America's Broken Education System: Grade-Rigging Scandal Strikes Baltimore And Spreads...


Project Baltimore, an investigative reporting initiative, which was launched in March 2017, by Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc, the largest U.S. broadcaster, has uncovered more evidence of a massive grade manipulation scheme brewing in Baltimore City Schools.

The report indicates, the problem is more widespread than thought.

A high-level district administrator, who works in inside the school system says Project Baltimore now has “concrete evidence” of grade manipulation through 13 report cards obtained from Calverton Elementary/Middle School in west Baltimore.

For each report card, Project Baltimore has two versions, one which teachers submitted, and a second version, where every single failing grade was changed to a passing mark.

Per the report,

Project Baltimore found the initial report cards showed 13 students failing a total of 18 classes.


The timestamp tells us the first versions were printed on November 11, which is after the quarter ended and final grades were submitted.


But nineteen days later, on the 30th, the report cards were printed again.


This time, every single failing grade was changed to 60.


In some cases, the course names weren’t even re-entered, and comments meant to alert parents of their child’s poor performance were deleted.

The high level district administrator exclaimed, “once a report card is generated, that means that’s the end of the quarter. There would have been no further credit given because the first quarter had already ended”.

That leaves the grade manipulation to a higher authority than a teacher, such as the principle, assistant principal, and or whoever the principal has given the authority.

Back in August, the Baltimore community was outraged, after Northwood Appold Community Academy II, a high school in the area, had zero students proficient in math, but had one of the highest graduation rates in the district.

Meanwhile, the grade rigging scandal in Baltimore, is now spreading across Maryland, where Gov. Larry Hogan will be investigating claims of widespread corruption in Prince George’s County Schools aimed at inflating graduation rates.

The school system is conveniently boarding Washington, D.C., where school board members alleged in a May 30 letter to Hogan that “widespread systemic corruption” in the district since 2014 contributed to grade rigging.

“Whistleblowers at almost every level in (Prince George’s County Public Schools) have clear and convincing evidence that PGCPS has graduated hundreds of students who did not meet the Maryland State Department of Education graduation requirements,” the board members wrote.

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The outbreak of grade rigging scandals in Maryland’s public school system is alarming. America’s public education system is cracking and the scandals are quite evident of it.

For President Trump, overhauling America’s broken public education system could be a hefty task. Whoever said ‘Making America Great Again’ was an easy thing? Let’s not kid ourselves, America is in a transitional period and it will take some time to realign the country.