"There's A Scare Coming This Fall" - Gordon Long Warns, The Public Is In A "Delusional Phase"

Authored by Greg Hunter via USAWatchdog.com,

Private investor Gordon Long contends the price of gold will shock the world when it revalues to reflect the massive amount of currency that has been printed globally.

Long explains,

“That is correct, and it won’t be something that is gradual, it will be very abrupt


The system will break... and the financial markets will freeze up.  When they come out of the other end of that freeze, and it may be a number of weeks because the next crisis will be global and much more complex than 2008.  We could control that with the Federal Reserve . . . and this one you cannot do because you cannot get agreement with all those countries.  Never mind understanding the complexity. 


So, when we come out on the other side . . . there will be a massive revaluation in the U.S. dollar. . . .  Gold could jump to $5,000 or $10,000 an ounce or something like that.  . . . It will be massive.


They will have to put some stability in the monetary system, and the only way they can do it is having something they cannot print.  This is what has gotten us into this problem.  We have to get back to sound money.  It will have to be gold.  What percentage of backing will determine what the value the gold will be.”

On the value of the U.S. dollar, Long contends,

“Personally, I think the revaluation of the U.S. dollar will be well over 70% devaluation. It doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end.  It just means you have to go through this to reset. 


Those who prepare and understand why this is happening and watch for the signals, there’s going to be fortunes transferred.  They are being transferred right now, frankly.  One other big caveat on gold prices going way up, expect the government to tax it like you have never seen before.”

Long says the stock market hitting one all-time high after another, despite all the economic headwinds, shows the public is in a “delusional phase.”

The latest nuclear war threat from North Korea shows the extreme delusion going on, and Long contends,

“This is about as clear of an example as you are going to get.  This is more serious than the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the fact the market has not even blinked during this tells you we no longer know how to price risk.  It’s not being priced correctly. . . . It’s almost pure speculation at this point, and maybe straight out gambling.”

When is it all going to come crashing down? Long predicts,

I think there is a scare coming this fall.  That scare will allow central banks to start more quantitative easing and other programs.  


They will be guaranteeing the markets and guaranteeing assets because they can’t have this pension system collapse, and it’s all in the stock market.  I think we are talking about the spring of next year.” (When it all totally implodes.)

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with investor Gordon Long, founder of MATASII.com.


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"There's A Scare Coming This Fall" - Gordon Long Warns, The Public Is In A "Delusional Phase"My response: Delusion is an interesting word. Where have I seen that word before? Let me think for a minute. Eureka, I got it!!!!2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 (KJV)11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

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I just heard a rumor, and if you're looking for swans singing Hugo Chavez tunes.... apparently there's a bill in the Pennsylvania legislature, with votes to pass, that would change state tax from net- to gross-revenue.

I don't know the particulars, but if that rumor is real, if that passes ...

And if it's real and doesn't pass... the fact that they're not storming Harrisburg with pitchforks, torches and rope right now means that it will pass (can't let those teacher pension funds go under!)

Please someone tell me that this is bullshit????

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. . . _ _ _ . . . Theos Thu, 09/28/2017 - 17:53 Permalink

If you had written that comment in 2011, or even in the beginning of 2016, I might agree; but I think short XIV is a better call for the near-term. When the petro-dollar implodes, you will be in a world of hurt with no possible come-back.Short XIV is a damn good lottery ticket to have right now, IMO.

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How many bought into the PM-Quake, and got a Budget-Quake instead?And not even a lousy T-shirt for their T-short.Goddam snake oil salesmen.  The sunshine belt seems full of them.  Must be lots of gullible customers there.

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These tards decided to not save their earnings and build a lifestyle predicated on being the benefactors of theft until they died, gaming their payouts to the max. The idea that the people should have to face extreme austerity and have the food taken off of their tables so that these fraudsters can pay off their McMansions and feast comfortably and go on four cruises a year is fucked up.  This framing pushed down our throats that public servants are in any way shape or form entitled to pension payouts at the expense of the taxpayer or value of the FRN needs to die a quick and violent death.  This would be a huge step forward towards closing the deficits by 2022.

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I agree with a lot of the comments, this article is d3lusional. Won thing I have seen over and over again on zerohedge.com is that the one analyst who seems to call marker moves right and in some defined way is SHEP WAVE.  Thanks 

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Gordon T Long is an extremely sophisticated investor and an awesome human being who understands not only the present financial situation but the coming failure of the current paradigm as well. He's produced tons of vids which are definitely worth watching.

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Weird, this dude actually thinks there's a free market! 100% control by feds worldwide keeps the ponzi going. Will continue as long as Fed desires. Watch the market master controllers every move & buy buy buy until you think they decide it's over!

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Real money is what people believe is real money. Most peope are clueless about how currency is created let alone all the derivatives and the whole chain of events since 1931 and even before. They can't be bothered. Even though they go to work every day or get their ebt, and they mortgage themeselves for the next 30 years, clueless. I would go as far as to say they don't even want to know, they can't be bothered. So even though all the reasons Gordon gives why gold should be monetized again and have its moonshot, chances are slim. All these governments are way too beholden to the banksters with their printing presses, let alone the death threats if they step out of line. Sorry Gordon, though I hope you are right, I have lost confidence in people's rationality and never had faith in the altruism of our leaders or bankers.

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You really think they will ever go back to "sound money" LoL.  Anyways if gold rises due to currency devaluation you might get a safe haven premium at first, but eventually everything else like Big Macs and tampons will go up about the same percentage.   The price is quoted in dollars after all.

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"Long says the stock market hitting one all-time high after another, despite all the economic headwinds, shows" ... how strong the market is.Don't trade what you think. Trade what you see. If the price action says sell, fine, do it. But excepting the sniping at new highs (money, fwiw), we always see the same thing at the lows. A heluvalotta packing in and building support.This has been a year of contradictions. About to close at the highs for 3Q. Hard to imagine 4Q closing down. 

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Your strategy doesn't work when the stock market is closed which is 120 hours a week. If something happens and the market gaps down at open, stops don't work and waiting to see the evidence is far too late. Even the FX markets closed 48 hours a week.

The signs abound, physical cash...PMs all look good.

Bitcoin, well if we had audited financials for some of these exchanges, it would help in assessing risk. If someone makes a big multimillion $ bet and BTC goes to $10k how do I know if the exchange has the $ to cash me out?

Otherwise you could be Mt Goxed.

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