South Korea Unexpectedly Approves Aid To Pyongyang As North Korea Calls Trump "Barking Dog"

There is no love lost in the endlessly escalating war of words and delightful soundbites between Trump and North Korea, and after the President threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea, the country's foreign minister said Trump's UN speech amounted to “the sound of a dog barking,” adding that Trump’s warnings are just a nonsensical “dog dream."

“If he was thinking he could scare us with the sound of a dog barking, that's really a dog dream,” North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told reporters in New York on Wednesday, as cited by the Yonhap news agency. Along with other world diplomats, Ri was in New York to attend the UN General Assembly. In his debut speech to the UN on Tuesday, Trump vowed to "totally destroy" North Korea if the US was forced to defend its allies. Referring North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by a nickname he first used in in a tweet Sunday, Trump said: "Rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime."

Responding to Trump’s new nickname for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, 'Rocket Man', Ri said: “I feel sorry for his aides.”

North Korean diplomats were not present for Trump's speech.

According to CNN, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is also in New York, played down the possibility of a meeting with his North Korean counterpart. Pyongyang and Washington do not maintain formal diplomatic relations and the presence of North Korea's top diplomat in the US could have afforded a rare chance for high-level, face-to-face dialogue.

Tillerson told reporters he did not believe he could have a "matter-of-fact discussion with North Korea because we don't know how their means of communication and behavior will be.

Tillerson claimed there were signs that increased international pressure on North Korea was starting to bear fruit. He said there was evidence of fuel shortages in the country after the passage of recent UN sanctions, which targeted oil imports among other things. However, analysts pointed out that fuel shortages did not necessarily prove that sanctions were having an effect, as most North Koreans don't own cars or use fuel at anywhere near the rate of the rest of the world.

Separately, Trump is scheduled to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in Thursday, two important US allies on North Korea's doorstop. On the top of the agenda is likely to be South Korea's surprise decision to send an $8 million aid package to North Korea. According to Reuters, the move, which runs contrary to the US and Japan's calls for an increase in economic and diplomatic pressure, marks a resumption in South Korean aid after a break of almost two years.

The South said it planned to send $4.5 million worth of medical treatments, nursery facilities and nutritional products for children and pregnant women through the World Food Programme, and $3.5 million worth of medicinal treatments and nutritional products through UNICEF.

"We have consistently said we would pursue humanitarian aid for North Korea in consideration of the poor conditions children and pregnant women are in there, apart from political issues,” said Unification Minister Cho Myong-gyon.


UNICEF’s regional director for East Asia and the Pacific Karin Hulshof said in a statement before the decision the problems North Korean children face “are all too real”.


“Today, we estimate that around 200,000 children are affected by acute malnutrition, heightening their risk of death and increasing rates of stunting,” Hulshof said. “Food and essential medicines and equipment to treat young children are in short supply,” she said.

However as Reuters adds, the decision to send aid to North Korea "was not popular in South Korea, hitting President Moon Jae-in’s approval rating. It also raised concerns in Japan and the United States, and followed new U.N. sanctions against North Korea over its sixth nuclear test earlier this month."

South Korea’s efforts aimed at fresh aid for North Korea dragged down Moon’s approval rating. Realmeter, a South Korean polling organization, said on Thursday Moon’s approval rating stood at 65.7 percent, weakening for a fourth straight month.

The last time the South had sent aid to the North was in December 2015 through the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) under ex-president Park Geun-hye.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the situation on the Korean peninsula was getting more serious by the day and could not be allowed to spin out of control. “We call on all parties to be calmer than calm and not let the situation escalate out of control,” Wang said, according to a report from the state-run China News Service on Thursday.

Meeting separately with his South Korean counterpart, Kang Kyung-wha, Wang reiterated a call for South Korea to remove the U.S.-built THAAD anti-missile system, which China says is a threat to its own security. “China hopes South Korea will make efforts to reduce tension,” a report on China’s official Xinhua news agency quoted Wang as saying.


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As shown here, one former U.S. president has a rather simple solution to the North Korea crisis:                                             
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It is highly unlikely that this solution will be enacted given the military-industrial-technology complex’s need for endless war.

HopefulCynical Shemp 4 Victory Thu, 09/21/2017 - 10:54 Permalink

Yes, yes, I understand the 'Murica always BAAAAD group-think so popular here these days.FFS, do the SORKs not understand that the NORKs' number one motivation in building these nukes is to be able to invade S. Korea and turn the whole peninsula into a commie shitshow, without worrying about reprisals since they'll be able to nuke any nation that tries to stop them?If SK is going to thwart our attempts to stop the NORKs from achieving this - then fuck 'em. Jeeeez.

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Easy for you to say given you do not share a border with NK. Fear of the inevitable is a great instigator of delusion. NK has been working towards this end for many years, and being very blatant about it, while the US and the rest of the world have attempted to bribe, cajole and intimidate them into other themes. We are now HERE because of years of failure to deal with what twe have always known was coming. But apparently many here see the solution as just another few years. If the world quakes in fear already of what NK MIGHT now be able to do, how will they react when all doubt has been eliminated?We might see NK and Iran's threatening bluster as simple child-like posturing, but they are not children and they are working endlessly to effect their goals, clearly stated. While we can point fingers at ourselves as the instigator of this coming shit storm, I for one refuse to simply lay at their feet in self contempt and guilt. America may be a guilty as hell, but I will NEVER surrender to their threats...or any other's if directly threatening my life and loved ones. I will see them in Hell.This is our world. There IS no equality and no one wants equality unless they perceive they are less than, and then simply demand it as some type of justice. America will either have to stand or fall. You may believe you deserve a third world lifestyle, but I do not. 

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Great News!Good to see South Koreans putting  their great country and people first, and not being dragged around by the collar by the USA, Abe's psycho hard right nationalist Japanese government,  and even China. It's about time Korea determines its own future, and not China, Japan and the USA, which seems to prefer it remain East Asia's Ash Tray. 

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Valid points on ethical ground. However, if not for the U.S. SK would be a straw hut bearing, rice patty packin gook-land with 2nd grade education.... come to think of it, so would the rest of the 3rd world.Consider the 300+ years Europe and UK travelled and occupied lands around the world.... what good did they bring them? They looted the land and did not improve it, develope it or the peoples. U.S. has corruption like all other govts, but it is the only nation on Earth whos presence has developed, and improved quality of life for all inhabitants of any occupied country. Today it is not pallatable for U.S. to stay in a conquered country, thats why they fail and their shitholes. (They were shitholes to start, but less so after our stomping) Any U.S. Sattellite has flourished greatly.

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I am not interested in war with North Korea.  But by the same token, we have treated the NORKs as adults.  Remember this? this?, for all of his faults (and he had many), also tried to negotiate a deal with the NORKs after the 2006 nuclear test - and failed.So how much more sucking-up does Carter think we have to do?  Carter keeps saying that we have to show them "respect" ... respect is earned, not given.  What have the NORKs done to earn respect?

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Oldwood GunnerySgtHartman Thu, 09/21/2017 - 12:36 Permalink

Sucking up is an infinite prospect. Once you start, never lose suction! I was thinking maybe the best thing would be to send over a few pallets of unmarked cash, so they could buy themselves something "special". Something that would help their inferiority issues. Something that would displace a large missile that provides a significant "climax". Has Trump offered Kim penis enhancement surgery as a lure?

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Yes, we are completely mismatched, the obvious underdog. Either Iran or NK are too much for our "transitional" military.Trump is a warmongering madman for threatening to destroy NK, while Kim, threatening to destroy much of the world, is just misunderstood and suffering from a difficult childhood.

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Another point is THAAD and similar systems could be used as a first-strike Western strategy against China or Russia, to avoid a retaliatory strike. In such a case you would expect them to be placed as close as possible to Russia / China.Officially they are "to counter Iranian/NK/anyone other threat of the day minor actor... nukes". They never mention Russia or China. Note Iran didn't have nukes when they were first deploying these systems, and they still don't.While this sounds like a great strategy in principle for any budding Dr Strangeloves in the West, it also means the Russians and Chinese are more likely to consider a first strike themselves, just in case. And they now have to make a decision to launch much more quickly than before. Which means they will be under more pressure and may misinterpret incoming threats more readily than before.And in fact that seems to be what has happened, the Chinese were talking about abandoning their old policy of keeping warheads separate from launchers- they had a no-first-strike policy. 

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Yet we wonder how or why we gun nuts, owning millions of lethal weapons, could EVER be seen as a threat to anyone...except the deserving of course.Anyone who has an effective defense will ALWAYS be see as a threat. We moderate that with dialogue to minimize the perceived threat. we do not wave our guns in people's faces threatening to blow them away, but if they threaten us, we will not be afraid to show our capabilities, physically and willfully.We understand this to be the case with NK and Iran, they claiming to seek parity in attack and defense capability, but they accompany that desire for parity with NO positive dialogue. Instead they provide threats of destruction. NK firing rockets over nations they are known to have conflict with. We cannot deny ourselves and our allies defense simply because it creates insecurity in others, anymore than I am willing to surrender my arms for the sake of another's sense of security.

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Tell the South Koreans to stop the $8 million in aid or the Fifth ID goes home and Uncle Sam takes his toys and goes home.South Korean Moon will say no.Trump should then pull out every US soldier, equipment and instruct all US citizens to leave South Korea or stay at their own risk.That should get everyone focused right fucking quick and clear the deck for some real negotiation.

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Agree South Korea is tired of 60 years of USA and everything that goes with it.  The older generation that backed Park is still loyal to Park (in jail now) but more support Moon and are indifferent to the USA.  I think most younger South Koreans are much more aligned with the rest of East Asia,  China included, than the USA.USA still has terrific pull in its economy, culture, and schools, but if they fuck up and attack North Korea, I think the shock in the South will be as sobering as in Iraq.  They will not be seen as liberators,  but as the cause of all the destruction.   I just hope the folks watching over Baby Donald,  who looks up to Daddy Pentagon from his Junior Mini ROTC cadet days, knows the difference and stops a war and takes his twitter phone away...

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tion thunderchief Thu, 09/21/2017 - 12:45 Permalink

Much of the older generation was largely Rhee 1950 Summer of Terror genocide apologists or too big of cowards to even speak out about it.  If the government shoots one out of every hundred of your countrymen in the head and buries them in a ditch and you let history forget about it, can't be too upset when no one gives a fuck about what they want anymore.If a genocide like this happened in the US, it wouldn't be the actual commies getting put in the ditch, it would be us. Some things don't change. But the way we tell history does.Let freedom ring, bitches.

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Really clueless comments here. US would leave S Korea in an instant IF ASKED TO LEAVE. The Sork gov bullshits their voters then begs the US to stay behind closed doors. If the US leaves, they get conquered by the north the very next day.

The US should attack and let south korea take what ever reprisals Kim has in store. Otherwise the whole world will be blackmailable by a maniac with nukes. It's pay me now, or pay me a lot more later.

However, this is still the talking stage. We'll know it's on when 400k US troops are sitting just south of the DMZ.

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Obviously when the anglozionazi empire of carnage has taken their truncated country hostage for more than half a century; you too would be kissing the jackboot of USSA and entirely unaware of the notion of freedom if you were occupied and bullied by some alien "race" of mutt warmongers. Look at the Germans also traumatized under a brutal Pentacon occupation.

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