There Are Large Parts Of America Being Left Behind...

Economic prosperity is concentrated in America's elite zip codes, but in an interesting report on Distressed Communities, from The Economic Innovation Group, it is increasingly clear that economic stability outside of those communities is rapidly deteriorating.

As Axios noted, this isn't a Republican or Democratic problem. At every level of government, both parties represent distressed areas. But the economic fortunes of the haves and have-nots have only helped to widen the political chasm between them, and it has yet to be addressed by substantial policy proposals on either side of the aisle.

Economic Prosperity Quintiles

As's Mike Shedlock writes below, the study notes:

“America’s elite zip codes are home to a spectacular degree of growth and prosperity. However, millions of Americans are stuck in places where what little economic stability exists is quickly eroding beneath their feet.

Distress is based on an evaluation of seven metrics.

  1. No high school diploma
  2. Housing vacancy rate
  3. Adults not working
  4. Poverty rate
  5. Median income ratio
  6. Change in employment
  7. Change in business establishments

Change in Distress Quintiles

Underwater vs. 2000

Percent Living in Distressed Areas

Performance Averages

Population Statistics

Key Findings

  • Over half the population in distressed communities are minorities, compared to only about a quarter of the population in prosperous ones.
  • Asians and whites are more likely to live in a prosperous zip code than any other type of community.
  • Blacks and Native Americans are more likely to live in a distressed zip code than any other type of community, while Hispanics are most likely to reside in an at risk one.
  • Blacks and Native Americans are three times more likely to live in a distressed community than a prosperous one.
  • Majority-minority zip codes are two times more likely to be distressed than the average zip code.

Political Distribution

  • Republicans dominate at the very top of the distribution, representing nine of the 10 most prosperous congressional districts in the country. Most of these are suburban enclaves around fast-growing metropolitan areas, for example on the outskirts of Dallas, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Washington, DC. Expanding to the entire top quintile, Republicans represent 63 percent of the country’s prosperous districts compared to Democrats’ 37 percent.
  • Conversely, six of the country’s 10 most distressed congressional districts are represented by Democrats. Eight of the 10 are located in the South, with Ohio’s 11th (Cleveland) and Arizona’s 7th (Phoenix) as the two exceptions.

Report Conclusion

“It is fair to wonder whether a recovery that excludes tens of millions of Americans and thousands of communities deserves to be called a recovery at all.”



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If you people are SERIOUS about effecting ANY kind-of-change, in what is happening in our nation, now, then do what I have done, and spread this information as far-and-wide as you people are able.  If you will allow an American-foundation, like The NFL, to fucking end-up a tool of (((the Leftist-establishment))), run ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY BY (((chosenites))), as almost every mother-fucking thing-of-consquence in our society, then we are DOOMED, Folks.  What is happening with The NFL, and NOW, baseball and basketball, is ONLY, INEVITABLY, going to get much, much worse, in every other organ-of-our-society... PLEASE post this EVERYWHERE that you are able, and STRONGLY-ENCOURAGE EVERYONE YOU KNOW to call The NFL direct-line, and LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (212)450-2000 Call the league office during the week and let them know how you feel! This was on at "Soldier Field"? What a bunch of disrespectful pigs! NFL is going be hurting bad after this week!"Please call them, and let them know you feel, about the players, AND COACHES, dis-respecting our NATION. Thank you, People, in-advance, for doing something that WILL, ACTUALLY, make-a-difference, because I called that direct-line, spoke with a human-being, let that lady know EXACTLY how I felt, AND STILL FEEL, and then got transferred to a recordable-line, where I left a message for the management of The NFL to fucking hear.  Spread that number EVERYWHERE, and get MILLIONS-of-people to do what I did.  Call-in to radio-programs, and give that number, THREE TIMES, so that people will be sure to write-it-down. Stop fucking-around, People, just preaching-to-the-choir--start doing things to MAKE-A-REAL-DIFFERENCE, out in the REAL WORLD, and not "just" online... Thank you for your understanding, and diligence. Lindsey   

LindseyNarrate… BandGap Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:22 Permalink

Mother-fucker, you know FUCK-ALL about me, and the literally MILLIONS-of-people I have reached, in a MYRIAD-of-ways, over-the-years, predominately via radio-program call-ins, hitting them with (((hard-truths))), most of which NO ONE had ever presented, on-the-air, before I did. Show some fucking respect, and KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT SOMEONE, BEFORE YOU TALK-OUT-OF-YOUR-FUCKING-ASSHOLE, next time... Lindsey 

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Old man, calm yourself and stop striving towards futility.  This salt you are vomitting is too toxic even for me wtf.  The people are currently as they choose to be.  Look for ways to benefit yourself, your family, your community.  Greater self-sufficiency and a more localized inter-dependency is good.  That will make us more nimble to build the systems up when the time is right.  I'm just here recharging with some bantz, the time to go back into the fire will come soon enough.

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I should have accepted the winning-side, in-stead of wasting-my-time and -my-life, fighting for you worthless bums, AKA, "common-humanity". Far too many of you people are as ungrateful, lackadaisacal, and useless, as (((the cabal))), the term which "I" coined, as it is being used, as it is, now, KNOWS you, all, to be.  You people do FUCK-ALL, except preach-to-your-choirs, circle-jerk-off, here, at Mr. Durden's site, and effect-NO-change, in the macrocosm, of ANY real consequence, while you mother-fuckers sit-back and have people like myself, do all of the heavy-lifting. Am I resentful, given all that I see, and all that I know?  You are God-damned-right that I am, especially being dis-respected by some fucking asshole, sitting behind a key-board, while I spent DECADES both inside-the-walls, and, now, outside-the-walls, DESPERATELY trying to do what I am able, to awaken as many human-beings, as is possible, in the VERY short-period-of-time that we have available to us. I have nothing more to say, except that (((the cabal))) has EVERY organ-of-society in (((its))) control, as ALL of you had better have, AT LEAST, realized, by-now, and that there is very little time left to do all that you can do, so you had better not waste-any-of-your-time, fucking-around, and preaching-to-the-choir, when you can be doing something else, SIMULTANEOUSLY, REACHING-OUT TO OTHERS WHOM ARE UNAWARE OF THE REALITY OF OUR COLLECTIVE-SITUATION. Lindsey     

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Hey Mister, I think you need a hug.  I am familiar with where you are standing, and I harbor no ill will towards you.  But if you really want to effect change, you need to lift up your eyes and see the dead end your path leads to.  The striving, despair, futility, will have all been for naught if you continue on this path.  Also you need to shed your self-congratulations and realize that 1. the phone you lift up is not very heavy, it is the non-constructive burden of despair that you carry that is weighing you down and 2. you are not entitled to the righteousness of others.  If that statement makes you upset I want you to turn it over in your mind for a little while until it becomes a little easier to mesh it with reality.  You need to stare the despair and futility you feel dead in the eye until it brings you to your knees.  And then dust yourself off and pull yourself together and realize that there is a path forward.  People mistake me for a pessimistic but they've got it all wrong.  I have boatloads of optimism pollen I like to sprinkle on people, until they start sneezing at me.  I like the funny faces people make when they sneeze :)  But misplaced optimism compounds efforts wasted on excercises of futility.  I don't like waste or inefficiencies :(The problem with the people is that they are fortified behind walls of cognitive biases that cannot be broken down by force.  Cui bono is the question that they will always ask.  And until they feel the case for their own benefit is compelling enough they will remain rooted in their current ways.But now you have the issue, in that the system must be put in place first before you can make a compelling enough case to the common man that he will benefit.  But the path forward is there.  You need to make sure your own house is built up on a solid foundation first before you can really be in a good position to help lift up the people.  Hey mister, have you ever wondered how much a typical wheat farmer gets paid for the wheat needed to make a loaf of bread?    

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That type of outburst should be reserved for US Regime Change Soirees into Sovereign Countries and their heavy investment into the training, arming and financing of Jihadi's. In the Grand Scheme of things the hypocrisy and circus-fest emanating from the US regarding disrespecting the flag/anthem, is just another in the long line of intended distractions and of little significance to most educated folks who see through the smoke.

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tion LindseyNarrate… Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:23 Permalink

Bruh didn't you get the message?  An expression of outrage does not a virtue make. Crybullying is so 2016.People need jobs, or to become empowered to pursue viable means of self-employment.  We need to reshore manufacturing.  American sense of value has been so distorted by dirt cheap imports, making a lot of locally produced items seem unaffordable to many.  The tail can't wag the dog.  So we have to cut out the value-cannibalizing-intermediaries in the supply chain, increase value through better design and quality, learn how to most effectively farm fiat from foreigners and yuppies in order to increase chances of success and be more adequately prepared for the non-hegemonic value for value world that awaits us regardless of whether or not we are prepared. 

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dot_bust LindseyNarrate… Tue, 09/26/2017 - 00:09 Permalink

While you're obsessing about the idiots in the NFL, the U.S. Government is beating the war drums in the Middle East and in the Korean Peninsula.It's a rather old routine for politicians to use hot-button issues like the American flag, the Star-Spangled Banner, and other forms of patriotic symbolism to divert the attention of the public from much more pressing matters.If you haven't been lobotomized, use your brain and actually think. Don't be a simpleton who falls for government propaganda.

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Marcus McSpartacus LindseyNarrate… Tue, 09/26/2017 - 04:42 Permalink

SERIOUSLY, Lindsey. This is SERIOUS stuff. Not that Trump bullshitted his way to the Whitehouse, has no intention of fulfilling anything but his own ratings with the useful idiots of core voters, over bullshit sideshows like this, while he employs an entire team of Goldman Sachs drones... no, we must worship the flag as our God and cast the heathen into a lake of fire!


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"Asians and whites are more likely to live in a prosperous zip code than any other type of community."Can we figure out a way to blame Asians instead of me?  I'm tired of being blamed for everything because I'm white.  Somebody else take a turn. 

Utopia Planitia NoDebt Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:37 Permalink

Isn't it fascinating that a person's "race" is always blamed for everything.  Something that you cannot change.  Woudn't it be more productive if they instead focused on what the "asians" and "whites" are doing that makes everybody else envious?  But they do not, because that would take away their excuse for pointing at a rotting red herring.  "Ours is not to SOLVE problems, we must instead INFLAME things because that brings us P-O-W-E-R!!!!! (and lots of money...)"

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A couple weeks ago, I was talking to my sister.   (we are white middle class, raised in suburban ca in 60s, i'm in technology, she's mil-spouse and minstry sort, etc etc).   All the sudden she started lecturing me about my 'white privilege".   Shit, we didn't have any white privilege... i fucking worked my way through college and busted my ass doing so.   Nobody handed me any special tickets, i didn't have a car till i saved enough to buy one (and pay my own maintenance and insurance).   Our dad worked his butt off to keep us housed and fed while we were kids (mom died young), and we certainly weren't well off...but we didn't starve.   Where the fuck did this white privilege come from?    Sure, the cops don't pull me over for "driving while white", but I also never held up any liquor stores or convenience stores in our neighborhood.    I was dumbfounded.Hung up on her. 

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Liberty2012 Utopia Planitia Tue, 09/26/2017 - 06:52 Permalink

"Isn't it fascinating that a person's "race" is always blamed for everything. Something that you cannot change. Woudn't it be more productive if they instead focused on what the "asians" and "whites" are doing that makes everybody else envious? But they do not, because that would take away their excuse for pointing at a rotting red herring. "Ours is not to SOLVE problems, we must instead INFLAME things because that brings us P-O-W-E-R!!!!! (and lots of money...)" "

Yes, it is fascinating. Always misdirection. Anything to destroy the power of choice.

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All of the people living [and/or working] in prosperous zip codes are not that gainfully employed. Lots of underemployed college grads live with their parents--30% of those between 18 and 34, in fact. The 34 year olds are on the cusp of middle age.

The good jobs are concentrated in dual, high-earner households with both parents taking a job, thereby increasing the underemployment of many single, young [and some older] college grads who lack the all-important work qualification of being a "working parent."

To add to the zip code confusion, many of the young people are living with their parents in areas with pricey zip codes, while working for the low-paying luxury item retailers or luxury food services in the same posh zip codes. Interestingly, the office jobs in the safer, posher zip codes often pay $2 per hour less than the same type of job in a dangerous zip code. Moms with high spousal income often take those jobs.

If all you have to live on is one $10-per-hour stream of earned-only income and a $300 tax return, now swallowed by the Obamacare penalty, you are not affluent, regardless of whether you live with your parents or shell out between 2/3rds and 3/4ths of your earned-only income for an apartment in a safe zip code.

$10-per-hour take-home pay (full-time hours):

$1,400 per month

Rent for a one-room efficiency in a lower middle-class area:

$750 per month

Rent for a one-room efficiency in a pricer zip code:

$950 to $1,000 per month

The one-room apartment in the pricer zip code will cost you all but $400 of your monthly pay, and that $400 must cover gasoline, heating, a car note, groceries, state-required auto insurance, state-required health insurance, a phone, clothing, etc.

Working at the Department of Human Services, where we all had bachelor's degrees but were making only a little more at $12 per hour, I saw tons of mostly minority mom clients in designer jeans with salon mail jobs. I drove a 14-year-old Toyota Tercel. Most of my colleagues drove equally unimpressive cars.

Many of our clients drove new cars.....somehow, or the fancy cars they arrived in belonged to the parents who help them financially. They often accompanied them to DHS. These poor, beleaguered, single moms qualified for more in free food than we made in a week of full-time work, and these moms only worked 20 hours per week, as required by Clinton's so-called welfare reform.

They were mostly minorities in that urban office--both the workers and the clients. No one resented the minority moms, walking out of there with so much free stuff, more than my very vocal, openly condemnatory, college-educated, Black, $12-per-hour caseworker colleagues.

So, I do not really buy stats on minorities and poverty, especially when they fail to include the difference between those who get the free stuff and those who do not. Many of my college-educated colleagues did not live in pricey zip codes, but they could not afford the luxuries that many of the minority clients sported.

My college-educated minority colleagues lived mostly in lower middle-class zip codes, while consuming less luxury items due to the rent and groceries they had to pay, whereas my minority clients often lived in the ghetto while consuming more superfluous luxury items due to free rent, free food and child tax credits of up to $6,269.

Do not count the hundreds in free monthly food, free or reduced-cost rent, the cash assistance, the energy assistance, the child tax credits of up to $6,269, etc.--counting only the wages from 20 hours of required work per week, but not the untraceable income from boyfriends and their parents who almost always help the single moms, in addition to all their public assistance--and they sound very poor.

The minority men who do not get pay-per-child welfare and taxfare often are that poor, as are the childless women with only one low, earned-only income steam.

Just as many white people who lack access to the pay-per-birth, unearned income streams are poor. To avoid the danger of dangerous city zip codes, many of them move to the country, where the jobs are scarce, and the commutes to work in the city are incredibly long.

Things like zip code often reflect where you put your money. Do you spend it on nail salon jobs, expensive cars, car adornments or trips to Florida with boyfriends? Things like zip code can also reflect other people's money, not your own.

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delmar Jackson Endgame Napoleon Tue, 09/26/2017 - 05:32 Permalink

" many white people who lack access to the pay-per-birth, unearned income streams are poor. To avoid the danger of dangerous city zip codes, many of them move to the country, where the jobs are scarce, and the commutes to work in the city are incredibly long."There are very few urban communities in America where you will find neighborhoods of poor whites, they mostly get moved out to the country or trailer parks far from where the jobs and opportunities are. They have no urban gangs or political connections and do not riot and are forbidden to organize into any groups that would advocate for them the way other groups do. They are mostly invisible and being targeted by illegal immigrant heroin pushers and opioid addiction. The few that do live i the city find themselves targets of racial violence if they take advantage of work programs or youth training classes. Also the government targets nonwhites with business loan programs that are denied whites. In the eighties, I drove my mon to the SBA after she read local Haitians in Miami were being given a grant of millions to start businesses. My mom had worked in a child day care for 11 years and took care of kids in her home before that for 10 years. She had gone to the library and got books on starting small businesses and had found a small home on a busy street that was zoned to where she could open a daycare, The people at the SBA told my mom she did not have enough business experience. When we were younger and poor and lived in the housing projects, neither of my older brothers would go to the training classes put on by VISTA as the other white guys that went got their heads beat in.  I can go on and on. My main point is that NO ONE does any stories on the racism against poor whites who are pushed out of cities by violence and policies, cities where jobs and opportunities are. No one is caring about the "white death" that is taking place among the poor whites.

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Its going to take generations to get out of this hole were in.  Adults are going to have to fix the schools, they're going to have to teach kids to work hard, study hard, learn things that are valuable.  Then the kids are going to have to do it, and then they are going to have to grow up and create world class companies.  And then they are going to have to teach the next generation to work harder.  Its going to take 40 to 60 years, and if we don't start it now, it will take that much longer.  And thats assuming we do it at all.  Otherwise, your kids will be maids for the Chinese, and landscapers for the Japanese.

AGuy PitBullsRule Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:42 Permalink

"Its going to take generations to get out of this hole were in. Adults are going to have to fix the schools, they're going to have to teach kids to work hard, study hard, learn things that are valuable"

Nope. It will be all over less than one. Consider than in Wiemar Germany they ran out the debt clock, Turned to Hyper-inflation to wipe out all the debt in about a year.

That said, the Debt problems and Globalization of the early 20th Century lead to WW2. It will not be different this time. Sooner or later, Sovereign Debts will become unservicable, Store and Supermarket shelves will go bare, and a bunch of charismic politicans will step up promising to fix everything and use the blame game to start more wars.

"your kids will be maids for the Chinese, and landscapers for the Japanese."

1. China & Japan are under a sea of debt. They aren't going to have any money to pay for maids or butlers. In China, people are desperately looking to get money out before it implodes. Japan is being depopulated as there are very few young people in Japan, and no one wants to immigrate to Japan. Japan is likely to eventually irradiate itself with more nuke meltdowns. Plus nobody wants to hire millennials. They are completely useless. They can't even get fast food right. When I walk into a fast food and I see Millennials I walk out and go to another place that has older workers. No point in getting sick when they drop your food on the floor or fail to wash there hands after using the bathroom.

That said. WW3 will take out the post Millennials.

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Lawn Loaf PitBullsRule Tue, 09/26/2017 - 01:18 Permalink

Alive and thriving in that nice blue corner of central Minnesota.My take after 10 years here: 1: Cold by and large keeps the riff raff scroungers out. There is an influx of goat rapers, but they trend to go south when confronted with the enviromental and sociological challenges for their kind outside of MSP2: Huge growth for the hardy souls. My local hub of Mankato is booming. Outsiders grabbing real estate as fast as it hits the market. Good bubble bloating, easy 50 to 70k equity on homes from 5 years ago. Homes don't last for more than 2 weeks.3: Excellent school system, good home town values. Had the local plumbing come in to diagnose a faulty on demand water heat system. Diagnosed, let me order the parts, when asked if he wanted me to write a check, declined and let me know to pay it when I receive the bill in the mail.'Now I know you ZH old timers love to preach west of Mississippi River redoubt environs. In my humble opinion, central MN corn country is where it's at. Gun regs reasonable, country prop shoot guns to your hearts extent. Great water shed for ample game. Cold as a MF winter, but great grow season for 130 to 150 days. Muzzie rapees are city dependant, and good luck to them if they try and advance hoard style out to try and find greener pastures. I like to say I moved up here for the weather, from AZ none the less. In MN, lifes been good to me so far 

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Twee Surgeon Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:20 Permalink

'The South' certainly looks like a chopped up tapestry of old clannishness. Very strange. Dry counties have always freaked me out in my travels, it's say's Cult County to me, move along or get the Tar and Feathers. That shit needs to end. The big brown blob near where we live is a Huge Indian reservation and I think they are mostly happy people out there so looks can be deceiving.

Archibald Buttle Twee Surgeon Tue, 09/26/2017 - 02:32 Permalink

looks can be deceiving. perhaps it is still possible to get so off the official radar that a true community could thrive in a fashion, by getting out of the system. collect enough .gov handouts to pay taxes, barter amongst yourselves, avoid the usurers and intermediaries. create your own local currency. looking poor as shit to outsiders and making them uncomfortable if they come around would probably be a wise tactic if you want to keep a good thing going.

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