The Illusion Of Prosperity

Authored by 720Global's Michael Lebowitz via,

For the last 50 years, the consumer, that means you and me, have been the most powerful force driving the U.S. economy. Household spending now accounts for almost 70% of economic growth, about 10% more than it did in 1971. Household spending in the U.S. is also approximately 10-15% higher than most other developed nations.

Currently, U.S. economic growth is anemic and still suffering from the after-shocks of the financial crisis. Importantly, much of that weakness is the result of growing stress on consumers.

Using the compelling graph below and the data behind it, we can illustrate why the U.S. economy and consumers are struggling.

Data Courtesy: St. Louis Federal Reserve (FRED) and Lance Roberts

The blue line on the graph above marks the difference between median disposable income (income less taxes) and the median cost of living.  A positive number indicates people at the median made more than their costs of living. In other words, their income exceeds the costs of things like food, housing, and insurance and they have money left over to spend or save. This is often referred to as “having disposable income.”  If the number in the above calculation is negative, income is not enough to cover essential expenses.

From at least 1959 to 1971, the blue line above was positive and trending higher. The consumer was in great shape. In 1971 the trend reversed in part due to President Nixon’s actions to remove the U.S. dollar from the gold standard. Unbeknownst to many at the time, that decision allowed the U.S. government to run consistent trade and fiscal deficits while its citizens were able to take on more debt. Other than rampant inflation, there were no immediate consequences. In 1971, following this historic action, the blue line began to trend lower.

By 1990, the median U.S. citizen had less disposable income than the median cost of living; i.e., the blue line turned negative. This trend lower has continued ever since. The 2008 financial crisis proved to be a tipping point where the burden of debt was too much for many consumers to handle. Since 2008 the negative trend in the blue line has further steepened.

You might be thinking, if incomes were less than our standard of living, why did it feel like our standard of living remained stable?

One Word – DEBT.

To help answer that question, we added the green line to the chart. This line adds consumer credit and transfer payments to the blue line. Consumer credit encompasses credit cards, lines of credit, auto loans, student loans, and other non-mortgage forms of consumer debt. Transfer payments are benefits the government bestows upon its citizens in which no goods or services are received in return. Examples include: welfare, food stamps, insurance, and medical benefits. It is important to note that, given the continual deficits run by the U.S. government, these benefits are predominately paid for with borrowed funds.

Note that the green line, unlike the blue line, remains positive and relatively stable from 1959 to 2008, 20 years longer than the blue line. The take away is that consumer and government debt filled the diverging gap between incomes and the cost of living.

The divergence between the lines halted in 2008. The financial crisis was in part the result of a consumer that had exhausted their ability to use more debt to maintain their lifestyle. Despite the lowest interest rates on record and increases in government transfer payments, the green line has not been able to recover.

The red line in the graph isolates the hockey-stick-like growth of consumer credit since the early 1990’s that was used to maintain our standard of living. Of importance, in 1990 when the blue line went negative, the pace of consumer credit growth accelerated. Since then the pace of credit growth has risen at a much faster rate than the economy and our incomes.

To impress upon you the importance of understanding the role debt has played in supporting our lifestyles, the graph below highlights the magnitude and composition of consumer credit and government transfer payments as a percentage of consumer spending. Combined they now account for 43% of all consumer spending, which in turn accounts for nearly 70% of economic growth. In other words, almost a third of economic growth is reliant on increasing debt.

Data Courtesy: St. Louis Federal Reserve (FRED)


These charts clearly illustrate that the U.S. consumer has steadily relied on increasing amounts of debt to maintain an artificial standard of living. Through the use of credit, personal and government, U.S. households have pulled forward future consumption. The weight of those outstanding obligations serves as a wet blanket on current and future economic growth.

The financial crisis in 2008 fractured the economy in ways that are clearly evident today. Addressing the troubling debt burden has been postponed through extraordinary stimulus, but the problem has only grown in size. This proves that a debt problem cannot be solved by using more debt.


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Debt  is what keeps dollar demand going.  Thst is why central banks can print 3 trillion a year and yet none of it reaches the masses.   Debt is the antidote to hyperinflation.   The masses will get their hyperinflation some day, but only when the banks want to squash them with it, and they will ensure their debt is protected from it.

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  Debt is a killer.  Avoid.So many here say the Rothschilds want your money.  How do you keep it away from them?  Don't borrow.

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If we all suddenly stopped spending the government would think of something to take your money away anyway, more taxes, higher fees, more police harrasment etc. they would get the money one way or the other, to keep our money we need to get rid of the government that's the only way.

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Unless you're holding legal tender notes and U.S. coin, you don't have any money.Your bank deposit account is merely a bank managed record of how much legal tender money the bank owes you. In other words, your deposit account is bank debt.You utilize your deposit account as a line of bank credit, which merely transfers the obligation to pay from bank to bank.  Payment is never made unless or until you go to your bank or ATM and take possession of payment in the form of legal tender notes and U.S. coin.MONEY .

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If it isn't the Jew it would be some one else, so the point is? All my Jewish friends and relatives are smart productive citizens that love America. Love trumps hate always. Hate has a nagative effect on your brain. Remember that America was founded on getting away from the Catholic church running everything. Some one must lead and will always be hated by those who want to really just take thier place. And the music plays on.

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If USA adopted Buddhism, the US Economy would collapse. Because we would stop being so materialistic, stop consumption at ludicrous speed. Our illusions would be on our minds through out the day and when shopping.

Therefore, the Elites would have to suppress Buddhism.

Movies, Stories, Video, Film, ... all illusions that fill our heads with mush.

Illusions are REAL, powerful, dangerous, seditious, treasonous, anti-American, anti-Nation...

Illusions are What DC, Central Bank, Wall Street give us. (Bankers, Lawyers, Lobbyist, Politicians)

- Vote NO this year on Boskin Commission Reforms to CPI (1996)

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excellent point - growth in debt does only translates into sustainable growth if the key component shown (C)onsumption is a) sustainable and b) split more between goods that last (v) goods that are (eventually) the same way that the Fed cannot dictate the level of economic activity by printing money, the funding of credit (or the government) by borrowing does not necessarily spur growth - unless it is spent on growth producing actiivty, not pissing it up agains tht wall and paying corrupt banksters and other words, consumption increases are not valuable (prevent further debt increases) if they are funded by debt that cannot be repaid form growth in wages.the biggest sin in the misallocation of capital is the POLITICAL DECISION to engage in share buy backs, rather than worker bonuses.share buy backs should be illegal, as should ceo salaries above 5 million - there is no correlation between fat cat salaries and profits not gained by extortion, price gouging, government pork, regulatory arbitrage or export of jobs (labor arbitrage). you dont need to pay caviare to the monkeys that game the system, rather than create value.had 600 billion share buy backs been paid as bonuses to workers, credit would be that much lower and americans that much better off (shareholders are increasingly not even american - the are people like the Swiss Nationl Bank that just prints money and buys US companies).

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The house was used as banking ATM to purchase goods and services. Based on your debt to income ratio. Some folks placed three mortgage claims on one house to appear rich as fuck. Imagine the compounded interest they were paying to look wealthy. It's all a illusion. 

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Debtaddiction is personal and worldwide desease....kills all. Predictrefusal.Blame urself for deepshit? Go fight someone. Universal!

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All this new long term debt via car and home loans has destroyed discretionary spending.  Making payments to a finance company does nothing for the economy.

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I recall being in college living in a basement suite in an upscale neighborhood. I drove a '86 corolla. The people next door drove jaguars. Never waved at me, would look the other way to avoid seeing me wave good morning to them. One morning there's repo trucks in their driveway. I rolled down the window, slapped the door of my beater car and yelled "PAID FOR". Debt is slavery.

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Have we forgotten ALL of our money is loaned into existence?  They loan out (create) the principal but not the interest.  We need to create more debt each year to cover the payments, the principal+interest.  If consumers do not borrow, somebdy else will, on their behalf too.  It's baked into the cake.  Everyone in charge will gladly kick this can down the road until the day they die.  

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1) Constitutional USA, enforced, recognized, law of the land
2) Free Markets, Stock Exchanges free of unequal access, free of computer algo trading, free of entities trading with leveraged money on margin, free of naked shorting
3) Capitalism free on Monopolies & Oligopolies, no advantages for large behemoths, no federal subsidies for State Capitalism, no protections or bailouts for State Capitalism... business dynamics do not favor Older & Larger companies and there is no decline of small businesses, small banks, small farms, mom & pop stores
4) There is no preference or advantage for overseas labor in our Capitalism... we protect our Tax Base, our Domestic Jobs, our Economy, our US Dollar, and Jobs for Minorities that could be sent overseas
5) We do not Plan to Create Inflation, we preserve the wealth and means of Elderly, Infirm, Minorities, Youth who chose to work, Domestic Job Skills who will not receive wage increases in dish-washing, cooking, construction, day labor, landscaping, waste removal, skilled home remodeling or repair
6) We keep Inflation down so that people can retain, relocate when displaced from jobs
7) We protect Pensions, 401Ks, prevent people from losing wealth due to high health care prices
8) Social Contract is intact



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They used debt to maintain consumption in the 1920s.They used neoclassical economics that doesn't look at private debt.The 1920s roared with debt based consumption and speculation until it all tipped over into the debt deflation of the Great Depression.That looks like a good idea, let's get that crappy neoclassical economics back again.Use 1920s neoclassical economics, remove 1930s regulations and repeat. and 2008 are basically the same; it’s just a different asset class used to blow the bubble. 1929 - stocks; 2008 - real estate.  

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There shall be no interruption of our permanent prosperity.There is nothing in the current situation to be disturbed about.A depression is improbable.Dissenting voices are not welcome.Sex, drugs and rocknroll.

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There is something dishonest about this article.People are not taking on ever increasing amounts of debt well except that mortgages, student loans and car loans are ever increasing. Mortgages and car loans are self correcting.The government is however taking on ever increasing debt - largely to finace wars of convenience.

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The Equifax hack is the bankers' way of turning off the credit spigot.Suddenly, half the U.S. population is being told by the banks to freeze their credit. In a credit-fueled economy, that's akin to throwing a wrench into the moving parts of an engine. The engine will simply break apart.Now, the Federal Reserve wants to raise interest rates and reduce its balance sheet at the same time. I can't help but think that this is a planned economic implosion.If you get half the country to freeze its own credit and the other half to pay more for credit, economic depression becomes a virtual certainty.

nsurf9 Wed, 09/27/2017 - 13:09 Permalink

As long as we continue to let them control our "fiat" money - they will never stop stealing us blind with the invisible tax called inflation (dollar power stealing dillution) and eventually (maybe) we will wake-up, most assuredly, penniless on the continent that forefathers died to create. END THE FED - you don't even know who owns it or our debt - do you?  And, they're making sure you don't.

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With the markets sporting a glow from all-time record highs that are being made week after week it might be a good time to revisit the concept of irrational exuberance. We must consider the possibility we may be nearing the end of a 37-year run that will completely upend everything most people have come to believe about the economy. Since 2008 all growth has been built on a mountain of debt.Those of us who have doubted and repeatedly predicted the collapse of this so-called recovery remain wrong because we have underestimated both the breadth and size of the global intervention of central banks and governments. Nobody in their right mind would have ever anticipated the sheer magnitude and scope of what has become a worldwide phenomenon. The article below questions when the burden of global debt will cause Atlas to shrug.

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Using debt to stimulate things is a good idea IF the debt can lead to the development of new businesses that will employ a lot of people and generate a lot of products or services, I'd like to see zero hedge analyze that.

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And they wonder why everone hates them.  Jews have done the same thing over and over again and this is why they are slaughtered --only this time they not only own the banks that indebt you, they own they media that misinforms you about debt and they own the government that kills anyone that tells the masses about the scam..   The people will wake up and guess what -- they we get slaughtered again.  The good with the bad will pay the sins of the jew bankers.

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