WSJ Turns On Antifa: Violent, Black-Clad Protesters Are "Dividing The Left"

Since Bay Area TV anchor Frank Somerville published an honest description of "the hate" he experienced from "violent, clad in black" protesters while trying to document a right-wing rally in Berkeley, the liberal media has decidedly turned against AntiFa – the loosely organized band of black-clad thugs who show up to “counter-protest” at conservative events and demonstrations around the country. WSJ's report describes the group as the left-wing equivalent of the fascists and white supremacists that AntiFa claims to oppose - characterization that the media has so far been reluctant to embrace.

This week, The Wall Street Journal has jumped on the bandwagon, publishing a deeply researched history of the group, and interviewing other leftist organizers who’ve criticized the group for being too violent and damaging the credibility of the left. 

In one scene, WSJ recollects how Antifa protesters viciously attacked a small crowd of right-wing demonstrators who showed up last month’s “No to Marxism” rally in Berkeley, even though the rally had been canceled. Using clubs and wooden shields emblazoned with “no hate,” groups of around half a dozen beat and chased their outnumbered “adversaries” out of the park.

As one long-time liberal activist in Massachusetts noted, Antifa’s tactics are dividing the resurgent leftist movement that has coalesced around opposition to President Donald Trump.
AntiFa “doesn’t represent us,” she told WSJ.

“The antifa tactics are testing the liberal movement that has galvanized in opposition to Mr. Trump—creating a rift among its leaders, organizers and demonstrators about whether to denounce a radical fringe, some of whose antidiscrimination objectives, if not tactics, they share.


James Hannon, a psychotherapist and seasoned liberal organizer in Massachusetts who marched at a recent Boston rally against racism, said elements of the antifa movement that use confrontational tactics allow others to blur the line between leftist groups and the hate groups against which they protest.


“The social justice, the peace movement, the left or just progressives really have to start calling out the antifa and say, `Hey, hey, hey, you don’t represent us,’ ” said Mr. Hannon, 67 years old. “’We’re surrendering a moral high ground.’”

As we reported last week, one leader of an AntiFa group based in Washington DC explained in an editorial published by the Hill that violence is a core tenant of the group’s philosophy. He also explained his bizarre belief that Nazis and fascists have infiltrated the highest levels of US police departments and the military.

One WSJ reporter described being threatened by an AntiFa protester while attempting to peacefully document the rally.

“Protesters in dark get-ups set off smoke bombs, toppled police barricades and smashed the cameras of some journalists and bystanders. “You do it again, I’ll break your phone,” a man in a Spider-Man mask told a Wall Street Journal reporter who was taking photographs.”

Even Berkeley’s major condemned the black-clad protesters following last month’s rally.

Mayor Arreguin of Berkeley disagreed: “We saw a large group of black-clad extremists who really turned a peaceful protest on its head.”

A Green Party organizer who spoke with WSJ said she opposes AntiFa’s willingness to resort to violence, and its anti-democratic messaging.

“At a March antiracism rally in Minneapolis, she said, activists chanted “punch a Nazi in the face” and lighted on fire a scarecrow dressed as a white nationalist. “The people who end up taking the rap for it are black organizers,” said Ms. Pree-Stinson, 36, who described herself as a black Latina.


In Boston, masked counterprotesters distributed fliers titled “WHY ANTIFA?” The leaflets criticized the “liberal” approach of believing that elections, courts, the Constitution, a free press and other institutions would “prevent things from going too far.”


They called for “uncompromising militancy” against fascists and said antifa “must force their hate out of public spaces by any means necessary.”

By our count, WSJ is the fifth mainstream media organization to publish a story criticizing the group, which came to national prominence after its involvements with rioting at President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Here's a collection of some of the other headlines...



The Washington Post:

The Atlantic:

The LA Times:

A survey published last month demanding that the White House label AntiFa a terrorist group received the 100,000 signatures needed to demand a response. Meanwhile, last month, the media reported that the Department of Homeland Security described AntiFa as a purveyor of "domestic terrorism" in internal communications.


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The idea that Antifa is "dividing" the left is complete and utter bullshit. Antifa is the purest possible expression of leftist ideology. It's the same retarded logic that tries to claim that "Muslim extremists" don't represent "mainstream" Muslims. When you take a close look at both Cultural Marxist ideology, or Islamic ideology, both represent a profound intolerance for anybody who disagrees with them to the point that they both view that unbelievers/infidels must be converted or exterminated.

Fuck the cucking cocksuckers at WSJ. You are a bunch of pandering faggots.

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Cognitive Dissonance Buckaroo Banzai Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:27 Permalink

Anyone else notice a pattern here? Trump publicly confirms he is a vassal of the deep state...say rail against Iran in the UN, and the mainstream media suddenly begins to report on the previously ignored.This has happened several times over the last 30 or more days. The first time was when Bannon was pushed out the door. What happened the very next day?

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knukles Lumberjack Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:41 Permalink

Golly gosh gee fucking willikers whiz.Somebody's been told by somebody higher up the food chain to back the fuck off because the truth is getting way the fuck too near the surface.Antifa is a conspiracy to overthrow at a minimum and aiding and abetting it is treason.Wakie wakie!This ain't no Vietnam War protest, folks.  We're talking not protesting but attempting to overthrow the sitting government. 

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Luc X. Ifer Umh Wed, 09/20/2017 - 21:45 Permalink

Exactly, not news at this address and validated trough scientific method. However, the problem is that the republic got erased by unchecked politicians who used the principles of democracy to advance their own interests, your class of politicians runs the system as a personal private corporation solely for the interest of the main stakeholders. Democracy got corrupted as pretty much always as cited when the topic vs republic appears because there is missing the element of check and responsibility. A democratic republic needs a 3rd element to keep in check it works fairly and honestly as designated without the known and well observed derailments. 

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Buckaroo Banzai Cognitive Dissonance Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:33 Permalink

Fuck Iran. Frankly I'm not sure I can fathom whether Deep State is pro-Iran or anti-Iran. After all, Obama was a 100% Deep State tool, and he basically bent over and let Iran fuck him up the ass with a 2x4. All I know is, Iran is run by filthy Islamics, and for that they deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth. Of course, that's the exact reason that Deep State will probably leave them alone, as they have almost exclusively targeted secular middle eastern states for destruction in the last 40 years.

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I mentioned the trend to Mrs. Cog after Bannon left. Instantly there was a subtle change in MSM reporting. Trump has almost always been referred to as "Trump", rarely President Trump unless they have no choice. You will now hear President Trump all the time. While still nasty, the disclaimer they are publishing speculation and innuendo moved closer to the top or very near the top. WaPo, the same day Bannon walked, published an opinion piece that was actually somewhat sympathetic to Trump. The LA Times mentioned AntiFa in a negative tone that same day. CNN on my mobil app didn't have a negative article pinned to the top like they have had for months. All the MSM suddenly praised Trump for being firm with North Korea the day after Bannon.And so on. One must listen carefully at times to the change in tone. Other times it is very obvious.It's like training the dog not to pee on the bed. Give him a treat when he whines to go outdoors and smack him with a rolled up newspaper when he pisses on the bed. Eventually both Trump and the dog get the message.

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Reichstag Fire Dept. Buckaroo Banzai Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:38 Permalink

You got that right!Berkley & Charlottesville police ordered to stand down, allowing violence to escalate?! True. That actually happened.MSM conveniently "missing" the uptake on that developing story?! True. That actually happened.Leftists everywhere pretending they didn't see a godamn thing when AntiFa attacked peaceful Conservative protests. True. That actually happened.No. Leftists wanted AntiFa.Why do you think they were so pissed off when Trump denounced violence on BOTH side of the Charlottesville protest? The Left was salivating with anticipation to see Trump denounce his core (in their minds) extreme political support. It makes me wonder what kind of jollies they were getting off on when Obama used to make announcements they agreed with!

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Anunnaki GunnerySgtHartman Wed, 09/20/2017 - 22:11 Permalink

Absolutely. Keep up the Hellary, Mad Max, Pelousy whinefest. 2018 gonna be the end of the Demonrat Party.

Trump? Fuck Trump. He's a useless, ballless sack of shit. 2/3 of his voters voted against Hellary.

So the Cheetolini can continue to get gangraped by the Deep State and 2/3 of his supporters will vote to hate Democrats

They are 0-5 in post election races. The Resistance (TM)

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