attacked.  The Persians are survivors and China and Russia will not step aside.   They thought they would have had Syria wrapped up a long time ago.  Now they are trying the Kurd crap. Iraqis better slap that shit down or their N oil fields will be stolen.  Syria will hopefully stop the Kurd nonsense too. 

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pepe escobar WAS one the very best reporters kicked up by the alternative media. And then... he started buying his own bullshit. As a service to the hordes of serial amnesiacs who populate the pens of Zheeplestan... 

Brace for impact: deglobalized Trumponomics vs. Neoliberalism will be a battle for the ages. Hot war has been postponed, at least for a few years

Pepe/Nov 10 2016

The angry, white, blue collar Western uprising is the ultimate backlash against neoliberalism – an instinctive reaction against the rigged economic casino capitalism game and its subservient political arms. That’s at the core of Trump winning non-college white voters in Wisconsin by 28 points.

Pepe drones on... as Goldman Sached DC right in front of a drooling, adoring audience of hopium-drugged 'alt-right' mind -controlled stooges. Heroes with clay feet and perilously poisioned pens appear to be the preference of the plebs... who've apparently never met an "alt-media" meme that couldn't attract their eager devotion, like moths to a flame... the BLAME GAME... minus ALL rearview mirrors.Soon, the number of those who voted for Drumpf here will sink to negative figures. The delusions of 'cutting edge' insight and "ahead of the curive" back=patting will not, however, diminish in accord with that 'new normal.' Not as long as a single Custardian TrumptardTrooper is left  standing to man the deadly 'vote meter' guns which got spiked fo-ever bout 8 months ago now.The "populist revolution" that never was. "Lil Bighorns" trumpeting their 'insoucient' proclamations of victory, till the field descends gradually into the silence of the lambs. MAGGOT dUdEs!

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I personally LOVE Pepe and have since early Asia Times Online days.But here, Trump has confused Pepe -- possibly because Trump hasn't actually made decisions yet.Pepe's major thesis of late is the preeminance of the One Belt One Road policy, AKA Eurasian economic integration led by China and Russia.And on this he is completely correct.How, though, SHOULD a populist and nationalist US President interact with this paramount trend in Eurasia?Maybe if Pepe wrote that article, Trump would know what the fuck to do.Because Pepe is smarter than all the POTUS' foreign affairs advisors combined.So PEPE, whatcha got bro?What SHOULD we do?Try again.  Please.ALSO WE HAVE JUST ACHIEVED AN ACCIDENTAL PEACE IN THE MIDEAST.  WHAT ABOUT THAT?  I am calling all of you fuckers out.  WHAT ABOUT PEACE?  IT'S FUCKING HERE, NOW.  

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I also was majorly fond of the Pepito, in those far-off AT days....and got some early and valuable training in parsing DISSIMULATION... as then-owner Spencer served up dollops of that item side by side with some of the best journalism available at that time...that was then... this is now. While respectful of your opinion, which I've come to regard as usually sound... I'm quite happy to disagree with your current assessment of the formerly fabulous Brazilian.… was once a beacon of light, and brilliant writer. Then he showed himself in true colors... cheering on the French counter-insurgency in Algeria. Stuff happens. 

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I agree. The MIC do what the MIC gunna do. Presidents get taken along for the ride, the best they can do is nudge it for optics. Hell even Obama was reluctant about Libya, Hillary put him in the corner - so Obama had to pretend it was part & parcel of his Agency or otherwise he looks like the powerless muppet he isTrump is just as powerless against the Deep State, and even more reluctant.

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Jeff, I usually like to see your lists of links. Your first one is from Voltaire Net, from a couple of years back. It shows Mossad responsibility for 9/11. Good. Remember that on 9/11 itself one Donald J Trump was interviewed on a tv news channel. He pointed out the anomalous nature of the plane crashes. That is not the way planes crash into skyscrapers. There had to be explosives involved. Now see Trump's 9/11 anniversary speech from a few days ago. I've only seen it on Voltaire Net. Remarks by Donald Trump at the 9/11 Memorial Observance Stone assured us on Alex Jones' show during the campaign that Trump knows all about 9/11. So this statement is a sell out, playing the same old Islamic terrorism game. You will agree that Trump has sold out to the globalists on almost everything. So what about your Charlottesville and Russagate evidence? There are two possibilities, one Machiavellian and the other super-Machiavellian. As our great teacher, the author of the Protocols, has taught us, Trump working for the Jews all along is only to be expected, especially given his personal links. Their attacks on him are part of the game. It helps in keeping the suckers riding along, still hoping. The super-Machiavellian possibility is that he is deliberately crashing the empire by acting the nasty clown. A lengthy editorial in Rothschilds' Economist seems extremely worried about his challenge to the nuclear agreement with Iran.… has of course asserted that they will no longer be bound by the agreement if America goes ahead with sanctions. What will stop China and Russia from parking their nuclear missiles in Iran under SCO, as the US does in NATO countries? The West will then entirely 'lose' the Middle East. And Trump will have loved Israel to death. The super-Machiavellian possibility is much more remote. We have to live with it.  

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Well I do. I was there. You tossed grenades through windows, just because, there might be a bogeyman inside. The bogeyman seemed to live through it, but, the women and children lived long enough to scream like hell. We blew them the hell up and then took them to the medics. Fucked up we were. Alive I am still and regret it everyday killing women and children. Ever seen a pregnant woman with the baby hanging out of her. I have. God help us, we need it, but do not deserve it. Beat them war drums America. This time I will be on the other side and try to redeem my soul. It was stolen by the USA government and I want it back... I lost the ability to cry during that time frame. I gathered it again when I left the war country... Hell is coming and we Americans  are in the front row and eating popcorn, get ready...

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Ken Burns is a joke.  Vietnam?  The CIA wanted to muscle in on France's opium business.  The Rockfeller-Rothschild-Skull and Bonz CIA created the Viet Minh, just like isis and al qeada. The French were also haggling with tribesman on opium prices,  See Dien Bien Phu: old money elites in the USA (Connecticut - Yale) and UKmade a lot of money off of opium in China and IndoChina plus slave trade,History Channel even slightly spills the beans.  Opium trade used to finance French special operations. Sound familiar?  Just like USA black ops.

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Mirror,mirror on the wall,who's the brokest ,most evil of them all?US is so broke that even with the petro-f^cking-dollar back up can not make it.Immagine how it will be when the papyrus  dollar goes back to its intrinsec value,which is a fat ZERO.Immagine,it's easy if you try!Let's see: no manufacturing base,Trillions in debt(state,personal,coorporate),Trillions in"promises" to the sheople.600 Bil trade deficit every year.This trade deficit will have to be closed.No Gold.Spread(like an Eagle) all over the world with military bases, multiple wars.The other part:all the Gold.And manufacturing bases,and huge resources.And they don't want to be paid in paper(even with the full faith and credit of the US). And,like any awesome preppers,they have big,uuuge weapons to protect all these. I would say,China/Russia/Iran are the ultimate preppers.No wonder the US wants a big,beautiful war.Maybe this can eraze the deficit? But this time they are not facing a third world country unable to protect itself.Ain't life a bitch?  

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Pepe, we got this. You will too. Very soon, I predict.Look, at the Top Level, the Geopolitical level, it's about... OBOR. OBOR South, to be exact.Peeps, get out your maps and look at all the countries and combat regions. They are all where OBOR South would go: Afghanistan, Iran, Kurdish region in Iraq, Turkey and Syria.No wonder that ISISrael and its attack dog Zio-USA are supporting the Kurds:   A. to draw oil for ISISrael,   B. use it for US bases for further boa-like encirclement of Russia and Iran, and...   C. to stop China's Silk Road (OBOR South) to ME and EU. "Block Silk Alley/Ali!"Seen in this Geo-political context, it all fits: It's about the preservation and expansion of the (((Global-Lust))) agenda.

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