"Betrayal": Drudge Slams Trump Tax Plan, Says "Illusion Of Party Differences Is Finished"

Despite the ubiquitous "tax cuts for billionaires" comments from the likes of Schumer and Pelosi, Matt Drudge has seen enough when it comes to President Trump's policies. After the leaked details of Trump's tax plan suggests a 'surcharge on the wealthiest Americans', Drudge took to Twitter...

His website also led with a scathing headline: "More Betrayal Republican Plan to Raise Taxes."

Drudge is criticizing the GOP for making concessions to Democrats on taxes and health care, confirming there is no longer an "illusion" of difference between the two major parties...

Something we have discussed numerous times. As Charles Hugh Smith recently exclaimed...

All the legacy claims of both parties ring false; neither party gives a hoot about the working class, small business or civil liberties. Their entire game plan is to whip up hot-button social issues to distract a fragmented citizenry and arouse last-gasp emotional loyalty to empty slogans.


Is it any wonder that people are abandoning both parties and claiming Independent status? All the core systems of the nation are failing, visibly, painfully, badly, and yet all the parties can dredge up is more of the same and TINA--there is no alternative.


The citizen who just awakened also awakened to the truth: the legacy parties have no solutions; their game plan is to milk the system as long as they can before it collapses in a rotten heap of corruption, fraud, collusion, debt and profiteering that benefits the few at the expense of the many.


When the parties do finally implode, the general mood will be: good riddance. A centralized spoils system is no longer a viable way to govern the nation. Political systems everywhere are facing a choice: Decentralize or die.

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Drudge tends to delete his tweets soon after releasing them so here it is for posterity...

Interestingly, shorly after tweeting, Drudge altered the headline on his homepage...

Regulatory 'tap on the shoulder'?


Jim in MN bamawatson Wed, 09/27/2017 - 12:57 Permalink

Bunch of babies. Look at the initial position paper and instead of suggesting improvements or negotiating, folks scream 'betrayal', try to decree the end of all things, disavow loyalty to the one guy who did them a solid, and stomp out of the room.Waaaaaaaaaah.....Trump frankly is the most grown up of the bunch at this point. SAD

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evoila Friedrich not Salma Wed, 09/27/2017 - 13:45 Permalink

How is this raising taxes, when incomes from s-corporations and pass-thru LLCs will only be taxed at 25%? That's a 14.6% reduction for god's sake for top tax bracket earners!!I mean even people earning the highest salaries are going to demand that they be hired indirectly through a LLC or S-Corp if this goes through. Why would I take a $500K salary, when I can start a LLC, have my employer contract that LLC at $500K, and then pay myself $100K salary, and take the rest as a distribution?Just like that, I would have a ~20% tax on my $100K salary, and only $25K on the remaining $400K, and that would pass any sniff test the IRS could throw at it. And if they don't put a limit on what constitutes a "Small business", then theoretically it would only be 25% to the moon and there would effectively be nobody with two brain cells in the "highest tax bracket".  

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Buckaroo Banzai evoila Wed, 09/27/2017 - 14:31 Permalink

>I mean even people earning the highest salaries are going to demand that they be hired indirectly through a LLC or S-Corp if this goes through.The IRS has a track record of cracking down hard on schemes like this. I guarantee you, LLCs and S-Corps will be put under a microscope. One-man S-corps who get 1099'd by only one entity are easy to redflag and shut down.LLCs and S-corps are the domain of small-business owners, not rich corporate executives or wall street types.If this country is serious about promoting small business creation, this is a sensible move.

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evoila Buckaroo Banzai Wed, 09/27/2017 - 15:42 Permalink

What scheme is this? Sure, if you are an s-corp and you don't take a salary, the IRS will nail you. But as long as you take a reasonable salary, there is nothing the IRS can do? I mean, what, they are going to FORCE you to become a W2 employee when you want to start your own consulting company? They can't do that. The only thing they can do is re-classify distributions as W2 income, but as long as you are taking a salary, it passes the sniff test.

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Endgame Napoleon evoila Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:12 Permalink

If you start an LLC, you might hire an underemployed American. That is the point. I agree with that part but only in the context of 1) a major immigration reduction that prevents millions of welfare-fueled immigrants from driving wages down in male-dominated fields and 2) no additional child tax credit to add millions more moms with spousal income to the job-seeker pool in the low-paying, female-dominated fields.

We already have a ton of moms with unearned income from spouses or ex spouses, working part-time and driving wages and hours down for women with no second income and no unearned income, period, to help cover unaffordable rent.

We already have tons of moms with welfare & taxfare, working the welfare-reform minimum of 20 hours per week for low wages that keep them below the income limits for welfare. They can do it because of major household bills, like rent and groceries, covered by monthly welfare and refundable child tax credits of up to $6,269. It drives wages down by flooding the workforce with subsidized workers who can accept rock-bottom pay.

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two hoots tmosley Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:08 Permalink

Increasing the debt is the real game, makes up for tax shortfall.  They can't live their extravagant life styles on just taxes.  The tax game is a play toy no matter the party.  Their eye is on the selling bonds/bills to keep them in business.  Without plenty of discretionary spending their influence, like US hegemony, is dying.   They now have to compete with real money from foreigners, no longer the only players.   Do look for ever increasing taxes from local governments for everything from property, sewer/water, services. They have no sense of pay stagnation of thier constituents.   It will end when we are totally dry.   You can call it governments but really it is people, our people, doing this. 

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Endgame Napoleon two hoots Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:20 Permalink

Who do we thank for exporting U.S. middle-class prosperity to countries with dictatorships, bolstering their militaries right along with their emergent middle class economies, by using low-cost labor to increase profits for a few Americans? The cost savings on products was minimal to all the cash-strapped Americans. The big expenses in life have all gone up a ton. Millions of Americans cannot afford ever-escalating rent costs. We had far more people with paid-off homes in retirement in past eras, when only one person per household worked.

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Endgame Napoleon JRobby Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:25 Permalink

I, too, was surprised, mostly just because when you commit to support a party or leave a party that you have long supported, you do it based on hope that the other party represents something other than crony careerism. Call it naive. Call it faith in the Republic designed by our Founders. It is as naive as the system itself, especially when so much money is at stake, and people can always say any crony thing is for the children.

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Jim in MN MasterChef Wed, 09/27/2017 - 13:57 Permalink

Own a house?  You mean free and clear?Anyway, tax simplification is a goal in and of itself.  No AMT, fewer brackets, cleaning up the deduction mess.  Good.  I might pay more too.  A lot will depend on whether you choose to live in a high-tax state. The Federal government's actual appetite for revenue is another matter.  I'd love to roll back to say 1980 levels for a lot of agencies.  Even stuff I notionally 'like', you know, it's just time to take a fucking break and get things under control.  That is in many ways the real battle. Have you noticed that there is almost no war left on Earth?  I have.  No one wants to talk about that.  Heaven forbid we roll up the overseas bases and take the Pentagon budget down about half. There are many battles left to fight here at home.  If we win, taxes will be a shitload lower.

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fpdguy MasterChef Wed, 09/27/2017 - 15:40 Permalink

Well, for one, the idea of a tiered incoming tax system is a communist construct designed to further class warfare.  So, on it's own, the closer to 1 tax level (or better yet, zero) reduces the increments of favortism.  That's not to say that an equal tax structure can't be equally awful, but an equal percentage of skin in the game would incentivize fiscal responsibility on .gov expenditures as it would be tougher to tell one tax bracket group that they can get something by taking from the other tax bracket group.

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RedBaron616 MasterChef Wed, 09/27/2017 - 15:54 Permalink

Brackets are artificial levels, which, when you pass them, the government decided to take even MORE of your money.Ideally, everyone would pay a flat percentage. That way, even when your income goes up, you still pay the same rate. After all, just because you are successful doesn't mean the government should steal any more of your money.

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Jim in MN HoyeruNew Wed, 09/27/2017 - 15:32 Permalink

No, sorry, I deal in reality every day. Find me an army or air force bombing population centers recently in any of those places. Syria, OK but that's nearly over.  Afghanistan, eh, mass civilian casualties?  Really, compared to say Congo with five million dead?  Afghanistan doesn't really run on mass casualties like most 'hot wars' do.  More like some drone strikes and car bombs.  I stand by my thesis.Peace deals everywhere--Sudan, Mali, Congo, Colombia, Phillipines, and yes Ukraine.   On top of the older deals covering Ireland, Sri Lanka, Peru, ex-Yugoslavia, etc.You are dead wrong.  Heh.No hot wars outside the Mideast, and for all intents and purposes mass civilian casualties are down 90%+ from post-WW2 norms.Africa is at peace, Latin America is at peace, Asia is at peace.  Go and look for yourself. If the people of the world are informed of this, much will change.And I fully intend to see to it. Wanna help me?

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Endgame Napoleon Jim in MN Wed, 09/27/2017 - 20:01 Permalink

If you live in a state with a per-capita income of $19k, and if you have no children to qualify you for free food, free rent and a child tax credit of $6,269, your taxes are high even if there is no state income tax, and you pay little federal income tax, especially if you are single and trying to cover $750 rent on $1,400 per month in take-home pay, with a 10% sales tax on food and anything else you purchase.

If you are a self-employed 1099 contractor, like so many in this gig economy, it is even worse. The high-earner couple pays zero state income tax and is not hurt by the sales tax on food due to the fact that basics take so little of their take-home pay. They do pay property tax, but they pay only a little over 7.5% SS tax up to the $127,200 cap, even when both of them make twice as much (or more) than you, whereas you pay 15% SS tax on every paltry dime you earn, even when it will not come close to covering the basics of life; like rent and food.

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Endgame Napoleon MasterChef Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:33 Permalink

My tax rate would not go up. It would not rise or fall in any perceptible way in most of the jobs I have held, but my number of available, low-wage job opportunities would go down due to more tax-welfare incentives for crony moms, causing them to seek even more jobs in workplaces that hire / retain almost all moms who watch each other's backs in excused-absenteeism clubs.

These moms can work for low pay due to major bills, like rent, covered by spousal income, child support or monthly welfare and child tax credits between $3,337 and $6,269. Employers often think they will be more satisfied with the pay that does not cover rent because "they have somethin' comin' in."

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DownWithYogaPants shizzledizzle Wed, 09/27/2017 - 13:03 Permalink

So if Drudge is gay how does it feel to have been totally outdone in life by Matt Drudge?You've not done 1/10000 in your entire life what Drudge has accomplished.  Ring me up when you're so big the Federal Elections commission is talking about you.Until then you are just a miserable nobody critic with nothing to offer who probably checks the Drudgereport first thing when he gets up in the morning.

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shizzledizzle DownWithYogaPants Wed, 09/27/2017 - 13:24 Permalink

You got me there. I just work and save with the ultimate goal of spending the rest of my days relaxing on the farm. Hunting, fishing, gardening and being left the fuck alone. So yea, by the drudge yardstick I won't accomplish much. By my yardstick I'll be happy and not give 2 shits what the devisive faggot in the hat has to say. *In fairness to Mr. Drudge he does not have a monopoly on being a devisive media faggot. He is however the only predominate one to wear a hat. Stop by when you need a jar of corn squeezens and some vegetables DWYP, just wear a zero hedge hat so you won't be met with lead at the gate. 

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Endgame Napoleon DownWithYogaPants Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:40 Permalink

Drudge: Start another party to represent single, childless citizens, including the heterosexual ones, like me. We are 28% of the U.S. population, just the likely voters over 40, not counting the ones who are young and have not yet reproduced. All of us who are not retirement age or flat-out wealthy are hurt in the workforce by all of the welfare and taxfare rigging, much less the unfairness of moms with free rent and food spending their $6,269 child tax credits on self indulgences, like trips to FL with boyfriends, while we struggle to finance our rent and all other bills with none of these tax-code and monthly welfare freebies.

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RedBaron616 overbet Wed, 09/27/2017 - 15:59 Permalink

Bannon was drunk on Trump power. He was so drunk on it that he couldn't bring himself to resign and had to be fired. Then, after being fired, he still defends Trump. Bannon is a big loser in more ways than one. Breitbart is just one over-exaggerated story after another. Take Breitbart's name off this piece of crap. I swear them make up half or it and exaggerate the other half. Bannon is done. He won't be anybody again, except in his own mind.

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techpriest DownWithYogaPants Wed, 09/27/2017 - 13:27 Permalink

It's funny, but I do think I've objectively done 1/10000th what Drudge has done, and when you have done the tiniest amount, you find out how incredibly powerful action can be. And then you stop complaining.

Like I've said many times, if you go to a major party's internal meetings, the county/precinct groups can usually fit around one table. If its the Libertarian Party, maybe the whole district can fit around 1-2 tables. Get a few of your friends to show up, or convince 8-10 people in several counties to show up, and you can upset a lot of apple carts.

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Endgame Napoleon techpriest Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:49 Permalink

Is the libertarian direction the best? I am not entirely sold, but the populists simply overlook childless individuals, a large group of citizens. I agree with a lot of populist goals, but I am tired of voting in the interests of others and getting crushed. The family-obsessed politics of both parties (The Uniparty) does that. I do not accept that it is un-self-interested, either. Both parties use children and family themes to sell very selfish, very lopsided goals.

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