Japan's Lonely Single Men Are Settling For Virtual Reality "Wives Of The Future"

In a country where over 70% of unmarried men between 18 and 34, and 60% of women, have no relationship with a member of the opposite sex, and where birthrates are among the lowest in the world after Japanese women gave birth to fewer than one million babies in 2016 for the first time since the government began tracking birth rates, Bloomberg reports on an industry that’s profiting off the reluctance of young Japanese men and women to find a human partner.

What Bloomberg calls the “virtual love industry” in Japan has blossomed into a multi-million-dollar concern as unmarried men and women increasingly turn to simulated digital offerings for companionship.  Inventors create applications that essentially allow users to build a ‘virtual wife’ or ‘virtual husband’. While we imagine virtual companions bring badly needed comfort to millions of lonely Japanese, as Bloomberg notes, the industry does have a dark side: Some virtual-reality offerings promote unrealistic and even damaging portrayals of women as submissive. And men as domineering and menacing.

“Starting today, you live here now, with me,” he snarls. “I expect you to keep me entertained.” Wait, isn’t that his job?


A real young man on the streets of Akihabara, a district of Tokyo known for its anime and manga culture, is impressed by a demo of the game but declares, cringing, “Getting hit on by a man—it was pretty embarrassing.”


Simple companionship isn’t Takechi’s only vision. His virtual world of husband and dutiful wife, he says, “could develop into love, if we keep investigating further.”

One inventor who build a virtual-reality platform said he aims to create a virtual partner who brings greater satisfaction to Japanese men and women than a human companion would. That’s bad news for the Japanese economy, which, thanks to the looming demographic crunch as the population rapidly ages, will need to increasingly rely on the Bank of Japan’s “stimulus” to avoid a deflationary spiral.

“She’s always there, always listening, ready to cater to her husband’s every whim. Meet Azuma Hikari, Japan’s digital “wife of the future,” according to her inventor, Minori Takechi, who believes his AI construct can go some way toward solving Japan’s problem with loneliness.


Hikari lives in a bubble—like, an actual bubble, or a little transparent cylinder at any rate—in a skimpy outfit, lending a sympathetic ear to her man’s troubles, responding to commands, and flirting (“bath time—do not peep!”). Age: 20. Height: 158 centimeters. Specialty: fried eggs. Dislike: insects. So, less like Siri, more like Offred.


Takechi set out to create a partner who “brings greater satisfaction than human interaction.” Best of all, Hikari is bashful, so her owner “doesn’t have to communicate with her all the time,” Takechi says with a shy grin, in the second video in our Love Disrupted series. He is selling his prototype for $2,700 and reports 300 pre-orders, mainly from men in their 20s and 30s.”

At any rate at matter, should North Korean Leader follow through with his threats to “sink” Japan with nuclear weapons, a decision that, using the logic of certain investment banks, would represent an unprecedented economic stimulus.

* * *

Meanwhile, we recently noted that the thriving market for lifelike sex dolls may have jumped the shark after a company offering sex doll rentals shuttered its new venture after less than a week after it inspired a storm of controversy. But we doubt that setback will forestall more advances in sex doll technology. For a look at what's to come, the Daily Star recently published a look inside the sex doll workshop of Spanish scientist Dr Sergi Santos, who recently produced a talking sex robot named Samantha.

The Daily Star published some exclusive photos of Santos's "works in progress"...

Many of the images of the dolls mimicking real-life situations are simply uncanny...

It's a silicone angel...

And here's video from inside the workshop...




giovanni_f ergatz Sat, 09/23/2017 - 02:38 Permalink

Clickbait, nothing else. I travel Japan since decades, on a regular basis, and have Japanese as friends, in and outside Japan, all age groups. This article is a prime example of compressed western media bullshit, Bloomberg style.If your quest is to find the unholy grail of sexual deviation go no farther that the western political top-echelon. All forms of the most degusting pedophilia you can imagine, be it in the US (Weiner, Eichenwald), Germany (the "Green" Daniel Cohn-Bendit), UK (Sir Edward Heath; covered-up by Maggy Thatcher), Australia (David Kramer).

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Trogdor Folkvar Sat, 09/23/2017 - 11:41 Permalink

There was a youtube video where some Feminazis were discussing how "disgusting" and "disturbing" the push toward virtual/synthetic women is and how it needs to be stopped or at least heavily regulated and penalized. They claimed that only "perverts" would be interested. This coming from the same "things" that love their dildos and scream how they don't need men, all men are rapists, all men are abusers, all men are oppressors, how the world would be better without men,how they should kill all men, etc, etc, etc. You would THINK they would be 100% in favor of sex dolls.... yet once AGAIN the Leftist demonstrate how insanely hypocritical and mentally defective they are.

What frightens Leftist Women/Feminists more than anything is for them to lose their monopoly on the coochie - i.e. the thing that they derive all their perceived "power" from (think "Pussy Hat march"). Having voluntarily reduced their value solely to their genitals and relieved themselves from ALL responsibility, they soon may not be needed for *anything*. Women who embrace (Jewish-created Cultural Marxism applied to the sexes)third-wave Feminism are idiots because it teaches them to eschew the very things that men find desirable and valuable in a relationship with a woman (Children, Family, Sex, Food, Home-making, etc). Read "A Cruel Hoax" by Dr.Henry Makow.

There are some good women out there ... but they are very few and far between. Good news for them, though - they have their pick of the herd ;)

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Dizzy Malscience Trogdor Sat, 09/23/2017 - 13:05 Permalink

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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

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buttmint kbohip Sat, 09/23/2017 - 01:09 Permalink

A couple of choice comments I've heard in my prime when I was a stud, in my 30s..."....little buttmint...IF you loved me, you'd put my name on the title of your house....""....I want a real man. You have your house. We need to sell it to have OUR HOUSE..." (Community property state)."...okay...so you want a pre-nup, does this mean you will be legally responsible for all my debts?"One female tenant said to me "...I want to quit work, quit paying rent and move in with you to direct the remaining stages of your house." ( I evicted her)"...once you finish your house, give me a call, I MIGHT BE INTERESTED!"" ...you love your house more than me!!!" My reply? "...yeah, well, when I awake in the morning, my house will still be here...you won't!"The best deal of all? In the US of A, once any male turns 50 years old, he IMMEDIATELY goes from being a "prospect" to being a "suspect." Nevermind that a 68 year old female can have a 32 year old stud that she is supporting. She is COUGAR. If the roles were reversed---he'd be viewed as a "perv"and authorities notiified. Sorry gals---you brought this shit upon yourselves---deal with it the next time you look in a mirror.One gal and I busted up---she had a weird notion that "kids are easy to raise, no work at all." 8 months after busting up, I rec'd a call from her after I had gotten home from major surgery. She wanted to meet me for coffee. So I met her---she was also 6 months pregnant--- we had our good times, which never seem to last. The crazy loon presented me with a bill for $10,000 USD (handwritten from a receipt book with carbons). I looked at her, arched my eyes and said "...what is this all about?"Reply "...You knew when we met that I wanted to have children. I wasted two years of my life with you---YOU OWE ME." I hadda bite my tongue to keep from laughing. Then I recall some gossip I heard, replying "...oh---ohhhhh, this is about your insemination fee, right?" The bitch could never keep her stories straight, she nodded meekly. I said "...well it doesn't cost $10k to get pregnant." This startled her as she then added "...where would that be?" I then said "...go to the parking lot of any nightclub...you'll have all sorts of guys wanting to fuck you for free!" I finished my coffee, paid our coffee tab, went home and fell asleep. Best sleep I ever had!I had lotsa gals come and thankfully GO! Now in my 60s, the American comedy has been ramped up even more! I was all of 22 years and swooned after this hottie from Spain...sweet Rose, an absolute stunner! She would have nothing to do with me....fine, no one bats 1000%, but I must admit I have done pretty good. Last week, I'm at Trader Ho's Market and this HUGELY FAT female approaches me, trying to kiss me. I recoil in horror. Then she stated "...it's Rose, let's get together!" I lost her number asap.Ladies---shut the fucking TV off, especially Oprah. Or the fucking View. Get real and break out the pots 'n pans if you want a serious guy in your life.If any guy hears you even watch daytime TV shows instead of helping out---you deserve your just dessets. My advice to any and all dudes with means, property, etc? Learn sign language. Sign up for classes or self study YouTube, quite easy. It WILL SAVE YOUR BACON!Girls lose interest fast once you begin sign language---works like a charm.Next---fly to Thailand and learn to speak, read and write their floral language. Passah Tai is very lyrical. Skip Vietnam and the Vietnamese language, why? Spoken Vietnamese sounds like ducks fucking---so true!Thailand: get serious, spend 2-5 months and knuckle down on mastering 4-10k words and phrases. Hire a male and female tutor to learn all the tones.Travel the country from one end to the other via bus, motorcycle or bicycle---you WILL be amply rewarded! Stay outta the Philippines, why? Flippos know 2 mutt about American Ways. They WANT to get to America and send money home to THEIR family. Tai females haven't a clue about falang ways--plus, it is next to impossible to import them. NEVER IMPORT A FOREIGN BRIDE, why? They might be hot, but they will skin you worse than any American gal.I was walking down a side soi in Udon Thani and encoutered 3 grotesquely FAT American girls sneering at me, calling out "..hey sex tourist!"  I ignored them, kept walking. They got in front of me---halting my progress. You see lads---this is where your sign language comes in handy. The trio of water buffalo (chang nam) said "...oh, the fucker's deaf, let's keep going..."Plus...as an added bonus know only to a select few---hanging out with Thai deaf women is a joy onto itself. No backtalk! They are stunners. No age stratification barrier in muang Tai as in litigious USA!   

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rbg81 buttmint Sat, 09/23/2017 - 09:36 Permalink

Wow--that is quite the story.  I can relate to old girlfriends, who were once unbelievably hot, getting fat & ugly.  It is really sad and is something any young man should reflect on.  Looks don't last forever.  All you're left with is their bullshit demands.PS - No matter how horrid these women start to look in reality, they'll always see their old selves when they look in the mirror.

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Trogdor buttmint Sat, 09/23/2017 - 12:11 Permalink

Man - so true about the "Cougars vs Perverts" labels. I have a long-time female friend in her 50's who's dating a guy in his 30's (admittedly, shes' in pretty kickin' shape) and she gets ALL KINDS of encouragement from other women (You GO girl!)... the very same women who, if they saw a silver-templed man with a 30-something woman would call him a "pedophile", "cradle-robber" or "pervert".

Along the same lines: A woman who dumps her husband to marry/date a wealthier guy :She's a smart woman! Woo-hoo she's a PRINCESS! Women have a RIGHT to trade-up if the opportunity presents itself! And what does the abandoned husband get? Zippo.

A guy who dumps his wife to date/marry a much hotter/successful/smarter chick: What a fucking douche-bag! His balls should be crushed in a vise! I hope his ex-wife takes him to the cleaners!

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rbg81 Trogdor Sat, 09/23/2017 - 15:50 Permalink

Nothing controversial about a 50-something man dating a 30-something woman.  The time-tested formula is half the man's age + 7.  So a 56 year old man's perfect match is a 35 YO woman.Now it will suck for her when he's 76 and she is 55....until he dies.  Then she inherits and is set for life.  And she may make him a cuck in the meantime.

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HRClinton buzzardsluck Sat, 09/23/2017 - 10:42 Permalink

A friend recently told me about a job interview, where the gal (it's ALWAYS a gal, but they're not sexist, right?) asked him about his views on dating people from work.He said "I'd treat everyone in a courteus and professional manner. If a woman really interested me and I sensed some chemistry, I'd tell her that I'd ask you out, but 10% of A-holes and biatches, and 90% of lawyers and HR people have ruined things for 100% of everybody. If you want to see me, you'll have to ask me out for lunch or a drink sometime."Funny enough, he got the job. Interestingly enough, the HR gal asked him out for lunch 2 months later. They're dating. Go figure.

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Bigly NoWayJose Fri, 09/22/2017 - 22:59 Permalink

Yes.And that yet another 1st tier educated populace is low sex, low marriage, low birthrate. Almost like they put shit in the water or pharma- or something fuku for sure.When in history did young men ever NOT want to get laid or would ve satisfied if not?? Even if it was gay sex...where is the DRIVE? Those creepy clown dolls are nasty, revolting.This is pathetic.

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vato poco fockewulf190 Sat, 09/23/2017 - 03:58 Permalink

jap and worldwide media has always treated this as a joke. lots of snickers and jabs at awkward, clumsy, deeply unsexy beta males who can't get a real woman, etc etc. and in about 20 years, when all of today's bright young hot chicks are staring 40 in the face, glimpsing a future of no husband ever, no children ever, and her 16 cats will eat her corpse when she dies alone and unnoticed ... while all the men have learned they and their ever-more-realistic sexbots/companions can get along just fine without the moody, demanding harridans (see: beyonce, hero of all grrrls everywhere) ("if you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best" - marilyn monroe)then it's going to suddenly be the single worst plague in world history. and it'll be too late to save them. the bright young things will have been doomed by their own Special Unique Womynness & GrrrrlPower.too fuckin bad, girlies. you wanted equality on (of course) female terms: you get all the money and all the power, with none of the blame and/or responsibility. WTF did they think was gonna happen?

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Peanut Butter … vato poco Sat, 09/23/2017 - 09:26 Permalink

Fairly sure majority of these women are happy with single lives unlike majority of single men who just love to bitch off their problems on to women even if they are single. They blame women for marrying and stealing their earnings, blame women for not marrying, then blame women for having kids that they have to support but also blame women on population decline.

I found that it is men like you who has more fear at being single and live a lonely life and died as old bachelor compare to women, you guys always seek re-marriage immediately after divorce (as if settlement wasn't enough warning for you stay away from marriage) whereas compare to women who would prefer to stay single than mingle with another insecure idiots. But this can also be say for unmarried partners, upon breakup, majority of men seeks another relationship due to the fact that you guys just can't face the fact of being singles, and afraid of dying a lonely death or better yet gets to be your dog's dinner after dead. Lol

When do you stupid misogyny hypocrite ever learn that majority of women just tune out of men's incessant bitching. Your self pity on multiple unrelated form isn't going to give you what you wanted in life, might as well just stop bitching about women, and contemplate about buying some of these dolls as your senior retirement gift. Mortgage the house and buy one that actually has some realistic look to it.

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techpriest Bigly Sat, 09/23/2017 - 00:34 Permalink

Aside from the usual external explanation, my view is that we are seeing the true outcome of a "world without suffering." The lack of drive comes from not wanting to deal with rejection, not wanting to deal with the blessings and curses of another human being, and so on.

When you aren't willing to deal with the pain of such things, you end up in a barely-comfortable fantasy world that you are terrified to leave.

Unfortunately, the time these guys or guys from any part of the world have to leave "mom's basement," it will be because mom died of old age, no more money is coming, and the lights are out.

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Ilmarinen techpriest Sat, 09/23/2017 - 09:01 Permalink

I'm in my 20s.  The amount of women I have known (and discussed such things with) who are adamant that "having kids is immoral in this overpopulated world", "marriage is a thing of the past, I don't plan on it", etc. is close to 100%.  I also encounter a shocking number of lesbians.  When they hold such views, their goals become distorted wrt relationships and results in what I'll politely call unattractive behaviour.  God help us.

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Ilmarinen tion Sat, 09/23/2017 - 22:03 Permalink

Your comment struck such a chord that it's difficult to respond succinctly.  I agree and do my best to act as you advise - it's led to interesting situations and has hopefully opened some eyes, but ultimately feels like it costs much more than is gained.  I do plan to keep trying.

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DosZap NoWayJose Sat, 09/23/2017 - 13:28 Permalink

Easy way to get around that,when you approach a lady you would care to ask out,or give a compliment to,simply ASK if she minds IF YOU give her a compliment.Can't get sexual harrassment charges IF you ask first.Also may want to carry a small hidden recorder,to have proof of your actions if after that some SKANK tries anyway.

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DosZap NoWayJose Sat, 09/23/2017 - 13:54 Permalink

I find it astonishing that really pretty women are having difficlties getting asked out.They are so good looking 98% of males feel like there's ZERO chance of a YES,when these ladies are dying just to be asked.Personally, it will be another 10yrs before they can really create a android remotely close to a real female.WHO in hades wants a silicone textured rubber fake chick?.

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Anonymous (not verified) Putrid_Scum Fri, 09/22/2017 - 23:22 Permalink

That is a great idea that may help end prison rape. We could give them to prison guards and other power hungry people to abuse, instead of humans too!In fact, let's free the drug and alcohol charge related prisoners, which I have read is at  around 80% of the prison population, replace them with robots, and let psychopaths come in and abuse them, so that they stop abusing people!

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