"This Is Embarrassing": 2 People Show Up For iPhone 8 Launch in China

Confirming reports that reception for Apple's newly launched iPhone 8 may be "underwhelming" to put it lightly, as the phone provides little if any material improvement over its lower-priced predecessor even as sales for hardcore fans will be cannibalized by the iPhone X, is the following report from Hangzhou, China which shows that all of 2 people were waiting in line for the latest gizmo from Tim Cook.

As Chinese media reports, summarized by David Kersten, "note the barricades for the anticipated queue...

... that had to be put away because only 2 people showed up."

Some more details:

I've C&P'd this article, clumsily translated by Google, because, being from a Chinese site, it doesn't adapt well to the Facebook environment, however, the link is provided as are the pictures.


"Embarrassing! IPhone 8 today, Hangzhou, security guards are busy removing the fence.



September 22, the Bank of China iPhone 8 officially opened in the major channels. Hangzhou Apple West Lake shop, more than six in the morning to thirty or forty security. Black fence posture full of a row of rows, turn a few 90 degrees bend. 8:00 to open the door, the door on the two line up. 8:43 security guards began to withdraw fence ...



According to Hong Kong media, and the mainland, Hong Kong, Apple shop customers have no more employees."


With the iPhone 8 a dud, at least in China, AAPL longs are hoping that the reception for the iPhone X in a few weeks will be notably more enthusiastic, or else Apple may have a major problem on its hands.


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Peak Smartphone

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My opinion - we've reached saturation on what people want their PHONE to do for them. These "upgrades" are for bloatware and spyware so Apple/Google can gather even more data about you to sell to marketers. My four year old smartphone does everything that I need, plus some. The Google is making it non-functional by bloating the crap out of their OS and spyware, slowing it down to annoying at times.

I have to spend WAY too much time disabling all of the crap the Google enables every time they "update" their OS and apps on my phone.

It's getting close to time to go with a straight Linux phone. No bloatware marketing software in it.

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Creepy_Azz_Crackaah Manthong Fri, 09/22/2017 - 11:47 Permalink

Yeah, I've got the S5 as well. It's a great phone but it really bogs down when I'm running Google maps on it. I can't reasonably run a browser at the same time.

I was hesitant to go to Win 10 becasue the main purpose of the upgrade was to add user monitoring capability to sell to marketing. Annoying as hell.

All of my computers are dual-boot, Ubuntu/Windows. Even Ubuntu has been getting bloated with squiggly boxes and the like. At least one can always go with a basic user interface with Linux/Ubuntu.

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  .. a  guy I grew up with... No Internet... no PC... cheap basic cell phone. ..lives in a house that would not pass code in Appalachia.... .. but since it is two blocks from the commuter station in an upscale suburb is worth near a half million dollars. He lives for his guitar and his band. No longer drinks.. smokes, but not cigarettes. He seems pretty happy all the time. 

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 The reason I did not get S-6’s was the permanent battery. I believe is unconscionable to not have a removable battery in a device that costs over $50. My biggest complaint about the S-5 is the battery life and it needs to spend most of its life plugged in. I got the wireless charger kit for it but sometimes it has a hard time getting to 100%. I got an S-5 for the missus, too...  both phones are unlocked. I expect the charger ports to fail in a year or so, so I have spare replacement ports down in my little lab. I also have a Samsung Core Prime… it will run forever on a charge. I plan to keep the S-5’s until they do away with 4G.

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I shall do likewise with my S6.-- I can attest to your comment regarding the battery replacement.  You need to have the original purchase receipt and proof of carrier authorization / active service for Samsung to begin to work on your phone; and you have to ship it to McAllen, TX if you live in the midwest.  You get to deal with the customer service side in the Phillipines and CA.  Needless to say, it took a week to turn-around and I was unable to show proof of original ownership /  and Verizon's records go back 6 months at the retailer and 1 year online.  So they have to mail you a statement of activation.Still in process for getting my battery fixed.  This may take awhile.

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The main issue is the Unity display. It eats up all of your resources. There are a few *buntus that don't have that issue, as they use lighter-weight GUIs.

Also, if you are new to Linux, be warned that you need to spend a little more time shopping for parts, because not everything is Linux-friendly. It is btter than it used to be, though; 5 years ago it was still common for me to spend two days in the forums trying to get a printer to work, but now, ~95% of the time you can plug and play or plug, run "sudo apt-get install [driver]" , and play.

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Sorry, but all of my experience is in Ubuntu/Xubuntu, and a little bit of Raspbian (Raspberry Pi). I knew a guy who created a killer UI in Mint (the workspaces were a rotating cube, and he created hotkeys for virtually everything so there was little need to touch a mouse), but if I was going to look at another distro, I would be looking at PuppyLinux or DSL for embedded systems.

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My first two cars cost $80 - total- combined.Course, I'm an old guy.My LG flip phone has a replaceable battery, and does everything I need a phone to do:Has my personal phone book in it.;Has a clock when wristwatch breaks.Can use it as an emergency flashlight.What the fuck else do you need a phone to do?I got a desktop with two monitors, a laptop, a notebook, and a chromebook to fuck around on the interent - why the hell does anyone use a tiny screen telephone to connect to the internet? I really don't get it - but I'm a country boy. It's a TELEPHONE for criss sakes...with the crappiest keyboard designed by man ever...And the whole Chinas thing ain't embarrassing, it's hilarious.   

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For me a Blackberry Classic or Passport is a good phone. I have all the apps I need and I know they work. If the battery dies buy a new phone! Its either $130/ or $190 for the Passport on Ebay. Email is great Skype while not officially supported is still supported by the platform and GPS and navigation apps are still all there. THE BIG PLUS IS THAT YOU DON'T HAVE AS MUCH SPYWARE ON YOUR PHONE!

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Agreed,7 is very good, 10 is a fat dog on it's 4th meal before noon.Once I switched to Linux I rarely go back to the 7 unless I have to do work in Excel and VBA, I know that there are solutions like the Virtual box, I'm ok with itFor the average Joe like myself, I don't need the newest smartphone, can it make a phone call when I need it, can it send and receive texts without a 5 hour lag, or do I have to stand outside in my underwear as trains and buss roll by during rush hour.

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"It looks like a Hillary Clinton rally in 2016. "Her rally here had about 500 people show up...which is totally pathetic when you consider Katy Perry did a free mini-show...after Katy left, the only people remaining to listen to Hillary were her paid "supporters"...it was pathetic. Crowd went from ~500 to 100 in 20 minutes time..they were still walking away as she started to speak...I was loving it...from a distance.

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There's one note on the Chinese economy here:

Hangzhou is a "Tier 2" city, compared to cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen (the other side of the bridge from Hong Kong). Hangzhou is nice and all (I've been there, touring the West Lake), but it has been explained to me that if you are rich, your goal is to get into a Tier 1 city.

The next part is, you can't just move to an upper-tier city. You have an "internal passport" as a Chinese citizen, which limits your residence.

Now, since there's a recession on, something the Tier 1 cities are doing is offering residence in their city to rich people living in T2 and T3 cities, to keep house prices up. It will ultimately fail, but what you are seeing in this article is the giant sucking sound of wealth leaving these cities.

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I upgraded to iOS 11 yesterday and (true story!!) my phone vanished.I've looked everywhere and even waited for my AM alarm to show me where it was. Apple must have a new 'Cloak of Invisibility' , ala Harry Potter (and sound proofness)cuz it has now gone to a nether realm.Now I wander this world like a ghoul from the early part of the 21st century wondering where I am, what time it is and why don't I feel the thing on my belt.I suppose I'll survive, I still have my laptop.

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