Trump To Impose More Sanctions On North Korea Today

Update: According to Bloomberg, Trump won't be declaring war (yet), and instead the announcement is sanctions related.


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Following yesterday's anticlimatic Rex Tillerson press conference in which the Secretary of State was expected, by some, to make an important announcement only to disappoint, moments ago National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said on CNN that "the president will make an important announcement today about the continuation of our efforts to resolve this problem with North Korea short of war."

McMaster added that Trump will "make that announcement as he meets with our very close allies South Korea and Japan.”

As Bloomberg reminds us, President Trump is set to meet with South Korea President Moon Jae-inat 11:30am and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at 12:15pm in New York.

McMaster said Trump has also made a decision about Iran deal. "I know what the decision is - but when the president reveals that, when he talks about it he’ll place it context of the broader approach to Iran” and what we have to do to keep Iran from continuing destabilizing efforts.

Separately, Vice President Mike Pence says on Fox "we don’t want a military option" on North Korea. “I met yesterday with the foreign minister of China and we made it very clear that we expect them to do more.”


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... more sanctions? ... Trump will sanction NK's diplomats' parking rights in NY ? ...

>>> "North Korea owes NYC $156k in unpaid parking tickets" ... >>> ...

... " ... “It is false. Whenever we have a ticket, we pay. Because, you know, if we have three tickets the city does not allow us to renew their permission,” Jong Jo, secretary of North Korea’s UN mission, told NBC. ..."

... more kabuki drama from the sitcom "Orange Man vs. Rocket Man" ... ;)

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swmnguy giovanni_f Thu, 09/21/2017 - 10:08 Permalink

Well, yeah, what more sanctions can the US impose in the first place?  We're going to not do any business with North Korea even more?This isn't about North Korea at all.  This is about the US imposing its will on China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and any other country that might have anything at all to do with North Korea.The rest of the world increasingly has decisions to make, and the US is ramping up the pressure.  My fear is that the rest of the world is going to decide dealing with the US is a one-way street and not worth the trouble.  America's abuse of the SWIFT banking system has already forced Russia, China and Iran into adopting their own system, and other nations are going to go to that system.  Soon enough, and indeed sooner and sooner with each instance of Imperial over-reach, the rest of the world will abandon the US dollar as global reserve currency.  At that point, the US Empire is over.When you have a handful of sand, you don't squeeze.  Every Empire makes this mistake.  Donald Trump has made this mistake his entire life and knows no other approach.  Many of us have been observing the signs of decline of the US Empire, but thought it would take a decade to become obvious, and several more decades to become universally acknowledged.  Since January, the pace of decline has accelerated to the point that the US Empire may be closed for business before the next regularly scheduled US Presidential election.  More bullying and more bluster only advertises the fundamental and existential weakness of the US.  The waste of US power on North Korea, of all minor trivial irritants, only exacerbates and accelerates the weakening process.

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Chupacabra-322 general ambivalent Thu, 09/21/2017 - 12:04 Permalink

@ General,

Hedgemony is difficult & expensive to keep Centrialized for long periods of time.

Rome comes to mind.

"I know not why any one but a school-boy in his declamation should whine over the Commonwealth of Rome, which grew great only by the misery of the rest of mankind. The Romans, like others, as soon as they grew rich, grew corrupt; and in their corruption sold the lives and freedoms of themselves, and of one another. [...] A people, who while they were poor robbed mankind; and as soon as they became rich, robbed one another."

Samuel Johnson: Review of Thomas Blackwell's "Memoirs of the Court of Augustus"

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giovanni_f swmnguy Thu, 09/21/2017 - 10:32 Permalink

Correct analysis. Even _if_ the US managed to somehow "win" (or declare defeat as victory to the clueless masses)  the next few wars - its decay is unstoppable nevertheless. At some point the deep inner rot of the US will take the whole shitshow down. There is no remedy. The stench of a decomposing cadaver can be smelled whenever a hungry ghost like Nikki Haley starts spewing out her venom like a flipped-out witch.The US will soffocate from its own vomit and there is no way to reverse this century-long process. It started with the surrender of the articles of confederation, continued with Madison's war, the Monroe Doctrin, culminated with the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria and will end with the break-up of the US.My impression is that about 6.630 billion people on planet earth (count out the Poles, Ukrainians and Israel) are waiting for the end of the US with its paranoid ful-spectrum-dominance phantasies, praying that it will come along without the destruction of too much of arable land outside the US. I know it sounds hard for all righteous Americans, but see, the Germans werre equally collectively punished for their deeds after having lost the war. So take it with dignity.

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As a lifelong American, I've been uniquely privileged to live in the seat of Imperium, but not at the very center.  I like living in "flyover land," in Minneapolis.  I liken it to being a 3rd Century AD Roman citizen, living in Marseilles or Genoa or someplace like that.  Close enough to enjoy the benefits, pleasant and insignificant to maybe escape the worst of the wrath in collapse.Not that I expect to get through it unscathed, of course. Living close to the source of one's food, and near lots of clean water, is going to be very important as this plays out.  Global warming is actually helping, as we've warmed nearly a full USDA Hardiness Zone over the past couple of decades.  But it's still cold enough in the winter that one needs to know how to deal with it, and most people won't choose us as a location to flee toward.

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libertyanyday swmnguy Thu, 09/21/2017 - 11:05 Permalink

you lost your lunch money at school every day........pasafist's are defending NK's bullying position, not only has kim threatened the USA but has lobbed missles directly over japan.  The US makes no such threats, just letting the bully know that he is gonna get stomped if he doesnt stop.  Pasafists have never won anything but misery and despair for their believers.

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What kind of candy-ass crybaby pussy lets North Korea "bully" them in the first place?  Why would you let yourself adopt the victim mindset?  Kim can say whatever the fuck he wants; only a weakling takes him at his word and lets him have the upper hand.Pacifists, who know how the word is spelled, don't need to "win" anything by conflict because there's nothing to be gained that way.  You wouldn't even know when you're dealing with a pacifist, because everything goes smoothly, and you yourself do what the situation eases you into doing.Keeping proclaiming your fear and weakness there good buddy.  We'll probably find it more conducive to our interests to let you keep your lunch money.  You'll count that such a victory you won't even notice we've maneuvered you into serving our interests and you thought you won.

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Kraut, which the Germans learnt about from the Romans who knew about its tremendous health benefits. For a Prepper there should be nothing more precious. You can keep it for months without cooling and it has many vitamins.In Germany, you have to go to Bavaria though, as the silly-as-fuck ignorant Prussians don't know how to prepare food. They eat worse than the tasteless pigs they raise.

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How much have we paid the MIC since the 80s to come up with a missle shield? a Trillion or more and we're still not safe from rocket boy?